Zebrahead - This Is Gonna Hurt You Way More Than It's Gonna Hurt Me Lyrics

Must be yeah it must be
It's gonna be the time of my life
I see yeah I see
I see you in a different light
Whoa oh oh
Everything will be all right
Cause it must be
It must be
It's gotta be the time of my life

You spent your time building your case
Took a break just to spit in my face
It's not about you or who you screw
When they don't catch you
If you say so
Arsenic lips are laced
With such an epic fall from grace
It's all about proof and not the truth
I don't believe you
I want you to know

Oh life is better without you
So much better without you
Since you've been gone
Whoa oh oh
Oh life is better without you
So much better without you
Since you've been gone

Was the blood and guilt down down the drain
My own Andromeda strain
When I caught you nude with some dude
Now I can't trust you
Let it Go
Ice in you're veins
Sex lies and slow hydroplanes
So don't be rude
Set the mood
I still won't fuck you
I want to know

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Zebrahead This Is Gonna Hurt You Way More Than It's Gonna Hurt Me Comments
  1. Brandon.


  2. Dimitris Diamantis

    MFZB stands for Mother Fucking Zebrahead Bitch.

  3. Brandon.


  4. Brandon.

    silly person lol

  5. David Wall

    @GilThePro12345 actually writing "I fucking love this MFZB!" gets you into the top comments

  6. tarble21

    @GilThePro12345 Idk, people are like that. But I ain't complaining.

  7. Gil Elfaks

    @tarble21 i love how just writing "MFZB" can get you to the top comments

  8. eRic

    @Breezetail10255 - they could tour the US with some of the popcore/easycore bands like Four Letter Strong or A Day To Remember. or go out with Blink 182 since they're back together. the possibilities are endless! I just wish these fools would realize it! so sick of europe, japan, japan, europe, japan, japan, europe.

  9. julia coolia

    @pillarsofserpents The thing is that they HAVE toured with bands in Europe that are popular here -- I'm sure they'd get a ton of fans if they did a US tour with Less Than Jake or with Bowling For Soup.

  10. eRic

    @Breezetail10255 - yup. and with their sound, they could tour with a WIDE variety of currently popular artists. maybe they think they've been around too long to be opening for young bands, but if they want US fans, they have to.

  11. julia coolia

    Of course! If they'd just spend a little more time touring here, getting together with some of the famous bands here...they could get all these fans that they never had before.

  12. eRic

    @Breezetail10255 - EXACTLY. They're probably assuming that everyone in the US has forgotten about them. and yes, maybe some of the old fans have. but a lot of the diehards (you and I) haven't. and don't they realize how many new kids they can potentially turn into fans? think about all the 16 year old kids going to punk rock shows today. they were only 3 years old when Waste of Mind came out! They've probably NEVER heard of Zebrahead. There's a goldmine of fans right there!

  13. julia coolia

    My problem with it is that they say it's because they're not popular enough in America and it's not worth the money to tour somewhere they aren't popular...how do they think bands get popular? If you don't tour, no one's going to know you.

  14. eRic

    @MarcusDiPasquale - don't count on it. they were supposed to do a US tour in 08, but couldn't due to Matty being sick. said they'd make it up. never did. love these guys, but they don't give a crap about their American fans. they'd rather go to Japan or Europe, where they sell out arenas than play for us.

  15. Ed Still

    @spearseter yes you are, what are you talking about

  16. tarble21

    I Fucking love this! MFZB!