Zayde Wolf - Oblivion Lyrics


Running out of air
Sinking like a stone
Sending up a flare
Hoping I float
I don't know where
There's only one way to go
Gotta cut the fear
I gotta cut the rope

Hope is wearing thin
The fury is caving in
The fire grows within
As I drop into
As I drop into

I don't know where this story ends
Never turning back again
As I drop into
Drop into

Standing on the edge
Look into the deep
Too stubborn to run
I ain't gonna run
Too scared to scream

Hope is wearing thin
The fury is caving in
The fire grows within
As I drop into
As I drop into

I don't know where this story ends
I don't know where this story ends
Never turning back again
As I drop into
Drop into

Release my breath
It fades like smoke
Leap of faith
I lose control
Into the depths
That I don't know
Light the match
Ignite my soul

I don't know where this story ends
Where this story ends
Never turning back again
Never turning back again
As I drop into
Drop into
Drop into
Drop into

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Zayde Wolf Oblivion Comments
  1. Raquel Quel

    That song deserves a award!! Uau, congratulations!!

  2. Jaimee King



    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you


    كم واحد عربي سمع هالاغنية و حبها يحط لايك ؟؟

  5. William Kraus

    literal chills I love this one just as much as the last

  6. Zohaib Sarfraz

    Great song, love it.

  7. Soul Wolf

    Could I get a shout out please?? Your my favorite song artist of all time, and I love your name, has the name of my favorite animal in it lol! You should do a collaboration with The Score too!! #ZaydeWolf #OBLIVION

  8. Hello Bro

    dude add some more singers

  9. Pritesh Vishwakarma

    Simply EPIC

  10. Food Solution

    Dis is cool and extrreme

  11. 15vertigo

    You're raising the bar with every song. Brilliant work.

  12. ofek536

    This is amazing!

  13. Douglas Moore

    This song has helped me so much this last week in terms of creativity. It helped me get out of art block and allowed me to write some shit out.

  14. Ady J

    This music is my life.

  15. MeaninglessVids

    Whers pandora

  16. Clarion XL

    Years and years and it took YouTube this long to recommend me the type of music I’d actually listen to months without end

  17. Wally .A

    You are AMAIZING!!!!!!!
    this song is so deep, I Love It

  18. Lokango FreeWar

    Hell yeah, didn't know that someone could get too high alone in music 😀

  19. CelticLion

    Listening to this makes me think of Hunger Games from the moment Prim's name was pulled to the final shot by Katniss to take down the final tyrant.

  20. Micah Smith

    Did anyone else get Mad Max: Fury Road vibes 0:01?

  21. Arriane Veronica

    I can see this as part of a marvel movie soundtrack or something from a cyberpunk or fantasy action film-
    This is amazing!

  22. Alien Z

    So many thoughts raced through my head during this song.

  23. Audio Addictionz

    I love it dude👌, altho i wish i had been here sooner. Rn its 9:53 p.m. and i cant get to sleep cuz im busy lustening to this awsome song 😂

  24. DanielTheJudgeCapito

    I Love this Song so Much!
    It is so Powerful and Brings me the Chills!


    DanielTheJudgeCapito DANIEL! Fancy seeing you here!


    @KasaiCantDraw The Lupo Community Has Assembled Here! Welcome to The Y OMEGALUL UTUBE Comment Section :)

  25. Decision Point

    Wonderful song. Music, vocals, anything is amazing !

  26. Agatha Figueira

    This is just perfect

  27. Joshua Steiner

    I didn't need to listen this for a second before liking it. I knew it would be great! Keep up the great work!

  28. Ryan Chrys

    great job girls! miss ya!

  29. Le Nha Thi

    Every. Single. Song. Is. Good...
    I mean how can 😭

  30. HAWX Mcgherbi


  31. Shiny Shuckle

    One thing I noticed is with collabs you always seem to go for a different style than your normal one, for example Walk Through the Fire. Not that it matters though, since both styles you use are really good.

  32. Ariel Reyes

    Standing on the edge
    Look into the deep
    In the darkness of myself
    _Welcome to Oblivion_

  33. overkill theboss

    Im so happy you guys started making music again

  34. tigerstanes

    Just sensed this being the soundtrack to Braveheart if it were ever remade. Nice work !!

  35. Arianna Chan


  36. andrew gratton

    Wow! Yup this song is amazing you got my sub!!!!

  37. Natasha Lugo

    As I said, my new favorite song <3

  38. Billg8Gamer 101

    *Ford and Chevy are using Zayde Wolf’s music in their ads.* Took em long enough... Now we’re waiting for movie production companies to use it for their theme songs.

    Shiny Shuckle

    Or at least in trailers

  39. Vipul Jain

    Its been never-ever : a Zayde Wolf song without lyrical-excellance . Such a great theme. Totally got oblivion but proud analysing it.

  40. John Failer

    Thank you Zayde Wolf for your Beautiful Songs. You always motivate me and Helped me out of Bad times. You are a Legend!

  41. Sulthan Syafiq

    We need this music on  music..

  42. Zenyx

    You always give me a force in your song Zayde , thanks to you , i can have the courage to realize my goals in my life... thank you from France 🔥

  43. 조예진

    GOOD JOB...!!!!!❤😍

  44. Awesome D2001

    I think this is now my favourite song of yours. It's brilliant

  45. raged phoenix

    Never felt so *amazing* eating a slice of bread

  46. Muath Amin

    another masterpiece by the master!! Immediate chills and goosebumps!

