Zhane - Love Me Today Lyrics

Love me today, and hate me tomorrow
Put all the bad feelings aside
Why should we lay
In all of this sorrow
True feelings cannot hide

I was just about over you
And I really thought that we were finally thru
But there was something there that just would not break
And I kept wondering what more will it take
I guess we have that type of love that could not be broken with a simply goodbye

Love me today, and hate me tomorrow
Put all the bad feelings aside
Why should we lay
In all of this sorrow
True feelings cannot hide

Don't care how hard I fight
The way I feel about you
My efforts all in vein, baby
Well time and time again
I try my best to hate you
But i want to know will this love for you ever fade
I guess we have the type of love that could not be broken with a simple goodbye

Love me today, and hate me tomorrow
Put all the bad feelings aside
Why should we lay
In all of this sorrow
True feelings cannot hide

Well every little thing
Everything that made me fall in love with you
Started all over again
The moment you looked into my eyes
Held me so tight and said, you said...

Love me today... and you not to hate me..love me today
Why don't you do that tomorrow... love me today
Baby I don't want you to hate me... love me today
Love me, love me, but don't you hate me.. love me today
Why do you have to hate me...love me today
Just hold me in your arms and love me...love me today
Love me, don't you hate me...love me today
Because I'll always love you... love me today

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Zhane Love Me Today Comments
  1. Bianca F.

    One of my favorite R&B songs!


    Such a underrated group, great harmony and musicianship, they mixed Hip Hop and R&B extremely well. I feel Lauryn Hill was influenced by them a bit.

  3. Ann Brown

    Thank you Joel, I never meant to cause you pain. RIP. I Love you and miss you.

  4. Kyna Hunt

    🔥I love this song still🔥

  5. Clint Jenkins

    Almost fell in love to this song as a youngin lol

  6. Bobby Jones

    Top3 songs in mtfinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg history lol eyes closed str8 ☝

  7. Scott EM-50

    I remember you so vividly...
    I know you still have my letters.

  8. Devon Grander


  9. Lelah G

    Felt like traveling to junior high tonight . . . #Memories

  10. Olesoul7 Reese

    Ladies has talent vocals on point

  11. Agape Agency Of Virginia

    2019??? 90's ...Miss u!♡

  12. The Awthyr Eden

    This track is pure melodic genius! Why aren't they still around???

  13. EarlGenius

    To shawntae...

  14. Shamel Smith

    So beautiful makes me feel happy 🎶🎵🎼💖😃😊😄

  15. Demmond Dorris

    I came here just to see if anyone else was listening to this song lately.  Glad to know others appreciate this slice of genius.

  16. Britt Lewis

    Nice slow jam groove🎶

  17. shirley blue

    i cried on my pillow alot of nights to this song.

  18. martell williams

    What a classic!!

  19. th3azscorpio

    One of my all time favorite songs from Zhane. This song sound like a black and white, rainy day slow love.
    Long live the 90s!

  20. KingKG

    Sending My Love is my favorite song by them but this one is definitely in the top 5!!! #classic

  21. Taylor TX.Tornado

    It’s raining and I’m in the mood for Zhane’ musics🤫

  22. Warbrain 777

    How could you not like this???

  23. kelly ray

    yes this is the best on on the CD...brings back memories, so much great music..

  24. Rosilyn MaKeba

    I was kinda talkin'to this DJ, and I was down at the station right before he was going to sign off (midnight) and he asked me what song to end the night with....after about a minute of silence, he said...."that's pretty"....needless to say, the mood was definitely set.💋

  25. chris davis

    Absolutely fell in love with their work of art.

  26. Becca C

    One of the few CD's that you can put in and let it play without using the skip feature! Definitely underrated!

  27. Unicorn101

    This that song you put on after 2 good glasses of wine and laid back under the speakers chilling with legs crossed and trying to sing like them. LBVS

  28. Kissmitt LovnLife


  29. Miss Jackson

    One of my favorite songs

  30. M H

    This song is incredible, damn I love this entire album

  31. jawandd

    The Truth..

