Zucker, Jeremy - All The Kids Are Depressed Lyrics

How long have you been smiling?
It seems like it's been too long
Some days I don't feel like trying
So what the fuck are you on?

I think too much, we drink too much
Falling in love like it's just nothing
I want to know where do we go
When nothing's wrong

'Cause all the kids are depressed
Nothing ever makes sense
I'm not feeling alright
Staying up 'til sunrise
And hoping shit is okay
Pretending we know things
I don't know what happened
My natural reaction is that we're scared
So I guess we're scared

But I can't really keep lying
'Cause I've been scared all along
Getting sick of sleeping in
While all my friends are popping pills
And I don't think that they're wrong

I think too much, we drink too much
Falling apart like it's just nothing
I want to know where do we go
When nothing's wrong

'Cause all the kids are depressed
Nothing ever makes sense
I'm not feeling alright
Staying up 'til sunrise
And hoping shit is okay
Pretending we know things
I don't know what happened
My natural reaction is that we're scared
So I guess we're scared

I won't deny it 'cause you saw what it was
I can't deny it if you won't give a fuck
So I'll start it out
You know I am so in love

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Zucker, Jeremy All The Kids Are Depressed Comments
  1. CheeziWolfie - Vids & Stuff

    I have attempted suicide on 13th of December 2019 and I'm still in bed lying with a broken leg and crushed pelvis.. all I say is don't do it. It's not worth it my guy/gal. Mate if you have problems message me on discord DerpyMuffinGirl#0555

  2. Sweet Killer

    D ont give up
    E verybody loves you
    P roblems just make you down
    R emember your happiness
    E rase your sadness
    S top your depressed
    S low down
    E specially
    D ont be anyone

    Just be yourself,World needs you ;)

  3. gO stEp oN a LeGo HahAHiHaHiha!

    Suicidal kids tell other suicidal kids not to *kill themselves*

  4. Tori’s Art

    When people cut, they could be depressed or they could want attention. It's dumb when people comment

    “I’m depressed

    You’re overreacting

    I cut

    You want attention

    *person kills themselves*

    We didn’t see the signs”

    They’re telling the truth, they didn’t see the hints. Yea, they knew they cut, but it’s the other clues that hint towards it. Other clues hint towards the fact that they’re depressed, not that they want attention. The people that witnessed the suicide didn’t see or look for the right clues, so stop commenting on it.

  5. Josiah Stock

    I'm a kid. I'm not depressed but I am very anxious. Recently, my father and mother had a separation. I'm afraid they are going to get a divorce. Here's a story:

    I was at the airport, about to board the plane to New Zealand, where I am right now. I asked my father if I could play on his phone because I accidentally left my Nintendo Switch in the car and couldn't go back. I got his phone and I went to the play store to download a new game when I found this is the search results.

    "' dating apps free ''

    I nearly cried but I tried to hold it in because I didn't want my father noticing anything or my siblings. Ever since I have been speculating that he is a cheater. I also found the picture frame of my parents' marriage faced down instead of facing up on the stand. He doesn't wear the ring anymore and my mum told me that when my parents were talking outside of the house my father had asked if he could get a divorce. I can't even go to sleep by myself or go to school because I have separation anxiety so I'm homeschooled. I'm really stressed at the moment and it feels good for me to let that out and share it with other people.

    Nikki Pham

    Josiah Stock I’m so sorry this happened ❤️ I pray that you’ll be okay!

  6. Lexi Taylor

    No I’m not depressed because I don’t go outside, I’m depressed because I’m single!😭

  7. rocky G

    I wanna sleep and never wake up...

  8. Thiago spc

    I do a cover in my channel of this song , watch please !!!

  9. Ng Dung

    Try getting over it people. Music is for relaxing and chilling,not getting more tired or depressed like its name. I know u ll can overcome 💕

  10. Depressed Squad

    I am a child that is depressed

  11. depresso espresso

    Mmmm tastes like the new depresso espresso drink from star bucks

  12. WolfLight nightmare

    Me: tells how my sister and my brother treats me
    Everyone: that's normal every brother and sister does this
    My mind: are you sure that they normally say to you EVERY SINGLE DAY go die ore your ugly and stupid no one likes you ore why are even existing? Your not my sister. In puplic there always saying I don't know her. Once I needed help cause the where a group of younger people an they where.... kinda.... touching me and bullied me. My brother was there... He looked at what happened... I scream for help but he didn't help he just said like always I don't know her....
    There also hitting me every day I still don't know what I ever did to them...
    Ik that siblings doesn't hold together all the time but I also don't think that my relationship to my siblings is a normal one...
    I just can't take it anymore...
    But my mom says: your always so dramatic

