Zappa, Frank - Whippin' Post Lyrics

I been run down
Lord, I been lied to
And I don't know why
I let that mean woman make out a fool

She took all my money
Wrecked my new car
Now she's with one of my good-time buddies,
Drinkin' in some cross-town bar

Sometimes I feel
Sometimes I feel
Like I been
Tied to the whippin' post
Tied to the whippin' post
Good Lord, I feel like I'm dyin'

My friends tell me
That I been such a fool
But I got to stand there an' take it
All for loving you

Drown myself in sorrow
As I look at what you done
Nothin' seems to change;
That bad times stay the same,
And I can't run

Sometimes I feel
Sometimes I feel
Like I been
Tied to the whippin' post
Tied to the whippin' post
Good Lord, I feel like I'm dyin'

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Zappa, Frank Whippin' Post Comments


  2. Marco A Gutierrez P.

    Velocidad a x.75 ❤️

  3. Jess Pike

    ON the vocals.... Robert "Bobby" Martin (born June 1948) is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Martin sings and plays keyboards, horns, saxophones and other instruments.
    Born: June 1948, Philadelphia
    Profession: Singer-songwriter, Multi-instrument...
    Instruments played: Keyboard, French horn,
    Album: American Soul Man

  4. sheepchencloud cirrocumulus

    zappa and his..... he as sanger! so nice!

  5. Erick Alejandro

    matthew mcconaughey or daniel day lewis for gran zappa's biopic

  6. Igor Mozajko


  7. denny tuma

    zappa was a good picker

  8. Chuck Tingstad

    Utter freaking masterpiece cover. Good Lord indeed.

  9. Joffy Jaffer McJaffy

    I'm a Hispanic who grew up on RnB, hip-hop and brake danced in my youth. This being my first time watching Frank, I gotta say THIS WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!

  10. Virginia Kusmisz

    Holy Mofo... love Zappa LOVE ABB whew this is awesome. Great vocals. Lucky enought to have seen the Mistro a few times. Great video whoever posted thanks...

  11. AZCobraman

    Mmmmmmmeh.....Decent vocals but overdone, wanky '80s guitar.

  12. guitarbob63

    So Frank used a coin for a pick?

  13. Bluesboy Jag Cigar Box Guitars

    nice but waaay too fast

  14. Michael Brodie

    Are you sure that's the way Duane would have done it ?

  15. Jamiesouthwest

    Nearer the end,I think,,god bless you frank,requiem et pace,genius..

  16. Randy Wilson

    This is the closest you’re going to ever get to a smile on Frank’s face

  17. DougWJ

    Knowing the ABB and Fillmore East album inside out, I can only say that this cover of Whipping Post is shit and the antics of the zappa band from the weird bass player, to the over the top singing and the towel cooling moron, the ABB and Duane would roll in his grave watching this abortion. Thats the thing about Zappa - he was a real good guitar player but always had to be over the top weird to carve out his own niche cause he couldn't stand up to players like Duane Allman, Clapton, Beck, Stevie Ray, Hendrix, etc. - and thats not what those great musicians were about - but frank needed to be weird to rate.

    Andy Edge

    zappas guitar solo is awesome and unique here..the people you name would mostly just play what you expect..

  18. Crazy Joe Davola

    I wonder what Zappa would think of this stupid ass world we live in now....

  19. Expat Biker

    Zappa is the only member of the band who can't actually play his instrument. An insult to the song 👎

  20. Jacob Thaxton

    My god. Coming from the video of Duane and Greg’s amazing performance at Fillmore... this makes me wanna barf. Such a soulful song ripped of its integrity by Zappa’s capricious and brutal demonstration of a “cover”

  21. panther105

    Bobby, you can tie me to the whippin post any day!!!!!

  22. Steve Prestegard

    I'm impressed they can play it this fast.

  23. WileECoyotey

    That is fucking awful

  24. Donald Elley


  25. Shane Francis

    This can’t hold a candle to the original. No soul at all.

  26. amirreza bandali

    Is that Victor wooten on bass ???????

  27. Pjr J

    so cool to see Chad on drums. He has a Tommy Scholz kind of sound on his stereo solos.

  28. Robin Potter

    Wow. Just wow.

  29. Prisoner State

    "there ain't no such thing as dying" - miss you sooooo much Frank - Born 21st December 1940 to 'eternity'

  30. Kenny Camaro

    Love it....

  31. jan edvinsson

    A good version of this song with Jules and Lorna Forthergill from England and their band Northsyde; I have met Jules and talked to him lengthy about guitars and equipment at a pub in Sweden, he´s a great jammin´ guitarist too, and his wife sings very well, excellent drummer and bassist I just heard he passed away from an aggressive cancer. RIP.. Guitarist with soul and ability :

  32. نفيلانن العامري .

    عربي مر من هنا 🚶🏾‍♂️ .