  32. Blindianswirl Two

    I love this jazz, soul, hip hop fusion.

  33. Stephany Ward

    that last part had me in tears!!! most beautiful melody I ever heard

  34. Ashley Calhoun

    really wish they would come out with new music

  35. Breezy Weezy

    Horribly underrated. beautiful and ahead of its time. wowwwwww

    Kenny Bailey

    My Absolute Favorite Song by Zhane'

    Shawn Jackson

    @Kenny Bailey Yea

  36. Breezy Weezy

    does anyone remember the group called The Emotions....this has that type of flavor.....key to my heart song by the emotions listen to it.

  37. soap1919jt

    Beautiful, classy, regal are all words that describe this masterpiece.  Now THIS is music at it's finest.

  38. shanice homere

    I remember my mama listening to this ...had no idea the pain she was feeling ......now i do .....

  39. Tiffany Deckers


  40. Tiffany Deckers


  41. Melanie Goodman

    I played this song and CD over and over again.  WOW.  I was soo young when this was released.  I was so love sick.  Ridiculous but the album was the bomb

    Victoria Byrd

    No problem at all....you're welcome

    Deeya LaFleur-Moore

    Melanie Goodman same! 😍

    Darryl Bell

    Melanie Goodman. Me too and still do. 😂😂😂😂

    Dana Bailey

    Melanie Goodman 😩😂 Same!!


    @melanie Goodman:. Same. This was my favorite song. I was a lovesick University student and had this one repeat. Ridiculous!

  42. Big Jay

    Incredible group that should have never broken up! Still have this CD.

    Paul Donovan

    I remember the FIRST time I heard Zhane,on my way back to Detroit from Meridian Mississippii in the 90s when"Lil Kay"popped in this disc,and I thought:"Kay got some GREAT taste in music,because whoEVER this is,makes BEAUTIFUL music!! At the time,I was STRICTLY listening to"Ice-T"and"Pac",but this album expanded my musical taste!!

  43. Danielle Brown

    so true

  44. Erik Goodrum

    If I were a music producer I would dedicated my efforts to bringing back all missing 90's groups and solo artist still willing to put in the time to make a come back

    Richard Geminis

    And why dont do what you want and be a producer?

  45. Amber Blaqwn

    My teenage years!!!

    Paul Donovan

    You ARE young Amber;I had my first and only child when this dropped!! Not long after my childs mother "dropped"ME,and this album soothed the pain!!

    Amber Blaqwn

    +Paul Donovan Yes, I was young but back then we were fast kids. You live and you learn.


    definitely brings back memories

  46. Shanta Ekhomu

    one of my all-time favorite groups


    Agreed. Has this on cassette tape.

  47. Wendy Hinton

    Thank you

  48. chanda wilson

    Story of my life. SMH

    Cami BluTube

    chanda wilson Same here hun, same here!

  49. Jerry Whitehead

    this is my favorite track on this album

  50. krlaws2

    This was always on repeat back when all we used were CDs.

    Paul Donovan

    While you"playing";I kept RE-winding my CASSETTE-tape of this!! I'm "ANCIENT-school",so I didn't even switch TO compact discs until March 2003!! Still got a GANG of cassettes I listen to!!

  51. Nicole English

    Was in a zhane mood🍷

    Steve Green

    Your beautiful

    Nicole English

    @Steve Green Thank you

    Steve Green

    @Nicole English no...i thank you

    Nicole English

    This could go on and on so i'll just say your welcome😉

  52. Jeff Anderson

    Light a candle sit back listen to the rain..relax..peace

    Felicia Owens

    Jeff Anderson i agree with u

  53. Dino Gilliam

    This was real music, sad to say they don't make great music like this anymore 90' RNB was the best!

    B Tims

    FACTS! This why I still listen to 90's RnB to this day. Timeless and classic, majority of the 90's music was ahead of it's time and that's why it remains relevant almost 30 years later. Today's RnB is garbage, it truly can use a lesson from the 90's.