  13. WolfLight nightmare

    My bff on a school trip: "let's play truth or dare with the girls and boys"
    Me: "nah... I don't wanna..."
    My bff: "why do you always ditch?! It's no fun with you! Your alway like this, nah don't wanna or I don't feel like it, stop fucking pretend to be depressed!"
    Me: ...
    ^bff leaves me alone in the room for almost an hour^
    ^me crying^
    ^A friend comes in to the room^
    Friend: "hey.... is everything alright?"
    ^me explains everything^
    My bff: ^comes in to the room^ "DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT A FRIEND OF OURS IS GETTING BULLIED?!"
    me in my mind: *why does she not see that I need more help*

    That's a true story of mine and I'm still fighting with it....
    Just wanted to share it with you guys cause I think it help me to talk to people who not know me cause I'm to scared to tell anyone besides my friend....

    I'm also sorry for my bad English I'm German so yeah

    WolfLight nightmare

    That kid who gets bullied is one of my friends to and I try to help and protect her put she doesn't do the same... she just takes my help and leaves me alone...
    She always says guys I'm so depressed I wanna die.
    I asked her many time did you cut you're self?
    She awnsers always with no and shows me her arm I'm glad that she's not doing it bc Ik it's bad.....
    really bad.... but still i'm doing it myself....

    Nikki Pham

    I’m so so sorry you’re going through this ❤️ Please don’t try to hurt yourself more... I’ve tried to kill myself 3 times and stopped myself.. people DO care about YOU 💕 It’s made me feel dumb, looking back at it. Please don’t give up!!

    Nikki Pham

    WolfLight nightmare If your friend can’t see that you want help, and if you’ve told her and she doesn’t see it, please tell someone else, I know you said you don’t want to, but you need someone to talk to and not feel alone!

    WolfLight nightmare

    @Nikki Pham thank you so much <333 but it's still kinda hard I guess I just need some time... but i hope you're alright now

  14. Aiya Shargawi

    if i told people i was depressed, they would say i wa overeacting
    if i said i wanted to die, they would say that all teens say that
    if i said i was cutting, they would say i want attention
    but if i killed myself
    they would say "why didn't she tell us how bad she felt?"

  15. Avery MacDonald

    my friends: your so dramatic
    me: I want to die

  16. cookie •suprema

    Mi little step sister (she is 9), said that when she grows up, she wants to go with a psicologist because se wants to have depression like her cousin

    I feel like everything is wrong

  17. DaisyMoon._정

    When i grow up, i want to be a therapist that you dont even need to give a single penny to listen to you, like a depressed therapist that understands you whenever you went to hardships, i want to be that

  18. PeppermintSwirl _1096

    i thought this was juice wrld...


    PeppermintSwirl _1096
    Bruh how tf-

    PeppermintSwirl _1096

    Menkiee i was scrolling through something’s and it was at the part where he said “ cause all the kids are depressed” the depressed part sounded like juice to me but then i was like what no


    PeppermintSwirl _1096
    Oh lmaooo.

  19. Kam .-.

    “And all the kids are depressed” that hit different 😔

  20. Sinder Twins

    My dad took his own life in august. I haven't had the courage to hang out with friends or even talk openly to them. I am always sad, forcing smiles and pretending to be ok. My friends have not once asked me how I am doing ever since august, yet I seem to help all my friends with their problems. They now feel closer to me then ever before. Everything in life happens for a reason. Your life is in God's control, so trust him, and let him take the wheel. No matter how bad your situation may be, it can only get better. Keep your head up and trust God


    Sinder Twins
    I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you'll be able to find happiness and purpose in your life🖤

  21. cat

    To day I found out my friends (13) is dating a 17 year old.
    And when I confronted him he said "love has no age."
    They do fall in "love" to easily

  22. Dream_Demon_ Bill

    I told my best friend that I'm tired of never being enough for anyone and that's why I sleep so much or get numb so much and she just said "stop". I told a different friend that and he said "stop trying so hard to seem tortured". This is why we kill ourselves.

