Zayde Wolf - Hurricane Lyrics

Is it a dream?
Is it a lie?
Holding us together inside
Together inside
Is it a noise?
Is it a flame?
Holding us together inside
Together inside

There's a storm coming
There's a storm coming
We've been here before with it
Thunder like a war with it
There's a storm coming
You and I are the hurricane

Where is the light?
In all the dark?
Blinding us from who we are
From who we are
Is it dawn?
Or is it the end?
Holding us together again
Together again

There's a storm coming
(There is a storm coming
There is a storm coming)
There's a storm coming
(There is a storm coming
There is a storm)
We've been here before with it
Thunder like a war with it
There's a storm coming
You and I are the hurricane

In a world
Where nothing is forever
Can we be?
Can we be?
Through the hurt
Will we stay stranded in the weather?
Can we be?
Can we be?

There's a storm coming
There's a storm coming
We've been here before with it
Thunder like a war with it
There's a storm coming
You and I are the hurricane

There's a storm coming
(There is a storm coming
There is a storm coming)
There's a storm coming
(There is a storm coming
There is a storm)
We've been here before with it
Thunder like a war with it
There's a storm coming
You and I are the hurricane
You and I are the hurricane

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Zayde Wolf Hurricane Comments
  1. Nicky Carioto

    Zayde and FJORA together songs are fucking awsome plz make more with her there so good

  2. Thiago Boas

    Vim pelo Dark

  3. Les Cassin

    U need to do a cross with the score it would be incredible

  4. Bailey McGrath

    Came out a year from today.. Still love it! :)


    Copyright free ??

  6. Tesla Model X

    Can Dude Perfect use this music? It sounds beautiful!

  7. Christopher Wajda

    The TV show Instinct brought me here.

  8. Isaac Bobonis

    Who's here for Instinct?

  9. Rakshith Rakastro

    I am lucky to know some great artists like
    Zayde wølf and The score

  10. T O'Malley



    Thank you.

  11. mark clift

    Cheeky bit of Love Island

  12. Piduru Venkat

    it reminds me of cold-blooded 1:52

  13. ImJustACrazy Person

    I love ur songs! And I love ur voice! ❤️

  14. Alpi_I

    That was so fking beautiful! I was just watching the video without saying a word. Most of the times I want to sing when I listen to songs but this time I couldn't stop the gently voices and instruments. WOW

  15. Nathaniel Kurtzberg

    This is my favourite music for the rest of my life! This is so powerful and full of emotions!

  16. DJ Nightingale

    Reminds me of SVRCINA

  17. IC Mind


  18. Blazify HD

    Thanks for adding the lyrics because i sometimes misshear what you say in the song so i can check

  19. Kennedi Williams

    Guess who just found their new favorite musician


    Got Motivated.

  21. Ghost_Speedster

    Other music artists better watch out because "THERE'S A STORM COMING!"

  22. Happy Hamburger

    I don't see how your music is on the radio. You are the best artist I know. You are the only artist I actually listen to. Keep up the amazing work.

  23. ゼロおた

    Loved it🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍😍

  24. marta andahl

    OML this is amazing! THERE'S A STOOOOORM COMINGGGGG!!!!
    U probably don't know what dis is but this is the perfect song for BLINK 3003

  25. 2nerdsonacouch

    Dear Zayde , I found you through DrLupo and I am SO glad I did cuz your stuff is FIRE :) <3

  26. amel 123

    what do we call this type of music

  27. Ali Naga

    is it copyright?

  28. HaRdCoRe HrVaT

    Beautiful text and really good audio dude you're awesome and this woman to.
    Big respect from me❤️❤️❤️

  29. Kieren Proctor

    Got Legacies written all over it 😍🙏

  30. Robin Valson

    love u zayde

  31. Sparsh Agarwal

    Can I use this music for one of my upcoming videos? I don't intend to monetize it and will give credit.

  32. Irvin Nieto

    no "pos" GG :v

  33. Hans Ruhlmann

    If he'll stops, i'll of grieve and rage!

  34. AllenTheGamer

    What the frick Zayde, your music is too badass to go this unnoticed, honestly those shit rap songs should have this many views and you have have their millions of views, cause YOU DESERVE IT ROCK ON!!

  35. Andrew Ring

    If you delete your channel I will die of being depressed :'(

  36. Archit Kushwaha

    I'm proud of myself bcz I'm listening to u before u hit billion views

  37. Manu MD7

    In love with that song

  38. Daniel Mcmullen

    You gotta do a song featuring Trever McNevan! He is an amazing singer

  39. Andrew Ring

    \_(*o*)_/ <------ Jaw drop

  40. LoboSolitario

    I love it , NICE <3 ;)

  41. Parthip Krishna

    I love you Zayde wolf !!!

