Zayde Wolf - The Crown Lyrics

Welcome to the moment
Can you feel the power
Better make a move
The clock is ticking hours

I'm about to take it all

Welcome to the moment
Have you met the theif
Do you know the killer
Have you seen my teeth yeah

Cause I'm about to take it all

I had a dream
I had a dream
I had a dream
I'll be wearing the crown
I'll be wearing the crown

I still believe
I still believe
I'll be wearing the crown

I'll be wearing the crown
Can't stop me can't stop me now
I'll be wearing the crown

We didn't have no money
We were just kids
But thought we had the lucky

I'm about to live it all

I can see your eyes
Moving in slowmotion
Get into your mind
You know I am the golden boy

I'm about to take it all

I had a dream
I had a dream
I had a dream
I'll be wearing the crown
I'll be wearing the crown

I still believe
I still believe
I'll be wearing the crown

I'll be wearing the crown
Can't stop me can't stop me now
I'll be wearing the crown

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Zayde Wolf The Crown Comments
  1. Cliffjumper9k 3.0

    Bering Sea Gold brought me here...

  2. PosMatic

    GSL code s 2018 brought me here

  3. Eric F

    Who's here because of Bering Sea Gold?

  4. mepuq

    welcome to Zayde Wolf the guy more underrated than my horrible jokes

  5. matrixab435

    Bering Sea Gold brought me here.

  6. Vlastalica Jaime

    Bearing sea gold brought me here

  7. 411Adidas

    Anyone else hear from Gold Rush show??

  8. Tom

    01:30 pumped AF now can't sleep.

  9. Jay Knives

    thanks ufc😜😜😜🤗🤗

  10. batman indoraptor

    Zayde your amazing!😱 Im telling everyone I know to sub and like! 1 like👍🏻 = another person to subscribe

  11. Martin the Warrior

    Fucking amazing! I didnt like this song that much when I first found zayde's music. I came back to his stuff a couple weeks ago (I tend to kinda rotate through genres of music I listen to) and holy fuck I absolutely love it now!!!


    Not what I searched for, but what I found. And what I found is good. Only bad thing I can think of is the outro, way too weak imo.. my ears thought there will be another drop right there

  13. Lourdes Butcher


  14. WhatAmIDoing16

    I listen to the pumped up beats of Zayde Wolf and the sad tunes of Halsey. There is no in between.

  15. Deadbeat

    Zayde You are my king

  16. Lily Gardiner

    I do this for my dance in street dance

  17. Ghost_Speedster

    Yo your music literally speaks to me

  18. Andrew Ring

    Zayde Wolf... He's wearing the CROWN... he's da BEST!!!!!! Subscribe pls

  19. Robin Valson

    Zayde why don't you give the lyrics.
    Instead you make official lyric videos!!

  20. Kamlesh Padaliya

    This song is so good

  21. Andrew Ring

    Subscribe to this DUDE!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Windy City Baseball


  23. TyDa Boss

    kings royal brought me

  24. Andrew Ring

    My fiend says that this music sucks.... I say.... you need to get your hearing checked! This is the greatest song ever to be born and hopefully there is a remake and it come out even better... "born again" get it?

  25. Andrew Ring

    Zayde Wolf has crown thats why he made this!

  26. ASP GOAT

    vashe zaebis ohuenno

  27. Shaine Herrin

    What happened to the old style ..did he sell out ?

  28. Rafael Həsənov

    K H A B I B 27-0🦅

  29. WickedThreshold

    just asking does zayde wolf have a manager?

  30. Джордано Бруно


  31. Emls479

    How do all of his song go so hard?

  32. Nisa Lestari

    i can't choose my fav song...the album is so good

  33. Julia Jugowiec

    YASS! Whatta wonderful song! I love these lyrics! Really good job! ♥♥

  34. Sodium Hydroxide

    You know it's the best when it only has 37 dislikes.

  35. Blitz

    Of any relation to Sam Tinnez?

  36. Warshawa Five

    Conor McGregor 👑

  37. GABBY

    I hope you will lay out the instrumental version of this song?

  38. Sxlvxtion

    This is epic as hell.

  39. ekrem yazıcı

    khabib mcgregor 🔥🔥

  40. IG michaelrmcf


  41. A Random Guy

    kiss on me kiss on me now

  42. Juan Diego Paucar Mollo

    I love your song

  43. Juan Diego Paucar Mollo

    Fabulous Ohhh what fabulous good

  44. Anastasiya Petukh

    Amazing song!! Deserves millions views



  46. Cross Walters

    Zayde Wolf is underated. Im sharing his music to everyone i possibly can.