  23. Smile, Eilish

    I feel sad, but I don’t.

    I can’t explain how I feel and I hate when people ask. They just don’t understand. I don’t even know.

  24. Mckenzie Habecker

    Love this song do more of him please

  25. DQmilkteaa

    People say we fake depression or anxiety....
    Only if they knew about the social and academic troubles we all face, plus the stage of life where hormones are wild as hell, perfect recipe for mental disaster.

  26. Jocelyn Marquez

    I’m depressed

  27. Sooogacha

    Parts of the song that relate to me:
    *insert entire song*

  28. The cosplay crew

    this song i relate to much. the sad truth is those who admit that there depressed everyone thinks there faking it. but those who hide it are suffering as much as those who admit it. i told my friends and they all are trying to help me. the can tell when i'm faking my happiness or my smiles. they all always tell me "we are here for you if you ever need to cry. we will hide you when you do" they are amazing and to anyone else that's depressed please keep fighting we have so much to live for

    Nikki Pham

    The cosplay crew I agree with your comment all the way! I like to hide it a lot from my friends because I don’t want them to worry at all as I know they’re busy with life too! Even if they tell me I could go to them anytime, I still don’t want to? ahhh frustrations

  29. Alex Gacha

    Get made fun of
    Me: *gets sad for just a little while*

    Others: OMG I’m depressed all because of you! You all can’t feel my pain!

    I feel like everyone’s pretending to be depressed to get attention

  30. Oliwia_TheDog444 Miau


    How long have you been smiling?
    It seems like it's been too long
    Some days I don't feel like trying
    So what the fuck are you on?
    I think too much, we drink too much
    Falling in love like it's just nothing
    I want to know where do we go
    When nothing's wrong
    'Cause all the kids are depressed
    Nothing ever makes sense
    I'm not feeling alright
    Staying up 'til sunrise
    And hoping shit is okay
    Pretending we know things
    I don't know what happened
    My natural reaction is that we're scared
    So I guess we're scared
    No I can't really keep lying
    'Cause I've been scared all along
    I'm getting sick of sleeping in
    While all my friends are popping pills
    And I don't think that they're wrong
    I think too much, we drink too much
    Falling apart like it's just nothing
    And I want to know where do we go
    When nothing's wrong
    'Cause all the kids are depressed
    Nothing ever makes sense
    I'm not feeling alright
    Staying up 'til sunrise
    And hoping shit is okay
    Pretending we know things
    I don't know what happened
    My natural reaction is that we're scared
    So I guess we're scared
    I won't deny it 'cause you saw what it was
    I can't deny it if you won't give a fuck
    So I'll sew it up
    You know I am so in love

  31. Stephanie

    Ugly they judge you
    Fat they judge you
    Pretty they judge you
    Thin they judge you
    *Me dies*
    Omg i miss you
    (Wtf why they always do that they just wait to die the person before to be good to them?)

  32. Kwangho Jeong

    한국인이 없넹?

  33. Spirit1 Gardian

    Made it! One year without Depression and Anxiety!!❤

    Nikki Pham

    Spirit1 Gardian Proud of you!!! ❤️❤️

    Spirit1 Gardian

    @Nikki Pham Appreciate it!!

  34. Honey Pixels

    omg summer VIBESSSSS🌸🌌☀⛱

  35. Matthew Lovelock

    The “happiest” people are the saddest

    Emily E

    true just so true

  36. Stiches Gachalife

    idk what to feel anymore :/

  37. Aidyn Lee

    2020 really started out bad for me. So here I am. On the 5th day of January. January 1st didn’t turn out well to, but up to this day. It all just got worst. Why do I always have to be the one to adjust so that things go the right way? Why can’t I just be happy, every single day. Like. Why.. I prayed for 2019 to be better, but 2019 was worst. 2020, please.. I don’t want any more of this. I’m tired. Let me stop, please give me a break.

    Nikki Pham

    Aidyn Lee I pray that you get through it ❤️ 2019 was the worst for me too!

  38. XxJordyn PaintsxX

    Me: *Minding my business and being happy*
    Absolutely no one:
    My brain having depression: 0:00

  39. Unknown Someone

    But why, it's so true. Like I'm all these things. I'm not depressed, but the kids that are like 8-14 are. xD

  40. allu tolli

    This comment section is cringy af

  41. Nightmare

    Hey you! If you're feeling awful about yourself, I hereby declare that I will give you a virtual hug of love! <3

    Nikki Pham

    Nightmare Thank you! <33

  42. Willie The Doggo

    I have a odd question.

