Zappa, Frank - What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? Lyrics

What's a girl like you
Doin' in a place like this?

I left my place after midnight
And I came to this hall
Me and my girlfriend, we came here
Lookin' to ball

You came to the right place
This is it
This is the swingin'-est place
In New York City


How true that is!

Oh, how true indeed

Yeah, me and my,
Me and my girlfriend, we come here
Every Friday 'n Saturday night looking for that
Hot romance we need
We like to get it on-
Do you like to get it on, too?

Well now, what did you have in mind?

Well, I'll tell ya
Well I get off bein' juked
With a baby octopus
And spewed upon with creamed corn...
An' my girlfriend, she digs it
With a hot Yoo-hoo bottle
While somebody's screamin':

Well, it gets me so hot
I could scream


You two chicks sound real far out and groovy
Ever been to a Holiday Inn?
Magic Fingers in the bed (Picture it!)
Wall-mounted TV screens
Coffee-Host plugged into the bathroom wall
Formica's really keen!

(What kind of girl?)
What kind of girl do you think we are?
(What kind of girl?)
What kind of girl do you think we are?
(I ain't no groupie)
Don't call us groupies
That is going too far
(What kind of girl?)
We wouldn't ball you
Just because you're a star

These girls wouldn't let just anybody
Spew on their vital parts
They want a guy from a group
With a big hit single in the charts!

Funny you should mention it
Our new single made the charts this week
With a bullet!
With a bullet!
Just let me put a little more
Rancid Budweiser on my beard right now, baby
And you can show me how
A young girl such as you
Might be thrilled and
Overwhelmed by me, ho-ho...

What hotel did you say you were staying at?

Wanna split right away?

Not so fast, you silly boy...
There's one thing I gotta say

We want a guy from a group who's got a thing in the charts
We want a guy from a group who's got a thing in the charts
We want a guy from a group who's got a thing in the charts
We want a guy from a group who's got a thing in the charts

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Zappa, Frank What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? Comments
  1. markus clemens

    When I bought this Album I was a 16 year old German schoolboy and did not like it very much.
    Now I am 57 and cannot get enough of it.
    Love you FZ

  2. Frankincensed

    Surprised that this wasn't a top 40 hit, so compact and singable.

  3. Frankincensed

    Frank loved to be entertained, and Flo and Eddie certainly did that. They were great at improving material that kept Frank in stitches. There were certainly more skilled bands Frank put together, but none funnier than than those that included F&E. Imagine these guys touring today? Fucking SJW libtards would crucify them.


    My Dick is a Harley! Ya kick it to start!

  5. Space Aces Studio

    I bought this album at the record store ( Zeds Long Beach, Ca.) And the female clerk advised me not to play it in front of my parents, HAHAHAHA!🤣🤣


    Haven't heard this since I was in like the 8th grade! What a fuckin riot!

  7. myearsloveit

    Alice Cooper Alice Cooper

  8. drumscholar42

    saw Z @ Peterson Gym SDSU 10/04/70 , was before the Fillmore and so an early version of the show. NEEDLESS TO SAY [but I will anyway], it was a mindblowing bit of music!

  9. Adrian Kiraly

    6:39 talk about your haemmorhoids baby....

  10. peter blood

    "My dick is a Harley, you kick it to start!"

  11. Worlds Fastest Slovak

    Saw the Mothers open for Cream at the Coliseum in Chicago circa 68 Dont remember them...... my fault not theirs 😁

  12. Doug Biden

    "Rancid Budweiser" there any other kind?

  13. Mike Figures

    I walked into a tape city at the mall in Alexandria, La. in 1976 & found this album (original release 1st pressing) on a carousel display with a bunch of records that had remained unsold for sometime. Scored that baby for $2.99. Played it over & over for years. Then lost it in 2005 when Katrina flooded our house with 5 ft. of water. 💔😭

  14. Kim Jong Un

    Love the vaudeville era of Zappa.

  15. domitype

    Saw the 71 Seattle show that featured most of this album - it was the best Zappa concert I ever saw - 7 or 8 more, but this was my cherry. Many years later I spent a night in the Edgewater with my soon to be fiancé.

  16. Russell Beer

    Talk about your hemaroids baby!! Steam roller!! My favorite line.

  17. ChuckDeFuque

    Saw this show! 21 years old!

  18. Jeff Tate II

    Talk about your hemorrhoids baby...

  19. mcdago62

    I forgot about this, but, when I was 9 or 10. LOL This is so cool.  Back then I didn't understand about what were saying.  LOL  WOW!!!

  20. Scott A.

    I just love this Album! I know every damn word. It's just fun to sit back and sing along and get it on with a baby octopus! lol :)

  21. David Coker

    Hear the steam
    See the steam
    Hear the steam
    Hear the screaming hot rod steaming
    Imitation naugahyde dive bomb screaming steam roller . . .

    John Ryan

    These are not the lyrics !!!


    It's Irradesent Naugahyde python screaming. He's talking about the python boots.

  22. baatman Cotton

    Lody, lody the blues on my harmonica!!

  23. JH Sheldon

    A whole litany of artists owe the start of their careers to Frank Zappa.

    Greg Moonen

    And Frank owed his career to a whole litany of artists. See the dedication box on the inside of FREAK OUT.

  24. toomuchrose

    "I've got the thing you need, I am endowed beyond your wildest Clearasil spattered fantasies!"

    Deedee Devine

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh:- . I never get tired of hearing this. Girls’ from all over the world flock to write my name on the toilet wall

  25. demenace07

    my -ick is a Harley, ya kick it to start!

  26. demenace07

    my -ick is a Harley, ya kick it to start!

    Woody Thomas

    Is it just me or are they parodying The Doors there?

  27. demenace07

    my dick is a Harley, ya kick it to start!

  28. Moving Forward

    And if his dick is a monster!?!?!? HA!!!! King Zappa. Definitely one of the top 3 best artists of all time, EVER!!

    Dave Leafey

    who's better ?
    may I ask ?

  29. scotthouse100

    Why did I have to be born this year and miss this show? Thank God friends turned me on to FZ. He is one BAD ASS MOTHER OF EVERYTHING!!!

  30. