Zayde Wolf - Live Life Lyrics

Sometimes I think that I'm the dreamer
The one that's standing all alone
Sometimes it feels like it's forever
Since I've truly felt at home

What am I gonna do
What am I gonna do
To feel like freedom's mine
What am I gonna do
What am I gonna do
To feel like freedom's mine

Live life
Like I never have
Live life
Through the good and bad

Live life
Like I never have
Live life
Through the good and bad

Some nights I stay up staring at the stars
Wondering how far it goes
I know this life is all I have
That's what I've always been told

What am I gonna do
What am I gonna do
Will you go where I go
The time is now not when
I'm reaching for your hand
Will you go where I go

Live life
Like I never have
Live life
Through the good and bad

Live life
Like I never have
Live life
Through the good and bad

Like it's the only one
Like it's the only one
Like it's the only one we got

Live life
Like I never have
Live life
Through the good and bad

Live life
Like I never have
Live life
Through the good and bad

Live life
Like I never have
Live life
Through the good and bad

Live life
Like I never have
Live life
Through the good and bad

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Zayde Wolf Live Life Comments
  1. J Shelton

    your song is the best its my favorit song.

  2. Peter Campbell

    Who came here aftrer the grand tour

  3. Spike McFinn

    Being young means having fun while you still can. I know I am!

  4. Dru Gamer83

    Love this feel, oh and I think people hear Imagine Dragons in your style 😋🤘👍👌

  5. Travis Tam


  6. بلد المحبوب

    live life...... love life😍😍روووووووووووووووعة

  7. Deziyah Harvey powerful to send this offering to this world. Humbled by your sheer audacity!

  8. Mc_Swag

    Who is here after top Gear/grand tour last episode ?

  9. DM87™️

    The peace and serenity of this beautiful Ugandan morning was shattered by the bellow of a wild animal. CLARKSOOOOOOOOON

  10. Boris Hillboy Productions

    Who came here after watching The Grand Tour? Big up JC, JM and RH. What are we gonna do when you won´t be here?

  11. LE 11

    RIP Old top gear and Grand Tour 😫

    Marko Jeraj

    Literally one of the corner stones of my childhood are those 3 legends. I can only wish to have such good friendship like those 3 years gone by like a summer storm... Gone but never forgotten top gear! Enjoy your retirement fellas


    Grand tour season 4 waiting

  12. Hjorth Grus

    17 years! Not even lived that long myself! Ive watched everything tho. Must say it was worth every penny. Every hour. Every second. Such a shame, but life goes on. 2002-2019.

    Marko Jeraj

    I havent lived the whole 17 years of it, but by god i've watched it back 34 years over. My childhood lost a corner stone...

  13. Shane Kirwan

    The grand tour top gear?

    Marko Jeraj

    Sadly yes...

  14. Bijinius Cross

    is this Imagine Dragons??? it's got to be, right? it's the _EXACT SAME THING._ is this a cover???

  15. Kacper Filip

    I Love this song! Can't stop listening.

  16. Matthew Noble

    Rest in peace Jeremy Clarkson James May Richard Hammond top gear and the grand tour.


    Matthew Noble top gear is still running just with different people

    Ok Mate

    @erner old top gear


    @erner yeah and its kinda shit.....


    erner I barely watch tv anymore I stick to Netflix and stuff like that


    There’s grand tour season 4

  17. Jurgen Plaushku

    This reminds me of Avicii, your voice, the instrumenta, all of it.. a masterpiece

    neonwolf Plays

    Jurgen Plaushku same here

  18. Mahima Choudhury

    What an inspirational song!!!

  19. thefirstpage

    Your songs make me so happy :3
    Just never stop making them <3

  20. Tylan XCurtis

    Nice subscribe to me I’ll subscribe to you too plz I need to grow my channel, thank you!!!

  21. Virginia Bassu

    If someone made a movie of my life, I would like this soundtrack all the time because I deeply identify myself...💘👏👏👏😢🤗 (so emotional feelings) Thanks Zayde for giving us your inspiration and good way to see life. Do not abandon this, never. Support from Argentina🇦🇷

  22. imaxx Immink

    I just absolutely love this!