    Why can you say
    “Have a good day” sounding all happy and not threatening at all

    But why can’t u say
    “Have a good 24 hours.” Without it sounding somewhat threatening

    I don't know how to change my profile pic

    "Have a good 24 hours" makes it seem like they're going to die after the 24 hours

    Willie The Doggo

    I don't know how to change my profile pic true...

  43. BasicKing

    For me it's like if I say I'm depressed people laugh like it's a joke. I really hate that in my school.

  44. KittyKitty27

    I wanna smile forever....
    I wanna cry.....
    I wanna be myself.....
    I wanna cry......



  45. Tanisha Parekh

    i’m depressed but i’m happy we are all depressed together💜

  46. annie smith

    anyone struggling right now, this is a sign. keep fighting. it’s gonna get better. i believe in you and i love you.

  47. Camo Coyote

    This song feels like home

  48. Blyat Luna

    My Soul Is Fading,
    My Smile Is Breaking,
    My Heart Is Melting,
    My Mind Is Shaking.

    *I’m Ok*

    Blyat Luna

    KittyKitty27 Thanks


    Blyat Luna
    You're not poetic shut up.

    Blyat Luna

    Menkiee I’m not trying to be poetic this is how I really feel. Would you understand?? *Would you??*


    Blyat Luna
    Yes. I understand. Problem is that it's stupid to say you're broken and shit and then say you're "ok". What's the point of it? You do that just so people can be like "omg ur not ok r u okaaayyy" Like dude if you need help just say it but don't make a dumb verse about it and then say you're ok. That's stupid and just seems like you're trying to grab attention.

  49. •《 Siaane Starene 》•

    "Try to live a little!"

    Falling apart.

    "Enjoy yourself!"

    Feel it all crumble.

    "Show some emotion!"

    It hurts too much, unable to be expressed.

    'Enjoy your life before it all crumbles and non-existent'

  50. Senpai Dipstick kun


  51. -Kaori- NightCMusic-

    My only life support are medicine it keeping me alive💊

  52. _Almond Playz_

    A Young And Beautiful girl was walking in the park with tears rolling down her face, then a little girl came up to her and asked, “Are you okay?” The older girl looked at her and wiped her tears and laughed. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just yawned.” The younger girl frowned. “That’s a lie.”

    “What do you mean?” The older girl asked. “My older brother said that a lot. I noticed him crying one day and asked if he was alright. He smile and wiped his tears like you and said he was yawning. I was naive and played along with it. I noticed him getting bullied as well, I wanted to help but why are two high school jocks listen to me. One day, I walked into my brothers room to find him hanging from the ceiling with a rope tied around his neck. That’s the last time I saw him.” The little girl knew the older girl was depressed, because her brother was the same way. She started crying.

    The older girl looked at her and wiped her tears as she too had begun crying. “Please promise me this,” the little girl started saying as she hugged the older girl. “Promise me...that you’ll never kill yourself to forget the pain, even so your handing the pain down to someone else.” The little girl said. “I...I promise.” The older girl said to the younger girl. They sat on the cement of the sidewalk and hugged for a awhile before the young girl had to go home. And, the older girl kept her promise to the younger girl

    *Suicide is not an answer to your problems, it only causes more trouble and sorrow for your loved ones and friends. Even others around you. So, please don’t ever think of committing suicide. Promise me that you won’t.”*

  53. Rosinha rosaclaro Mesmo

    A message to every depressed people <3
    So I'm a really happy person and after I read the comments I've never felt so lucky and guilty at the same time, I wish I could just give my happiness to everyone here, but I can't, so just remember to try to always see the best part of things, do whatever makes you happy even if it's bad and try doing your best to find people that understand you to open up to them <3 life is a really hard journey and sometimes we get advantages or disadvantages but we just gotta keep trying and never give up! :) <3 I hope this helps y'all

  54. Yanina Miteva

    Roses are red
    I love you
    Everyone here..
    Is with you!❤❤

  55. Kenneth Cabiling

    How can i feel depressed anymore listening to it while i don't even have half of human emotions

  56. fam Thakoer

    Click below

    It's on the screen

  57. Baby Shark

    This song is heeelllaaa relate able

  58. Galaxy Kitty

    Me;I think I have depression. Can we get it checked out?

