Zhane - For A Reason Lyrics

Saying goodbye can be the hardest thing to do
When you really love someone.
You keep holding on hoping that a second would last
Last you forever, but it dont

Letting go can be the hardest thing to do
When you truly care about someone
You cant say bye
Enough times to make your feelings last a life time
But all the memories never go away

Holding On
Holding On
Holding On
Holding On

Believing in love can be the hardest thing to do
After losing a friend as close as you
I need to feel once again
Like a child in love but i dont
I cant help but to keep

Holding On
Holding On- Not for a minute for an hour
Holding On
Holding On
Every thing happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason
They say

Everything happens for a reason
They say

Everything happens for a reason
They say

I don't know whether to believe and they say

Everything happens for a reason
They say they say
They keep telling me

Everything happens for a reason
They say

I don't wanna loose you one more time

Everything happen for a reason
They say

I don't wanna loose your love not one more time
Not for a second not for a minute not for an hour

Everything happens for a reason
They say

Everything happens for a reason
They say

Everything happens for a reason
They say

Never give up
Keep holding on
Until the storm
They say

Keep telling me that everythings gonna be alright
Said every thing happens
Every little things happens for a reason

I don't know whether to believe them
Anymore but they keep telling me

Reason...they say

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Zhane For A Reason Comments
  1. segunjohnson afilaka

    I dedicate this song to Kobe Bryant . RIP ♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Sean Williams

    Damm I love Zhane late 90’s music is the truth! So glad I grew up in this era! This is one of their best songs. They are are known for their up tempo songs but there slow jams have so much power. U just feel the emotion in their words.

  3. Paul Campbell

    Thinking of all my love ones that passed away, missing all of them.

  4. Donah Hunter

    Always come back to this

  5. Marlene McAuley

    Still listening as I wait to move into 2020 in 5 days

  6. TiffaniqueMc

    I just lost my Mom and this song has always made me emotional!

  7. Spider - Man

    I just lost a great friend of mine 😢😢
    This song came to mind when I heard the news this morning.
    Rest In Paradise My Dude!!!
    #Spidey 🕷🕸

  8. Leake Lennet

    This is a life time song.

  9. SeeWhaT ISee

    😢😢💫my fav song of all time that none of friends kno 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. Percy Mashao

    The house version of this song is a classic in South Africa.

    Marlene McAuley

    Say what. Gotta go dig for that one

    Percy Mashao

    @Marlene McAuley its
    Mahoota-Ezakwazulu they even sampled the beat

  11. Da'quandra Ingram

    Everything happens for a reason. Letting go is hard especially when you love someone. I hope he is happy in his relationship💗💗

  12. weepeee

    Prayers blessings guidance hope healing and protection for ur friend no d.h

  13. weepeee


  14. carmen miller

    This comes on and the tears just flow.

  15. Jordan Humphrey

    I lose my grandmother in 2014 she loved this song

  16. Latisha Roberson

    Yes indeed my mother always love her for LIFE

  17. Black Moonflower

    2019 and I still love this song! Holding Ooooon!!!

  18. demetrius hill

    It seems this song brings joy and sadness as iam reading in the comments below myself I love the song part of my quitestorm

  19. Doreen Brown

    I kno this might sound's a little weird but they should've played this for Reina funeral on power lol but I can guarantee this would've made that scene emotional as hell

  20. Danika Sidoti

    I dedicate this song to my late mother Cynthia (1959–2007), my late father Kenneth (1956–2009), and my late Aunt Joyce (1955–2009) Still missing all of you :(

  21. Karabo Tidi

    age will never degrade some songs

  22. Emmett Gleeson

    Should you girls ever know what you helped me through, you would see how I have been with you both and shall continue. MY DEAR DEAR FRIENDS. BLESS

  23. 日本の未来を考えるch


  24. lamarpierce75

    I remember first time seeing them at my grad night 94. When they started singing it was just a few people standing around and by the time they finished it had to be a few hundred kids standing around their stage as they sang. And they sounded better live than they did over their album.

