ZZ Top - Tush Lyrics

I been up, I been down.
Take my word, my way around.
I ain't askin' for much.
I said, Lord, take me downtown,
I'm just lookin' for some tush.

I been bad, I been good,
Dallas, Texas, Hollywood.
I ain't askin' for much.
I said, Lord, take me downtown,
I'm just lookin' for some tush.

Take me back way back home,
not by myself, not alone.
I ain't askin' for much.
I said, Lord, take me downtown,
I'm just lookin' for some tush.

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ZZ Top Tush Comments
  1. Sasi Kumar

    Some losers have disliked this song too.... 😑

  2. Rodolfo Daniel Guzman Valtierra

    Who porks in january 26 of 2020 Who porks



  4. Sam Sphere

    Never knew how bluesy this song was.

  5. Hesab Hesab

    Супер ✌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. kamaroway günther

    zz top Tush

  7. astro boy

    Saludos desde Uruguay amor y paz feliz 2020



  9. James Djkamikazz

    J'adore toujours la en 2020

  10. Adrian Felix

    Viejos son lo mejor🖤🖤🖤♥️♥️♥️



  11. Rick Abbott

    Boogie on / nice slide

  12. Dan Mclaughlin


  13. Pamela Day

    ZZ Top is the best and will always be my favorite. And to this day Billy Gibbons you are just a hottie.

  14. Rolando Marquez

    Yeah 😎 blues rock the best

  15. miguel seoane

    deseais guanar visual mente 15 agnos cortaos la barva y un poco de masajesy no solo la moto guinasio 15 agnos

  16. Innes Gordon

    Thers more rock'n' roll in this one track than you will find in a whole Kiss album.

    immortal scurds

    extremey wrong. extremely

  17. Юрий Зотов

    Жаль нынешнее поколение!!!

  18. Stéphane Demers

    Rock it hard !!

  19. Rick Rickard

    Listen to cassette>>> go see ZZ Top. BETTER live. Always. Great recording. Gonna couple this with 'Bad to the Bone" by ... well, it says "ZZ Top" but George may forgive Peterbuilt, another really clean recording, and piss my neighbors off. They are the loudest group of imbeciles ever. Christmas 2019- My gift, to the inconsiderate imbeciles:

    7 channel digital surround, Klipsch screamers>> GO

  20. Rohayu Zainuddin

    I just type (gibberish) and then i got this

  21. Jozef Hatert

    Everytime i drive my car i hear this one my foot is going down the peddal whoooo love me some old school blues rock whoooo

  22. Esthefano Cherres

    i came
    like 20 times

  23. Ytxmak

    That's got to be one of the best!

  24. Shana Badr


  25. E Roc

    I've always appreciated the irony involved with this band due to the fact that the only person in the band without a beard holds the last name of Beard.

  26. Lele Mason

    2 guitars and a a drum...only, the one and only, ZZ Top. FOREVER.

  27. shadow

    Agr bateu a vontade de montar na motoca e sair sem rumo, poha tem q esperar o fim de semana pra poder ir.

  28. Geelmu Ruiz

    De lo bueno buena musica

  29. gene bingle

    Saw them back in the 80s then again a couple months ago and they were awesome both times, so fun. Billy addressed the crowd and said “same three guys, same three chords...”. I saw him in an interview once and they asked him the secret to longevity and he said “don’t learn a fourth chord”. How great are these guys

  30. Dary Kinnaman

    Tres Hombres to the bone! There is no other band that rocks they way they do. They are original, ZZTop!

  31. Elijah Dinesen


  32. Pantelis Rigas


  33. Randy Porter

    Three Texas gentlemen, no laser show, no staging or dancers. Just pure music...REAL music ! These men have followed their dream since the 70’s, with no breakups, drama or issues. That’s rare. Their Fandango album and World Wide Texas Tour, started everything on a grand scale and caused our generation to fall in love with their signature sound. Thanks for sharing !

  34. mamago92


  35. Игорь Трофимов


  36. timo loijas

    olen soittanut tämän bändin musiikkia keikoilla.

  37. Dalília Ambrósio

    I been up, I been down
    Take my word, my way around
    I ain't askin' for much
    I said, Lord, take me downtown
    I'm just lookin' for some tush

    I been bad, I been good
    Dallas, Texas, Hollywood
    I ain't askin' for much
    I said, Lord, take me downtown
    I'm just lookin' for some tush

    Take me back way back home
    not by myself, not alone
    I ain't askin' for much
    I said, Lord, take me downtown
    I'm just lookin' for some tush

  38. korv6

    bästa låten .

  39. Jordan Henderson

    should probs take this to the grave but this is the first time hearing this song!! hahhaha  don't judge was a big ass rock    belter

  40. T.A. Pigg

    How many 3 person bands ? Honestly can you say make American or foreign music as flipping cool 😎 as them

  41. karen fuller

    This is a true Texas love song!

  42. Zorana Matic


  43. lovin every minute of it

    Can never go wrong with these guys..have mercy!!

