Zucker, Jeremy - Glisten (Interlude) Lyrics

All these years on a tightrope
Didn't waste your time
I was [?] on the same road
Did we fall in line

And I won't fight it
Lost sight of you
And I know it's hard to see this through
I won't let go
Yeah, I won't let go

But I could let you go if I wanted to
And I don't know these roads but I know you
Called you here just to watch you cry
That's life when you compromise
Cause I could let you go if I wanted to

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Zucker, Jeremy Glisten (Interlude) Comments
  1. Nayeli Reyes

    This songs hella underrated

  2. Che Mitchell

    I did a cover if anyone wants to check it out?

  3. Lauren Ta-Tran

    1 hr version?

  4. Ariel Brown

    This is amazing

  5. J - Pope

    I am gonna cry..

  6. 황ᄋ

    this song is similar to wildlife..

  7. Alien Head

    2k19 and still loving it

  8. Yunglowtide

    Kayden, has a song named (for a moment) it has the same flow and so beautiful’ if y’all don’t know who he is then he is a friend of Jeremy zucker

  9. s q m i u w u

    0:51 what i came for

  10. nora dehni

    Big EDEN vibes!! Love it

  11. ayushi thakur

    Your music is just so amazing

  12. 신수인

    I love your song♥️♥️

  13. Amy Tran

    This song is so underrated

  14. Ariel Muse

    try it with earbuds <3

  15. Justin Nguyen

    “Called you here just to watch you cry” favorite line

  16. Ali can

    why does it have to be so goddamm short

  17. Ziad Choukrad

    Did it waste your time 😦😦😦

  18. vegard

    i love this song❤️

  19. grace giordanelli

    I want to see Jeremy and eden make a song together they both have so much talent and amazing vocals

  20. sweet break

    Keep uo the good work bruh... We love you❣️

  21. Jeremy Johnson

    I so wish this song was longer, love it just that much

  22. gail grace

    damn this is good

  23. Rainy

    for all those saying it has an eden vibe, jeremy's inspiration is eden and said on an interview or something that he wanted to make music like eden when he was older

  24. tobi _

    Beautiful 😍😍

  25. siraj malik

    It's damn short ............plz!!! Just give us these types of songs no matter it is from u and EDEN ........this type of music gives so much pleasure to ears 😍😍😍

  26. Joshua Ruiz

    Even more proof that a EDEN x Jeremy Zucker type of song can exist <3

  27. Absaar.

    Pls make this a full song I just cannot live with myself knowing this song's incomplete..

  28. niallers's bae


  29. Larry Y.

    Thank you for making this public again! Jeremy and Eden can really get you through some tough times.

  30. trix

    lüv ü

  31. Kirby AMVs

    Eden and Jeremy should not be compared they are both very talented, but their styles are distinct

    What I like about them is that they emanate so many emotions once I listen to them they make me think about life I love their approach to the way they make songs because they dedicate so much time to it I hope I can meet them in person someday

  32. Save That Shit Love

    Só queria um feat. com o Eden :')

  33. S S

    One day his music is going to absolutely blow up

  34. And And

    It makes me remind of Eden!

  35. MagChu

    literally the first 5 comments have atleast EDEN in it, Jeremy is not EDEN.

  36. slimsybump092

    EDEN IS SO like this... 💧depression sounds... Rip

  37. kahlil osila

    EDEN x jeremy pls

  38. Dan Eddie Loayon

    Everybody loves EDEN brought mee

  39. Shayan. A

    This should’ve been a full length song, it’s just so fucking beautiful.

  40. Sassy Panda

    Now I need a collaboration with Jeremy and EDEN.

  41. Joshua Ruiz

    I need another "I think you think too much of me" styled Album collaboration between EDEN and Jeremy

    If this happens I can die a happy man.

  42. Daan Brinkman

    Damn. this is some good stuff

  43. Philipp Kohl

    I love everyone in the comments that are saying they're getting EDEN vibes from this I thought I was the only one, great song!

  44. LegendaryPingu

    I wish this was longer

  45. Kayn Nox


  46. myangsuma

    So many EDEN comments! We need EDENxJeremy Zucker!!!

  47. Grisha G

    It's like the comments section read my mind.

