ZOEgirl - Dead Serious Lyrics

Who's that girl with the Bible in her hands
The smile on her face, she doesn't get it, I don't understand
The way she walks with her head in the clouds
She doesn't care who laughs, walks right through the crowd

That's right, that's me, I don't care what you think
People talk all day, I don't care what they say

You think I'm delirious, a typical reaction
Aren't you curious about my satisfaction
Maybe you're envious, a little curious
You can laugh, but I'm dead serious

Watch her as she goes, there's something different and she knows it
Ask her why, and she'll flash that silly smile
She says she's got a purpose and she's done with all the games
Jesus saved her soul and she'll never be the same

That's right that's me, I don't care what you think
You can talk all day, I don't care what you say

Eternity won't wait for me
I've made my choice, it's where I want to be
All I want to be seen is the light of God shining in me
I may be young, but I am free
You can't change what I believe

That's right, that's me, I don't care what you think
You can talk all day, I'm okay anyway

Serious, I'm serious
You can laugh but I'm dead serious

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ZOEgirl Dead Serious Comments
  1. paige

    When I was little I didn't know what Christianity was and I had no clue that ZoeGirl was Christian but I was just jamming out to it anyway lol

  2. JAY-T Picks

    Ok, who first heard this song on the Coconut Hut Radio Show?

  3. Zahid Bryan

    Don't believe in god anymore but....this still catchy after all these years


    You were never "born again" to begin with.... He's still offering His salvation to you... but, with little time left; you're on dangerous ground.

  4. maddy jensen

    love this song

  5. Grace Deramus

    This song brings back so many memories. We did this song for praise dance one time and just...yeah hahaha brings it all back

  6. Amanda Milone

    I'm a dead serious Christian. Thumbs up if you are too!

  7. Stranded Stardust

    Epic song!!! People usually don't take me seriously, when I am.

  8. SophizzleDalizzle

    I used to love this song in middle school

  9. puddleybug

    Love this song

  10. Brittany Thomas

    I really love this song!! God Bless!!

  11. Nathan K

    Whoever hit the dislike button thought it said dis-I-like

  12. jas hale

    117 likes and 1 dislike!!!! <3 Shame on you 1 dislike -_-

  13. Carolarny1

    Me, my twin sister, and three other besties were going to do a dance to this back in 2006 (when my twin and I were 14, two besties were 13 and the other 15). Unfortunately, said dance never happened. Oh, well :)
    - Caroline

  14. Hannah4927

    Kids don't take me seriously . . . they don't know that I am dead serious. I just smile. I know I'm serious, God knows I'm serious.

  15. Hneiva Uranga

    this song is so awesome i sang it in my elementry school talent show in 3rd grade and loved it it was fun and ♥ the song love ya zoegirl your awesome♥♥

  16. Angela Mishler

    Love this song.

  17. Bethany

    i still remember all the words:)

  18. Ruthie Allen

    i love the font and colors you used!

  19. Elizabeth Royer

    @haitigrl6 thank you and yes he is! :)

  20. Alisha Brown

    @MrSjAsPeRwHiTlOc1000 im glad you found friends! God is good like that. lol

  21. Elizabeth Royer

    @utubeluvr34 thanks! :)

  22. Jessica Hecht

    @MrSjAsPeRwHiTlOc1000 thnx, u too!! (:

  23. Elizabeth Royer

    @utubeluvr34 i'm glad your happy!! :) lol

  24. Jessica Hecht

    @MrSjAsPeRwHiTlOc1000 same here! i went to a Christian skool until this year. i joined a new high skool cuz theres no parochial high skool around here all my classmates ever talk about is tht crap, but then i found a group of GOD fearing, awesome girls (and guys) who r now my best friends and way better then the 1s @ my old skool! (even the guy i like is a Christian!) theres a couple guys tht make fun of me 4 showing my faith more than the others, but i dont care and this song makes me feel gr8!

  25. Elizabeth Royer

    @haitigrl6 it's mine! :) lol i started a new school for my sophomore year (i recently went to a christian private school) and on my first day all the other students wanted to talk about was sex drugs sneaking out of the house and getting away with it. they even asked me if i did any of that stuff, of course i said no and since then none of them talk to me. but i have found some very awsome people at my new church that just so happen to go to school with me! :)

  26. Yubo Qiu

    great song

  27. Alisha Brown

    this should be like every christian girl's anthem

  28. Amber Roper

    i love this song too!! its awesome!!!