Zebrahead - Too Bored To Bleed Lyrics

And all we really want
And all we really need
Is all right here
It's all I'll ever need

With a switchblade knife
Backs against the wall
Standing up we fight
Like a wrecking ball
Tossed outta sight
More lost than found
Strangers of the night
We're the underground

Better off dead we're the wounded and bled
Cuz the lies we were fed left us hanging by a thread
See the road up ahead is wearing right through the tread
Wish the skin that we shed shined like armour instead

From glass houses they cast their stones
To shatter and break our bones
Left us to fight for a place of our own

And all we really want
And all we really need
Is all right here
It's all I'll ever need
And all we really want
And all we really need
Is all right here
It's all I'll ever
All I'll ever need

With some broken glass
Writing's on the wall
Standing up we fight
Like a fireball
Left outta sight
Lights of downtown
Strangers of the night
We're the underground

Come on this is not a test this is civil unrest
So S.O.S as we fall down they can care less
A pressure pressed like a ten ton weight on the chest
They left a mess and an emptiness now
We're up next

Blood shot eyes keep the dream alive
Everybody rally round the battle cry
In the midnight sky watching trains go by
Everybody rally round the battle cry

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Zebrahead Too Bored To Bleed Comments
  1. Peter Coctostan

    too bored to post lyrics

  2. Jason Kennedy

    is all right here
    it's all a lemonade? o.O


    It reminds me of "Pikachu erected out your butt" by New Found Glory

  3. ParkerNewman

    I am offended that people are comparing Zebrahead (a great band that's passionate about music) with green day (a company that only cares about making money and just makes generic bullshit now


    +Killswitch Core lol exactly!

    Zalan Pap

    +givemetips I'm offended by the existence of people like you. It's cool if you like zebrahead, but don't be ignorant. Without green day bands like zebrahead would not exist, simple like that. Please explain me, how isn't green day passionate about music anymore ? Have you ever listened to one of their records ? Have you even heard about kerplunk, dookie, or insomniac ? Do you know what are you talking about ? Green day inspired all pop punk bands that exist now. The members of Zebrahead are probably green day fans. I understand if you don't like them, but talking about them that way just shows how stupid you are.


    +jackdaw123456 yes i have! every single fucking album ! i was a fan since i was 8 or 9 years old! and bullshit just because two bands are kind of inthe same genre of music doesn't mean they ared I'll rectly influenced by them. and i was specifically referring to uno, dos, and tre. because anyone with half a fucking brain cell could figure out that they just shat out their songs without any thought or passion

    Zalan Pap

    +givemetips Thank you for being polite :) sorry if i offended you. I think they still have the passion, they just got older, they changed, their subjects changed, they don't have the same old energy, but that doesn't mean, they don't put their heart in it. they still have the passion, only that it manifests in other forms. I'm also a bigger fan of their early work, but i still like them. And even if some bands don't consider green day their main influence, in some way directly, or indirectly green day influenced every pop punk band, that's for sure, without them this sound wouldn't be developed.

    Miles Gomez

    Intelligent people apologizing for being salty? Decent opinions? In a comment section of music? This is a rare thing

  4. abel tesfay

    "will post lyrics later"
    3 years later no lyrics

    Marcos Calderon

    +SurfaceLights 5

    Patrick Rhyno

    Going on 7

  5. Smitty Werbenjagermenjensen


    Wrecking Ball?

    Illuminati Confirmed.

  6. Bimbo 2

    Green day sucks ...MFZB for life!!! :D

    Cabinet Juice

    Green Day's good though....well, their new stuff sucks but their older stuff is amazing

    Zalan Pap

    +KoviGaming 622 You suck ! Green day is the best band ever ! Without green day zebrahead would not exist


    I will post lyrics later ... Its been 3 years xb

  8. winnetouch

    Are you serious? American idiot was the album that cemented them as more of a pop than a punk band and in my opinion that's when they stopped being good. To me at least... If anyone likes them, hey... Go for it.

  9. Riley Mateus

    Green Day was good until they released 21st Century Breakdown. That album was crap. Zebrahead is STILL stellar! MFZB!

  10. alex208112

    I like Green Day, but Zebrahead is so much better :P

  11. Tosti

    Fuck Yeah!

  12. krissy zh

    How can you compare green day to ZH... No way zh is freakin epic green day is a boring lame band ! love zh !!! MFZB

  13. krissy zh

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ZH ...They are epic love them since 96'


    i just... how i cant comprehend, did you get yellow or something, lucky fucker jk luv ya

  14. Brandon.

    but that last part is where your wrong they all ready own Greenday every day and every time they come out with a new song is a new downfall for greenday

  15. axen1617

    zh have rap green day havent it ;]

  16. Raven X

    i love the video clip

  17. Ed Still

    @RekusoXYZ i <3 both bands and zebrahead! :)

  18. Sigma_BarkSA

    @Owantjaaaa this sounds like good old pop punk... sounds like matty's old jank 100 stuff. That's what I thought when I firstd heard it
    not sell out greenday crap.
    greenday's old stuff was good though, I will say that.

  19. Matt Mannara

    Stfu and enjoy the music.

  20. Colin England

    green day isn't this pop punky, its more sum 41 blink 182 mix

  21. NoFearMatson

    @lp10393 it sounds like zebrahead! XD

  22. Colin England

    @lp10393 I would say it's more Pop-punkish

  23. lp10393

    This is Green Day all over!

  24. MFiiReM

    U're a God thanks!