Zayde Wolf - Rule The World (Remix) Lyrics

No one ever told us
Where the easy part begins
The story that they sold us
Keeps us hanging from the end

So we'll keep on starting the fires
Thinking we'll smoke out the liars
We don't give up when we're tired
That isn't the way that I'm wired

Someday, someday
We're gonna rule the world
I know someday
We're gonna rule the world
Counting down to explosion
I hear the moment approaching
Someday, someday
We're gonna rule the world

Waiting avalanches
Are the calm before the fall
Lightning when it flashes
Tells the story of it all

So we'll keep on starting the fires
Thinking we'll smoke out the liars
We don't give up when we're tired
That isn't the way that I'm wired

We own the future
We own the future

Someday, someday
We're gonna rule the world
I know someday
We're gonna rule the world
Counting down to explosion
I hear the moment approaching
Someday, someday
We're gonna rule the world

Our blood runs cold like we're at war
Our eyes light up like a thunderstorm
There are no locked doors anymore

We own the future
We own the future
(We own the future)
(We own the future)

Someday, someday
We're gonna rule the world
I know someday
We're gonna rule the world
Counting down to explosion
I hear the moment approaching
Someday, someday
We're gonna rule the world

We own the future
Someday, someday, soon
We own the future
We own the future
Someday, someday, soon
We own the future
We're gonna rule the world

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Zayde Wolf Rule The World (Remix) Comments
  1. Abel,Terii Tuheiava

    "Fire Scars"

  2. ObiTo

    Khabib vs conor face off

  3. Sean Wilson

    whoa whoa whoa, bruv, who do i ask for permission to use that pic? cuz i think THIS should be the body of the aggressive A.I. in my fanfic. its final form when its avatars fail to usher in its new universal order. O_O
    please, EHM. I NEED THIS GUY!

  4. Jacob Corrigeux

    This is most likely the Marvel fan in me, for a quick second I thought this was Ebony Maw from Avengers Infinity war

  5. Patricia Barros

    Top essa music

  6. Fanny Weijs

    Hi epic

  7. Nemo

    Justin beiber world famous and a show off
    Zayde wolf talented and not at all a show off

  8. Sylvia Godsmith

    His words and voice both are so powerful!

  9. Mihai Matei

    A song so damn good it can start a forest fire

  10. Spicy Cracker audio puke

    anybody remember that dope *Israel Adesanya* promo with this remix in the background

    it was deleted but man it was one my favorite vids

  11. PhoenixCola :T

    This channel is very good it's like the song

  12. Champion Club

    This song is for Trump taking the world will not afraid this is our world we are the people we stand and fight if is a police officer shooting innocent people we are wolves we don't stand down are kids are the future

  13. Glue Army

    i am 75% sure that this will be in apex season 3 trailer

  14. W.D Gaster

    Sunday ! Yay !

  15. Åmnesia

    Am i the only one who notices how badass this background is? 🔥🔥👌

    Random games With shane

    Amnesia no no you are not 😂


    @Random games With shane Thx god 😂😂😂

    Backstage Bum

    I think this is Assassin's Creed. I only recognize the Piece of Eden "apple" orb, but I gave up on the series after Assassin's Creed 3 being a letdown, so I don't know the rest of it.

  16. the watcher

    this is fucking lit!!



  18. oh yeah yeah yeah

    Fuck you. I was about to sleep and then i heared this song and got up got outside in my car and drove so freaking fast to another hotel lmao

  19. Sir. Black, Knight of Soleanna

    Betty: "Someday, we're gonna rule the world!"

    Sir. Black, Knight of Soleanna

    Wait, you know about what Betty am i talking about?


    No 😂😂

    Love bob ples

    Glitchtale Alarm Status: still on

  20. Christos Antonopoulos

    Dont know about ruling the world but I would say ruling a specie would have its trials and tribulations like being at war all the time to survive through the ages.

  21. Harrison Niloy

    What is the logo behind the thing?🙂

  22. Spacemrcuddless Clan

    Anyone else think this is better than the original

    Xavien S.

    I do...

  23. Bodhi Henson

    this song is badass

  24. Jayesh Hirani

    Damnnnnnn!!!!! Came by this today and i have played it 15 times already. Dis good shit yo

  25. Tammoy Sharpe

    Should be the next Black ops trailer music

  26. END gamer

    Conform iluminati

  27. pilot 9267

    This would be perfect for doom eternal

  28. Infinite speed

    background reminds me of doom 2016

  29. Raymond St Paul

    Question is there an instrumental version of this song without the singing?

  30. pRudX

    Hell Yeah! 🤘

  31. Chase Ogden

    try it with playback speed 1.25
    thank me later if you really want but you should really thank Epic Heaven Music


    Tried 1.25. good suggestion ;)

  32. King Killsper


  33. AhmedKR

    They control the world and they will destroy it in the end... 😥

  34. archit misal


  35. PoretiKun06

    Soy el único que habla español? Xd

  36. Laura Parker

    Literally the coolest thing I’ve ever heard omg ya says yasssss

  37. noobhero21

    Bfv did right with this

  38. Nicholas Lim

    Who came here because of the new battlefield v firestorm trailer

    Tamas Sandor

    Nicholas Lim Burning Down The House was better but yeah it was good

    C H E E Z

    mee hahaha

  39. Shivranjini.Singing.Classes

    HEVEN MUSIC 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😌😌😌😌

  40. Nicole Corrigeux

    Illuminati listening to this

  41. Darth Vader

    And people say Beyonce is good music

    Alien Z

    I know right?

    Lê Hưng

    Yeah, she makes men become pussies and make women become "Goddess" just because women have their vaginas wide open.
    Real "good". I really do not like her music at all!

