Zayde Wolf - Still Fighting For It Lyrics

The fate is hittin heavy on my shoulders
The rain is coming down it's getting colder
Feels like I'm gonna run out of time

I never thought that I would be the soldier
Can I keep it all together: my composure
Cause I've got another mountain to climb

And I feel the darkness right now, yeah
But I really want this some how, yeah
If I jump it's more than a vow,
Cause this ain't over no
This ain't over no

Sometimes it feels like I'm living a dream
But I know that it's real cause
I'm still fighting for it!
Yeah it feels like I'm living a dream
But I know that it's real cause
I'm still fighting for it!

I guess I got a bounty on my head now
But I don't even take it like a threat now
That's how they be playing the game

I see the rhythm of the knife on the ledge now
But I ain't even tryina break a sweat now
Cause I've got another dragon to slay

Sometimes it feels like I'm living a dream
But I know that it's real cause
I'm still fighting for it!
Yeah it feels like I'm living a dream
But I know that it's real cause
I'm still fighting for it!

I'm still fighting for it!
I'm still fighting for it!
I'm still fighting for it!
I'm still fighting for it!

I'm not ever living life from the back seat!
I'm like Usain Bolt at the track meet!
I try to keep it cool, but I ain't even low key!
Got a hundo in my pocket, I ain't broke see?
Cause I'm getting back to the basics
What hit me, what hurt me, what made me
Cause maybe this life is worth saving
Yeah I think this life is worth saving

Sometimes it feels like I'm living a dream
But I know that it's real cause
I'm still fighting for it!
Yeah it feels like I'm living a dream
But I know that it's real cause
I'm still fighting for it!
I'm living a dream
But I know that it's real cause
I'm still fighting for it!
Yeah it feels like I'm living a dream
But I know that it's real cause
I'm still fighting for it!

I'm still fighting for it!
I'm still fighting for it!
I'm still fighting for it!
I'm still fighting for it!

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Zayde Wolf Still Fighting For It Comments
  1. Colton Webber

    Zayde do a song with The Score pleaseeeeeeeee

  2. kuato shido

    Why the fk arent they More famous

  3. Sagin

    @Zayde Wolf You rock my gym everyday !

  4. Tomar Abba

    One of the most underrated singers that i have ever seen in my freaking life god damn boi your music is legit *T H I C C*

  5. Kat Lynne

    I love this song, literally every single song 😍

  6. Roger White

    Mr Wolf, I am sixty and am a noob at gaming and was looking at Ghost Warrior 3 to see if I wanted to buy it and I heard a song called " HEROES " . I stopped looking at the trailer and started at Bing search with only " We Are Heroes " typed in and I found you. I then played Heroes at lest 5 or 6 times in a row. I then looked at your play list and am listening to your playlist as i am typing this. I only listen to 2 bands until now ( Joe Satriani and Rammstein ) Now you as well. Great words in your songs and maybe take some to heart. You have made my day ,so I wanted to say " Thanks Mr. Wolf for making me tap my foot on the floor and puttin a smile on this old face "

    predator H2O

    Damn this is wholesome.

  7. Noah Mason-Wetherill

    all of your song are the best!!!

  8. vancityvegan

    ZW killing it again... WOW

  9. Citrus Melody

    <3 I'm so happy I found your channel! Looked up your work after hearing 'Running all night' in Younger.

  10. Jenni Ciriaco

    1: imagine dragons
    2: the score
    3: zayde wolf
    4: 5sos

  11. DragonBallMoments7

    Dude you are so underrated, your music inspires me, gives me confident, you deserve more and you will get more. I believe in you Keep it up bro!👍🏽👊🏽

  12. Wil liam

    The music style stills reminds me of Top of The World. First song from Zayde I heard in steep's soundtrack.

  13. Zero

    Yo best man ever, Zayde wolf😘😎💪👊

  14. Phoenix_Rising

    Never Surrender Zayde Wolf. Always embrace your Fire Within and keep rockin. Love this! 🔺🔥🔺

  15. Myles Gmail

    Noice 👏👏 👏👏 👏👏 👏👏 👏

  16. Ty Ricks

    When he publishes new songs I get hyped and I already know I’m going to love it.You are my favorite musician and I love all of your songs.

