Zayde Wolf - Heroes Lyrics

I can hear the lost crying
I can hear the truth hiding
The shadows are calling us out
I see the fear rising
Yeah but my hope is burning
The shadows are calling us out

We are heroes
Heroes in the darkest times
When there is no light
We are heroes
Heroes in the darkest times
But we'll rise above
We are heroes

It's feeling like the sun's hiding
But we're gonna keep moving, surviving
No we won't go quiet tonight
Stand up and shout louder
Oh no we won't be silent
The shadows are calling us out

We are heroes
Heroes in the darkest times
When there is no light
We are heroes
Heroes in the darkest times
But we'll rise above
We are heroes

When the night is starless
Only we can spark it
Light it up in the darkness
When the night is starless
Only we can spark it
Light it up in the darkness

We are heroes
Heroes in the darkest times
When there is no light
We are heroes
Heroes in the darkest times
But we'll rise above
We are heroes
Heroes in the darkest times
When there is no light
We are heroes
Heroes in the darkest times
But we'll rise above
We are heroes

We are heroes

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Zayde Wolf Heroes Comments
  1. Bhavya Ramakrishnan

    Logic must

  2. Bhavya Ramakrishnan

    Caution advised

  3. meyya methanenale

    I found this song after I heard it on sbs handsome tigers clip..😍😍

  4. Vishal Singh

    Who will be wishing to hit those persons disliking this song

  5. Jack Lane 288

    707 dislikes!?!? Ok people don’t know what real music is!

  6. sijato nikenja

    Amazing song 😍 😍😍😍

  7. Movie Fan 1000

    This Song is very nice

  8. Prateek Vishwakarma - AW

    Masterpiece bro 100million audition these song touch my heart can you see my comment to the producer 👍😱

  9. Sam White

    Heck frickin yeah Zayde wolf lets hear it for him being a hero by showing how to be one

  10. Jesus Herrera

    Best music I’ve ever heard keep up the good work!!😊

  11. Jacinta Donald

    695 dislikes
    we're gonna have a nice time!

  12. Aayden Smith

    So this is it? This and gladiator have gone mainstream? Mission accomplished? Let's keep going

  13. Technical super BASUU

    The best song ever I heard
    Who agree

  14. 清歌、


  15. ViraJ Gawand

    Thanos and his army : We are inevitable
    The Avengers : We are heroes

  16. 俊鑫


  17. Risen Gamer

    Just Love

  18. Camille

    Your songs are my mood setters. Mood: Determined

  19. Hello By today
    I'm here, even now it's brilliant!
    The spirit, the energy...
    Wow. Just... Wow

  20. Uciha Itachi

    This music gives me *superpowers*


    jango bichouu les gars

  22. Nicolas Perrachon


  23. Korynne Grillo

    OMG I love this song so much ur is awesome!!!! 👌👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️❤️ gosh

  24. _FAT1S_

    *"I will not fall, Till i die!"💪*

  25. Tanansh Ahuja

    I see many comments saying this song is made for avengers4.
    Now me being a big marvel fan do affirm with this BUT matter who you are, from whichever country, whichever land, your army, your people, paratroopers, a vedio made on them, their sacrifice, their toughness, their life on the border. Imagine this song in the background

    The real heroes! Those you protect you.
    They are the ones to spark the dark night
    They are the one who come to aid in the country's most brutal situations to handle.
    I hope somebody might get a idea and do make a vedio on Indian army

    the three chugs

    Tanansh Ahuja bruh why no one liking this

    Tanansh Ahuja

    @the three chugs dont know man!, but i really wish people just read it and one of them fulfils my wish

  26. saroj kher



    bangalira লাফাও

  28. 夜鹰


  29. Alparslan Ertekin

    Mithrain reisten geldim. Mrb

  30. Sena Doğan


  31. King Hon Lam


  32. VrXt 000

    Lewis Parker...

  33. Kristel Marie Blanco

    This Reminds Me Of My Best Friends Tho.

  34. Lunacrevv Colt



    Ouaiiis la streeet

  35. GorolMazi

    Sorry I didn't see this on the trailer... I saw this on the tribute video for polish special forces. The ones of the real "heroes in the darkest times" who would sacrifice themselfs, their lifes just to rescue a common man or brother-in-arms. Salute for all heroes who are gonna keep our fatherlands, our people, save 🙏

  36. Insert Name Here

    “The new world’s gonna Rick Grimes” - Abraham Ford

  37. 伟航

    有没有为王者kpl2019 AG胜利的歌曲来的!!!!