  25. Katleho Nkolonyane

    August 2019 😞😞😞

  26. gee dee

    2019 and I'm still on

  27. angelharris74

    Still listening in June 2019...Such an amazing beautiful song that came out in the 90's and still is just as relevant!! Missing my Nana 😢

  28. sunworship8

    2019 and still listen

  29. Raven Jackson


  30. Bobby Jones

    I lost my moms in 2011 this song take me bacc remind me of phoebe snow poetry man smh r.i.h love

  31. Chantel Nina Hodges

    I’ve shed plenty of tears to this song in the past and it still makes me 😢

  32. Raven Jackson

    Of boys and men the movie got me here....#2019

  33. NY Sunshyne

    65 I will always love you.

  34. Evidance Mogale

    RIP Collen "My C" Mlangeni. You are at peace my angel. God will take care of your. Mom cause she was your greatest concern. ❤ Heaven gained an angel. The most sweetest, humble and smart.

  35. Ashley Williams

    Still listening in 2018. One of my favorites.

  36. Ron Brownz

    Lost my Dad, Granddad and mother in law in a span of five months ten years ago. I listen to this song and it takes me back. My heart hurts still to this day.

  37. thabang ronald

    Who is still listening to this song in 2018 and its almost 2019?

  38. Tdot Woolfolk

    When I say I felt this whole song.. I felt it felt it😥.. Might jus die of a 💔💔

  39. DJMookieJukebox

    Back when SONGS lasted more than 3mins & had an EVERLASTING EFFECT....and REASON!!!🎵🎧💕

  40. Tdot Woolfolk

    Woke up listening to this helping me move on so many ppl in my life gone R.I.P😥....ppl who I wanted to stay gone..ppl who I thought I needed left.. Understanding how to let go is the best way to heal. I cry a lot now a days.

  41. Sandy Molapo

    I think of my mom everytime i hear this song 😢 may she continue to rest in peace ❤

  42. Wendy Tomo

    all the memories...

  43. Tdot Woolfolk

    One of my fav songs still to this day.. 80s Baby💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾😍😍

  44. chris edwards

    These 2 SUPER women have sustained my future and honestly did extended my divorce until, things were out everybody's control. My favorite songs are Everything happens and Off my mind. Honestly, All of these album's lyric's have momentum and Traction in our lives. Enjoy and yeah, I wore out 5 cassette tapes and 2 CD's. Love Life.... Be easy......

  45. Sarah Young

    This song still makes me cry 💔😢

  46. Caramel Diva

    This song came out the year after one of my best friends drowned. For years I couldn't listen to this without bawling my eyes out. Lord D been gone 25 years in June. I never thought the sound of his voice would leave my mind. Miss you DLV 8-3-74/6-28-93

  47. Keziah Rosenboro

    2018 and I still feel every word 😔

    Marlene McAuley

    I'm waiting to move into 2020 in 5 days and still listening. This song is ETERNAL

  48. Dee Dee

    RIH daddy...I wasn’t ready for you to go love you #2018

  49. Orgeeba Harvin

    This song since 1994 has been a go to for heartache and loss. I love these ladies and this song, true soul music.

  50. mstee0310


  51. Alexis Peppers

    This song is beautiful

  52. Alexis Selena Tuitt

    I’m still here in 2017

  53. Laila Clark

    Lost my cousin today... All i can do is listen to this and let the tears fall... It hurts so much...

  54. Wendy Freeman

    This song at this moment. ❤❤❤

  55. Johnnerlyn Johnson

    This song... Zhane... Love it...Love them... I wonder what these beautiful songstresses are doing now! Zhane, thank you all for sharing your gifts!!

  56. Darryl Thorpe

    CHANGE!!! Have to keep going on! And i will!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Everett Bonds

    2017 of April and still listening to this song

    Shaun Snead

    Everett Bonds I do

  58. Unique Lloyd


  59. Windi Knight

    i lost the love of my life, and also the father of my child. hard to let go of someone who gave you, and gave you love.... this song is so beautiful it reminds me of him so much. I love you

  60. Darth RJ


    Patricia Barrett

    i cry every time i listen to this song reminds me of my mom rip 😢😢😢

    Leslie Marshall

    I feel you. I hope your feeling a lot better. I miss my Granny it's been a year and a half and I miss her so. She was everything to me.


