Zayde Wolf - Rumble Lyrics

Smoke in my lungs
Blood on my tongue
I'm here to make the devil cry

It's like a drug
When I'm on the hunt
I'm gonna wake the war inside

Stare at the sun
Do it for fun
This is the way I live my life
This is the way I live my life

Listen to me now
Listen to me now
It's coming down to the two of us
Let me show you how
Listen to me now
It's coming down to the two of us

I'm here to rumble
I'm here to rumble
Get ready for thunder
Cause I'm here to rumble

Ladies and gents
I won't pretend
I think I forgot my medicine

They'll think I'm a mess
But I'm making sense
I feel it in my skeleton

I know I'm intense
I'll cut the suspense
I'm here to take down everyone
I'm here to take down everyone

I'm here to rumble
I've got danger in my favor like a razor
I'm here to rumble
Diamond breaker it's my nature
Get ready for thunder
Cause I'm here to rumble
I'm here to rumble
I'm here to rumble
I'm here to rumble
I'm here to rumble

Listen to me now
Listen to me now
It's coming down to the two of us
Let me show you how
Listen to me now
It's coming down to the two of us

I'm here to rumble
I've got danger in my favor like a razor
I'm here to rumble
Diamond breaker it's my nature
Get ready for thunder
Cause I'm here to rumble
I'm here to rumble
I'm here to rumble
I'm here to rumble
I'm here to rumble

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Zayde Wolf Rumble Comments

    Hopefully this is theme song for WWE Royal Rumble 2020

  2. ACE1027

    Who else got to this blood pumping masterpiece from DrLupos Streams?

  3. Nicky Carioto

    When u think imagine dragons is good well here comes zayde wolf to kick some ass

  4. The Creed's Lair08

    who is watching this because of the Portland Winterhawks

  5. Gaus Sundke

    This Song Cross Will Be 1 Billian Views Nice Song You Are Batter Than Justin Bieber Bro Love From India

  6. Muhammed Avci

    I must have forgotten my meds again are they calling from the hospital again

  7. Lubosek Řičanek

    This is best guy

  8. Edgar Pulido

    Please make this into royal rumble theme 2020

  9. hi Vez

    is Zayde Wolf a Christian for what he says pls answer to me Zayde wolf!:)

  10. Booga Andrew Seymour

    WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2020 Theme Song. I Hope 🤞

  11. Eleanor Z

    I'm sure i'm not the only one who's thinking of Eren Yeager with this song.

  12. Comentário qualquer • 45 anos atrás

    Depois q eu conheci as músicas desse cara eu já posso enfiar o dedo no cu e rasgar

  13. Sebastián Chávez

    i love this men and the music

  14. mwd ••

    i hope thie will be the royal rumble theme song 🤞

  15. Lubosek Řičanek

    wow that amazing bro

  16. TheKAT _HT

    Dude perfect, come get some

  17. Fatima Niazi

    This song is the bomb !!!

  18. Heather Nickens

    The best

  19. STANG 888


  20. Sniiiper 3D

    Would've been more cooler if you let the beat drop

  21. Hardy Shayona

    Wow dude u rock

  22. The Best

    نايس اغنيه

  23. Alana Frazer

    *Thor has entered the chat and dances*

  24. Marissa Liza

    Respect from africa

  25. Coleman Nahlik

    Straight BARZ

  26. Skarline - Brawl Stars

    Great )

  27. Вася роггов

    1:35 меня просто порвало, мужик, ты просто невероятен!

  28. Zeke Root

    Dude Perfect must make this their next song because it's EPIC! Zayde Wolf is by far my favorite artist.

  29. marvel fan

    i have a song playlist and this is on it and the rest are mostly zayde wolf and the rest are the score

  30. Chris Rosado

    When is the instrumental coming? This beat is sick!

  31. Holly Ann


  32. Diamond Sword03

    When its Zayde Wolf you know its good

  33. Heres JOHNNY1011

    You always amaze me Zayde. I love your music.

  34. quan phan

    Như lồn

  35. Finn Pedersen

    i love your songs i just found out that you released this one and by far it is my favorite. fifty kids in my school also love your music and theres only 81 dislike to 9.1k likes awesome.

