Zayde Wolf - No Limits Lyrics

The day is coming like a pistol
That's aiming at my brain
The way you shining like a crystal
Makes me forget the pain

It's do or die, it's do or die
A battle cry, a battle cry

Don't stop keep going, don't stop keep going
Don't stop keep going, don't stop keep going

No limits, no limits
We're taking it all
We're taking it all
No limits, no limits
We're taking it all
We're taking it all
No limits

I've been walking tall lately
Nobody can hold me down
Things are moving like crazy
No, nothing can stop me now

I'm dreaming it, I'm dreaming it
I'm living big, I'm living big

Don't stop keep going, don't stop keep going
Don't stop keep going, don't stop keep going

No limits, no limits
We're taking it all
We're taking it all
No limits, no limits
We're taking it all
We're taking it all
No limits

No limits, no limits
Can't hold me back I'm all in it
No limits, no limits
No dream is too big not to finish

Don't stop keep going, don't stop keep going

No limits, no limits
We're taking it all
We're taking it all
No limits, no limits
We're taking it all
We're taking it all
No limits, no limits
We're taking it all
We're taking it all
No limits, no limits
We're taking it all
We're taking it all
No limits

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Zayde Wolf No Limits Comments
  1. Misso D

    OMG this song is my favourate

  2. Dj The best

    Increíble I love this song!!!!

  3. Inspired Truth

    How could anyone NOT like this song???

    Dziadziu Power

    Inspired Truth beacouse everone has a different music style

  4. Ampawan Goch

    We r all form dp.
    Btw too good

  5. Abbas alawie

    Ich dachte das wäre das von beof

  6. Heather Head

    This song is very incurring and made me not to feel weird as a girl playing baseball and football.

  7. depar phyokyaw

    How did dude perfect find this song

  8. Ralph Succulent

    I’m here because of a marvel edit from Ak editx

  9. Xion rusoviet

    Nice !!!

  10. Mustafa Farrukh

    Great video

  11. Sandeep Nagarajan

    This song is Lit! Imma addicted to this son

  12. marshal avv


  13. Nach

    Hey Man I wanted to use this song in a project, how can I buy its license?

  14. bestgamer823

    I love zayde wolf and dude perfect

  15. Acción y Creepypastas

    Your songs are my motivation for the gym.

  16. Hannon Ellis

    this is my fovorite thing to liste to in school

  17. Tony Lloyd

    The animation is so good


    Dude this is Just perfect

  19. Lancaster and Company

    my cousin has this song on his phone

  20. Heidi Simpson

    What are the ropes on the water doing there tho?

  21. Heidi Simpson

    I love this dudes songs



  23. Jordan Turner

    Zayde Wølf is what brings me here not dude perfect.

  24. Zack Peterson

    No limits on how good this artist is

  25. Hannon Ellis

    i love listin g to all of your songs at school

  26. Kathy Schraffa

    This is a really good song!!!! We need to at least hit 3 mil views by the end of 2019!!!

  27. Jay Soliz

    I love your song no limits it’s really good I am so happy you made it


    Need for Speed No limits

  29. SlyStar64

    Im probably the only one not from dude perfect

  30. XxSavageMikeTvxX

    Im here cause this good music

  31. Team Chase Elliott2

    Best TEXaS motor speedway song

  32. 로레기 Lorraine

    I came here because of DP, but now I come here because of Zayde Wolf

  33. Paul Kienitz

    Dude Perfect seem to be singlehandedly popularizing an entire genre of testosterone-soaked jock-pop. Sometimes, it's even Christian testosterone-soaked jock pop.

  34. Mare Mrma

    Remco Evenepoel?

  35. Puangpaka Chaweewong

    What do you look like

  36. Ingo Jackel

    Just keep in singing it really good

  37. Ingo Jackel

    Don’t give up just keep on going,there is no limits 😎

  38. NeptuneYT

    how do you only have 185K????? Your music is *incredible* and I mean that

  39. Colin Read

    This song is so awesome 👏

  40. None

    Can I use this song for a video?