    Darth RJ Hang in there King. Be comforted in knowing that we will see all those who have passed on in Heaven.

  61. Dee Dee

    RIH mommy...been nine years but still hurts...Dorothy Chambers-Walley

    Aicha Amel

    For me it's 22 years :( still hurts

  62. Darryl Thorpe

    This song is real. Sometimes thats all we have is just to hold on. Been there done that!

  63. mallisa43momof3

    people slept on this group

    demetrius hill

    Yes they did

  64. Lyrics and Rhyme Inspirations (L.A.R.I.)

    I have cried many times to this song. Yes I am a man and yes I cry. More of us should cry more often and let out our pains, hurts, frustrations and sorrows. Right now my friend is hurting internally and externally. Please keep her in your prayers. Her initials are D.R.

    Please pray for her, pray for me, pray for Zhane, pray for everyone.

    God bless and peace unto all.

    Kelli Mudgett

    Lyrics and Rhyme Inspirations (L.A.R.I.) I have also. This song reminds me of my first love. I think this is one of the best songs ever. It depicts everything wonderfully.

    Reg Sharpe

    Lyrics and Rhyme Inspirations (L.A.R.I.) Shoot, I listen to this song just TO cry.

    James Hudgeon

    Lyrics and Rhyme Inspirations (L.A.R.I.) Yo. GOD gave us tears and emotions for a reason. Crying cleanses the soul and heart of all pent up pain bro. You good. Definitely sending prayers to TMH. Peace.

    Jennifer Bohnet

    I'm laying here bawling listening to this. It's so true you can't say goodbye enough times to make the feelings last a lifetime. 💔

    Donah Hunter

    🙏🏽 hard times don’t last always . hold on

  65. Denita Goodwin

    This tune spoke for me once upon of time in my life. These Queen's are beautiful.

  66. Georgia Peach

    Memories memories memories, love this 💟

  67. Kelvin Bly

    Reminds me of St. Charles Place, Statesboro Georgia.....

  68. Lee Johnson

    real r&b 90s was the best

  69. turtle1smith

    this album bring back memories of a time in my life that i will never forget, but that i smile at and realize things happen for a reason.

  70. Elijah J Jones

    Has Anyone noticed on both of Zhane Album toward the end of there Album there a song that is very Inspirational and I love that about Zhane music it so organic and real❤️😀 Zhane Saturday night album

    Sam Th

    Whats the name

    Elijah J Jones

    Colors is one of the song off there second album


    Organic ... that is the word I was looking for to describe this! Thank You

  71. Ray Gonzales

    Brings back Good & bad Memories from the past & Present...............

  72. Jennifer Espinoza

    Wow...I, too forgot about this song.   Heard it and it 's like it spoke straight from my heart....I could not have said it better myself.   Everything does happen for a reason!

    Johnnerlyn Johnson

    Jennifer Espinoza-Hodges, yes it does! I'm letting my children hear this song and these songstresses in general! They are amazing!!!

  73. 1drissa

    This song has been balm to my soul.

  74. Thema Williams

    this song really takes me back tears sooo real everything happens for a reason

  75. Alana Rae

    Forgot all about this song.. AMAZING! LOVE ZHANE!

  76. Cristana Smith

    This is a sad  song OMG lost my mom and dad and married

  77. Gary Walton

    Bomb song. Great album

  78. *Phokis* aka ProfetikDaTRU1

    One of my all time favorites from the 90's. I can remember when I was first learning to sing... This song was/is a gem....

  79. Jeff Anderson

    This song bring back memories..

    Jeff Anderson

    I could listen to song for hours because it is a reason for this song and a reason for everything in life.. peace to 90's r/b

    Jeff Anderson

    This reminds me of my grandmother. She left 18 years ago Christmas morning. Everything happens for a reason. She was the rock of our family. Wisdom she left years to come..a song for the ages to reflect on and live on.. This song descibe everything in ourlives.. peace

  80. Alexis Torres

    Beautiful song wow

  81. Rhonda Terry

    Wow! This song came to my Sister C Howard through devine intervention! #Enoch