Zayde Wolf - New Blood Lyrics

I spent my whole life chained to the wall
Hungry for more
Not afraid to fall
I had to cut a man down to get where I am
But someone had to tumble
And someone had to stand

Don't try to fight
Nothing you can do
I'm gonna run all over you

It's too late to try
Nothing you can do
I'm gonna run all over you

I'm looking for new blood
And nothing gonna stop me now
Looking for new blood

Most of my life was heavy and hard
So many days, so many scars
But it was all of those years to make me who I am
I broke through and here I stand

Don't try to fight
Nothing you can do
I'm gonna run all over you

It's too late to try
Nothing you can do
I'm gonna run all over you

I'm looking for new blood
And nothing gonna stop me now
Looking for new blood
And nothing gonna stop me now
Looking for new blood

I'm looking for new blood
And nothing gonna stop me now
Looking for new blood
And nothing gonna stop me now
Looking for new blood

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Zayde Wolf New Blood Comments
  1. Eric Gibbons

    whos here listening after reimagined announcement

  2. Kyle Madgwick

    0:59. 1:50

  3. Alberto Perez

    Like si vienes por el vídeo de la remontada del Barcelona 🔥

  4. Natsu Dragneel

    Everytime when i hear ur songs im getin so hyped, well awful job bro!

  5. XxITzAshton XD

    Ngl I think this should be in the Jamie Johnson season 5 trailer

  6. Travis Aldrich

    Not gonna lie, I first heard this on the Rio Olympics 2016 ads on the Golf Channel. I totally forgot about it until a couple days ago, when I checked you out. Major deja vu

  7. Dark side

    its really fits Lucifer series

  8. Kate Gaming YT

    OMFG just like imagine dragons!!! New subscriber here

  9. Ivette Rodriguez

    Here from World of Dance!

  10. John Vitales

    I need to find new more songs haha get it i love this thx fro making this

  11. Lesley Pascuzzi

    Another Level I would say is the best you have created

  12. Lesley Pascuzzi

    Another Level: good

    Light That Fire: good

    New blood: so bad

    Elijah Berrios


    Elijah Berrios


  13. Sargun Bhatti

    Zayde Wølf is the greatest, try to change my mind

  14. Muhammed Avci

    Imam Mehdi is Mufti Ismail Menk it was always supposed to be him... I got it wrong or it was a trial for us

  15. Van jay

    191 k subscribers is not acceptable we need to gain more ,he deserves better
    Let him get at least 1.6 m subscribers

  16. Ramachandran Sathiamoorthy

    I love this song 😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😄😄

  17. Jake

    This song has been stuck in my head for YEARS and I FINALLY remembered where I had heard it- was MTV the Challenge. So I literally just spent an hour looking through the soundtracks from like 3-4 years on 3 different seasons, 98 songs on each playlist and I FINALLY found it lmao


    Sidenote- I couldn’t remember any words, just the melody

  18. ananthu. pavi

    Dude perfect music 😘

  19. Laura van Wa

    Would be perfect as a soundtrack for lucifer 😁😍

  20. Brady Carpenter

    this guy deserves world status

  21. Gabby Huval

    Songs are short but pays off because it’s great pump up music I listen to this when
    I practice football

  22. ylsan P

    was it NEW BLOOD how they called the people with a god dad or mom in the series percy jackson????

    Richard Compton

    Half-bloods, not new blood.

  23. Jhon Chica Rendon


    Puto el q lo lea

  24. dragon lover 3000

    What album?

  25. Melchard Caranto

    Super bowl trick shots!

  26. Rémi Martinache


  27. J Copperfield

    Cowabunga it is.

  28. KKM Archives

    *QUA LI TÀ*

  29. Rajasekhar Metla

    This song still sounds so fresh after all these days... How do you do this Zayde 😉

  30. Astral Sapphire

    I personally love these songs so much because if you have an idea of let’s say a mafia or a kaz brekker kind of character these songs are so perfect. AND THEY PERFECTLY MATCG THEM TOO WHICH IS WHY MY BOOK ASS LOVES THEM SO THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  31. Dragonite

    It’s súper BADASS

  32. WBA 4 Life

    The real MVP’s in this comment section came from The Hawthorns...

  33. Noor A Ali

    كله اجانب محد عربي

  34. Daviton JNR

    Not sure if people are scrolling through the comments now days, but what is the genre of this type of music?

  35. 10k subs with no videos please?

    Does anyone feel like a badass when they play this song???

  36. Helen Rocha

    Yaaaaasss!!! More people should listen to you!! SO amazing!!!

