Zug Izland - Sunny Day Lyrics

Would you show me the door?
My apologies
I will slither out across the floor
I will crawl out on my knees
I'm ugly, my soul is ugly too
I have so many flaws
I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do
I hate myself because I....

I'll stand far away!
My apologies
I wouldn't wanna dull your sunny day
I'll crawl out on my knees

I'm sorry, I wreak of depression
I have so many flaws
Your happiness is my only obsession

Just you, all you
Don't blame me I never can believe how stupid I can sound
For you, only you
It's obviously my fault why can't I? And figure out what's wrong with me
Just you, all you
I can never truly make you satisfied sometimes I just wish I wasn't me
For you, only you
Maybe I'd be better off alone all I do is embarass me

I'm nasty, I'll try not to get me on you
My apologies
God forbid, what would we do?
I'll crawl out on my knees
I'll stand far away
I have so many flaws
I wouldn't wanna dull your sunny day

My karma last night, was your dinner
My apologies
I will follow you cause your a winner
I will crawl out on my knees
You aura, it glows like toxic waste
I have so many flaws
Spit and I would lick it just to taste your presence

Just you, all you
Don't blame me I never can believe how stupid I can sound
For you, only you
It's obviously my fault why can't I ? and figure out what's wrong with me
Just you, all you
I can never truly make you satisfied sometime I just wish I wasn't me
For you, only you
Maybe I'd be better off alone all I do is embarass me

I'm staring at your picture
Standing on the chair the rope is tied

Once I'm dead my ghost will come and haunt you
Cause it's you, that commited suicide
It's you, that commited suicide
Cause it's you, that committed suicide

Just you, all you
Don't blame me I never can believe how stupid I can sound
For you, only you
It's obviously my fault why can't I ? And figure out what's wrong with me
Just you, all you
I can never truly make you satisfied sometime I just wish I wasn't me
For you, only you
Maybe I'd be better off alone all I do is embarass me
Just you, all you (x3)

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Zug Izland Sunny Day Comments
  1. Gustavo Gonzalez

    Ur happiness is my only obsession

  2. IShitOnTheWorld420

    Always liked them over Twiztid lol

    ICP is always #1 at Psy. But I do agree, they should have stayed.

  3. April Abby

    Love this song since the 1st time I heard it about 10-15 years ago! I love ZUG ISLAND😍😘😗😚❤💜💙💚💛❤💜💙💚💛❤💜💙💚💛💋💋💋💋💋

  4. Cody Taylor

    Anyone here in 2019

  5. Philene Francisco


  6. Felixx Khatt

    I'm sitting in bed jamming this shit with the wife getting high on meth as we speak. Fuck yeah

  7. Laurie Somma

    Zug Izland are great guys and their music was so good

  8. Shane Palen

    This is the song I played for my ex when she fucked me over. Still play it daily

  9. melvin shermen

    Marylin Manson of butt rock

    Not bad

  10. Ass Hat

    hanging out with all your little clown friends n their little girlfriends

  11. Heaven Squires

    So good and whoop whoop any Dallas Los and lettes out there? Mmwfcl

  12. Mudd Boss

    been years since i heard this and i still fuckin love it

  13. Asillo

    so good

  14. Joseph Flood

    icp and all the stupid rap bands suck. fuckn suck!!! zug should get a better lable.


    Violent j created them wrote all the music, But he thought the Juggalos wouldn't like that so he found a band and to do it. SO FUCK OFF

  15. Starr Fire

    Back in the day this was my MySpace song haha ... 4evrZuggLuv😗

    VooDoo Wiz

    hell yea i remember i had mad professor on my lol

  16. Cass0nva de Generate


  17. Randy Brown


  18. hat6036

    Wow, I mean....this is like.....really bad

    Trent Muscato

    Then what the fuck are you doing here

    Sean McDonald

    He probably didn't know how bad it was until he watched it dumbass.

    Yeshua Ben Yoseph

    You're like.... Really bad at commenting on stuff.

  19. Duncan Hooper

    zuggalo 4 life. .