  23. Imaxx Immink

    this is amazing!

  24. katsuki bakugou

    I love ti

  25. Matthew Conley

    LOVE IT!!!

  26. Tommy Yaya


  27. Davider

    Why do people still listen to aggresive rap ?

  28. Darcy Goodwin

    sounds like shots by imagine dragons

  29. Adam Roberts

    This song sound like imagine dragons I bet my life

    Lance Jewliyen

    AdamRobb TV similar vibes man 😍


    more like a copy though...

    Random Atom

    That’s what I was thinking😮


    Thanks! That's the one I was looking for! I knew it felt familiar and I couldn't find it.

  30. Tyler Griffin

    I love the song. It sounds extremely similar to imagine dragons I bet my life, is there any way that this song was inspired by that one?

  31. Faith George


  32. Clark Miller

    This will always be my FAVORITE SUMMER SONG! Still listening in 2018 - infinity!

  33. alan leon

    I love this song!

  34. sam aderodga

    Bro this was on PBS kids for petesake

  35. George Arellano

    Love this guy makes me wanna do anything that challenges me

  36. George Arellano


  37. a deep van

    This song is absolutely stunning! Do you mind if I use it for a video, and credit you?

  38. Jim Wills

    Such a simple song with such a big message. I am 52 and this song rocks!

  39. Craig

    I also found this from watching PBS. A nice ripoff of that imagine dragons song.
    Pro tip: use the Google assistant on your phone "ok Google. What song is playing?"

  40. Ari Bugatti

    I do this song for my dance routine

    Yeyo Martinez

    Ari Bugatti For Minds In Motion If so me too

    Animal_gamer The man

    Yeyo Martinez you saw the minds in motion play?!?

  41. MrGroteska


  42. Pınar Deniz

    I was searching for this song but couldn’t find it. Till I figure out that its by zayde wolf

  43. baizecr1

    love your music!

  44. bigbiff38

    Awesome song! The lyrics are great, and the message is true, and important! If only more people realized...

  45. Astronauta Sobrio

    I listen your music all time your music is epic

  46. FerretEggs

    I hope everyone knows that the title in spanish is Viva La Vida, a coldplay song

  47. Because Kittens & Paint

    T H I S

  48. James Krawczynski

    Heard this on my local PBS station #houstonpbs #houstonpublicmedia

    Kimberly Smith

    James Krawczynski Me too!I've been trying to figure out the name of it.It's such a great song.I watch a lot of PBS.They have some of the best commercial songs.Just got through watching the new episode of Last Tango in Halifax.So good.


    #dallaspbs #kera

    Dvine Dzine

    So did I, James, I love it. :)

  49. Mayra Puerner

    I love this song!

  50. FruiTGamersHD

    I love this music
    I listen it every day

    Zayde Wolf


  51. UnTypical Guy

    I heard this on pbs, I can't believe it only has 61k views

  52. Roy Zhu

    Favorite song of yours

  53. nightshadow the skolftaur

    that moment when you hear a this song on a PBS bumper commercial and you spend the last 10 minutes looking for it lol

    Aria C

    oh my god that was me too!!!


    nightshadow. Heard on PBS!


    thank God, I thought I was the only who did that


    procstrat42. Sometimes tracking down songs from a few lyrics isn't that easy but it's something that I do.

    Xavier Paul

    Me too. It brought me here. I love watching pbs and masterpeice

  54. Sidney Frederickson

    PBS picked this up for their new promo! This and "Renegades" are my theme!

    Zayde Wolf

    I've heard. Which PBS show?

    Sidney Frederickson

    It's a general network promo showing clips of all the recent shows.

    Zayde Wolf

    Sidney Frederickson thanks

    nightshadow the skolftaur

    lmfao and here i thought i was the only one who came here from the PBS promo XD

  55. Emma Hart

    In Love with this song after Dancing with the Stars

    Zayde Wolf

    Thanks Emma!