  37. tomax567

    incredible just incredible

  38. Sassy Artist

    Dexter Theme

  39. Deanne Neville

    The face in the baxkground scares me

  40. Tom

    Mind = Blown

  41. Sky Kid

    Who's here for the Spider-man MCU AMV?

  42. Alana Frazer


  43. ita _0403

    NO MAMEEEES!!!!!!

  44. Gabriela Escoto

    Why haven't I found his songs earlier?? SO DAMN GOOD


    his blood is cold now he is looking for a new

  46. deepa Sharma

    Everlasting song I list it the best

  47. An angry Jets Fan

    Dude perfect anyone?

  48. Elkin Saravia

    Another master piece of song!

  49. Guy

    *Clip was filmed in Australia

  50. Goldie

    I swear to God all of your songs are my favourite! I could listen to each one of them on a continuous loop until I die (which is what I'm probably gonna do)

  51. saad qureshi


  52. WolfTv sounds


  53. SammasSwag

    This is my favorite song by you

  54. PhanthoM

    *DuDe PeRfEcT??*

  55. Lachlan Crawford

    clicked by acident best mistake ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. adeetya chaubey

    this guy is totally tuned in the beast mode. he can never make bad songs

  57. SammasSwag

    Dude u need to team up with imagine dragons

  58. Paulo Abesamis

    Jack Reacher

  59. Ayush Singh

    Love from India bro ..Your song just boost up my adernaline.

  60. The sporty Gamers

    Put it in 2x speed😁

  61. Jordano Campos

    This is really underrated I love it!!! If it wasn’t for Spotify I wouldn’t have found this masterpiece

  62. k k gurl

    Where have you been for most of meh life?! I just barely heard this song (2019 may 20)

  63. Spacemrcuddless Clan

    A dwarf listened to this

    Now he is a giant

  64. Avery 3838

    I saw this in dude perfect and liked it. I think it would be great for a sasswars slomo

  65. Dou Yang

    why did I not know you before…… all of these songs are just amazing… make me feel like I‘ve been listening to craps for my whole life……

  66. Aurora Vivienne Rietveld


  67. Lisandro Arreola

    I love your music Zayde Wolf

  68. Darshan Tejani

    I am addicted to this song, I urgently need a doctor

  69. mr leedles

    La Sombra, aka Andrade "Cien" Almas' theme song in CMLL

  70. Beano Burrito

    This is the music from “Man on the run” by Jaxon Gamble.

  71. mrbigg151

    Heard this watching trick shots. Just finding out about the other songs I love too. This should be in the next superhero movie soundtrack. Keep putting these jams out

  72. Meghan Cavanagh

    Zayde Wolf, your vibe is crazy awesome! I love this song and others of yours! Keep going, I need more music like this😂

  73. Marko Huljak

    Shameless, anyone?

  74. Kevin Wise

    Dude Perfect is literally the main reason why there is so many veiws now!😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Youpop

    When I clicked this thing
    AD came out with

  76. Mayam VP09

    High volume may damage hearing.
    But it force me to do so.

  77. Pradeep Chintagunta

    Fucking Awesome 😍😍😍😍😍🔊🔊📢📢📢🎸🎹🎧

  78. Arman Siraj

    This song is used in Jack reacher never go back trailer

  79. Anna

    Kaypea Anyone?

  80. Haseeb Hashmi

    My Kids hates you know because i sing your Songs nonstop^^

  81. vasantha rajan

    im gonna run all over you ...
    ..gets me every time

  82. NicoleWattersonShow

    Nicole Watterson Der Film

  83. Kelli Wolverton

    I got this from Nebraska football pump up hit that like button if you got this from Nebraska football pump up

  84. Music Bash

    So good and motivational song. Very good for a piano song.

  85. Polski Ziom

    i to jest muzyka :D

  86. RIDER Gaming beny

    Who is here from dude perfect

  87. Jhony

    this my second time listening a zayde's song ,and i can say that i loved it

  88. Christy Mallesky

    Pittsburgh pens

  89. Logan Boomer

    Damn and I thought that other songs were hype

  90. Shelbylyn Vernon


  91. Panagioti Priftakis

    Is anyone from th Penguins commercial they play every game

  92. Carlos Rivera


  93. Elizaveta Ogorodnikova

    Dude Perfect sent me here.

  94. The DailySpazz

    Play at 2x speed and it totally changes the song.

  95. mynameisvampka

    Your music described with one word: BADASS. Subscribed!

    Alien Z


    Beano Burrito

    This is the music from “Man on the run” by Jaxon Gamble.

    pic nique

    It's like vampire music I like it bc they're my favourite kind of mythologic beings :")

    Vea Cabral

    This song is a recruit for new Titan members.

    Elijah Berrios

    @Ellis Burkeoh yes he is