Zayde Wolf - Save Tonight Lyrics

Save tonight and fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow, tomorrow I'll be gone
Save tonight and fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow, tomorrow I'll be gone

Save tonight
Save tonight

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Zayde Wolf Save Tonight Comments
  1. Muhammed Avci

    Jesus you've caused quite a havoc, let the past be the past but we look to the future.

  2. Halil Akbayrak

    best epic music in the world when ı need motivation listen 1 time

  3. Clark Kent

    Krypton's war song

  4. Halil Akbayrak


  5. Katoptris34

    Sounds like something you and Generdyn would collaborate on to make!

  6. Doom18

    Love it!!!

  7. Vitorŕrŕrrrr

    Teen Wolf essa música tocou num ep dele que mostra a besta de gevodal

  8. Sub Zero

    Super Cool!

  9. L M

    Это просто потрясающе👍🏻

  10. Nina

    Imagine hearing this live? Woah the intensity

  11. silverkingukable

    Supermans back! Yeaaa!

  12. TheWolfman112

    The best part was about to happen and it changes to some crappy mix nice

    Forklift Driver

    TheWolfman112 why are you upset that the music is remixed on a remix video

  13. Verdade e Justiça

    Melhor versão... TOP TOP TOP. THE BEST VERSION. I'm from Brazil

  14. Dead Skull 88

    Gets me pumped,may u use for my edit?

  15. Combank OZ

    what a nice song,Your song gave a value to the Show..

  16. Lonesomerookie 177

    Damn the last episode tho

  17. Davider

    This will be a dp song!! Mark my words

  18. Faith George

    This really IS the epic version! ;)

  19. Artemis Creature

    love love love it!!!

  20. CY Chow

    This is awesome, the show krypton in which this song was used is awesome. This is great!

  21. Wassil

    Just , thank you man !! from algeria

  22. Ramazan Coşgun


  23. Benjamin Dürr

    Du machst so gute Musik.
    Wenn ihr mich Abonniert, bekommt ihr 5 Abonnenten dazu.

  24. Sergio Arévalo

    1:01 Power begins !! Come ooon !!!

  25. milgrau zone

    *KAL EL*

  26. Alberto Cuevas

    Damn, just love it, the build up, the drop, dang it... just awesome

  27. Arbiter/Kaidon Thel'Vadam

    Your music is just so awesome! :)

  28. Coldlazerus

    Would you please put this version up on iTunes? I would really like to get this version but I can’t find it on iTunes

  29. Storm Yeh

    AWESOME!!!! Thank you for making this version!! :D

  30. Anshuman Singh

    This song literally gave me goosebumps.
    It's awesome.

  31. MrStinkerbutts


  32. The Ninja Whippet

    This is one totally awesome piece of music for one totally awesome looking show :D

  33. Mario Camarena

    I love that this song has a hint of Zimmer in it

  34. Nick Niergarth


  35. lιlмєσωмєσω υωυ

    I love the rhythm of this song this is my favorite song so far from 2018

  36. Imma Citro

    You're my world. ❤

    Zayde Wolf

    Imma Citro 💙💙

  37. Lando Merando


  38. Shadow DarkFyre

    Seems like a lot of your songs are clarion calls...

  39. Cristobal Mendoza

    Love it

  40. yağmur erol


    Loves from Turkey.

  41. Aubrey De Asis

    I can't go on my day without listening to your songs

  42. Carlos Santino

    The original song isn't so Epic like this is I've been really been waiting for Krypton TV series to come on I'm not really liking the Arrowverse TV shows on the CW way too campy for me that's why I'm so hyped for Krypton TV series because it's connected to the Man of Steel movie

  43. Carlos Santino

    This is truly a Superman mythology song

  44. Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    You did a great job, I've just been hearing to many of your songs, and they've all been very awesome and great to me, very new to your music and channel

  45. Ryan Mullinnix

    Love this music...This music is inspiration to do anything!!!!!!

  46. Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    And just when I was about to say that Krypton brought me here

  47. Bri C

    Eagle eye cherry is shook rn

  48. xamunas

    The theme song for Superman's Grandfather

  49. BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]

    I'll just sit and cry at this beauty.

  50. Erich Sanches

    Fantastic music! Powerfull!