  33. Wat Dis

    Zappa had other good singers in his band over the years as well. Ike Willis in the Illinois Enema Bandit did just as good a job as Martin here imo. Andrew Belew in City of Tiny Lights also good.

    Eck Alston

    This is brilliant just say it twat

  34. heather c

    Wow! Searching versions of Whipping Post. Martin has got a lot of heart, Zappa, of course, kills it, but I still prefer Allman Brothers.

  35. Lawrence Jensen

    I never got to see Frank play live butt one night on acid I talked to him on the phone for about 3 hours

    Wat Dis

    You can talk to anyone on acid.

  36. Ramon Hart

    Who is that singer!?

  37. Graeme Armstead

    The Allman Brothers were sensational but Frank Zappa was just on another level. I'm still not sure whether he was taking the piss out of the song but his playing makes the Allman Brothers look like a garage band.

  38. Mike Btrfld

    Wow I had no idea

  39. hughbo52

    Wow, what pipes .

  40. Tom Loughlin Jr.

    oh yeah, and aside from the vocal..Frank and the gang are banging like it's their last concert on this planet.

  41. steve

    this was their final encore when i saw them at brendan byrne arena in the meadowlands in 1984. i've always said it was the best live song i've ever heard done. absolutely amazing cover.

  42. Guitarburt

    Was listening to Zappa's "Whipping Post" with my band as we were all riding together in the van on the way home after playing. At one point when the band stopped playing and you could hear the sound of the live audience, my bass player was freaking out, suddenly realizing that he was listening to a live performance. "WHAT! This is LIVE?" We were all in shock, honestly.

  43. Steven Bartlett

    Heard this by Groove Therapy at JQ's Sat. nite Lake Worth this version...

  44. fakeItRight

    Somebody call paramedics--Frank Zappa and the Mother's just ran over the Allman Brothers--and then backed over them!

  45. Marco Sabattini Trash

    Bob Martin, best singer ever in my youth, great!!!!

  46. Werner Liebchen

    Hehehe Robby steals Frank the show respect

  47. David Bennett

    WOW! Excellent!

  48. andrew cummerson

    I'm not gay, but if Bobby Martin sung that anywhere near me, I'd repeatedly marry him and let him have his way with me. However he liked. Forever. It's PERFECTION personified.

  49. Tom Loughlin Jr.

    Best cover good it isn't really a cover...reinvention by the Muthas

  50. Tim Woll

    that's Terri Bozio on drums. him and his sister Dale were in the band Missing Persons

    Kevin Renforth

    Not Terry Bozzio, he had left by this point. The drummer is Chad Wackerman :-)

    Lucio T

    Mate...that's Chad Wackerman on drums.
    Terry was replaced by Vinnie,and then..after a brief stint of Mr Logeman,Chad was hired.

  51. Sander Van Hove

    Perfection at work.

  52. BLZBOB

    This vid is one of my favorites. The close ups of the faces . . priceless memories of Frank and Bobby at their best. Love it/them. x

  53. Pilot Pete

    The singers name is Robert Martin and he totally stole the show with his exceptional vocal performance. Even FZ had this look on his face like” damn he’s killing it again and I’ve gotta follow this?!?!”

    Mičo Wikström

    So true! Frank is/was just as humble as Clint: They allways gave the spotlight to another greats diminshing their own greatness, like to Jeff Bridges, Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman etc.


    more like "that's what I'm paying you for. Good job!"

    juan nahual

    @pneumatica3 I got the same feeling.

    Mark Tele

    I saw that tour. No way in hell did Bobby Martin steal the show ... with a cover. A great cover, and the finale ... but a cover!

    My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama!


    he sucked

  54. Vivasan Sverige

    Zappa doin Allman. O lord I feel I am dying .

  55. 21qazaq12

    Bobby Martin-voc

  56. mick719

    God I wish I could sing like that

  57. PJBubbles

    That look he gives at it! 👍👍

  58. Paul Kelly

    so blessed to have seen Frank in concert ! genius

  59. Martine Nathalie Rioux


  60. panther105

    This has to be the best live version of this song. Tell me if I'm wrong. I really want to know.......

    Edward Hawkins


    Maurice van Dijk

    not the only reason @Stewart Lybrand , he was asked to play the song in 1974 in Heksinki, you can actualy listen to this on the YCDTOSA vol 2.

    Maurice van Dijk

    Geoff Flato

    Barcelona 1988 was a good version

    Randy Woodall

    @Maurice van Dijk Volumn 2 is by far my favorite edition of You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore (but they are all worth hearing). It's the only full concert in the series and is a great concert by what was possibly Frank's best band. The song is called "Whipping Floss" here, and is really a mutated Montana.

  61. Joao Eduardo Bueno


  62. wangson

    I'm sort of surprised that so few have mentioned the performance here by the singer (whose name I don't know) goodness!! That guy's vocals are immaculate!!! His singing is pitch perfect! And this is not an easy song to sing....

