Zappa, Frank - Zomby Woof Lyrics

[backing vocals Tina Turner & The Ikettes]

Three hundred years ago
I thought I might get some sleep
I stretched myself out onna antique bed
An' my spirit did a midnite creep

You know I'll never sleep no more

It seem to me that it just ain't wise

Didja ever wake up in the mornin'
With a ZOMBY WOOF behind your eyes

Just about as evil as you could be

I'm that creature all the ladies been
Talkin' about

They all seek for shelter when I come chargin' out

Tellin' you all the Zomby troof
Here I'm is, the ZOMBY WOOF

Tellin' you all the Zomby troof
Here I'm is...

Reety-awrighty, he da ZOMBY WOOF
Reety-awrighty, he da ZOMBY WOOF

They said aw-reety
An' they was aw-righty
An' I was a Zomby for you, little lady...

I got a great big pointed fang
Which is my Zomby Toof
My right foot's bigger than my other one is
Like a reg'lar Zomby Hoof
If I raid your dormitorium
Don't try to remain aloof...

I might snatch you up screamin' through the window all nekkid
An' do it to you on the roof, don't mess with the

I am about as evil as a Boogie Man can be!

Tellin' you all the Zomby Troof
Here I'm is, the ZOMBY WOOF

Tellin' you all the Zomby Troof
Here I'm is, the ZOMBY WOOF

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Zappa, Frank Zomby Woof Comments
  1. William Taylor

    The great Ralph Humphrey--what a floor he puts under Frank here on Zomby Woof. Great accents and fills.

  2. rob yohn

    1970s rocked. Was a great era to be a child. Today. NOT!

  3. Mediocre Music

    5% Cool song
    15 % Bloo
    80% aP MuSiC ThEoRy

  4. xbex

    Wait no way yall niggas mean to tell me when im going to school i get mf some old french gay shit and yall get frank zappa? Big fuckin yeet bro

  5. Profesor Pug

    Mike Portnoy brought me here.

  6. Alfonzo Blevins

    Frank was instrumental and jazzy with that amazing guitar work unique solos and riffs love it miss you and lov ya bro R.I.P from ST Alfonzo

  7. Yolanda maria piotrowicz

    "did you ever wake up with a zomby woof behind your eyes" 😂 frank says it as if it's a common relatable problem for many people.

  8. Steven Mitchell

    There's music and there's this -FZ is out there as a best sub category ☆'they say alreety and they was alrighty! !!!

  9. Fine Folk Music


  10. Jah Jah

    Don't know wtf AP theory is but I do know good old-school music!

    Micah Greeson

    exam for AP music theory students last spring

  11. Giuliano Saffirio

    Frank era un genio....lo amo dall'81...a Genova ero in prima fila...anche a Milano...

  12. Ween Fain

    Tf is all this AP music whatever? Lol

    Micah Greeson

    apparently this song was used for the AP music theory exam last spring in the USA

  13. Director HFerreira

    Every single Seventies music scene in one album track. Trust me. You had to be there. And if you were, you know it's true.

  14. myearsloveit

    11 years old, sparked a jay w/ my bro; headphones on his waterbed, I've been THIS WAY EVER SINCE! 🤯Wouldn't change a thing

  15. Free man

    3:20 sONG STARTS

  16. Gary Groth

    I tried the music genre change that you recommend back in the early 1970's. Right now I'm on a horse in Montana, holding a pair of fancy tweezers, trying to get the dental floss crop off before the winter storm hits us this weekend.

    rob yohn

    Montana is a beautiful state.

  17. Putrid Abomination

    50% of comments AP Music Theory
    25% Original fans of Zappa
    25% other comments

    Matthew Quach

    10% bloo

  18. Oracle DSP

    i wish this was a theory excerpt for my 2014 class all we got was Debussy :p

  19. joncoteO

    Have you ever wake up with the zombie wolves in front of your eyes I have Don't Bite Me Don't Kick Me

  20. Jeff Kerzner

    One of my favorite Frank guitar solos of all time!

  21. Hernan Mazzini

    best solo ever!!!

  22. masterofpastakai

    Is every goddamn comment about the AP music test

  23. Taime Uppe

    sleep is not wise

  24. Clive Criddle

    Just. Fucking. Superb. End. Of. Fucking. Story. Fucking. End of......

    Crimson Kng

    Say it again.

  25. Robert Allen


  26. Cannabis Dreams

    That I literally shit cum when this came on during the AP Music Exam

  27. Thierry Goulart

    Over-nite fait partie des albums les plus abordables pour les néophytes du grand oiseau,heu pardon , du grand wazoo, avant d 'attaquer ses oeuvres contemporaines (ircam pierre boulez) . Matez la vidéo de captain beefheart au midem de cannes ,ça vous plongera dans l'ambiance de l'époque
    , il nous reste dweezil et steve vai pour la continuité conceptuelle.