  17. Travis Aldrich

    I've been listening to a group called The Score for a while, and kept seeing Zayde Wolf on the "similar artists" section at the bottom of Apple Music. I finally got around to checking you out a couple days ago, and now I'm questioning why I didn't sooner. Keep up the great work, I'm excited!

  18. Mariana Studios

    Dude, I hust want to thank you, for everything, you don't know how your songs inspire me, and, I'm sure I'm not the onle one that thinks that, wish you lots of luck ❤️

  19. Angel In

    I only found out about you now. Although I’m late, I'm glad I finally found you. 🧡

  20. Saurabh Jalendra

    You will get what you deserve, keep fighting. Loved this song♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  21. Beckham Puckett

    You should colllab With The Score

  22. N3cromantix Gaming

    Love this song!!! Top❤️💣

  23. Karthick karthik

    All hail wolf🙌🙌🙌

  24. Doom star engal

    Come inbox for verey thank you
    i love this good song

  25. Sargun Bhatti

    Hi Zayde Wølf, love from India

  26. Nicky Carioto

    This song would be good for halo

  27. Tanner aka ODST

    Please do a reimagining of this song. I could listen to a thousand remixes of one of your songs.

  28. MrKjenningsiii

    Please forgive my ignorance. I listen to a significant number of indie artists like you...but only just heard of you recently. Though I've had a lot of your songs on repeat for about 3 weeks now. You are amazing and really deserve more attention.

  29. Abdul Zishan Raza

    Zayde Wolf (ZW) is not underrated... ZW is the "Rolax" in the field of music which is afforded by some people only (191K) ....

    After 3 years ZW is awesome with this track..... Long live ZW...
    ZW is not a band it is ZW Nation

    God bless ZW

  30. Brothers Of Inspirations

    “The Jungle” and “King” is my favourite songs

  31. Awesome Gamer

    if your listing this song in 2019 give a like

  32. Voltaire

    This song just motivates me incredibly well, I love these high energy songs you make like this, just incredible.

  33. Jesus Francisco Gutierrez Erquínigo

    You are the only musician who all songs are awesome somehow!
    Dude, you're the best. Honestly i write this to you. Regards from Mexico! Keep it up as always

  34. David Garner

    I literally do not understand this.... I don't think you have a single bad song. The only artist I've ever come across who produces hit after hit after hit. Get this man some recognition. Keep it up bro, you a beast🔥🔥

  35. Abderrahmane BOUDJEMA

    Your songs are the best and I don't know why you're underrated. Keep it up you really motivate us we are fighting with you ☺

  36. Ilike getting wins in games

    Play his songs with the speed 1.25 it is real nice

  37. Taylor Made Potpourri

    Another Great song from Zayde Wolf, this grandpap has these songs from "Born Ready" to now this one playing on Spotify while gaming with the kids & grandkids I think sometimes my character on the game reflects the music, LOL absolutely love your music.

  38. Batman Begins

    Addicted to this one 💖🎧

  39. Stiff


    You songs are so lit love from INDIA ♥️🇮🇳

  41. 0 0

    Love it🎵,

  42. Ray walker

    this songs fits well for mass effect 3

  43. Dally

    Ого, советский фильм? Вот уж чего не ожидал увидеть у тебя в клипе!

  44. jedimandogirl51

    I feel like I'm living a dream when Zayde Wolf releases a new song ❤🤗👍

  45. britt vdb

    wow this is art

  46. Shurik

    Someone who is sad: Zayde Wolf inside the ear) 0

  47. GRIFO IV

    Please heart love it

  48. Rafiat Rimon

    He deserves 20 million subscribers

  49. Saszy

    I love how he hearts every comment. I find it sweet.

  50. Gabriel Mollinedo

    la pelicula es lo q me gusto 😁🖒

  51. Ali Zarar

    Awesome Song, Wolf is DA real deal.

  52. The Onvermel Report

    This is just to beautiful and awesome to not say something. Love you music but this is the best. Pure art.

  53. Gorden

    feel bad for those 0,9% who have accidentally disliked


    Its hard to sit still in your chair while listening to this song. :-)

  55. AviPlayz_

    I just can't express the beauty of your songs with enough words, you're truly an outstanding artist and a very underrated one. I hope you someday blow up and become a star ZW!