  42. shane Thompson

    I just had a scary thought if a tsar bomb does that big of an explosion what would a cobalt bomb do? Blow a section of the planet off?

  43. Алексей Герасимов

    Годно ебать

  44. Angi Knouse

    This is awesome

  45. Aitor Lopez Gonzalez

    Khabib is the answer...

  46. EimohPvP

    Velt trailer?

  47. Alex Frolov

    лучше бы что-то двигалось))

  48. Newty Echelon

    Oh God.

  49. Abhishek virkud

    I made my doberman listen this ,now he's hell hound, this music is ideal for all hero movies

  50. Logan X

    U r gr8

  51. Devon Miller

    Oh my God best remix song ever and was looking for the score songs not zadey wolf but I'm glad I found it

  52. supernatrual dean beste serie staffel

    Epic music bro 👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪✋

  53. ShazaBlasta ΩΩ

    Am i the only one that thinks of DOOM from the pic? Also epic music

  54. Sebastianus

    Hmmm looks like a warframe to me

  55. Alien

    This must be use on upcoming movies!!

  56. Nathan Petherbridge

    instead of saying ''rule the world'' how about ''rule the universe''

  57. jayjacksons

    "Counting down to explosion." is one of the worst lyrics I've heard, truth be told if it wasn't for that lyric I would enjoy this song more but that's just lazy writing.

  58. Young Man

    What is that background... It's pretty awesome that's for sure

  59. This Izit

    Jewish. .

  60. DMaS


  61. Icup

    The lyrics in the description are kinda messed up :/

  62. Marcelo Da silva

    *ILUMINATI* 🐟👎☄🛡✝

  63. • Løtus •


  64. Eman Naser

    I knew this song will be lit from the thumbnail

  65. Colin zzstu Majors

    What is that picture from

  66. Vitalik

    Zayde Wolf is so under rated

  67. Cannonbult066 YT

    Hi there im max and im woundering if i could maybe use you in my sponsor list for my movie,Called Cannon lost realities.please a quick reply would be much appreciated,thanks and have a good day

  68. TheSauceBoss

    Where can I find an instrumental version of this? Like without the lyrics

  69. Zantron

    Holy shit! The vibes i get from this song!

  70. Nakyll

    Cette musique est trop épique j'adore se que tu fais continue comme sa 😍😍😍

  71. Bella Swan

    OMG, that is exactly my reaction, thank you SO MUCH for this remix. I WANT TO LISTEN EVERY MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!!

  72. Vishnu Kanth

    Zayde wolf and Generdyn make an excellent combo :),those who see music deep will love your music <3

  73. FistBump

    First thing, this is the best thing I've ever heard, but why is there a Jewish star in the background

    Yer Average Lad

    Based on Renaissance-era occultism, the pentagram found its way into the symbolism of modern occultists which is a five pronged star also known as the star of David.

    Its there because the genre of this song is evil epic.

    does that answer your question?

    scales the raptor

    @Yer Average Lad the star of david has 6 points


    Dude, Don't ask

    pilot 9267

    It's a pagen symbol

  74. biggydx

    Anyone have a link to the original (ZAYDE WOLF version) so I can get a reference?

  75. Lucas Aster

    Wowww, amazing

  76. Dinda Muhareni

    My second favorit song after Heroes

  77. Matthew Optimus

    This should definitely be the official theme for WrestleMania 35. What do you guys think?

  78. vashty millez

    MUSIC EPIC!!!! That cover pic is dope✊

  79. NeroGeckoMusic

    Is all this a representation of zionism?

  80. Matthew Optimus

    Definitely a CW song.

    Santino Aguilar

    It should used in The Flash and Arrow


    Didn’t know Lucifer had a YouTube channel

  82. No Man's Land

    I can definitely picture this being used in a trailer.


    No Man's Land Do you picture bfv firestorm


    🚜 🔥 🌪

    Raigo Dark one

    Definitely! And i wish you it for my short film!!!

  83. Mo TC

    I started listening and now.....


  84. Nathan Petherbridge

    your getting older my friend and it's time to let some old legendary heroes along with others to make their enemies fall and by then the war would have changed.

  85. Lotfi Bouaziz

    try this in 1.25 speed
    thank me later :)

    ZED 117

    First time I liked a music sped up.

  86. Colby Uetake

    Love the heavy bass

  87. Kent Barnes

    The world is how it is but God is coming be prepared fellows

    Charles Niemann

    No Not God Chaos

  88. Ira M

    The jews are crazy...

  89. The Unknown


  90. Nu Mo




  92. Edward Mcnair

    Love it!! Another epic song by Zayde!

  93. Shane Walsh

    Wish this kinda music was more known and played on the radio, in that way we'd really have a change in terms of music.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Branosauras- Brex

    @Shane Walsh well ye. revalation on all fronts, in all genres of music

    Angi Knouse

    Thank you!

    Peтer B. Pαrĸer:Sριɗєя-Mαη • Mαrvel Ƙηιgнт

    @Branosauras- Brex Those are some true words good sir

    Brian Andrade

    It's why i play only spotify

    Chris Van

    I completely stopped listening to radio. All the good stations in my area turned to nothing but rap. I heard one song where every other word was bleeped out. What’s the point of putting a song on the radio when you’re only going to hear half the song?

  94. Generdyn

    Epic Music Heaven!! Thankyou so much for posting and for everyone listening, a huge THANK YOU! So pumped for this remix and I'm excited to hear what you all think!


    Generdyn, you and Zayde Wolf together = AWESOME, IMPACTING MUSIC!!!


    Could I use your song in my video? I'll give you credit. Thanks in advance.