    Edwin Chen




  38. 夕阳Ix


    Edwin Chen


  39. Jia Kuan Kho

    Ag 夺冠bgm



  40. The Broken Window 456

    You are like tove lo , construct the dopest music

  41. shaun frost


  42. TruOnG CooL

    You can die like a hero or live long enough To become a villain

  43. Anarqchie

    Jango bichon vs corbeau



    Enzo Carrillo

    Oouuaaiiss grave bien comme musique d'ambiance

  44. Zero

    I will tell my son we were heroes

  45. 24

    Just super

  46. Vishal Singh

    You deserve more views brother

  47. My mom says I'm ugly

    Havent heard this in forever

  48. Suski Han


  49. Kristel Marie Blanco

    Zayde Wolf Is Awesome And Cool! Thanks For This Music! I Can't Stop Singing It!!! 😊😊😊😊

  50. Aionesh Mukherjee


  51. bloom 746/ bsevenfoursix

    This song makes me think about the Disney animated heroes (including Sora)



  53. mustafa quase

    Iraqi #ICTS was here 💪🏼

  54. MythicX C

    We are heroes heroes in the darkest time

  55. MythicX C

    Even tho how did u make this song wasn't it hard to be honest

  56. MythicX C

    Cool music

  57. Synthia MacEachern

    Credit to Panda Panda
    " In life, things go wrong. You feel low sometimes. You feel like nothing will get better. You think you're alone, you think you're an awful person, you think "Why do I bother?" "Why me?"

    We've all had moments like this at some point in our lives.
    We've all felt like the world hates us and wants us gone.

    And we're all here listening to this. Turn your lights off, close your eyes, and lay down. Just relax, and focus on nothing in particular.
    And now you feel better. Because you are better. Because this music made you think inspiring, stronger thoughts, you're now inspired and you feel better.

    Nothing's ever as bad as it seems.

    This is the power of music. It's why we're here. It's why we keep coming back over and over, because this music makes us feel not just good, but great.
    And we owe it all to Zayde Wolf for bringing these songs together.

    Here's to a good year, and more amazing songs like this. I hope this made you feel as good as it made me. Have a great day, reader. You deserve it. Whoever you are, you're awesome."

    Spread the word.

  58. Артём Державин

    Мы -герои

  59. Eleanor Z

    In honour of the survey corps. :)

  60. Ali Raad


  61. malikbasha shaik

    This is amazing i love to listen this song

  62. sofi doidinha

    Godd ^^

  63. Gita Nepali

    I love this song

  64. Narender pal Singh

    This song is for avengers , hit a like if u also want this song to be in next avengers movie

  65. ihsan uçar

    Mithrain yayin açıyor sanarsın😁

  66. Nanda Chakrabortty


  67. Ahmet Can Özkurt

    Mithrainnnn 💟💟

  68. Charles Morehouse

    at the time im watching this there are 666 dislikes and 66k likes XD

  69. Iron Man

    I think I found a new song that I love.

  70. Barrett Carpenter

    Came from NASCAR GOTS Hype video

  71. Ender Night

    Screw Justin Bieber!! This should be playing on radios!!!

  72. Kristel Marie Blanco


  73. unknown.

    One of the best tunning songs.

  74. Jason Mandel

    The perfect tribute song!

  75. Jason Mandel

    New favorite song!

  76. Dr.Billuram Dr.

    We are avengers. Avengers in the darkest times. 😎😎

  77. Dr.Billuram Dr.

    Tribute to avengers😎😎😎😎😎

  78. Antônio Huergo


  79. Vaibhav Thakur

    I cant stop listening this song 😍

  80. evilgame /michael sperling

    This is venom song

  81. Tiktok Chanz

    Avenger Vibes!

  82. Anthony Campos

    God Bless all first responders and our brave men and women who protect our country.

  83. Movie Fan 1000

    This Song is Epic

  84. The gaming kitty

    Bruh this is So good

  85. 「Hero.amvz」

    we Are Heroes!!

  86. Nishan Dalui

    this song motivated me during my exam period....thank you zayde wolf


    love your songs Sir , you are a real artist, your songs gives goosebumps

  88. Rahul Bagul

    Why it is so underrated ?

  89. Joseph Lano

    Muito foda!! Um trecho deixei na bio do insta! ❤

  90. Lollix YX

    Nice Song for pokemon ❤️🤘

  91. Naveen

    Newt: Thank you for being my friend😭😭😭

  92. Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson

    No! you are not a hero! What did you do? Look it up Heroe:
    What have you done? Nothing! Do something good, global warming is BS
    Don't do drugs, take care of your wife and kids! CARRY ON!!!

    Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson

    These men are heros!

  93. Tazmin 18

    Too the 648 ppl who disliked this tune u need too get your ears cleaned out 😂 your mad this is some amazing stuff xx

  94. siddu sreekar

    cheap things have many buyers but about this . Its a precious one hope you've understood

  95. Zayde Wolf

    Did you hear this song on the new Maze Runner The Death Cure trailer?

    Chana Keller

    Wheres the trailer?

    Barrett Carpenter

    Bro I first heard this song at ISM raceway in November at the NGOTS race and was hooked. I couldnt get this song out of my head for days and finally looked it up. I heard the whole thing and was like HELL YEAH


    Francais ?!❤

    nerdyboiplays /reactions

    I heard this in a fanmade call of duty mw3 trailer