  36. Stupid Mario64

    Can you feel the hunger?
    Can you feel the rush?
    Cuz you cant stop me now.
    Cuz its in my bones.
    Im Unstoppable.
    Im walking the tightrope.
    Its strange.
    Im stronger.
    Its the pressure.
    Im the legend.
    Im not staying down.
    Its in my bones.
    Im gonna run like a rebel.
    We can be heroes wherever we go.
    Swingin like ali.
    Knockin our bodies.
    You must be dreamin.
    A revolution is comin, can you hear the drums?
    No? It must be the fear.
    Im gonna be higher now!
    Its a miracle we're still alive.
    It keeps going on and on.
    For its who i am.
    A shakedown is comin..
    Im not the only one.
    Whatcha gonna do when the money run low?
    Can ya feel the heat?
    You gotta believe.
    Can you taste the Glory?
    No? Cuz its where you are.
    I bet you dont wanna be.
    Can you hear this beating heart?
    No? Its because im walkin the tightrope.
    Oh my love.
    We're going home.
    Where do you run?
    Im living right!
    Tell me something new.
    We're going home.
    take a breath of your oxygen.
    We're gladiators.
    We couldnt afford a therapist so we accepted it.
    Our blood is as cold as ice.
    We're a rare breed dont you see?!
    Its just modern alchemy really!
    Do you feel the rumble?
    No? Thats because you were born ready.
    Get out of my way, im lookin for new blood.
    Walk through the fire to get to your goal.
    We know no limits.
    One day we will rule the world.
    We can raise an army!
    We're heroes dont'cha see?
    I dont want your mercy.
    I wont ever let you go.
    We do what we wanna do around here.
    Ive been wearing the crown for years now.
    Lets live like we're billionaires!
    We're higher than high.
    Im searchin for the next level.
    Come, take a look at this!
    Yea im a hustler.
    We're dangerous.
    Im a king!
    I was built for this time.
    Live life.
    We're the wildest ones.
    Im gonna strike a match!
    You need to be free.
    Im the champion!
    We can be runnin all night long!
    We need to save this city.
    Dont be afraid.
    Im so tired of trying to walk in line.
    Ive been a liar to myself.
    These cokd streets come alive at night.
    And i tell myself staaaaaaaaaay..
    Dooont be afraaaaaaid.
    Yeah today the cycle breaks.
    Adrenaline ya its like a drug.
    Can you feel the rush breaking down all your defenses?
    I love the way my heart races double time.
    Can you feel the...rush?!...rush?!...rush?!
    Im a bullet from a gun and my heart ie the trigger.
    Cant stop me now!
    If you wanna make a name for yourself, better stand and deliver.
    I feel it in my skeleton.
    Smoke in my lungs.
    I got danger in my favour like a razor in nature.

  37. FlipBoost

    Perfect Dude Perfect Battle Video Song!

  38. Bala Mohammed

    Vote Now to make this the official theme to the WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2020

  39. tech guru

    I just liked it 😊

  40. Jessica Howell

    the people who disliked this probably thought that it was the download button (;

  41. Rishav Goswami

    I am gonna wake the war inside🔥❤.. Epic work Zayde👌👌❤❤

  42. Alexis .D

    WHY has someone not made an hour version?! I broke my replay button, I’m OBSESSED with this song!!!!! 🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩

  43. Jinelle Ranasinghe

    You are so amazing.. your songs have power in them.❤❤

  44. Jacob Mostoslavsky

    another song to make you feel like a badass

  45. Jacob Mostoslavsky

    is it impossible for this guy to create a bad song?

  46. Alejandro franco

    I am speak spanish but love you song (Sorry my inglish xd)

  47. Lindsay Faust

    Love the background imagery Zayde! Really fits with the hyped, motivational theme!! :)

  48. MarigoldWisp animates things_

    Is it weird that I unintentionally go beserk and start swaying back and fourth while listening to this?

  49. ChargedDYnaMo 1337

    do the next song with the score

    plz 😀

  50. Hunted Hunter

    The Score+Zayde Wolf= the greatest music ever created

  51. Muhammed Avci

    All those who have faces pitch black I'm giving you all time pick your side and get your act together or else worse is to come. It could be broken legs. Google you were quick thanks.. now all pornographic site owners will receive the same treatment your faces will be black until Sunday for all those involved in porn.

  52. Cameron .juchnik

    What world happen If the score and u made a song DO IT PLEASE😀😀😀🤯🥳

  53. Ethan Lawrence

    This is pure art, pure 🔥

  54. Andy Albert

    Good song ! ...another one I press play... again and again.

  55. Joli Love

    I need this in a Hardstyle Remix😂😍💁🏻‍♀️ you’ve really making amazing Songs✨👌🏻💝😍

  56. Helen Rocha

    listening to all your songs and loving every single one. jeez how is that possible? why are you so good?

    amazing job, you're doing great keep like this!!! <3


  57. Drop Cake

    Why am I not subscribed to your channel?