  56. Mafer Diaz

    I fall in love with this song at DWTS, and now I just can't stop listening to it. It's like the perfect hymn. Excellent song. <3

    Zayde Wolf

    Hi Mafer! thank you!!

  57. Jake Joiner

    Found this one day listening to radio on Apple Music. I guarantee it will become big. It may take a long while, but one of your songs this inspirational will
    Get big. I believe it. And this song is amazing.

  58. 私はキティ

    1:59: "Hey, YoYo! Hey, YoYo!"

    Zayde Wolf

    :D :D
    Ran out of words. :D haha

    Dan Ben

    Zayde Wolf . Celtic people make beautiful music!! Great song buddy!!!!

    Animal_gamer The man

    Zayde Wolf you are so cool we used this in minds in motion

  59. Đorđe Kušić

    This song sounds so much like I bet my life by Imagine dragons...

  60. Strawberryhotmomma Ashley14

    your amazing

  61. Michael McIntosh

    Love this song!! My nephew loves it too and wants to sing it for a recital... for lack of a better word is there a karaoke / instrumental version of this song available?

    Zayde Wolf

    Michael, we don't have karaoke versions available right now. I'm sorry.

  62. Elizabeth Thompson

    You should have more like on this song

  63. Christine Wright

    I love this song. It's so inspirational to me. I suffer from Crohn's Disease and this year has been extremely tough. I first heard this song while recovering from major surgery and it totally fit my life. Well done, keep up the great work!

    Zayde Wolf

    Christine Wright thank you for this message. I hope your 2017 is healthy and wonderful.

    Virginia Bassu

    Christine Wright Blessings! It's so good read things like that. God always stay with you & I'm Totally Agree With You,THIS SONG IS SO MOVING.💘😢🤗💟😁 THANKS ZAYDE !

  64. Marcelo Mendo

    all your songs that i've hear are so good, but this, this is my favorite ❤ you have a lot of future Zayde

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you so much Marcelo!
    Please subscribe and follow me on social media. :D

  65. Jasmin Phua

    By far my favourite song 👌🏻 please produce more !!! Haha I love it

    Zayde Wolf

    Phua, I have a new song that is going to be on my new album called Golden Age that is very upbeat like this one. I think you will like it! My album comes out Nov 4.

    naenae&kered& angle squad davis

    best friend you look like a princess

  66. Tygr159

    I also heard that song for the first time during Dancing with the Stars. I saw that video like 10 times and after a while it started to play in my mind. After a month I was sure it's like very popular song that have around 10M views.. When I was at home one day, I decided to find the actual song. after 10 mins I found out that this song has just 10k views on the main channel. It's unbelievable, I really thought it had like 10mio at least.. Hope it'll come popular, it's great song!

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you for the compliments and for finding the song.
    I'm just an indie artist and producer, the only way to make this song "big" is for good people like you to share this link, and buy the song. :D

  67. Ay_dree_n

    Dude, they've played this song dozens of times on the radio at my work. I had no idea it was your song till now lol.

    Zayde Wolf

    Ay_dree_n cool! Where do you work? Do you know if they are streaming a playlist?


    Walgreens! I think it's just a random playlist run by the corporate office. They tend to play a lot of stuff that I've never heard of, and then I end up getting the songs I like haha.

  68. Stephanie Giere

    Oh my god, I am in love with this song. It's now my new life anthem.

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you Stephanie! Very sweet of you!
    I have a new one that will be on my album that I think you will like very much as well. Please subscribe or follow me on socials. Best.

  69. TheSnowboardGurlll

    I love this song!! One of my favorites!! Great job👍

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you so much. very kind of you.
    I'd love it if you would subscribe!

    naenae&kered& angle squad davis

    you're my best best best friend I love you so much my best best best friend I love you so much that's why I love you so much you so much the best friend ever don't ever ever ever ever heard about you you care about your mom don't be don't be don't be letting her don't be letting her do all those things to you and your dad could I can do everything you want but he can't do nothin to you and if you do something just call you my wife and if they fight


    andrel sumter what?