  51. Sub Zero

    This is Phenomenal!

  52. RealScorsese

    2:30 Jason Bourne is back !

  53. Tanner aka ODST

    The year of purple has begun.

  54. 2sure

    1:58 best

  55. Koustav Naha

    Whoa! It's grakin awesome

  56. Julia Jugowiec

    OMG! This is so good! You're the best! ♥♥

  57. Ows 1

    Instant chills love this 👌

  58. Michael Chase

    Been obsessed since the trailer came out. The chorus just got me dude. Love it.

  59. Shannen Elise Wilson

    Mr. Wolf! I'm in love with all of your music! Can I please start using your songs in my videos? I make vlogs and challenges and such. My twin bro does the same on his channel and he would love to use your music too. We both have small channels. I have 77 subs and my bro has 50 subs so we definitely are not making money. We would love to use your music for fun in our videos. I will credit you, your channel, and all your social media links. Please! ❤️

  60. Tainted Snowflake

    I love how you like most of the comments. Also, I love your music. 💙

    Zayde Wolf

    I try to read and reply to as many as I can. But now I have over 50k subs and it is getting harder and harder to keep up with everyone. THANK YOU!

    Tainted Snowflake

    Zayde Wolf And this is only the beginning. Can't wait for the 50K to be 500K and then 5M. All the best!! We're with you. :)

  61. Annelies Mohle


  62. Xoel


    Zayde Wolf

    oh thank you!
    Please subscribe and share your favorite videos with your friends. :D


    Zayde Wolf yeah i actually subscribed like in may and i can assure you that i didn't stop sharing your songs since that then haha
    keep it up bro 💪💪👍👍

  63. 209CALI* *

    I think youtube is broken, it says there's only 50k subs? That can't be right lol!

    Zayde Wolf

    Please subscribe and share your favorite videos with your friends. :D

    209CALI* *

    Zayde Wolf Done and done!

  64. Kesone

    God your music is excellent in every sense of the word ????? like ?? it gets you into a Mood TM and you feel like you can fight the world with your own bare hands. Its awesome

  65. skillex gaming80

    Your music keeps getting better and better zayde, i love it🔥🔥👌

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you!

  66. [Valentine disliked that.]

    I'm ashamed to say I went fullscreen and accidentally tried to wipe my screen...

    Zayde Wolf

    hahaha. Dirty. :D

  67. Joseph Ely

    Beyond awesome!

  68. Steve Marco

    This is great!!!!

  69. Superawesome 250

    This is just epic and bigger and a bit louder this song makes me hyped for the show

  70. King 4_$$hole

    Need this in the gym.

  71. Ola Kawa

    i love it so much omg

  72. Asm D

    Amazing. You guys are amazing

  73. le consommateur de rhubarbe

    Great it's very cool man

  74. FUOTZ ڤوتز

    I love you 💕

  75. Jinx La'rue


  76. OverlordKinsey


  77. Briony Rowland

    If you like Zayde you should check out Boy epic

  78. Kartik Mathur

    Wow! Great song! Gives that adrenaline rush!

  79. sri shakthi

    I just really want to sing your songs with karoke

  80. sri shakthi

    Yaar amazing😍

  81. JP NDLR

    Hello from Spain
    I love this song

  82. Sons Of Arrow

    This Is SUPERamazing! Get It?

    Keep up the Incredible, Amazing work you do man.

  83. Ladymusicc

    You just never disappoint.

  84. magiii

    Todas sus canciones son increíbles me encantan....!!!

  85. Cave Ciberneticeye

    goosebump in all my body. Amazing!!!!

  86. Nikky Panicous

    Awesome as always :)!


    Gave me shivers?

  88. Audrey Guillemette

    omg this is the best one be fare

  89. DreamPaws

    Your song are amazing:)

  90. Astronauta Sobrio

    Wow i like it.

  91. El Astro Rey

    Awesome song, definitely going on my playlist! By now I'm not even doubting that every notification I get, every song you make will be amazing, epic, badass, and just... ugh, PERFECT. LOVE YOU DUDE. GET FAMOUS ALREADY.

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you!!

  92. Arudo01

    Awesome !! 😍

  93. Nolifer

    I hope you get 1 million subs by the end of this year
    Also greetings from egypt

  94. SierraDeltaEcho