  48. JKarstadt

    This is absolutely magical. Favourite 'song' on the EP


    man... jeremy has to be the only artist that i genuinely like all of his songs

  50. Rachel Potato

    Almost the whole comment section is wishing for a collab with Eden 😂

  51. 21 band phans panic! at the disco

    Dude oml the feels are heckin real rn

  52. Jasmine D

    EDEN and Jeremy need to collab asap.

  53. Trevor Mungeam

    Can we please have a full version of this!? So amazing

  54. Ppain Shahi

    1.6k likes and 0 dislike whoa!!! 🔥🇳🇵

  55. Rina Arellano

    jeremy your music makes me cry, smile, fall inlove and so on. i love you so much, you're such a talented young man

  56. iam_ yaneth_

    loving this ep!!!!

  57. James Kirby

    0 dislikes lol

  58. Shivwani anand

    Your music is my haven🙌♥️ you literally fixed me with your sounds.

  59. azhym

    I need full version!!!

  60. Lethargic Logophile

    Holy shit.

  61. Kellen Ruppee

    Someone's been listening to too much EDEN for sure

  62. kappsta

    literally like 3/4 of the comments are saying that it sounds like eden. let jeremy have his own style without comparing it to other artists pls


    Kappsta but that basically is Eden style

    Jeremy Johnson

    Thank you bcuz these comments are making me sick and it seems like they only like him just bcuz he sounds like another person

    Sariah Lake

    Jeremy Johnson that’s not what they mean they’re comparing one song not his whole career


    @Jeremy Johnson all what we're saying is that they sound similar, we love em both

  63. Romy Schmidtke

    Okay who's that one thumbs down? I'm gonna find you..

  64. Romy Schmidtke

    I know he sounds pretty familiar to EDEN but you guys, he isn't EDEN so we shouldn't compare them this much. He is amazing as himself. They just have pretty similar styles.
    (Not to be mean tho😅)

  65. Aaron Leach

    Jeremy and Eden forever are my favorite artists!

  66. Smartass Sam

    This has become my fav song of all time of Jerm🔥💗

  67. Zen

    Haha they reuploaded this. They accidentally uploaded this the same time as wildfire

  68. Kno

    This gives a good vibe 🤔 meybe better than talk is overrated??

  69. mp3

    best vocals <3

  70. Ci Peh Pie

    it's too short
    wish this song more longer

  71. same old panda

    This came back. Great ^•^

  72. Sparsh Dangwal

    This type of stuff is gold ❤️❤️ absolutely loving it Jeremy!! You are a genius😭❤️❤️❤️

  73. Kim Thivanada

    I need the physical album now

  74. Kim Thivanada


  75. Justin X

    Thank you for this 😭😭👏👏

  76. arielle !

    jeremy, please don't ever stop making music. i have been blessed.

  77. christina

    HECK THE EDEN VIBE xx collab asap please

  78. Mienecupie

    "Eden vibes" "eden" no this is you I love this alot. Thankyouh

  79. Paige Elkins

    This is beyond beautiful. So proud of you Jeremy!! 💙

  80. Samantha x

    So beautiful

  81. Mike the Ike

    Can you bring back your song “i think about you when i’m naked”? It was honestly a really chill song to vibe to

  82. Nimra Aman

    What. A. Song. I almost cried at how beautiful these songs are Thanks you so much Zucker love you and support you always

  83. Nimra Aman

    I feel so relaxed after listening to this istg I could listen to his voice all day it's so soothing

  84. Adhya Chaturvedi


  85. Sneha Zakkir

    As beautiful as EDEN's Interlude

  86. busanspoet

    i'm crying

  87. babe Gurrl Kat

    Oh my....😍😍😍
    I'm already in love.

  88. crazymonk3y2423

    Holy shit did EDEN make this

  89. dafydd tate

    I love this its so amazing. has them feels to it

  90. oh • com

    This just reminds me of Eden which makes me love it even more

    elira shabani

    I was just gonna say that

    Ismail Mahi

    Same! First thought on my mind when I heard this

    Claude Loomes


  91. oh • com

    It’s starting !!!!

  92. EXO ARMY

    His music just makes me happy. And I'm a really sad person. Thank you Jeremy ❤️

  93. ktteek


  94. Raul

    this ep is so fucking golden

  95. Janesha Rai

    Jeremy and Eden need to really collab

    Like really, the world NEEDS that to happen


    WE need that to happen

  96. jannah

    0 dislikes. IT BETTER STAYS THAT WAY.