  20. Adriana McGarry

    Look Im tired of watching idiots fight on YouTube of all fucking things people... Facebook fine... Twitter fine but this is a site where people come to enjoy what they define as music... Everybody hates someone else's music for example I think Lil Wayne is disgusting and childish but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go to one of his videos and talk shit... All of you and yes even my fellow juggalo are being stupid... Please quit verbally polluting our musical sanctuary! MMFWCL! And fuck all the "thugalos"!

    Duncan Hooper

    totally agree.

  21. amber dawn

    Zug never got the cred they DESERVE... Def one of the BEST bands EVER to come off Psycho Records


    +amber george Saw them open a Mirror Mirror tour in Chicago before their first album. Still one of my favorite Psychopathic experiences.

    juggalo pedro

    yes zug the shit. they definitely need to tour more wit pyscopathic


    J wrote all these songs

  22. Mat Stacy

    Zug izland is probably one of the best bands I've ever seen live

    jujubeethesungoddess natran

    I agree!

    Laurie Somma

    I agree.

  23. Stephen Cromwell

    Still one of my favorites, can't help but dig this one up over and over again!

    Cream Of Weber

    Sucks a lot.

    Stephen Cromwell

    Oh, good point.
    Guess I'll watch it again.
    Nope, still awesome.

    Elizabeth Stanley

    Same here man! This what album is still amazing after all these years!

  24. samwow diabolical

    Reminds me of the good ol days : )

  25. brian bohrer

    They sound like if icp and orgy made a album
    Love it

    Steve Huxley

    So fucking good

  26. Brian Calcifer

    No...... People who work at restaurants shouldn't inherit the Earth...

  27. Dawn K

    Fuckin love this song

  28. christian knisley

    juggalo family all day everyday if u hate look the other way

  29. Gretta Bramblett

    Whoop whoop mmfwcl family family

  30. Brad Davey

    I totally hear the duke in this :) if I'm wrong, still a great song


    kinda like hearing him on every other song from every artist on or formally on psychopathic lol In all seriousness, I'm not entirely sure but wasn't J apart of or the original lead singer?

  31. Burning_Fyre

    Also Juggalos check out the Psypher 4 it's the fam rappin about and to the FBI. And taking lyrics from Legz Diamond "Fuck you and your claim. We Don't Bang We're Family"

  32. Burning_Fyre

    As Violent J has said. All Juggalos come from all walks of life. Some have a metal back ground some have country some hip hop. Etc No Juggalo is the same.

  33. E MAN


  34. E MAN

    I totally agree with xTipsyxx, I am a juggalo and i listen to a diff range of music not just only psychopathic

  35. Moses yo mam

    lol he dous

  36. chase ellis

    agreed but eminem is still a bitch

    Tom Jobs

    chase ellis and amazing rapper

  37. Robert Justice

    I had forgotten about this song.... Brings back some fun memories!

  38. frdlvr21

    just like anyone else, a juggalo can claim a gang, but that doesnt mean the entire community is gang related. bitches need to grow up.

  39. WisdomRiver

    what is the Chinese proverb?

  40. xTipsyxx

    Hey hey. Dont fuckin' assume a juggalo is a murderer. Every group has bad eggs. And its only the ignorant ones who believe everything they hear in the music. But you are correct, as the true definition of Gang, is a group of people with a common interest. But, They are not 'Gangsters' I've asked people who claim blood, What set they rep. They say "I'm blood" ..... You sir, are a whack ass wannabe thug.

  41. xTipsyxx

    Agreed it is the stupid fakes who give juggalos a bad a name, but I do believe that the gang influence in Rydas / ABK / Blaze DID cause some of the SHEEP to start thinking they were gangsters. Like. .. If you think a juggalo can ONLY LISTEN to psychopathic, and nothing else. You're a fucking moron. If you call someone a juffalo because they like eminem, korn, or ANYTHING non psychopathic related, Then YOU are the juffalo, ICP's point is to NOT be a discriminate asshole like the others

  42. Epidemik

    I don't blame ABK, Blaze, or Rydas. I blame the wannabe gangsters, who claim to be Juggalos just so they can feel like part of something. Don't get me wrong, if I see a ninja getting beat down, I'm gonna jump in and help him out. Thing is, I would do that as if I were seeing my brother getting jumped, because Juggalos are family to me. Outsiders don't understand that, so they just label it as gang shit and don't care to hear otherwise. The "Juggalos" that give us a bad name are mostly just fakes

  43. xTipsyxx

    @wraththekillajuggalo SO MANY "juggalos" who say they are "gangsters" I blame ABK, Blaze & Psy Rydas. some people take the music TOO SERIOUSLY!