  54. BunnyBee11

    Words so very relavant

  55. NellyBelle

    I love love love this song!! Thanks to my cousin who played this song out!!!

    da-rail smith

    +NellyBelle This was and still is my jam!!!


    @aquarius d mine too

    aspiringcreative 1

    NellyBelle we must have the same taste in youtube videos cuz I see you in comment sections alot lol.


    @malik mohammed we must! Lol

  56. Tsepo Mokomane

    words put together to make one feel so special...good music

  57. Raina Young


  58. TheHotxbun

    sooo beautiful! 

  59. 1Blessed Natural


  60. MSBREEZY318

    So damn pretty

  61. Jason Fletcher


  62. Laconya Green

    Mannnn, this was one of my favorite albums

  63. calvin johnson

    this is it

  64. kay marie

    simple, classic music. bring them back.

  65. Leah Hannah

    Wow!!! I will always love these ladies music. 

  66. Monificent One

    such a beautiful song

  67. 1luvabove

    Brings back some great memories...

  68. doreen brown

    Hey childhood i miss u!!!

  69. traci schuler

    Yes LORD

  70. Dealo n Tarsha Farnell


  71. Angela Marshall

    Absolutely love this song. Thanks for uploading!

  72. cslworldwide

    This is one of the rawest, pure communications of the heart I have ever heard. Music will never be this good again.

  73. N8Online

    YouTube...The best concert you can go to, and the best jukebox ever made. I loved both of their albums from front to back. Excellent voices, songs, and lyrics.

  74. peter alma

    True vocals....rarity in the industry today. Both can play and sing.

  75. tanisha Fuller

    Zhane was soooo underrated. I guess b/c they didn't wear a bunch of weave and shake their asses and be half naked. They could REALLY sing. They are BEAUTIFUL woman but I guess just a lil too natural for the mainstream. Amazing album!!! You don't have to skip one song. Face it that is RARE!!!

    Mike C

    tanisha Fuller woman- singular. Women- plural.

  76. da-rail smith

    I had this on cassette then turned around and bought both of their cd's! They are still singing today just not together...

  77. Didi Mac Col

    This album is a materpiece beautiful women!!Beautiful voices LOVE do you feel love in it!

  78. mflenory

    Slow Jam Mix Song, definitely

  79. Zhane019

    One of the best songs ever made!!!! My baby girls middle name is Zhane.

  80. sanomap

    flippin great song from a great duo

  81. josj15

    i feel the song too, but lets not get carried away here, lol

  82. randy jones

    may I cut in here, just hearing this song ladies, helps me to be a better man to a woman

  83. 504mrbig

    The whole disc jammed but I think the was the best song on disc, my favorite one anyway.

  84. soap1919jt

    I miss them terribly, too, my friend. I'm sittin' here with tears in my eyes as I write this.

  85. soap1919jt

    You better say that!

  86. inluuv09

    @Tonysings Played this song a million times...just posted on my Facebook wall. So beautiful this song is...............!!!

  87. inluuv09

    This song is soooooo beautiful and such a haunting melody.... LOVE, Love, love!!!

  88. inluuv09

    @alski999 I AGREE!!!

  89. soap1919jt

    Such beautiful, regal music. Zhane was truly unsung! This is music!

  90. Leah Hannah

    They song about true heart feeling of love with amazing talent and musical precision that will never get old. Timeless!

  91. Steven Guiden


  92. Donnomercy

    these are the pioneers of Neo-Soul period!

  93. SnotRockets55

    One of my favorite songs on that disc.

  94. SexyBkSag

    SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL...the opening line SAID IT ALL.. Zhane was NOT to be played with...

  95. paul2nou

    @alski999 I agree with you!!

  96. shortliner07

    used to work this in on the 90's make out tape. all the girls loved this song. was defineatly a fan favorite. so passionate.