Zasimauskaitė, Ieva - When We're Old Lyrics

I know I'll never forget
That day the first time we met
We've come a long way since then
And I would do it all again
From your very first smile
I knew that I'd walk a mile
See, it's for real when you know
You never wanna let go

These are the reasons
I want you to know
You make this place feel like home
These are the reasons
I can't let you go, oh oh
Let's sing this song that we wrote
When we're old, ah ah
When we're old, ah ah

No matter what comes our way
I feel like you're here to stay
You were there right from the start
And let me inside your heart
After all this time
I hate the sound of goodbye
And if you leave, I would

These are the reasons
I want you to know
You make this place feel like home
These are the reasons
I can't let you go, oh oh
Let's sing this song that we wrote
When we're old, ah ah
When we're old, ah ah

Right from our very first kiss
I knew it'll end up like this
I'm not afraid to grow old
If I have your hand to hold

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Zasimauskaitė, Ieva When We're Old Comments
  1. R G

    2020 and I still listen to this beautiful song. Any one else?

  2. Iceland For Ever

    2020 and I still listen to it 🥺

  3. Schnipp08

    Best Eurovision song of the 2010's decade in my opinion. Lithuania got robbed in 2018. I remember voting like crazy for this and yet it did not even reach the top 10. 😔😔😔 Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪🇱🇹

  4. sgf sgf

    Wasn't she a backup vocalist for Lina Joy in JESC 2007?

  5. Cillian McGovern

    I'm crying 😭😭😭 what place did this come in?


    11th place. People prefered electric mainstream music from Sweden and Cyprus and a fat chicken from Israel that year. 😔

    Iceland For Ever

    @Schnipp08 that fat chicken was great tho ;)

  6. Carl XII XXII

    Great song 😭😭 this melt my heart. It seems that i found a gem.
    Greetings from Philippines 🇵🇭

  7. Francesca Canonaco

    Beautiful song! It's dedicated to my grandparents! I will modify it as: "When you're old!" ❤️

  8. Piotr Lisek

    Piękna piosenka, nie umiem przestac jej słuchać 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Fergus Robertson

    2019 Anyone?

  10. Noel McMahon

    I love this songs and it should have won the Eurovision song contest and it is so stunning and it is so sweet and i love it

  11. Gennaro Romano

    I can't stop to crying 😢 😢

  12. Anurag Ramachandran

    The 3 million views from the total are mine! Cannot believe I have heard this song 20 times today and still cannot stop.
    Ačiū Ieva už šį nuostabą, aš negaliu nustoti klausytis


    So emotional!!!!! I can't find an entry of Lithuania better than this song. This song is EVERYTHING!!!! This should have been the first Lithuanian win. This ESC had Perfect songs, but this one was the best ballad. She had the difference that made you cry. And the worst thing: She qualified 9th and it is not the best result for Lithuania. Love Ieva, you must comeback to ESC and win, because you deserve it. And If I have ever the chance to go to your country, I want to meet you, because as I think you are a really happy, sensitive, positive and emotional person. You husband must be proud of you

  14. PUBG Mobile

    The vest Music Love from Latvia

  15. Penny Kershaw

    puiki daina 👌

  16. קיריל צירקין

    Прекрасная песня как она не победила Я из страны которая победила в Евровидении 2018 и наша песня воздуха это три раза очень🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹

  17. Marta Jestem


  18. Marta Jestem

    ahh and this video... so beautiful

  19. Marta Jestem

    I haven't been here for ages. oh how i missed this song <3 <3

  20. Marcin Ramzes


  21. C7F5C 97

    This song was just to good for Eurovision

  22. Sonata Malinen

    Grazi ir graudi labai daina😥😢😢😞🤩

  23. The Wolf Twins

    God bless everyone. We all hope you all find your love and that your and your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, etc. All live happily together and may your days be filled with love and happiness

  24. Calum Fielding


  25. Francesco Damiani

    Hi, does someone keep listening it an year later?


    Yes ♡

  26. Signe Hansen

    I love The ist one a my favorit song and it show so most what love Can do with People’s and what love Can do whit People’s and show me what lucky i am for af have so many People’s som love me and have a boy som really love me for hu i am

  27. Ieva Judzentaviciute

    Que copiona de nombre

  28. Алексов ранч

    one of the best songs i heard !
    it doesnt matter which gun you take with you when you go to compete on the eurovsion as long as you use songs like this for the ammo
    just beautiful in any possible and unimaginable way

  29. Mário Pereira

    My favorite this year. It's absolutely magic!

    Raf' ESC Covers&Tops

    Last year

    Mário Pereira

    @Raf' ESC Covers&Tops This particular year, 2018. Dahhh

  30. Was passiert, wenn?

    Aus meiner Sicht ist das das Beste ESC-Lied, das es jemals gab!

  31. Linda Kristine Kjølibråten

    Still now a year later I get tears in my eyes. It's still emotinal and beatutiful.

  32. Julian john

    best song

  33. Heini-Sten Poidjutšenko

    Estonia gave the most points to Lithuania, 22. I also voted for this and our televote gave 12 points to it. I have followed Ieva since then, Paslepk Mane was a great song and i really liked Absorbed.

  34. kiril Veljanoski

    The live version was even better ❤️

  35. Kevin-Noah

    1:10 her face...

  36. DeMuha

    1 milion thousands Like.

  37. Marius Wolf

    Official first steps of ASMR 😂😂😂

  38. Leva Cherepenina

    Still here......
    This song is one of the best in ESC history.
    Winner of Eurovision 2018!

  39. Cornelia Rogge

    She has such a great voice 😍❤❤

  40. Sara Sebiya

    i am the one person that thinks she looks like nina dobrev/Elena of the vampire diaries?