    Felixx Khatt

    xTipsyxx you're gay

  44. IllBrainRecords Franky G

    all ur fuckin clown friends haha

  45. Daylan Tinline

    @gmj2012 it's horrorcore basically mixed with hard Rock

  46. Jason Amos

    As Above So Below.... jugallo and you can blow me fuqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  47. marktrib

    I remember when I discovered this on hatchet history...I moved on from being a juggalo just before the wraith..I still love their shit just had to move on...

  48. Aaron james

    @wraththekillajuggalo who says JUGGALOS are NOT eloquint

  49. Jacob Ross

    Love this song ninja MCL

  50. Curtis Gallmore

    syn always sounded like j to me

  51. donte465

    syn ruined a sunny day for 5 people (fuck those 5)

  52. rodriguez juandicimo

    juggalos in the 517(michigan) whoop whoop and fuck that whack ass video response by warofrazors im reppin the hatchet in all my mugshots

  53. john goddi

    @EBPistons what label are they goin to be with?

  54. john goddi

    to warofrazors999 ur comment is true but u got it twisted when u said we are a gang. we are not a gang or a cult or anything to that effect. we are family!!! MWCL FAM!!!

  55. Peace Smoke

    @JuggaloTillTheEnd757 his name is Greg McDonald from Sterling Heights Mi.

  56. Dirtay Byrd

    @warofrazors999 what you got wrong there is when a juggalo commits a crime he doesn't wear his juggalo gear or claim it
    because a real juggalo don't want the hatchet to get a bad name
    and juggalos don't travel in groups to beat down people unless theres a group of people going to beat down on a homie
    juggalos are a gang of one but also many
    theres an ancient chinese proverb that pretty much immortalizes what a juggalo is and not very many ninjas know it
    we're destined

  57. Chez Garcia

    I miss these days :(

  58. Chez Garcia

    I miss these days. :(

  59. twiztidXoXlette

    mmfcl whoop whoop

  60. KingSmerk

    @EBPistons oh shit for real?! cant wait! ZIs the shit! always was always will be!!

  61. Eric Lewis

    They are coming back I know this personally cuz my Uncle is going to be playing bass. Syn just talked to him about it the other day. Their about to be recording an album. It's gonna obviously be Syn on vocals, than Matt Lastat on bass (my uncle), James Hash Holiday on guitar, and Cam on drums

  62. mike olivo

    wat up family ninjas. WOOP WOOP

  63. Cody Blagg

    @janeofrose I doubt any juggaho could actually get to me lolllll. Everyone in my house has at least two guns in their room but yeah and juggalos are like any other gang. The rappers talk about murder and drugs, the juggahos throw hand signs like gangs. They travel in groups like gangs, they murder like gangs, they pretty much do everything that other gangs do except I would be least afraid of a juggalo then like ms13 or some crazy gang like that. I'm not afraid of clowns haahhaa

  64. Cody Blagg

    @phatsophatty Blaze ya dead homie, talks about gang flags and shit? I mean you idiot juggalos get mad when people call you all a gang, yeah right some of you aren't, but some of you are..you can't say that all of y'all aren't. Some juggalos are murderes (syko sam) some are nerds, some are wannabes, some are real, some are trailer park trash...juggalos can be anyone.


    @tristenbitner well said family..mwfcl whoop whoop


    @reaperoflostsouls89 whoop whoop mwfcl

  67. TheKillaComa

    @phatsophatty EERRR WRONG!!! lol

  68. GgrrNamesSuck

    Love this song!!!!!

  69. jbsapp8

    @tristenbitner yup.. that's right... ~JP~

  70. Megan McGee

    MMFWCL -219-

  71. godsephro

    @juggaletteap on Wiki there is a 3rd album on there. Then there myspace has some songs too.

