ZZ Top - Blue Jean Blues Lyrics

I done ran into my baby
and fin'lly found my old blue jean.
I done ran into my baby
and fin'lly found my old blue jean.
Well, I could tell that they was mine
from the oil and the gasoline.

If I ever get back my blue jean,
Lord, how happy could one man be.
If I ever get back my blue jean,
Lord, how happy could one man be.
'Cause if I get back those blue jean
you know, my baby be bringin' 'em home to me.

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ZZ Top Blue Jean Blues Comments
  1. Robert Reed

    Beer drinkers And Hellraiseres.....don't you wanna come with me.........

  2. matt vargas

    This song holds a deep, powerful special place in my heart. From hearing it as a child on my parents old record player 25+ years ago until today. THIS is a song.

  3. Willy Nelson

    How how have mercy

  4. Karen Nielsen

    Remember this from Houston Texas in 1974 wow I'm old good times

  5. jackbileduct

    If I had to chose just a few tunes to represent electric blues guitar to somebody unfamiliar with it, this absolutely would be one of the tunes I'd point them to.

  6. Carlos Nells

    I can still remember the day I heard this..driving my little 64 VW bug...my FM radio was a PX purchase in Vietnam brought home and installed. I remember the road, the light of early morning and where I was going...weird.

  7. James Tolbert Jr.

    Loved those blue jeans!

  8. Brian Hayford

    This song is just blues perfected. Goddamn....

  9. Julie Froehlich

    Ya, I got your blue jeans on right now!! Play this jam for me personally , and I guess I'll let ya have them back!! KIDDING!! It will only be an enjoyed dream forever. Grateful for the dream , and appreciate the amazing talent.



  11. Rogers Collier

    The blues ........love the blues

  12. Juan Olmo

    Blues... Blues and more Blues , The Cream of the Rock music... BLUES.

  13. Michael Hogan

    One of my all times jams!!

  14. stéphane Lacroix

    3 people, 3 instruments, 3 magicians of sound, one harmonic success, thanks a lot

  15. joel beltran

    plus qu un bleues un hymne so cool et puissant on peut l écouter tout une vie cela irradie l âme

  16. M. HellCat

    Billy Gibbons always been in my top 5. These cats just sooooo 😎

  17. John Rahed

    Rano ,mark blue jeans blue s reminds me of you zztop

  18. Judith Kimberly Del Aguila Valdivia

    Simplemente hermosa melodía..y las hormonas ni q decir..🥰🥰❤️❤️

  19. Derfyboy Derfyboy

    Ya! This is one of two coolest songs zz top did. Beer drinkers and hell raisers and blue jeans blues. Cool blues tune

  20. Bike Cycle

    Hard to believe this wasn't a huge hit, very tasteful and restrained. Beautiful.

  21. Alex Kashia

    Fantástic song by zz....

  22. Jimidrammer

    Hands down best blues guitar tone ever! I wore out the original album when it first came out in '75.

  23. SignifyinCracka

    And that chain lube all up the left leg

  24. Tim Sørensen

    When i need some kind of genuine feeling from music, i always put on this track....

  25. carl hawkins

    this is my all time favorite song ever. i am 62. this has been my favorite since i was about 19. it is a perfect song

  26. SunandChrome

    "I could tell that they was mine from the oil and the gasoline."  Been there...  Those jeans been gone a long time now, but I remember.

  27. Scott Herrington

    Baddest 3 piece band in history period.

  28. jack ripper

    Did he ever get back his blue jeans...o.0?...So sad....still after them?

  29. mister roberts

    check out moving sidewalks joe blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dK6OqQrOys

  30. AVALANCHA 2222

    Una bestia de canción...

  31. Blanka Orion

    Pjesma moje mladosti..oh,kako boli...

  32. Kirk Berryhill

    Still the Best. Ever.

  33. Randy Kintzley

    That guitar work is so greasy smooth.