  58. Simeoen

    Its only me or its just perfect for wse royal rumble theme.ITS AWESOME

  59. Lord Steve IV

    Which album is this?

  60. The Elemental Gaurdian

    Your songs give me true inspiration! Keep being awesome!

  61. hfhxgdytfyguyghf yfhrbt6gxchrf1topi

    While this song is apparently about fighting your inner demons, I think it would work great for a Mortal Kombat GMV tribute.
    Awesome song, by the way.

    Subject Delta Δ

    hfhxgdytfyguyghf yfhrbt6gxchrf1topi | or for one if the song in the Godzilla vs King Kong (2020) soundtrack.

    hfhxgdytfyguyghf yfhrbt6gxchrf1topi

    @Subject Delta Δ speaking of Godzilla, I think a good song for him would be King by Zayde Wolf.

  62. Howler and Grabzy Productions

    Me: I'm here to take down everyone
    My friend: ???

  63. The naufal

    When you facing againts the enderdragon

  64. Temjen Jmr


  65. Subject Delta Δ

    I hope this is going to be the soundtrack to Godzilla vs King Kong.

  66. amira sev

    Hayla 😃😁

  67. Sherry lee Raven

    Ahhhhhhhh. So good. Real music

  68. SHARKB8T

    Whenever I hear this, I imaging creating a show called “Thunderdome” where people do insane parkour and fight it out for number 1

  69. Kimia

    your god of music
    this is damn gooood'**

  70. ItsNayt

    New album upcoming?

  71. Audio Addictionz

    Hey, man i absolutly love the music, keep it up👍 its so good that at 11:00 pm i got outa bed and started doing pushups lol. I broke my record and hit 96 in 2 min, damn good song dude👍. gimme a fist bump!!👊

  72. Audio Addictionz

    I just want everyone to know that i was here before dude perfect puts this song in a video 💪😎👍

  73. Emls479

    This is prime music for an action movie trailer

  74. rogarm armrog

    been here since new blood

    with my other account

  75. Maheen Doha

    This song gets me Rumbling to the bones!!
    Love it 🌟⚡🤘


    doesn´t have better than you Zayde!!!!!!!! who thinks the same??? (Eu sou Brasileiro)

  77. Rian O Luasa

    Write a bad song, I dare you

  78. Anooj Patnaik

    My stomach in a silent class: I'm here to rumble

  79. Rituparna Das

    Random stranger: zayde w0lf is shit.

    Earth: starts *RUMBLING*

  80. Abderrezek Bouhedda

    Guess what Zayde Wolf sucks at ? he doesn't even know how to create a bad song

  81. giorgi miqadze

    you are my favorite artist ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    How every single one of their song is even more epic than the previous one..? 🥰✨✨❤️❤️❤️

  83. Ryan Barrett

    You can take this song and put it in any esports finals match and put badass character intros to this song and you made gold

  84. Niokainu

    Will you do a collaboration with The Score?

  85. Rosalba’s Channel

    This song is epic

  86. laugi yoon

    this song is amazing deserves more visits🖤🌼

  87. Sub Zero

    Wow this is very good!

  88. spoofylicious84

    I’m ready for u to go on tour. Come to Nor*Cal pleeeeeease!?

  89. ImTheOnlyAstro

    This song give me the adrenaline to do anything

  90. Kitz Reads

    so gooooooooood

  91. GTA GOD

    I’m listening to this at 1 in da morning it’s that good

  92. Zeraora

    NICE zade

  93. rv rv

    Welp im gonna destroy people with my hand in minecraft

    rv rv

    Heh .......

  94. Switch BROS

    totally deserves to be in a dude perfect video.

  95. Anthony Ojeda flores

    Zayde wolf it’s a beast love this song so much.

  96. Coolpants

    Another great song you are the G.O.A.T

  97. Cecile Libaude

    ain't that such a jason todd song though, love it!

  98. Zayde Wolf

    Me vs Me. A song about fighting your inner demons. This is RUMBLE:

    Sniiiper 3D

    I like the fact that you reference something from what you've experienced, it makes for a good artist. Like Eminem, most of his greatest songs were his story

    Sniiiper 3D

    @Garret Bernard well it's the fact that it would've been better to drop the beat and keep the song going on the flow that it started on other than skipping the beat, it just kills the flow but it is still a masterpiece, each art tells a story

    Sniiiper 3D

    @Vea Cabral there was three "This is the way I live my life" so you basically got it wrong

    Sniiiper 3D

    @Vea Cabral dude you got most of the song wrong LOL