  42. hannah benson

    you are literally so underrated it frustrates me but hopefully you’ll blow up one day

  43. Johnny Pham

    One word: legit

  44. MartialArts4321

    I'm a fan of today's hits. Including rap. But there's something about this music that amazes me. Gives me goosebumps and puts me in the heart of amazing epicness

  45. Francesco Bacci

    Simply Wonderful song!!!!!! 😱

  46. S3noxis

    Damn. I found you from the Titan Games trailer. I'm not disappointed

  47. Abir Zakaria

    I would pay all the money I got to see zayde work with imagine dragons it would just be great music great voices great everything

  48. Abel Jessica


  49. Cindy Goodrich

    I love your music. I listen every day.

  50. Scarlett Benoit

    "In a world where nothing is forever, can we be?" Shit, I fell in love with a phrase💕

  51. Mothiprasad G

    Why the hell aren't they famous?

  52. Константин

    It was...AMAZING!!!

  53. Tanner aka ODST

    So glad to have been a part of this musical journey for the past few years. Keep it going and rise up!



  55. Zbam!

    PERFECT ✌✌

  56. Landon Sliva

    u are the most underrated musicians there is you should be more popular then fall out boy and imagine dragons any day

  57. Respile Chou

    really like your music

  58. Jared Ensley

    this blows balls

  59. SwiiFt

    so beautiful ❤️❤️

  60. Marcus and Martinus

    So good my favourite music artist is zayde wolf

  61. Alex Spiddleston

    Damn, I'm late. Oh well. I'm here now. Late, but here.
    And god is this magnificent... Worth being late for!!

  62. SOW_ Elika

    Keep it up! Your music is amazing!

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    W O L F 💜

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    Absolutely love it 😍😍😍

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    When you haven't even heared the song but it's Zayde Wolf so you put it in your music list as soon as it's out😍

  67. Evan Cook

    I just fell in love. I thought I knew what music was till I heard this... who else got chills and eyes watering through out the whole song

  68. Denis O

    Holy mother... Awesome!

  69. für immer ❤

    I love this song❤

  70. northernlights

    I like her voice too- didn't knew here before, but sounds pretty

  71. northernlights

    Beautiful. One of my favs of him: probably my favs. I like it more when he sings more slowly

  72. Gentry Wetering

    Zayde Wolf as an amazing artist who deserves all the credit in the world. His music is not only amazing, but it taps into your emotions. For example, I listen to his music before every football or basketball game. It gets me pumped up and "Born Ready". You're a treasure man. Keep up the good work!


    It really digs deep no other music artists have ever really touched like this

  73. Irrelevant MoNStEeeRRr

    I appreciate your existence.

  74. TheFallenSheep 39


  75. TheFallenSheep 39

    Please don’t stop you are😃😃👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤟🤘

  76. Cody Meadows

    In case no one caught it. "There's a storm coming."

  77. Nexreythe

    Guys, the emotional color of your joint vocals is really beautiful. Thank you for your creativity!

  78. Adilson Sousa


  79. Karen Marie Little

    Amazing song. I jumped the speed to 1.25, to wake it up a bit more. Still an excellent spirit in the lyrics and background.

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    10 people don't understand the storm that's coming. I love you Zayde and literally everything you do, and sadly pretty underrated. Small audience for such a big sound.

  87. Nirmal Fernando

    Zayde buddy where the hell were u in these past days 🎶 ❤️ your All Songs in my Phone Most Played Playlist! I'm Fucking loves ur style ❤️ way to go man cheers 🍻

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    my first song from you was Heroes. then I played your other songs. and I absolutely fell in love with your work. Thank you so much for this amazing songs. Now you're my number one!💘💘

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    Waiting for rule the world instrumental version🙄

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    the best one😍

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    The one word to describe Zayde Wolfe, .... Epic

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    #România 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴


    Next dude perfect video for sure. Awesome song

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  97. Zayde Wolf

    Special thanks to FJØRA for this one. :) This is "Hurricane" available now from Modern Alchemy (DELUXE):

    treeko 10k

    Amazing song don't stop

    noah Michael



    Fjøra have the Ø in her name. What happened with yours? :O xD

    Cam Adeleine Izaga

    Zayde Wolf Love your music. I want a duet with Ruelle again. Please. Please.... Your voices mixed are incredible. Serious