Zayde Wolf - Higher Than High Lyrics

Did you ever think
That we would be standing here
Did you ever think we would?
Did you ever blink
And everything just disappear
Did you ever thing we could?

Let me show you how to be a dreamer
Let me show you how to chase down the sun
No looking back when you're a dreamer
We will overcome

Higher than high
Higher than we ever knew that we could go
Maybe we'll fly
Farther than the stars ever thought they could know

It's all looking up now
It's all looking up now we won't stop
It's all looking up now
Higher than high we won't stop

When I hear you say
"It's hard to keep from looking back"
Sometimes I think that too
Yeah I know it's tough
When every day is grey and black
But I'll keep on lifting you

Let me show you how to be a dreamer
Let me show you how to soak up the sun
You gotta keep walking on when you're a dreamer
And I know that we will soon overcome

Higher than high
Higher than ever knew that we could go
Maybe we'll fly
Farther than the stars ever thought they could know

It's all looking up now
It's all looking up now we won't stop
It's all looking up now
Higher than high we won't stop

Yeah we've been coming up
Just coming up
Yeah who knew
Now we are standing on top

Higher than high
Higher than ever knew that we could go
Maybe we'll fly
Farther than the stars ever thought they could know

It's all looking up now
It's all looking up now we won't stop
It's all looking up now
Higher than high we won't stop

It's all looking up now
Higher than high we won't stop

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Zayde Wolf Higher Than High Comments
  1. Hahah Hahahha

    Zayde wolf you give me hope! 🐺❤️

  2. Rishav Goswami

    Why the hell zayde's songs are not available on Instagram music in India 🤐🤐

  3. Antônio Huergo

    My new favorite song. Zayde, YOU ROCK!!!!

  4. Azim Dangol

    such a beautiful song

  5. Bhavya jain

    Finally a musician who sing about life rather than love stories and shit

  6. Sebastian Rodriguez

    Ex on the beach vibes

  7. cheryl p

    You know, its as if this song was put here just for me at just the right time. because this song is almost my whole life.

  8. Nate x.x

    oh my god where have you been all my life - first listened to gladiator and now this??? legendary.

  9. Specter Halo

    Everytime i hear this i can't help but think of How To Train Your Dragon. Just me? Ok.

  10. Hadeel Saqib

    this song is my inspiration

  11. Sammy Gasca

    Cool song I likeit😎😎

  12. Jenn Dobrev

    I instantly fell in love the moment I heard this song 💖

  13. Mariusz T

    I love all your songs

  14. Donald Moxham

    When you've downed a literal gallon of LSD.

  15. Daud

    Yo Zayde! Ya boys here before 200k or even a million

  16. universe of games

    I love this song can i make other videos on this song

  17. Diego F.

    Composição inspiradora com rítimo, voz, tudo muito bom! Parabéns e obrigado por compartilhar este trabalho!

  18. Subhash Chander


  19. Martin the Warrior

    Love this track! Better than a lot of imagine dragons stuff imo, and coming from me that's a saying a lot

  20. e e

    I'm glad you made the choice of being a musician. If you didn't, the music industry wouldn't be as good

  21. Joseph Oliver-Lynch

    you don't come across good artists any more and them i found you

  22. Mach das nicht

    I love this song. xD

  23. Ricardo Martinez


  24. Solenn Dif

    So excited to see the movie ! Kisses from France 🇫🇷😘

  25. Ale RV

    ME ENCANTA !!!

  26. Lucille Kanahele

    Does anyone know who sings this song. I'm not talking abt Zayde Wolf. Somebody else. If anybody can help me figure out, please? Okay, this is the only phrase I know from this one song, and it goes like,"How high we can go, oh-oh, how high we can go, oh-oh". Okay, that's all. I wanna know who sings it, that's all. I can't find it anywhere.

  27. Nere García

    Love all your songs ❤❤❤❤

  28. Andreea R Usn

    Just listen and feel

  29. Lucie Le Thieis

    Really good song 😍 It make me think about One Republic a lot ! Do they influence you in your music ?

  30. bigbigcheese2

    Probably my third favourite song (don't worry, you may not have 1st or 2nd but you have 4th and 5th - the top two are just one-off songs by mediocre artists - all your songs are on fire!)

  31. Lucas Lima

    I'm Fall in Love for this music ❤

  32. Esterka Hermanová


  33. rockdown92

    Love this Song :) keep smiling and dreaming

  34. Ly jo

    Love simon

  35. blytheseyebrows


  36. Anaya Martinez

    Love Simon brought me here like if you agree🤪

  37. Frankie Cariss

    I’m here cuz of “LOVE SIMON” but I haven’t watched it yet it’s just the adds/ trailers 🤣😂😅😁😆

  38. Eliezer Junior

    Meu Deus eu estou em prantos, finalmente achei essa música, eu ouvia ela no Trailer do filme "Love Simon" mas nunca achava o nome.

  39. Laia Sm

    I love your music! A hug from spain!

  40. Frost Gamer

    I swear this song sounds like something someone would use for a sub milestone video xD

  41. Frost Gamer

    I have found 2 awesome artists from Dude Perfect. The first was The Score, which I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, for well over a year. Just a few months ago, I found Zayde from Dude Perfect's best of 2017. You sir, are a legend :)

  42. Sebastian Lee

    Ex on the Beach brought me here

  43. mixa yt

    It's good music I love them

  44. Leydi Sofia


  45. Hannah Ritchie

    This makes me so happy , cause it reminds me of Love, Simon 💕

  46. Alison Welsh

    I really love this song! ❤️

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you!