    My mom; why?

    Me; I feel out of place in this world

    My mom; you’re not depressed, you are just going through a rough patch

    She still doesn’t know what those ‘cat scratches’ really are..

  59. SummerRayAngel

    All kids are depressed

    It’s true

    It’s also sad

    Kids feels left out at school

  60. a potato flew around my room

    i wanna talk about a simply stupid conversation i had with an ex friend. She was like "if your so deppressed just get help *its not that hard*" and thats the thing it is that hard you feel like like shit 24/7 you dont know how to stop it and your stuck in just a pit of just shit and nothing fucking makes sense and the only thing that helps is crying or cutting for some so dont tell anyone with deppression "its not that hard" because it is

    Nikki Pham

    a potato flew around my room It is definitely hard.. I actually did try to get help through a therapist and found out that it honestly did not help really and was a waste of money ( i tried a second time and felt like nothing changed )... I feel stuck too, I don’t know what I’m doing with life either! I felt much much better talking to someone like a close family member than a complete stranger like a therapist you know?

  61. Onion Onion

    Bruh all the comments try to be deep
    But I guess it’s the thought that counts, even if most aren’t impactful or make sense

  62. Onion Onion

    Bruh all the comments try to be deep
    You know at least they tried, and it’s the thought that counts

  63. why y

    My best friend in school turned to me and said "you gotta stop saying your depressed, people are gonna think your being serious"
    I literally just stood up, walked to the bathroom and cried.
    I thought she was the one person that understood.

    Nikki Pham

    why y I’m so so sorry this happened to you Love ❤️ Please reach out to people who WILL help you, someone you trust

  64. Apologize Lovely

    My school found out I...uh ya know.. they called my parents..my parents took me out of school and my dad got off from work, he asked why and when I told him the reason he laughed in my face and asked if I was serious, my mom told me that she would try to fix it but the most she’s done is buy me new headphones. That was her idea of “fixing things.”
    I hate my fucking life.

  65. Misty Sings

    People say that by dying I only pass the pain on to others, that's why me and my friends said we'd do it together so we wouldn't be alone (all have major depression and suicidal thoughts). I love them so much and they are the only real joy I ever experienced before we all fell down that deep dark hole of pain and suffering

  66. Misty Sings

    Me: mom I have something to tell you, I'm depressed and suicidal because I'm being bullied and things
    Mom: toughen up butter cup you need-
    Me: MOM THEY BROKE MY GOD DAMN ARM FOR CHRIST'S SAKE(true, bullies have broken my arm)
    Mom: you just want attention, it is cause of that Damn phone

    Nikki Pham

    Misty Sings I teared up from reading this... I’m so so sorry this happened ❤️❤️ Please, reach out to someone you trust

    Misty Sings

    @Nikki Pham It's ok, it was in the past, though recently I was just thrown off of my scooter, laughed at by the school, and the name called things eg slut

  67. Aly Chan

    Why are people depressed?...huh?....??...could...I....help?....YOU...CAN...NEVER..HELP..MY..DEPRESSION

  68. nida gallego

    My and my BFF love this song,BTW I also love come thru ❤️❤️❤️😊😍

  69. ashley_ᴍᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛ _gacha

    It's right... I'm depressed...

  70. Jozsika Gaming

    this is the school song

  71. aUrThEr sTuDiO

    im not depressed i just get sad for a couple days i get over it but i still get sad when i think of it

  72. Atomic Fliqs

    People say kids can’t be depressed, they don’t know the full story.

  73. Anika Ahmed

    It's the last day of 2019. Here I am once again, I promised myself I will take care of myself mentally but here I am. I'm in bed crying myself to sleep at 3.15am in the morning.

  74. Oiler Fan

    Get this 14k likes please

  75. Pratyusha That 7th pathshalian grader

    Tiktok better not take this one =>

  76. Little Wolf

    me :"im depressed"
    my friends: "same"
    me: 'we all know you guys aren't"

    Emily E

    true just very very true...

    Sofia Dinoi

    Yes, it's so true. They say "oh I'm so depressed, my boyfriend broke up with me, I wanna die". They don't really know what it means, you become depressed after a lot of horrible events, you really wanna die and nowadays everyone says this without thinking what it really means, just like a joke.