  70. ModernDayJuneCleaver

    This is going to be on Dancing with the Stars tonight I forsee a surge in popularity! Sharna and James are doing a foxtrot to this!

    Zayde Wolf

    oh woah. How do you know?

    naenae&kered& angle squad davis

    Zayde Wolf

    Jose Acosta

    Zayde Wolf look it up on youtube!! James and Sharna foxtrot the one with the most views. They just finished this season of DWTS as runner ups!!

  71. Jason Potter

    This is one of best songs i have ever heard!!

    Zayde Wolf

    Thanks Jason! Very kind of you.

    Rosadela Guzmán

    Oh my god!, is you!, i really love your song, I hear it every time I study


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  73. Casey Luna

    Born This Way brought me here :D

    Zayde Wolf

    I love it!

  74. Rajeev Rathore

    After so long came across to a artist whose all songs are great....... great work man.....n speciality new blood is the best...... keep it up...... wish u all d best for future....

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you!!
    Where did you hear about me?
    All of the songs are on spotify, apple music, etc

    Rajeev Rathore

    +Zayde Wolf Jack Reacher trailer.....

  75. GhostSlay3r

    Love your songs! Every1 is purfect! <3 Keep it up! :D Hope this never changes :)

    Zayde Wolf

    thank you!!


    Excellent job at E3 for Xbox, you really brought up all the gamers for playing and getting ready for the future... also...Not just for the games 4 yourself...and I can tell have an extreme talent ahead of you in the future.  WELL DONE Zayde Wolf.


    @Xbox4Life10 ikr :D

  76. bigboss 6549

    this sounds a little bit like i bet my life made by imagine dragons
    but this song is great :D keep up the good work!!!

    Zayde Wolf

    I do love that song too.

  77. Shadowthewolf

    Just found this channel and I find it amazing that this channel isn't extremely popular yet. Your guys songs are amazing.


    Definitely going to give this channel a short out.

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you!
    We just started this music earlier this year.

  78. A_ s

    Such amazing songs, subbed

  79. Caffeinated Nation

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who hears Imagine Dragons' I Bet My Life in this song...

    Zayde Wolf

    Hey! I love that song too!
    Def wasn't out to rip it off.


    You're not (;

    Caffeinated Nation

    I can't believe I got a reply from Zayde Wolf and I didn't catch it until now. *7 months later* O_O
    (fangirling) :)

    Heybois Whatsup2006

    Yer not alone

    WolfHuntr CR

    It's 👏not👏in👏the👏same👏key.

  80. Raiiser

    You are the best :)

  81. Firat Cicek

    Awesome.i think that you just have to wait a little bit.Trust me man.You are going to be famous.Everybody is going to listen to your music.

  82. Redll0W Real-/;:

    not bad :)

  83. A. M.

    Why are you so good, yet so unpopular...not fair that songs like stupid nae nae are famous and good music like this ain't, anyway keep up the amazing work mate and I hope to see you up at the top one day cuz you deserve it!!! :') :)

    Zayde Wolf

    Thanks Adrian!! We are just getting started and are completely independant.

    You could help with that!
    I would love it if you wanted to share or post the song on your social media! It would be awesome for us, and you would get to be the first to brag about the cool song no one knows yet. :D

    A. M.

    +Zayde Wolf Haha 😂, will do (all of the songs so far) 👍👍

  84. DigitalHIFI09

    I love that you're the type of artist to release a good feeling type of song👍

  85. Remastered Gaming

    Mate i Cant stop listening to your Music o: Awesome work !

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you so much!!

  86. BlackAndWhite Beatz

    Some people are really good artists then quit. Don't be one of those people who have been inactive for years plz.

    Zayde Wolf

    Thanks brother, I've been working as a producer for years and only decided recently to release some of my own material. I'm glad the songs mean something to you!

  87. JMAN Rocks 23

    keep it up

    Zayde Wolf

    thank you!

  88. caleb rawley

    this song is so inspirational and heart warming. you deserve so much more popularity than you have. you're an amazing artist with such incredible undiscovered talent. i love you music and cant wait to watch you're success explode

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you Caleb for your kind words.