  47. Cardinals Football 2

    Zayde wolf is such a badass


    U should do a collaboration with the score or marshmallow 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Billg8Gamer 101

    DUCK DEEGZ What if he did a collar with both The Score AND Marshmallow? That’d be epic.

  49. Ice cream

    Suas músicas nunca me decepcionam,AMOOOO ❤❤❤❤❤💗💖💕💞💘

  50. richard bidinger

    Best day of the week seeing a Zayde Wolf notification. Love this music.

  51. a r i e l

    Fuck, this is really good.

  52. Mr Wolflink

    Just replaced my top 2 zayde wolf songs this one wins

  53. Dem UHC

    Wow I love this song!!

  54. Cass LKY

    This video deserves more views.

  55. gowtham cs

    Once again ZAYDE at his best 😍😍 love from INDIA ✌️✌️

  56. WickedThreshold

    Looking to get in touch with zayde can i reach him cause people are telling me he doesn't answer his emails..

  57. Elmer Muff

    GOTT MIT UNS 👍🔥💕🕇

  58. CrazyKorean_RB6

    Can you do a collaboration with The score I would pay to listen to that 😍🤑

  59. CrazyKorean_RB6

    Have Tom Cruise make a sequel to Oblivion and USE this song in the trailer would definitely give me goosebumps

  60. Kaitybug50

    This song came out on my birthday and it does not disappoint!

  61. Jeffery Woods

    I have to admit this song laterally takes you into another world where there is snow and mountains this song is daaam good trust me I love it there is no word to describe this songs beauty no words to describe this song it's too good

    Soul Wolf


  62. Wissam Alzeer

    Won't talk about beeing so underrated........
    Gonna say that some will be a big big star
    Greetings from Syria

  63. Pranay Sharma

    Love ya zayde

  64. Javier Zambrano

    Epic 🤩🤩!

  65. Ilona Niedergang

    You are definitely my favorite singer...

  66. Angel Ramirez

    I LOVE THIS ♥️

  67. Grandi

    Zayde Wolf never disappoints!

  68. Steven Clark

    Speechless. ❤❤

  69. Jupiter Among Us


  70. Animesh Chaturvedi

    I want this on 8D tunes channel!!

  71. Nyxian

    You're a GOD!

  72. Forgotten

    Zayde never disappoints

  73. Jessica Vela

    Didn't even need to hear it. A commercial was playing and I already saved it to my playlist and liked it.

    Why you ask?

    Because I already know it's gonna be a hit! Zayde has yet to make a bad song 😏

    \m/ (^0^) \m/

  74. Wysper

    Heck yeah, this is great~! /dabs ø/

  75. TurboLazer

    Another not disappointing song Zayde!

  76. music 4you

    i love this song

  77. Stiven Correa

    Simplemente perfecto, Zayde Wolf sin duda el mejor

  78. Richard Compton

    Haven't even listened to it yet, and I already know I'm gonna like it. Your songs take up almost half of my playlist, there's literally not one song you've made that I haven't liked. Keep up the fantastic work Zayde, you've earned a fan for life.

  79. Christina Matich

    Everything about this song is perfect...I am speechless

  80. Sophie Tanggaard

    This is fire🔥🔥🔥

  81. Rithwik Joseph

    Yet another masterpiece from one of the most underrated artists ever. I enjoyed every part of the song. A beautiful song.

  82. CoolDude500

    Man I only discovered you recently but your already one of my favorite artists. Keep making great songs man, in fact make better ones. Cause even the best can get better.


    Used the wrong your rip.

  83. Subu Kumar

    Got my motivation for today 🖤
    Thank you so much...

  84. gカッパ

    I love this song, From Japan

  85. no u

    Zayde this is so good!! I’ve been having a pretty bad week so thank you for being such a great artist. Keep it up 😄👍

  86. losersweepers.

    One of my favorites by far! This was amazing! loved every second of it!

  87. Haisfly

    Hay Papantla tus hijos vuelan :v

  88. The Robson

    Zayde, I'm a fan of yours but I would love to ask you to make more epic sounds to motivate, I have a Spotify playlist that I play all day at the gym and a lot of the songs are yours like Gladiator, Born Ready, Heroes Cold-Blooded, and many others, I'd like to ask you to do more because everyone in the gym really likes your motivating epic songs with this workout footprint.

  89. Caner Canpolat

    NEW YEAH! <3<3<3

  90. Emerson Villazon

    OMG. Your powerful voices on my head are the most powerful things I've ever heard from U GUYS. EXCELLENT🧡🧡🧡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Eso es lo mas EXCELSO. I LUV IT👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  91. briantaylor7091868

    Another fantastic song

  92. Nathaniel Hamilton

    Nice job to you and Neoni, that felt so powerful

  93. I Once Ate A Taco

    hey wheres the dude that writes the lyrics?

  94. Stupid Mario64

    You should collab with Sam Tinnesz!
    Youd make an excellent team!

  95. Stupid Mario64

    Edit: keep making exceptionally fantastic music!

  96. Realtered

    And another one of these perfect songs for my playlist! Woo hoo!

  97. Zayde Wolf

    OBLIVION with Neoni out everywhere now!

    Chris Stone

    @Soul Wolf I have to agree with you

    Cardinals Football 2

    Zayde wolf why are you such a badass

    Artifex MMB

    Hey zayde wolf can you release a instrumental version?

    Soul Wolf

    @Chris Stone Thanks

    Soul Wolf

    @Garret Bernard Especially when it's a collab XD lol