  72. godsephro

    Anyway you could send me this song, I cant find it.

  73. KingSmerk

    they need to come back!!!

  74. Happy Bean4209


  75. jessica hughes

    whoop whoop !!!

  76. carter Lastbontrager

    i almost got that seid to me once but it was more along the lines of (fuck you and your stupid juggalo freinds fuckin stupid stoners n alcoholics) dumb blonde bitch dont go for the fine bitches there really bitches

  77. carter Lastbontrager

    this song is totaly to my ex lol i miss zug island

  78. Lynn Rowe

    If you don't like tha song than whyy tha fuckk would you listen to it unless your life is soo fuckkin pathetic that you have to go around on youtube and search up songs just so you can diss on em to try to make yourself feel better about how sad you fuckkin are. Get a fuckkin life

  79. 13Klowns

    na i cant be i just got off your rusty ass mom

  80. hannahelizabethbby

    does anyone else think this is hott?

  81. just some guy on the internet

    lol hangin with your clown friends

  82. Terrordiddle k

    juggalos MMCL

  83. Francisco Simancas

    this is the 'cracked tiles' album

  84. Francisco Simancas

    so u argue with sum1 and u dont know what they even look like so who really comes out a winner?u talkn about education?u need schoold in music maybe,if u dont like a song about whatever the cause may be then its not for u to listen to dont protest against it cause U dont like it,u dont like it when people protest against shit you like so quit bein a hypocryte and try to make sence of the songs u like,its not sposed to go in one ear and out the other.now grow up and hug a teddybear for fucks sake

  85. bodybeatss

    who wants a teddy bear
    i have one for all of u so chill the fuck out

  86. Brooke Seales

    I won't even point out the irony in this. Sad that irony is wasted on the stupid.

  87. Krista Andersen

    grow up losers

  88. Brooke Seales

    Ok, your getting ridiculuos. I can barly understand what your typing. I thought you were a girl? Oh well, who doesn't get picked on? Lol. your ignnorance to the real world is just hilarious. I know you wouldn't fight me, because you wouldn't come down here. I like to fight, the world is boring living in peace. Chaos is how I live. I fight boys, and girls, it doesn't matter to me. I fight for fun or if I need to settle something with someone.

  89. Trish M

    wow how did I know the trailer park hmmmm and I wouldn't fight you.... Its kinda pathetic..... go to school get a edumaction and then you can rip me off honestly...... As of you being a girl it really baffles me why you would want to fight me is it because you get picked on its ok someday someone will notice your not a complete waste of space... Someday hold on to that dream..... and no I was kidding about the autograph jesh.....

  90. Brooke Seales

    If you want my best come back, I could give it to you, but I wouldn't want you crying all night hugging your teddy bear. I do live in a trailer, why would I get offended by the truth? Mess with me, you mess with the whole trailor park. Needless to say, I don't believe you'd show if I was 18, or 14.

  91. Trish M

    Haha yes you do I is un educated that's why I am amused by your stupidity..... Skank Ok haha that hit hard not really.... I don't think I would fight a 13 year old as of me coming to visit I doubt it..... But if you really want my autograph...... I can send it but don't stalk me.... I know you will..... Skank thats the best you can come up with after I called you trailer park trash and fugly wow..... round 2 your a loser hey so am I lets be bestfriends......

  92. Brooke Seales

    Lol. I'm 13. Funny I have a better education than you. But yes, I did take my medication today. Why would people be hiding? Sorry skank. I'm not you. Oh of course you wouldn't fight me. Because we both know you wouldn't think of coming to even fight anyone.

  93. Trish M

    Up in canada we have cars we dont drive our houses around.... Unless you have people hiding in the hills.... I wouldnt fight you because your 12..... Did you take your meds today????

  94. Brooke Seales

    Lol. Alright. Come to Colorado, see if you get that far.

  95. Trish M

    okay where do you want to meet???

  96. Brooke Seales

    Funny thats all you say. Typical person that can't back up the shit they talk. grow some balls and talk shit to someones face.

  97. Trish M

    fuck u 2

  98. Trish M

    fuck you