  41. Russian Wolf

    This song is so good I like listening to it while I practice basketball

  42. RagingQuiting YT

    My lyrics
    Incoming like a zombie it's ahead at me
    But there is a creeper beside you another one
    Oh oh ooh lets get a point let's get a point
    Let's kill them now let's kill them now.

  43. Juan Pablo Munguía Erazo

    me encanta es lo mejor 👍🏼👍🏼

  44. RagingQuiting YT

    That from dude perfect all golf sports battle 2

  45. Tara Puckett

    You are fucing lucy

  46. Samson Campbell

    Literally everybody here is from dude perfect

  47. Максим Черкасов

    The BEST what i've ever listened to

  48. Cald- Nascar

    Great song

  49. Sherry lee Raven

    Who wants a fight???

  50. Muhammed Avci

    Jesus Hz. Isa we need each other... Don't disappoint me.

  51. Jacely Salveson

    fuck calculus amirite

  52. Beniamino Crispino

    JMARZA porcoddio

  53. Sirawit Anthipkul

    Dude perfect

  54. Rayne Enzo Difuntorum

    This song is amazing i like the blue part and no limits this vid makes me want to taking it all plz your song is a monster

  55. Williams Edi

    you song is very nice keep it up

  56. CODY1611

    Does anyone no a version where there’s no vocals cause I like the instrumental a lot but can’t find it

  57. Adrian Ramos

    They shoukd have used the cinimatics and the music for. ready player one when the they first entered the oasis

  58. Noah Hernandez

    Every time I listen to this song I get so hyped

  59. Noah Hernandez

    Can’t hold me back I’m all In it 🔥

  60. Kelly

    I'm still here 👏🏻🍾

  61. Princess Ego

    Dude Perfect who lmao


    Thats what she saiddddd

  63. Thor Landry

    this is the best song ive heard in a while

  64. unkown filipino

    Whos here cause of dude perfect? Cause i am

  65. HCR 100300

    "The best"

  66. Melany Amaya


  67. Lawrence Reichert

    TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!😀😁 I am now 15!

  68. Borris Animal

    summer slam 2019

  69. Lawrence Reichert

    i came from summerslam!

  70. Sub-Zero Truevil MK11

    And summerslam 2019

  71. Brothers Of Inspirations

    Just remember : There are NO LIMITS in our life !

  72. Dr.Dr4m4ix

    Hello i'm not coming from Dude perfeckt i'm comung from Germanletsplay bestof

  73. Muhammed Avci

    Blood of Ummeti Muhammed is renewed everyday.

  74. Isaac Free

    No limits~oculus quest

  75. Muhammed Avci

    Strippers.. lashes will come from 21 July 2019 onwards.

  76. Empire Yard Universe

    Your all songs will be Awesome...and I also want to use in my videos and I give you credit please give me your permission bro.....I like your all songs..😍😍

  77. Muhammed Avci

    All this is from Allah swt, were just mere humans and to him we belong. Quick laser tattoo is enabled with pain free.

  78. cynthia palomares

    Hits 1 can you please put this song on the radio tommorrow


    Who came here because of dude perfect

  80. thunderhawk j12

    Best song

  81. TheMuffin37

    Here from Wahbasss :D he uses it in his outros but with different music over

  82. Conchita Perez

    My name is Clarisa I am 9 years old and I love your music zayde wolf

  83. Shawn19 Meza

    All time favorite song

  84. - -

    i came straight from dude perfect here

  85. Archana Singh Sharma

    I dude perfect is cool this is coo

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    If u give me your permission can I use this in my vids?

  87. Magicc Killer

    good rhytmic song for killers

    Jaim Ayy

    Magicc Killer killer queen already touched the replies button

  88. TheMonthlyChomp

    99.9% is dude perfect
    0.1% this is a good song WOW

  89. Raghu Surya

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    As if you could do better

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