  28. Brady Hess

    I think he is just kidding about doing it to her up on the roof. Just a good rhyme. Frank was a big kidder. A married man who didn't chase the groupies. He thought it was bullshit. "Only 13 and she knows how to nasty", he sang. Fuck that. Jailbait. The youngest girl I ever dated was 16. Sweet 16 and lost her virginity at 12. Mike Gortmaker was his name. Great kid. Hilarious smartass. He died young. Amoral Catholic. His Dad was a stockbroker. He lost $2,000 for my Dad, promising big profits. He went into the restaurant business afterwards, probably with Catholic Mafia money and then his restaurant went belly up. He then moved his family out of our wealthy neighborhood and I lost contact with them, except I saw Mike and his older sister Julie at a night club just before Mike died. Mike was sloppy drunk and all coked up and left to drive home. Julie said that it was scary.

  29. Brady Hess

    Hard to dance to. Too many beat changes. Happy music, though. Love it to death.

  30. Brady Hess

    I wasn't born a Zombie Woof, I adapted to an evil, dangerous world. It is not a part of my essential nature. Like God said of His destructive work punishing the wicked, it is strange to Him. It was added to my weapons in the war against the forces of darkness after I repented and begged God for mercy.

  31. tellus inhabitant

    Love from sweden........Zappa was/is a genius......

  32. Clive Criddle


  33. Doktor Kritzisch

    Every channel who has a version of this song uploaded must be so confused as to why zombie woof's views have gone up theory gang.....

  34. Derek Strohm

    AP Music Theory gang

  35. Renee Gomez


  36. Jonathing

    AP Music Theory gang

  37. Owenrobot

    That’s some chromatic baseline huh

  38. Max Bui

    Bruh ap music theory gang rise up

  39. Cade Rylands

    We were all jammin during the ap test

  40. Ivan Santos-Perez

    Everyone in jazz band who took the AP Test looked plesently surprised when this played

  41. Alexander Cheung

    How y’all doing on the music theory

  42. Alexander Cheung


  43. Knightly Stark

    This piece was performed by a jazz band for my AP music theory exam

  44. sodacova

    AP music theory gang 👊

  45. Jawz4Lyfe

    The intro was a minor third interval, rest in peace my AP score :(

    Ethan Nimmer

    Jawz4Lyfe shit I put 5th

    Hobo Dawg

    @Ethan Nimmer Got the question right only because I already knew how to play the song!

  46. freakcream

    ap music theory cd: the jazz piece will now be played for the first time

    Me: *piss leaks out of my jorts* t-the jazz w-wha-


  47. Vanessa D Music

    Where’s the trombone part


    It’s a different recording. This is the song with the lyrics. The one with the trombone was recorded by the asphalt orchestra

  48. FocusCloud

    this caught me completely off guard during that ap music theory exam!! i was so hyped to hear this!

  49. Hailey Beard

    Hello AP Music Theory people

  50. Nicholas Nguyen

    Music theory gang rise up

  51. Stars of Sorrow

    Everybody said they were bopping in the theory room but man we all burst into LAUGHTER we couldn’t contain ourselves. They played that shit 5 times and i was like ????

    Cameron Carr

    Our classroom all burst into laughter and we stared at each other after the first playing like wtf was that 😂

  52. Eduardo Lopez

    Bluecoats vs my AP Theory Exam

  53. julia

    ap music theory what’s good
    this caught me so OFF GUARD

  54. Donavon Horne

    This shit had me bumpin during the AP test today

    Yamaha YTR-8335las Custom Series

    Hugh G. Rection exactly!

  55. Braneeto

    god damn the entire ap music theory room was boppin during this excerpt

    Stef H

    Braneeto lmao sameeee. I knew the trombone solo from Bluecoats 2017.

    Maryann B

    Hell yeah

    Doktor Kritzisch

    The whole class chuckled after hearing it the first time. I don't know if it was our delirium or that we never expected such a song.

  56. Vanessa D Music

    Who’s here from that lit excerpt from AP theory

  57. Yuri Lin

    tfw u jammin to zomby woof on the ap theory exam

  58. internet addict~

    This piece had me shook

  59. Hyperflood

    This was the best part of the AP music theory test

    Joshy J

    I didn’t answer any of the questions the first two playings of it, I was just like “ahh this is nice” q😂

    Donuts Pieface

    Eduardo Lopez the dvorak piece he means

    JG Kerr

    *College Board wants to know your location*

    Joshy J

    Songs My Mother Taught Me - Perlman, Crooks 1:13-3:00 FOUND IT


    @Joshy J YOU ARE A GOD

  60. Adam Bergen

    AP Music Theory *jazz*

  61. Ethan Ray

    AP Music theory 2019 crew

  62. Dall

    AP Music Theory 2019 Gang

    Richard Chen

    got a 5 reeeeeeeeeee

    Fred Perez



    Yessss, college board spreading the Zappa joy

    mark mccoy

    @Ethan Ray cris stapelton

  63. Hobo Dawg


  64. Derek D.

    This might be a perfect song.