  47. nishant chimote

    Just awesome

    Zayde Wolf

    You are awesome!

    nishant chimote

    love ur music brother .so happy u replied ..keep producing music

  48. QafianSage

    Well, colour me impressed. I don't usually go in for this kind of music, but the sentiments and sound of this one is quite something. Kudos to you, Wolf.

    Zayde Wolf

    Thank you!


    You're more than welcome. I'm just honored that you replied. :D

  49. Ícaro Fernandes

    Thanks Love Simon ad to show me this anthem

    Zayde Wolf


  50. iamsYckyyy

    Almost all these songs are perfect for my ear🔥

  51. Caitlin Bryce

    I love this so much! 😍💖

  52. Janet Le

    Amazing song 😍😍

  53. Britney B

    Fell in love with this song when I heard it on the radio 😊

  54. Alex Villanueva

    The memories 🏳️‍🌈

  55. weird life

    You deserve more subs :'( you got that voice 🖤

  56. Lucy

    😍Thank you Love Simon

  57. Dallas Oliver

    I was wondering if I'm allowed to use this in a Brady highlights video I'm posting on Facebook? You said personal use is okay but Facebook keeps wanting to mute it when I try to post. Can I go ahead and do that?

  58. GloryClan 22

    came from movie trailer

  59. Imogen Lyons

    This song is amazing! You are so talented!! 💗

  60. Noemi Turrubiates

    One of my favs ❤❤

  61. Jessica Tse

    I will break the replay button and then the share button. THAT's how much I love this song <3

  62. Deanna Elliott

    Woah!!! You have an incredible voice! Love this song!!!

  63. rain bow

    here from love, simon!

  64. TheCubingMaster25

    Omg I've been obsessed with this song because of Love Simon! Why isn't it on the soundtrack?! So good!

  65. Keeston Rashad

    Simon movie trailer anyone?

  66. Princess Marshadow

    I Love This Song! I Can't Wait for the Movie to Come out, I would like to watch it. it probably will be so funny :D

  67. 5bluepenguins

    I seriously thought this was Ben rector

  68. ateezoe

    here after hearing this on the love, simon ads. great song!!! it’s definitely my new favorite!! <3

  69. Cake Lover

    Woowwww omg this is my new fav song😭😭❤️❤️❤️😍😍

  70. Hafsa Hussein

    Love, Simon ❤️

  71. Hafsa Hussein

    Love, Simon ❤️

  72. Hafsa Hussein

    Love, Simon ❤️

  73. Edwin Diaz

    This is so good.

  74. Meredhyn

    Love all of your music :)

  75. heroine xoxo

    im here for love, simon

  76. JD Georgi

    you might not be very famous but movie makers like your music so that's a great start.

  77. Endralia

    when the beat kicks in and the line is "let me show you how to be a dreamer" ......... <3 <3 <3

  78. Shreeya Patil

    Can't wait to hear this song in the theatre while watching Love, Simon! :) Hope it's in the movie.
    All the love

  79. VanessaTV


  80. Rhia Losa

    Heard this on the movie trailer, definitely love this style of music 😭😭😭

  81. Beilott

    I Love your Music!

    It does feel me better!

    Thank you

  82. alece morgan

    I am so amazed that an artist came to change the feeling of lost amd sorrow in a song, especially with a beautiful movie like Love, Simon. I applaud you!

  83. Avril Rodriguez

    this song makes me want to do something fun.

  84. Martina Villamajna

    I knew this song from the new film Love Simon!😍😍

    Nikhil Srivastava

    Debora Keller So how would you like to stay in touch? via emails or anything else on your mind ?

    Mach das nicht

    Nikhil Srivastava emails?
    Is that okay?

    Nikhil Srivastava

    Debora Keller Absolutely...!! Here's mine:[email protected] :)

    Mach das nicht

    Nikhil Srivastava ok, I wtite to you

    Nikhil Srivastava

    Debora Keller Will be waiting... Thanks !!

  85. Kesone

    i was watching the new love simon teaser and i cried hearing your song in it

  86. Kaitlin Slover

    Love Simon!!

  87. Daelyn Reynolds

    man i had the biggest sneeze ever and a booger shot onto my laptop. btw great song keep up your dream!

  88. Zayde Wolf

    Hey Everyone! Have you heard this song in the "LOVE, SIMON" tv spots? comment below!

    Iron Spider

    Yeah i did! great song!


    Oh, My god, I heard it and the first thing I thought was "It can't be true", the second thing I thought was that u had stolen the song from the TV, but, seeing your comment, I see that U gave it, so Congratulations!
    I was pleasantly surprised to hear a song that I like so much and that is little known around here (Spain)
    Keep it up!! I love u music, dude! :P

    Movie Hub

    Zayde Wolf You Are Awesome

    ToaLycan 209

    Yesssssss that's why I've been searching this song ever sence I watched the movie

    ToaLycan 209

    @Shreeya Patil ikr

  89. Mina Okazaki

    thank you so much Zayde Wolf for inspired me ! 😍😍

  90. Bill Knott

    The commercial caught my ear
    The chorus is good.

  91. Xo Monii

    I love watching this show called Born This Way on A&E and this song was used on one of the episodes took me 5 months to find the song. Glad I did though

    Edit:This song really gives you the feeling of euphoria. You thinking to hard about something take out a sketch book and play a playlist with this song. Best thing I can do.

  92. 209CALI* *

    Usually I like a song a little less every time I listen to it. But this one I like more every time I hear it. It just gets better and better!!

  93. Joshua Breukelman

    legit one of my favorite artists 💕💕

  94. Crazy Panda

    i love your music

  95. Lumi Kobayashi

    Good song

  96. Jatan Pathak


  97. Hailey Campbell

    I am a hugeee fan!! i listen to all of ur songs!🔥🔥