  34. Regina florêncio


  35. G P

    Top 10 blues song & guitar solo all time - damn this is good

  36. Tim Sørensen

    Too heavy, and real, for morons....
    1 K of'em already showed their true colors
    1K of low-life F*ckers'n haters !

  37. bernard walsh

    Sometimes music can be a drug ... And stone ya... This is one of those times...intoxicating blues Texas style*****

  38. Andy Melendez

    5 mill...nuff said

  39. raglan james

    gonna Buy another Les Paul, maybe a Swamp Ash or a BFG...not sure as of yet what I want.

    raglan james

    not as good as my 79' Les Paul Sunburst though...

  40. Shane Eastridge

    He was Jimmy Hendrix idol... Jimmy knew great music "

  41. Branko Lisic

    Thid song grlo many Times to take girl to bad

    Branko Lisic

    Everx psir od my b jesn lsdz foto decade US only ersngler Levis 501 od US top

    Branko Lisic

    Favorite b jesn od wrsngler

    Branko Lisic

    Font koje thid nre brsnds Fidel etc ersngler id my b Jean pr Levi Strauss

  42. Chris John

    My spine still shakes from the guitar . Looser , but still shakes. thanks man.

  43. Michael Smithe

    PERSONALLY this is the best Blues tune ever and I was at the legendary Warehouse in New Orleans the night this cover for the album was taken and the 1st 3 songs off it live! They were these glistening sequened Texas coats, Billy and Dusty this night challenged and fed off each other! It was Electric and stood with me long after the concert was over! As the announcer says, Ladies and Gentleman The Fantastic Z.Z. TOP! BILLY HAS A GUITAR MADE FROM A BEAM IN MUDDY WATERS HOME! TRUE! BADASS BLUES TUNE AT ITS BEST! WHAT ARE THE 800 PLUS DOWN TURNED THUMBS LISTENING TO JUSTIN BIEBER OR SOME CRAP! LOL PEACE AND LOVE

  44. Francois Froge


  45. Dick Cole

    Sippin' a frosty Oly at Shannon's ZZ on the jukebox

  46. -redacted

    992 people are pussies

  47. h.teoman ince

    Once you listen a blues,it feels like you listened the whole songs written sofar

  48. Alessandro Chelli

    Più unici che rari !!!

  49. Appalachian American

    My favorite I believe ZZ Top tune really good slow blues might be their only slow blues tune where the guitar plays melody & not crunchy guitar riffs I like both types of guitar playing but this 1's just really got it Billy,Dusty & Frank ZZ Top

  50. Joe LaCosse

    Played this for a lot of girlfriends. Had it on 8 track, album, and cassette.

  51. greg bee

    it's all about passion....

  52. Affordable Services

    ZZ topp badazz band one of the greatest hands down live even better

  53. Radu Vasile

    superba melodie blue jean

  54. Kevin Smothers

    Found out recently that Billy was Jimmy Hendrixs favorite guitarist.Now I know why I stand corrected Michael

    Michael Keating

    I think that accolade was for Rory Gallagher

  55. raglan james

    I wonder how many babies were made to this song? lol

    raglan james

    Thank Rev. billy G. for this delicious sensual Panty dropper of a song.

  56. Debbie V.

    This is a very sexy song!!❤️

  57. Jeff McFadden

    Billy Gibbons plugs in the Fender Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix gave him and makes it cry

  58. Diego souza

    I see myself in New Orleans sittin in bar drinking a Bourbon when i hear this song

  59. Tiny Bellomy

    Bring gasoline jeans back!!!

  60. ΔΑΓΚΩΘΗΚΑ Όπως Έτρωγα


  61. To Hell With Your Devil

    Best shit to party hard to.....

  62. Abdon Montes de oca

    So clean so fresh my blue Jeep...

  63. Keith Cogdill

    You mean besides Tush ofcourse!

  64. marco cisneros

    I first heard ZZ Top on the radio in South America in 1975 and it was this song and I been hooked since.They have to be in the top 3 US Bands of their Blues-Rock genre. Hell any genre...