  56. Rylito Ponchito

    The best piece of music I have ever heard

  57. Monkey.D .Xavier

    🔥Zayde Wolf🔥 = One Piece🌟
    Love it💓💓❤❤💖


    Speechless....i don't have words to describe how good this is!!!👏👏👏👏👏

  59. ivonete goncalves


  60. Suraj Kumar

    Love this song ❤️😍😍😍 I love to listen your songs ❤️😍

  61. Mr Blue Sky

    great work👍👍❤️

  62. LOLChileno LAS

    oh fuck zayde wolf has upload a video
    me studing: Trow the books and listen the music
    my mom: dude wtf?!

  63. the halloween king

    Omg I love this song. Every hit you make keeps getting better And better. Listening it 24/7. Zayde wolf, love your music, your an artist. Hope you make many more. 😁🎵🎶🎵😁

  64. Bailey McGrath

    Awesome song love it!

  65. Duskflow

    Ого, это же Планета Бурь (Planet of the Storms), приятно, что не забывается Советская классика.
    Thanks for another amazing track.

  66. Yoon A

    This song is literally perfect

  67. Rob James

    Right on, Zayde! Bad ass jam!

  68. Abdelghafar Emad

    Love from Egypt ❤

  69. Harry Saints

    I been follow you since 4 years ago, and my emotion when you release a new song.. ❣️This is a Masterpiece dude🤩🤩. Desde México un fiel seguidor tuyo🔥.

  70. Jordan Turner

    You are so underrated. Been listening for so long thinking you'd make it to at least the news. Everyone I mention you to don't know who you are. Most underrated artist I swear. Even NF has at least made it to fame. I feel like your "still fighting for it" . Just keep doing what your doing. Lotta love from the UK ❤️

  71. Viper

    Zayde makes the kind of music I never thought I'd ever find, not even a single song I heard from the man, the myth and the legend Zayde is even "Meh" for me, every, damn, song is a B L A S T .

  72. Archit Kushwaha

    It feels like I'm living in a dream when I'm listening this....

  73. Zack Cone

    I love your music so much this how I feel losing my dad and I'm only a senior in highschool

    Zayde Wolf

    I'm sorry about your loss. :(

  74. Olivia Nader

    Wow it's so good 😍 your music always amaze me 👌🏻😍

  75. Loki Odinson

    Man, I'm worried about you..
    I'm a huge fan of your songs..
    But you're so underrated. Your channel deserves at least 5 million subscribers..

  76. The_ Hyruler

    You sir, have made an amazing song, you deserve more fans!

  77. Nate D

    Awesome music like always

  78. Saudovsty Vides

    Music+ZaydeWolf='s awesomeness 😙😍

  79. Pau Vives

    I LOve this song

  80. Zohaib Sarfraz

    When you can't find anything on YouTube and see the knew Zayde Wolf video!!!
    :) :) :)

  81. just michael

    Jesus man this song is awesome.... Like the others

  82. Stupid Mario64

    Im in shock from this song

  83. Layn Porginski

    What does a “like a vow” mean

    Zayde Wolf

    A "Vow" is a deep promise.

  84. Akash Kamble

    Nice song 👌👏

  85. Андрей Р


  86. S Dt

    If i have 10 songs in my playlist than 9 out of them r Zayde Wolf's
    Love Their Work

  87. Mustafa Bakgör

    Zayde wolf is MAN OR MAN OR MAN OR MAN


    he deserve more wiews share this video

  89. Rfł

    Awesome as always 😍

  90. Maria Karikuetta

    Veery good Zayde ❤️ U are the best 🤘

  91. Hello Sunshine

    You nailed it again dude 👌

  92. ةة

    You’re too perfect to be true

  93. Mort

    That moment when you realize that Zayde Wolf is mega underrated...keep it up man!

  94. Saukingalpha

    How come u don't have at least 1 Mn subscribers

  95. MugGod

    Used footage from Russian films :3
    Привет от фанатов из России! Мы здесь тоже слушаем вашу музыку)

  96. XxSavageMikeTvxX

    Yes new music

  97. Tanner aka ODST

    Needed this today. Gives me motivation

  98. Negative Creep

    I love it ❤

  99. Castan97

    GOD I stan this song so much ♥

  100. Sam Harville

    This dropped at EXACTLY the right point in the semester😂. I'm so overworked that I'm not even sure I'm alive, but I must be, bc I'm still fighting