  65. Calvi Giuseppe

    Frank would be 84 this year.....Miss you, great F. Zappa...

    KeithThe Stones

    He was born on December 21 1940

  66. Ween Fain

    Zappa is the absolute most underrated guitarist right behind Robin Trower

  67. Trevor Sanders

    One of the most underrated Zappa tracks ever

  68. Jeffrey Algra

    61 zombies

  69. Pretty Gnostic Machine

    They should have made this the theme song to The Walking Dead. I might have actually watched an episode.

  70. tameron wheeldon

    Beast mode guitar solo...

  71. Laszlo Islik

    Zappa is the Durian of music

  72. George Szweden

    When you can't make music so you make shit and tell people with taste they don't understand it what a joke

  73. Jef Cahne

    Always so good

  74. Jeff Stringer

    If you were ever worried that the next generation can't appreciate Zappa, check out these college kids:

  75. Legend Myers


  76. johnwayne87

    The Ikettes’ background vocals were so goddamn amazing on this entire album. This and Apostrophe are two of Frank’s heaviest, rawest, and funkiest albums that he ever put out. I’m 32 years old, and it absolutely breaks my heart that most people my age or younger don’t have a shred of respect or appreciation for this kind of music. I’ve shown this album to so many friends of mine, and the overwhelming majority of them either didn’t understand it, didn’t like it, or a little bit of both. I guess the only thing I can do is take pity on them, because they’ll never be able to go to the aural paradises that Frank’s music can take you to. Eh, fuck em. More for the rest of us! Great googily moogily!

  77. vinto34

    1:17 reminds me of Bobcat Goldthwait for some reason.

  78. Dakota Dancer

    Its Steve Vay soloing.. FZ's stunt-guitarist :-)


    No It's not, this was 1973, Vai didn't join for another few years, all the guitar work on here is Zappa himself.

  79. Travis lennon

    God danm that solo never gets old

  80. johan risberg

    He had the best rocksolo whit muffin man 76

  81. Salvatore DeBella

    Didja ever wake up in the mornin'
    With a ZOMBY WOOF behind your eyes. Im not sure.....

  82. Chromaticbird

    damn this is soooo good !!!

  83. Kevin Sansom

    After many years of incessantly listening to Frank, I can only just now say definitively that this song is (with a few others) tied for first as my fav of his. The album Overnite Sensation blows my fucking mind and adds so much therapeutic relief from this game of control or be controlled that we call life

  84. Michael Bennardo

    "Well, I'm about to get upset,
    from watching my TV.
    Been checkin' out the news

    Until my eyeballs fail to see
    I mean to say that every day
    Is just another rotten mess
    And when it's gonna change, my friend
    Is anybody's guess

    So I'm watchin' and I'm waitin'
    Hopin' for the best
    Even think I'll go to prayin'
    Every time I hear 'em sayin'
    That there's no way to delay
    That trouble comin' every day
    No way to delay
    That trouble comin' every day

  85. Jodie Mclauchlan

    This is too good for words. Musically the bestest. Genius.

  86. John Gulliver

    Frank was the master no mistaken

  87. Jamiesouthwest

    Been to Wyoming,does that count?didnt see any zircon encrusted tweezers for sale,but the truck stops were interesting for a boy from england..god bless the us and a,not sure frank would have liked the nu America,but still very much loved in czecoslovakia!

  88. Jamiesouthwest

    that’s why I’m moving to Montana ..soon!

  89. Jamiesouthwest

    Agree totally

  90. M DV

    Between "An' I was a Zomby for you, little lady . . ." and "I got a great big pointed fang" they laid down some seriously noted riffs.

  91. Buttermonster 3000

    Six words lets go Blue!!!!! ........BLLLLLUUUUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  92. laggardly

    I remember buying this when it came out.
    Upon the first listening of the album ,
    I recall we all openly wept when this track finished

    "I might snatch you up screamin' through the window all nekkid
    An' do it to you on the roof, don't mess with the

  93. Elí

    bloo 2k18!

  94. Blues Condezo

    what the fuck is blooo im peruvian

    Shrimp Man

    Bluecoats. Theyre basically a professional marching band

  95. Friar Talk


  96. GoCxKoKo

    Jojo broute mi hyr

  97. Aaron Garcia

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  98. Coby Palstra

    griezelig deze gitaar solo, blijft in mijn geheugen doorspelen,