Zebrahead - Nudist Priest Lyrics

So you got a little time to waste
Well come on I'd like a little bit of pain to taste
So roll on and when you're watching your world fall apart
It's not the end or the middle it's the fucking start

Well everything little thing keeps adding up
And i know that life can be hard enough
And when you're struggling hard to breathe
Feels like your caught in a landslide
Knocking you down to your knees

We're on our own
Hearts ripped and torn
On a dead end road
But we want more
We'll never let up or give up
Control is worth fighting for

You're the ones to blame
Fifteen seconds of fame
We're fucked up
And the world has gone insane
Whoa oh
Some things never change
You're the ones to blame
We'll never be the same
We're fucked up
And the world has gone insane
Whoa oh
Some things never change

It's all about the win, and not the chase
So watch out cuz time disappears with out a trace
So burn out and as you fall taking two to the heart
Ya ain't no victim to belittle your just playin' the part

When every little thing comes crashing down
You just need to take a good look around
When you're a walking catastrophe
You'll see the light at the end of the tunnel
You gotta believe

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Zebrahead Nudist Priest Comments
  1. Abraham Montecarlo

    I remember when I first knew about this song and played it though my computer. It was a good experience to find new kind of music because the only rock bands I used to listen to were Green day and Adelitas way but zebrahead with this song led to me find more of their STUFF! All because of this song regardless of they're not famouse, I'll still be listening to their more recent songs.

  2. CoolBanana

    am i the only one who is reminded of mike dexter from the guitar?

  3. luca__

    "I will post lyrics later" yeah sure

    Marcos Calderon

    +proudastronaut haha

  4. Axl Krow

    It's not random.

    Zebrahead were probably Judas Priest fans, even though you could never tell by their music. Similar to Sum 41 and Slayer drawing influence from early punk bands.

  5. Elijah Jethro

    Too bad Greg left......

  6. Marcela Betancur

    I love this part at 2:28 ! <3 Love you Greg Bergdorf !<3 <3

  7. Marcela Betancur

    Yeah! HELL YEAH!! <3 ;D

  8. AnalPunisher1

    My favourite ZH song...
    But what i'm typing?
    ALL ZH songs are my favourite.

  9. George Booth


  10. Alex W

    13 years strong and still sound just as completely epic!
    Really rare to find a band that hasn't sold out and became a train wreck, these guys have graced my ears since YELLOW and still never fail to disappoint :'3

    < 3

  11. Ali M

    favourite on the album <3

  12. i hate princess Peach

    @QerXz You jerk , when you say 0 deslikes someone deslikes... T^T

  13. pikachugraham

    @tarble21 i think every song they've made, made it offcial

  14. sockpuppetkingdom

    The drums from 1:25 to 1:35, combined with the ska-style rhythm guitar, just makes me want to jizz all over my monitor.

  15. The Rebel Dottie

    Zebrahead can't be stopped!


  16. Loginius

    most random song name in the universe=AWESOME

  17. tarble21

    Zebrahead Is The Best Band Ever!!
    This Song Just Made It Official!!!

  18. Amani Winchester

    Thanks a bunch, dude!