Zayde Wolf - Redemption Lyrics

Oh, oh, oh, oh...
Oh, oh, oh...

Standing on the edge of a mountain
Watching the world turn black
We could fade away
But we don't have to go with the outcome
Something is calling me back
To die another day

We don't have to let go, no
We don't have to let go, no
We won't ever quit, oh no
Let the games begin!
Let the games begin!

This is the day of redemption!
Oh, oh, oh...
The day of redemption!
Oh, oh, oh...
Yeah, I can see the fear coming
But you're never catching me running
The moment, it's coming for someone
This is the day of redemption!

You can take the red or blue pill
But you're gonna have to choose
You can't walk away
We can slip down where the truth lies
The future is calling you
To die another day

We don't have to let go, no
We don't have to let go, no
We won't ever quit, oh no
Let the games begin!
Let the games begin!

This is the day of redemption!
Oh, oh, oh... (redemption, redemption)
The day of redemption!
Oh, oh, oh... (Yes it is!)
Yeah, I can see the fear coming
But you're never catching me running
The moment, it's coming for someone
This is the day of redemption!

This is the day of redemption!
Oh, oh, oh...
The day of redemption!
Oh, oh, oh...
Yeah, I can see the fear coming
But you're never catching me running
The moment, it's coming for someone
This is the day of redemption!

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Zayde Wolf Redemption Comments
  1. Kevin Wise

    "You can take the red or the blue pill..."

    Did you just reference the Matrix?

    Heed the Seen

    yes, that pop ref transcends the big screen.

  2. Le Nha Thi

    Always think this song is perfect for Avengers Endgame

  3. Law Jia Yu

    No wonder dude perfect uses some of your songs....

  4. retroniyt maorder

    Malo qlo

  5. gowri krishnamurthy

    Bro your songs are awesome. Make more of these

  6. [BL4DE] Official Channel

    americas got talent deadly games? DAT CROSSBOW

  7. Matthew D D

    7K likes to 62 dislikes! That's a pretty good ratio.

  8. Ulrike Bethmann


  9. C-n-Z


  10. RayleeDraws

    I can’t believe it took me so long to find this artist. This is amazing. I never knew I needed this until I discovered it

  11. WitheredForce4

    Here from Evo s17

  12. era dos gatos YouTube

    Read dead redemption

  13. Alien Z

    This would go great with endgame.

  14. Slade 4

    Can't help but think of Endgame when I hear this. Am I the only one?

  15. Courage Mitch

    Liverpool Champions League 2019 song please😂, hoping for a good result June 1st! YNWA

  16. Jceefier

    And this is day of Endgame Cause we all are in the end game😎😎😎😎

  17. Wan Hijjaz

    AGT bring me here😘

  18. Srujana Jayasimha

    His song reminds me of the Hunger games..
    Anyone else?

    Just me?
    Thought so

    Jessica Pinkston

    I thought I was the one alone XD

  19. R.Kathryne Goold

    Music starts at 3:55

  20. james campbell

    ty i am song sorrow ty for hearing my song

  21. Alexsander Inacio

    Avengers Endgame ?

  22. H. Cortez

    Awoken I raised my arm!!

  23. TheCellistAuthor

    I hear a violin, but I can't find the sheet music for it anywhere....

  24. Yousuf Kebbe

    Deadly Gamesss

  25. albert pesisano

    me im here to search this wonderful song.when i saw the deadly americas got talent performance it tok me 20mins to find this song

  26. Ridley Rickman Reduz

    This song convinced me for buy red dead redemption 2

  27. دنهش

    American got talent champ 😁

  28. KPG 007

    AGT Champions brought me here...

  29. paramitaph

    america's got talents - deadly game✋

  30. wifi 23

    Such a beautiful song

  31. Jason Mogollon

    Heard this on AGT Champions... Deadly Games was the act performing -- S13:E26

  32. cpcoasternut

    This will be a great hype video for college football

  33. Shark 109

    How many are here from the golden buzzer for agt champions from deadly games

  34. CA Nitish Jeste


  35. unicorn unicorn

    Who else came here form America’s got talent-deadly games

    Chaqiqotu Farochil

    Me... it feels crazily romantic

    Alexander Tahtadjian

    unicorn unicorn really kept me on the edge of my seat

    Fire Kid

    Its hard to find out this song . But i here .

    Илияна Иванова

    Me too :) both the song and the full with emotion, passion, love, sadness, I love it so much ❤️

  36. x watchdog x

    A UFC promo just led me to one of the GREATEST songs I have ever heard. This is amazing.

  37. Ghoul X

    Dude you are literally UNSTOPPABLE!
    Your songs have motivated People to push beyond their limits.
    You MADE ME quit my depression and suicidal thoughts and made me move on.
    You made Others feel on top of a mountain
    We want to say thank you , for helping us
    Helping us rise up from the darkness and seek light
    Keep up the good work!

    - Austin

  38. Nikhil Thummala

    Absolutely Perfect👍👍

  39. Andrey Pinheiro

    Deveria ser tão conhecido quanto imagine dragons

  40. Spencer Rostoni

    Zayed wolf you have the best music and I love it in dude perfect

  41. Harry McPhee

    Come to Boston

  42. Palacsinta Csatornája

    Red Dead Redemption 2 ish kinda

  43. WickedThreshold

    The Triumph song!