  65. David Draghici

    From a fake zombies band set on tour by some bunch of executives it really became rock’n roll legends,and that’s cool.2 beards and a mustache.

  66. Dr. Ansalto

    SRV couldn't touch this in a million years.

  67. charliejamz

    Is this song a metaphor or something? I don’t fully understand why one would write lyrics about Blue Jeans. I noticed he says JEAN in the lyrics.. idk. Long live ZZ Top.

  68. Kevin Liles

    In 1976 I had oil and gasoline jeans working a full service gas station back in the day. I was still in high school.

  69. old guy

    That white boy sho can play that guitar

  70. Robert Honaker

    the blues bye the texas bad boys

  71. Shamus McShane

    Breaks your heart .. just as it was meant to

  72. Mladen Descak

    One of the best blues songs ever

  73. iam he

    My favorite slow blues tune..... perfect....

  74. Cool guy Ali

    This song def got me through some hard times man

  75. Mscott ashley

    This song is so well played but the subject matter makes me wonder "Are these guys really serious or is this just a funny idea they came up with to build a song around"! No matter, I love ZZ Top! They kill it every time.

  76. Nikos K.

    Dude things happen with that song playing in background

  77. Sakellariou Giorgio


  78. Jan Anderson

    I was 31 yrs old. Finally broke away from my abuser of 7 yrs. The first thing i did with my freedom was go to this concert in Dallas. It was my very 1st concert.

  79. Arnold Pierce

    Straight out of La Grange, the ride is ever so sweet when it's those Texas boy hit'n that blues beat.

  80. Kevin Gonzalez

    Heroin music 😂

  81. Lonnie Clouse


  82. nikesh mundhra

    Can't believe I'm hearing this for the first time. Sounds nothing like other zz songs. Great show of their range

  83. zoran nestorovic

    Te best blues song ewer ...realy

  84. orhan yavuz

    In my view this is the best song zz top ever released.!

  85. Debbie Ritter

    My very favorite of all their songs! Just has that "feelin' down, blue, and nostalgic" vibe & just gets you right in the ol' feels! Lotsa great memories from 70's and this song sure can conjure them up! ✌😍🎶

  86. Jeff Cooper

    Ethel said, "uugh."

  87. orinokoflower11

    Pościelówa :)

  88. Huh What

    ZZ puts on ONE HELLUVA SHOW! A must see band to believe. Such talented individuals and wow, they can play. These Texas dudes rip it the F*** up! Thank you for all the AWESOME Tunes gentleman. Keep them coming please.

  89. Emily Kate

    Good God Damn!! Still and will continue to affect me in such a way that hits at that deep deep layer of my soul..mmm I can physically feel this

    Noah Soliz

    Emily Kate damn n ear orgazum

    Emily Kate

    Noah Soliz truly!!!

  90. Wagiblues

    great Slow-Blues .. like Tin Pan Alley from Stevie Ray Vaughan. Tone + phrasing of guitar unbelieveable

  91. Hagurashi Ikesaki

    This song is funny, it seems like porn movies music

  92. chris whiteaker

    917 fools in the world

  93. Руслан Корол

    Мозг имеют кушать от СМИ, которое с утра до вечера имеет одно и то-же....

  94. Gerald. Lynn Bradley

    Oil. Tire tracks what else 3 am rain. Great blues tho. I'm just down...

  95. Marcelo Mosquera

    Una verdadera obra maestra

  96. John Thijm Thijm

    I could tell that they were mine,
    from the oil and the gasoline.
    Omg what beautiful lyric

    Michel Hiddink

    Falamansa- Oh! Chuva - youtube.com/watch?v=lDdnlv3eEZ0

    greg bee

    they WAS mine.....

    John Thijm Thijm

    greg bee Even more beautifull

  97. Erkin Eskier

    Need more like this one from ZZ before they all become Alzheimer.

  98. claudia maria tanasa


  99. David Berger

    and this was the flip side on the jukebox!