    ( Sorry, I'm Italian I don't know if there are some mistakes)

    Sofia Dinoi

    *any mistakes

    Little Wolf

    Sofia Dinoi EXCATLY 👏🏽👏🏽

  77. unknown intentity.

    The first verse.


  78. Lilly Talese

    this is my literal playlist

  79. Chiara Cactus

    Looking at all the comments and wondering why depression is such a common thing and if you are one of those people who want to fake depression.......

    here are some tips incase you didn't know about them
    •depression is not always resolved around self harm
    •people with early stages of depression may be extremely irritable (doesn't sound very cool anymore does it)
    •people with early stages of depression experience extreme changes in their lifestyles such as excessive exercising, binge eating or under eating and lack of sleep etc.
    •and if you want to fake one of the later stages to look cool you can always commit suicide (judging by the other comments it seems like people will only believe you are actually depressed when you off yourself (so that's the most foolproof way to look 'cool' and 'emo')

  80. cookiewolf love

    This it's hard to many ways

  81. Shervy Justine Tania

    No one :
    Me : Have a TOXIC FAMILY

  82. Jasmine Sandoval

    :( yes i have axitiy

  83. Abby Hampton

    I wish people really fucking cared


    I like when he said ti she or he is thinking too much

  85. Disney

    Y’all need to chill with the depression comments I’d bet like only a few of the people here actually have depression the others are just saying the dumb shit that people have already committed

  86. UNKNOW ???

    If your reading this,I love you
    And your not alone😟💔😭😔 🐶🔫
    :( why is life sad why does depression exists? I have depression as well it's not some thing to laugh whit it's not nice

    Respect if ppl readed this probably not but just saying it! ; [♨💌㊗🈵🆓🙏 💑 <------ ❌ I never trust something about love again bc of my cheating girlfriend 😦🙏

  87. Lythia Lu

    Everyone's like fighting.. Buts who's in the background. (The guy)

  88. Bxlly

    All kids are depressed cos they don’t go outside? that’s really not true, boomers usually complain how there are too many kids on the street yet still say that we don’t go out cos we are glued to our phones? Also to the people say kids should stop being so dramatic, when you were younger, you didn’t have the pressures we have today, you weren’t expected to have to wear the latest shoes or have the latest phone however the new generation have that pressure, please take notice :)


    Seriously i dont know why im here? Im not even looking or listening to thesong am just looking at the comments

  90. Lily Gacha Pictures

    Suicide does not end the pain,

    It just continues it for others,

    There will always be some one that loves you

    Evan if you don’t!!!💗💕❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  91. Najma Azalia

    my anxiety makes me feel weird after listening this song sksksk

    Nikki Pham

    Najma Azalia i felt this

  92. imaraidarea51 yaa

    "staying up till sunrise"
    *looks at clock *

  93. wondering around

    I take anxiety medication for my anxiety and nightmares. But I worry that I'm just faking it and I'm just hurting myself by taking it, or if I do have it, the meds aren't working. I'm kinda tempted to just not take it for a day or two and see if I get more anxious. I don't feel good emotionally. And I feel like a little troll for saying that.

  94. OfficialBader

    Let the story begin of when another flesh was born,
    He wasn't that special, just another drop of water in an ocean full of waves.
    His vision is dazzled, his mind is blurry and his cheeks ache from laughter.
    He was lost in a world full of nothing,
    He knew it was all just a fling.
    Sayings like never stop thinking have scrambled his mind,
    Have you really lost anything if your heart stops beating and you're utterly blind?
    He grew up like any other,
    He found a girl that made his heart melt like butter.
    But... He knew something that not many knew,
    It was all just a fling, and it's very true.
    It finally struck, the end is near,
    He had no fear, he knew it all along.
    Life's a fling, and he shall rest with nothing,
    When you open your mind to nothing, nothing will be clear.

  95. Cloudy

    enjoy an amazing new song by the one and only Jeremy Zucker!

    Benny and Peppers Love!

    Aryssa Chantik OMG I FEEL BAD FOR YOU!

    Bruna Tejo

    I was really interested in this music because Im only 10 years old and it's gonna be a year now that I've been suffering from depression and I've been previously getting anxiety attacks and I thought maybe this song would describe how I feel......

    Avah Crawford

    I love it!


    Charlee Hauenschild yes!