    Tim Prescott

    TREVA Mae Concur

    Frank Legato

    Bobby Martin! Indeed!


    @TREVA Mae You have a tin ear. He's a far cry better than "decent".

    Peter O

    Some friends of mine in a band here in Nashville called Roadhouse Roosters never cease to amaze patrons that come into Layla's on Sundays to their high caliper musicianship. They play lots of 70s bluesy rock, which includes Whipping Post and a number of other Allman Bros songs. They also do a ton of Skynard stuff too.
    This band usually has three guitar players and one who had been with this band is a child prodigy recently turned 19 and sounds like he's been playing for 30. His major influence is Duane Allman and you can hear it.
    He leaves the crowd absolutely flabbergasted..

    Bill Collins

    @jack Macer ya man ,seen em many time to count in that era

  63. Rockin' BluesTakis


  64. Chello Puchini

    genialidad de los Allman Brothers por otro genio como Zappa.

  65. Johann Bogason

    This is a "Look-at-how slick- we-are!" cover.

    Johann Bogason

    No? Is that so...

    How about his great album: "We are only in it for the money"?

    Rediculing The Beatles!

    And getting himself loads of money and praise?

    Get real bob

    Johann Bogason

    Have you even listened to the original?

    Johann Bogason

    anyone posting a mustache forever is no worthy of licking Lennons toes.

    Johann Bogason

    Zappa has always been a prancer.

    A brilliant one at that is granted.

    Please listen to the Fillmore East rendition of this song.

    If you think piling up notes into a beat constitutes feeling, I have pity on you.

    Maurice van Dijk

    I personaly think you are offended somehow..........We´re only in it for the Money is what is was, then and now!!!........And tell me where he made fun of the Beatles?.........I can´t hear it in the Lyrics? ......what I hear is that he showed that Hippies and flowerpower just was a Hype.......I´m really kind of phoney but forgive me cause I´m stoned.....

  66. PJBubbles

    That sly little look Frank gives at 1:14 makes the whole video!

    Denny Mcfastlane

    Yes PJ, but this one's better-- 0:20

  67. anthony magan

    R.I.P. Gregg Allman great song!!!

  68. Orv Pibbs

    r.i.p Gregg Allman who died 5-27

  69. mateuszmattias

    Is that Chad Wackerman on drums?


    @cruzmaiden Yeppers, interspersed with gigs with Allan Holdsworth. Pretty much the best drummer ever!!!

    Mičo Wikström

    Wanckerman for sure. So great!


    @Tim Woll Wrong, it's Wackerman.

    Chris Maxfield

    @Tim Woll You were wrong every time you wrote that. Definitely Wackerman.

    Tim Woll

    @Chris Maxfield never said it.

  70. pipeandslippersman

    methinks the maestro might be having a little fun! "the disgusting stink of a too loud electric that's my idea of a good time." - FZ.

  71. Bjorn- James Hanrahan

    Zappa: HEY GREGG!!!
    Gregg Allman: what?
    Gregg: lol

  72. XMIR10C


  73. kynyrdskynyrd

    I saw him do this at the Fox in Atlanta in 1981.I have never seen a crowd jump to their feet faster in my life when they broke into it.

    dean jordan

    I was there.  Ballsy for sure.

    Bob B

    Me too, I had forgotten if it was at The Fox in 81 or the Civic Center in 84. Thanks

    Bob B

    Was the 2nd Encore

  74. itsmeyousee

    Frank didn't live on the edge, he invented it.

  75. jay wire

    it looks like he may be using a metal pick.

    Jacob Thaxton

    jay wire it’s a nickel. In his book. He never had picks. Said they were too hard to keep up with

    First Last

    @Jacob Thaxton Brian May style!

  76. Dave Desmond

    Bobby Martin's a bizarre creature! Great though.

  77. jmnpod

    This was the final encore number they played in ATL when I saw them in '84. Amazing concert!

  78. George Martin


  79. ytsejams20

    my favourite from 'does humor belong in music' ...fantastic! (nice to see a good quality upload as well, thanks)

    Clive Jones

    I've just given the 2nd like in 5 years to this comment. I do hope this unbelievable quality of music is not being slowly forgotten as we old rockers fade away!

  80. Ana María Saravia

    he's god

  81. Gringué Simonétt

    Zappa is a fuckin' genius ..No one like him!


    Ok. I won't. No but seriously I do.

    Jacob Thaxton

    Too bad one of the greatest songs played by Duane was straight butchered by Zappa’s nonsensical “music”

  82. Romina Pap


  83. Isabel Uruguay

    Incredible!!! love it!!!!!!!

  84. Aldú Marché

    He does what I never dreamt of was possible... A true genius!

  85. Nacho Valdez Blanco

    Master of universe !!

  86. Kiker Maniacker

    yeaahhhhh perrrrrrrrrrrrfect !!!!!!