    This song is amazing and i love it so much

  41. Trevor Russell

    This was the best song in Eurovision 2018 and my favorite song of all time from the show. So haunting and beautiful.

  42. נועם טשיליבי

    It's so beautiful!!!❤❤❤❤

  43. OnMyHead - Israel

    this is the winner for me! ♥♥♥

  44. Made Sartika

    Love from Indonesia ❤❤❤

  45. Arth Armani

    Perfect song for wedding.

  46. Gitana Grebliuniene

    Its better when its in Lithuanian

  47. Herthos Geremio

    All points we can done from France !!!

  48. Cakeu

    I'm an emotional mess.

  49. Eric Eric

    What a beautiful song... did not win Eurovision, but won 1 billion hearts! Thank you Leva <3 !

    nznkonori Kkkk

    Eric Eric *Ieva

  50. game proo

    Šitokie žmones garsina Lietuvą.

    game proo

    Kaip Ieva Zasimauskaitė

  51. Raphael L

    So sweet so timid! One of the best Lithuanian entries ever.

  52. Jack Mac Cárthaigh

    2019 from Ireland ❤️😭🇮🇪

  53. bear berlin

    u are my song for my marriage

  54. ajbigs

    such a lovely song. should have won!

  55. Leah Rowden

    Lithuania should’ve been swapped with Belgium!

  56. Leah Rowden

    I can’t believe this qualified instead of Belgium.

  57. Rafał Piecuch

    I love :) this is So nice and sweet. I always cry :(( Poland love lithuenia song

  58. Аня Аня

    Кто с 2019?

  59. WASITO Escapado

    I like this song.....+

  60. john

    I love you! Forever....

  61. Tea 35

    This is touching 😭

  62. xX Gacha Potato xX

    I'm from Lithuania!😃

  63. Moonie Gacha

    that momebt when this video has 3.3 million views and 3.something million live in Lithuania

  64. Ahraf Mohamed

    WoW, this is something else. her voice is such a melodious ❤❤

  65. nick george

    Even after 7 months of Eurovison I am listening to this song every time I am bored(and not only), this is so emotional and AMAZING! The only Lithuanian entry I have in my own top 5 🇱🇹 💖 greetings from 🇬🇪 🤗💞

  66. Torilla tavataan

    I'm almost crying rn

  67. Arnout Steenhoek

    This song makes me cry again and again... this song has a deep soul...

  68. Rxe Mxp

    Who else is from Lithuania in the comments?? 🇱🇹 (I am) ❤️❤️❤️

  69. Kiba Zych

    Tear-jerker, really moving, but it's just my opinion. I think its first or the second most beautiful song this year (maybe ireland)

  70. Leah Rowden

    Ieva Zasimauskatė- I Can

  71. Bernhard Obwaller


  72. Youssef Bouza

    the best song ever !!!!!

  73. Artur 030


  74. F A L L E N A N G E L

    In Lithuanian plus this omg makes me cry BEACUSE how u see old people u know they will go soon and leave us 💔

  75. Кислячок Тидинь

    Дуже гарно

  76. ESC forPoland

    Hi neighboard im from Poland

  77. Marko Rodriguez

    Fluttershy is singing :-) :3

    Leah Rowden

    Marko Rodriguez Does it look like Fluttershy’s singing this?!

  78. The Rechid bunch of flipping sickO’s

    Im walking down the aisle to this song in 34 days I absolutely love it. Thank you

  79. Marie

    This is my wedding song tbh!!

  80. IvaN DrawS

    12 from croatia so proud :)

  81. Liam Alk

    Love it!!

  82. mor sarah ben haim

    Beautiful song!!!

  83. puppy lover


  84. Anole Mac


  85. Cro Viking

    She is the cutest person in the whole fucking world

  86. Lps Emily

    I love this song ❤️😭

  87. Benedikt Waser

    I imagine how amazing it would be if the Lithuanian 2018 entry was composed by Dynoro and Jovani and sung by an amazing singer. MAKE IT HAPPEN LITHUANIA

  88. Arkadiusz Balicki

    Nie ma nic piękniejszego,wszystko powiedziała

  89. Александр Жмака

    Шикарнейшая песня! Жаль, что это не формат Евровидения...

  90. Agnė Slapšytė


  91. litico1

    That´s what I promised my wife, Nancy, who recently passed away because a breast cancer and some bad adventists...they convinced her to quite the chemotherapy, the only way to save her precious life...she was still in the middle of her forties...she died without morphine, the pain she accepted because she believed in these inhuman adventist killers who played with her life...she left me and our 11 years old son...what a beautiful song...we will not reach an old age...I just hope the singer will have this privilege with her husband...god bless them

  92. CikaDanilo 123

    Beatiful song...*snif*...Nothing to say...My winner this year...*snif* the song was realy emotional and I started to cry...Deserved to win!10 points From Serbia jury goes too Lithuania

    CikaDanilo 123

    I mean 12 points

  93. Maril

    That was the song for my wedding dance 💍❤

  94. snapechat

    Ieva Zasimauskaitė is my friend

  95. 007 m


  96. Leah Rowden

    She could’ve been the Ina Wroldsen of Lithuania.

  97. Leah Rowden

    Ina Wroldsen, is that you?!

  98. Leah Rowden

    Acoustic version of UK 2011 much?

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    Алексей Дедков

    Ды суседзi-землякi, нават i за iх!

    Julian john

    does Leva have an album of her own???

    Danny Santos

    Eurovision Song Contest q

    Matteo Milone

    Eurovision Song Contest mm.

    v b

    Julian john wait for a week. She makes surprise with the same composer Vytautas Bikus