    Cross Walters yea he is. But wtf which genre is this?


    @DarkIce444 Its Rock/Alternative/Indie

    Julka Haňová



    @Julka Haňová *YES*

  47. Harvinder Sethi

    Love his songs

  48. Zaid Mahdi Bhojani

    Whoa!!!! the base

  49. superepicawesome_gamer

    Roses are red
    Kim K is a whore
    Last time something dropped this hard
    It ended a war

  50. Jailine Artz

    I absolutely love this!!

  51. Emo The Dem0n

    The base drop was so hard 24 people missed the like and disliked

  52. Spencer Sage

    Zayde u never disappointed me. Every song is amazing and inspiring. Keep it up😀👍👌🏻

  53. RahulSKULL

    Damn this song is amazing lots of love from INDIA zayde wolf....

  54. Gustavo Pires

    And still! #UFC227 #Killashaw

  55. Илья Пивин

    UFC 227

  56. Rahul **

    Welcome to the moment
    Can you feel the power👊👊

  57. golden Zed

    Nobody dare to stop zayde wolf 🌚💘

  58. Mahn uf Stel

    UFC 227 🤙

  59. Nicolai Zubi

    Dillashaw vs Garbrant promo anyone?

  60. Ashish Singh

    After ufc promo

  61. Trelo Greece

    cut the snakes head

  62. Sterlin Fernandes

    F**k this shit is crazy. Pushes me to work hard for my dream. 🔥🔥🔥

  63. Kazimzade AnaR

    Tj Killashaw Dillashaw

  64. BasicSteve

    Cody “No Love” Garbrandt #AndNew!

  65. xDirectPvP

    Ufc 227 👌

  66. I am Legend

    Tj vs cody!!

  67. Dante Covarrubias

    ufc brought me here... THANK YOU UFC

    Kazimzade AnaR

    Dante Covarrubias yeah, Dillashaw vs Cody))

    Luna Santiago

    YES same here and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luna Santiago

    insta. luna.sasa.santiago bad ass =)



  68. Dionisio Theodoropoulos

    I've already heard ''The Crown'' and ''New Blood" at Spanish advertisements and knew both songs before... it was SICK

  69. Haoussa Zakaria AEK

    You're already wearing it man, amazing stuff!

  70. Marysia Jader

    Your music is so inspiring, i adore you 💞

  71. Beta Sketches

    1:25 is dope

  72. Emo The Dem0n


  73. Tigersjustice AJ

    Anyone came here from the Kings Royal?

    Brandon Reiblich

    I am!!!! This was the perfect song for that video.

  74. Derp Daderp

    fav moment is from 0:24-0:35

  75. Chaudhry Sattar

    CROWN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. superepicawesome_gamer

    That poor replay button

  77. Alyssa Ramirez

    Woooo!! You go man! You should rap more I was extremely amazed when I heard it.

  78. Gabriel Pintacasi

    Anyone here from the GSL finals?

  79. Lord Sebastian

    As Always Mine <3

  80. Tanner aka ODST

    Prequel to King 👑

    Steven kole

    lol i normallly don't like songs in the style of king but i love king

  81. Azaruddin shaw

    12 dislikes over 1.2 k likes.... This itself proved... Numbers wont lie

  82. Piggynator Cool


  83. Le Nha Thi

    Need to buy this now people!!!! Now!!!!

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    0:02 Added to favorites

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    *Adds like* BOOM YOU HAVE NOW 1K!!

  86. Abdo Bedo

    You give a good time at the gym ! YOU'RE AWESOME !!

  87. superepicawesome_gamer

    Time to go jack off to these beat drops

  88. Courage Mitch

    “Have you seen my teeth” honestly I️ think of Roberto Firmino from Liverpool FC when I️ hear that haha!

    Kazimzade AnaR

    Courage Mitch or Suarez))

  89. Makayla Kraus

    WTH I am in love with this album you guys deserve more than 90k

  90. Tamaris Garcia


  91. Léo D

    It's amazing how Zayde varies from songs with less lyrics but damn good beats, to songs with legit great lyrics, with more vocals. Pure talent

  92. Newty Echelon

    Why this is so good? My fav song ❤️😍

  93. Prowl of Petrex

    why hasn't this blown up yet

  94. Olympic Walnut

    Zayde Wølf this song is so relatable.

  95. Real Meol

    I love it 😍