  44. Kyle Colgan

    Red or blue pill...
    Anyone seen the matrix movie from the late 20th century?
    Like if you have

  45. uGriffin Ching

    Every song Zayde Wolf does is a hit. This is his best.

  46. Palacsinta Csatornája

    Red dead redemption :D

  47. Hamza Bayouz

    the music is so deep like an underground...

  48. Yung _Ziitro

    Admit it... He looks like Benedict Cumberbatch in his profile pic

    Blue Frost

    Oh, I never realized that you're right

  49. Dallas Oliver

    Zayde, love your songs! I have a patriots page with videos i would love to use your songs and credit you is that okay?

  50. Dante Covarrubias

    damn, how can you even nail it so many times?

  51. Ahlam Hossain

    I just love your voice. All your emotional songs pierces through the heart. So beautiful.

  52. HawkHTC Vive

    I want it on Spotify <3

    Blue Frost

    It's on Spotify

  53. Jay Capeder

    Gut gemacht!!

  54. noah Michael


  55. Robert Rab Jardine

    love your Songs

  56. Leunam Lipa

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✌✌✌✌✌✌✌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 from argentina 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  57. Sleepeman32

    Question will you post the other musics of this album when they are out because I like to hear the song first and the buy them to see if it is my kind style, but this song rocks keep it up

  58. SCLARK32


  59. JP NDLR

    2 days more

  60. Altaïr

    Woow 😍

  61. Rachael's amv Channel

    This song is so awesome/epic!! I love it😍

  62. juan barranco

    Dude perfect brought me here

  63. AchAL Sharma

    Love from India..❤️

  64. Anne Marie

    I'm shocked!😱 This is the most beautiful song I ever listen!

  65. Dflaming 1

    There is real redemption

    If you have lied, you are a liar
    If you've stolen something, even small, you are a thief
    If you have hated someone, you are guilty of murder in your heart

    Just going by these three, you are a lying theiving murderer at heart, and if judged in a court of law, would be guilty.

    For us, that means if this happens when we die, we would be punished for eternity.

    Even if you say sorry. Even if you do a lot of good. Donating to charity won't exempt you from the punishment of stealing or murder in our courts, much less those of a just God.

    So what can be done?

    Jesus came down and paid the price for those crimes, our crimes, so that we may be pardoned from them by

    1 turning from those sins and repenting
    2 putting our trust in Jesus

    We will fail sometimes. That is why he came and paid for those crimes.

    The crimes had to be paid for because God is Just

    But He sent His only son because God Loves YOU

    And that truly us redemption.

    Thank you for the awesome song

  66. sjoerd entius

    jungle still is my favorite song even tough these songs are awesome

  67. Lord Sebastian

    Yet again took me breath away <3 It's truly a gift song after song after song :) :) :) #ModernAlcemy #ZW "MYWOLF"

  68. Ghost The Mercenary

    Perfect way to use a matrix reference

  69. Max Rogge

    Best song I hear

  70. Jesus L.C.S

    This song could work with the challenge (TV show)

  71. Chrapka PL

    I love your songs. You're awesome! ❤

  72. Visnu Bala Murugan

    Best part from 3: 23

  73. Visnu Bala Murugan


  74. Chuyang Wang

    love you zayde wolf, every day I go to school by walking I will listen to your music

  75. Tal

    My favourite new artist

  76. Reagan Dillon

    This song is amazing!!!!! How dare there be 26 dislikes on a song as epic as it is.
    Zayde Wolf you are the best music artist EVER!!!!!!!!!

  77. Nick Neri

    Great start! Bravo! Don't stop there!

  78. living legend ph

    Hey what song do you write next

  79. Alina Fur

    Finally! I've been waiting for your new song. It's wonderful


    It may come in dude perfect next video after overtime 5

  81. PSI Upsilon

    Greetings from Norway!!

  82. jack carbell

    Cool yead 😎👍

  83. Brandon Bunch

    I had to pre-order when I heard this I can't wait for it to be released, love his music, always helps me relax and even perfect for my work outs

  84. LittleBlondeCupcakeLov

    I love you so much😊

  85. GTA GOD

    Best singer in the world better then Drake

  86. Kafiko.

    I have the best feeling when i hear your music, simply the best!

  87. Jonah Werbelow

    For me it doesn't matter how bad of a day I'm having if zayde wolf puts out a new song that day turns around real quick

  88. Manon Bonnenfant


  89. ArcticGaming329

    Yay a new song!!!

  90. JFe

    What a Great Song! :)

    Love it!

  91. Kubix258

    you have the best songs I've heard so far !! and I have a question when will this song come out on Spotify?

  92. Sour Shock

    A true masterpiece! My new favorite for sure!👌

  93. JezzLundkvist

    I'm glad I didn't buy the first version of the album yet. I'm so gonna get this one!

  94. Pineapple Ghost

    I literally heard all of ur released songs today on the xfactor.

  95. Movie Hub

    Zayde Wolf this is 🔥🔥🔥

  96. Naomi Windt

    The song is amazing ❤🎧🔥🔥

  97. Caniel

    G E N I U S

  98. Zayde Wolf

    Hey guys! I'm so excited to share Redemption with you, the first new song off of Modern Alchemy (Deluxe). You can get Redemption right away, and be the first to hear the new songs when you pre-order the album here:



    Damickon YT

    This song its epic

    Gaming with Carter

    Zayde Wolf I ❤️ your songs


    Zayde Wolf can this go on Spotify??

    bensid med tahar

    Deadly Games :)