  44. Jeff Crocker

    Basically what he is singing hes looking for some ass lol

  45. Me He

    only one is ZZ top

  46. Carolyn Ekuka

    That's what I am talking about....The Bad Ass Zz TOP. I ain't asking for much...Just some Tush!

  47. Fábio Gallo

    No Class- Motorhead

  48. borderlord

    Wheres the Tush?😳


    Bad to the bone !

  50. Janne Stenborg

    Top that!!! :-D

  51. Salvatore Lunatti

    ZZ Top will keep us together for many many years more. Thanks.

  52. Dora White

    Sometime in the 90s in Philly, The Black Crowes were the opening act . Good Times!

  53. Кот Бегемот

    Колоритные мужики и музыка прикольная

  54. moone alan

    Coolest guys on the planet .... this is real music

  55. Tattyshoes Shigure

    Saw them at Wembley last night & when the Texan blues rock giants launched into this number it blew the roof off the place! Great show, Billy playing absolute killer guitar as always!

  56. Moondog Lightning

    Down West Texas! Hollywood!

  57. DJ JDB

    Back when ZZ was ZZ!

  58. Scorcat

    uff BrB brought me here)

  59. Jason DeLozier

    It's called culture and it's all good.

  60. Codzeedee

    fuck these white guys can play a guitar love it greetings from australia xox

  61. Eileen Mccarthy


  62. Marinus Denneman

    Give us the freedom to reload ourselfs with all we supposed to support with engineering within every touch!

  63. Edivelton Tadeu Mendes

    So good! A classic!!
    3 Gentlemen, 1969 formation and not a single problem has arisen to bring THEM down.

  64. indra Lopez

    Try to keep your feet still when this is playin'
    So good! A classic!!
    Possibly one of the best rock songs of all time

  65. Dary Kinnaman

    I read a story where Billy Gibbons was eating some ice cream in back of a restaurant. The waitress thought he was going to rob her so she called the Police. The Policeman showed up and recognized Billy and got a good laugh. The Cop told Billy what the waitress said and Bill said "well, if my next record don't sell well, I just might"! That's Rock and Roll!

  66. Walter Vicalvi

    so 3 caras ai o baita som q fazem !!!!

  67. fdhfj 68

    Oh Hell yeah classic rock at it's best
    I mean come on, He is not asking for much, He is just looking for some tush for lordsake

  68. Terry Yaxley

    For the best classic rock check out on you tube terry yaxley

  69. diego quartieri

    Los invitaria a comer un asado ami casa en argentina un pueblo open door pero soy desconocido jajajjajajajajaja

  70. charlie staples

    Thank god for ZZ top

  71. It's Mrpanda

    I'm seeing ZZ top in Vancouver on August 16th and I want them to play this

  72. Herbert moura ribeiro

    Como eu vim parar aqui??

  73. LA8PV doris

    vad e det för reklam...hur jag röker ska dom je fan i !!!!

  74. Oppie Oppenheimer

    Billy Gibbons...........Enough said.

  75. Jesus Castillo

    Oh yeah

  76. walrus

    Ever notice how 3 member bands stay together?


    viva dadis jankis y el bas bumis


    viva el rejeton hijueputa marico

  79. Vero Salvador

    Love this song too! So great in Mexican because of racism! Thats cool!

  80. Garage TUBE

    1.7k dislikes from creatures use their ass hole as ears

  81. Aaron Vaughn

    Gotta love the 3 beards

  82. Limits98


    I been up, 
    I been down
    Take my word, 
    My way around
    I ain't asking for much

    I said, 
    Take me downtown
    I'm just looking 
    For some tush

    I been bad, 
    I been good
    I ain't asking for much

    I said, 
    Take me downtown
    I'm just looking 
    For some tush

    Take me back, 
    Way back home
    Not by myself, 
    Not alone
    I ain't asking for much

    I said, 
    Take me downtown
    I'm just looking 
    For some tush

  83. Rod Querini

    My Bad if I offered any one!!.

  84. Svenska Krigare

    The beginning text says ”Just because, the song kicks ass ;D”

    Levente Sorc

    Svenska Krigare thanks :D i was wondering about it

  85. alf2015

    ...und ab gehts !

  86. Dodinox gaming

    Dude this is boogie woogie🖐🖐

  87. Jadranka Grguric


  88. John Lovegrove

    rhythm guitar sounds like No Class by motorhead

  89. Robert Swaim

    Every married woman needs to hear this song when the loving stops

  90. Wato S. King

    Some in this song in 2019?

  91. Gregory Pullar

    I always thought this song was just a bit short, maybe one more minute ? Hard to believe three musicians could make such a big sound. Thanks guys for all of your music over the years. Cant get much cooler than these three gentleman.

  92. Andrés Felipe Joon Ángel Naranjo Sang

    Great Song ! 👊😎
    They are like a motorcycles riders .

  93. Ms Ari

    this guitar sound make me die ....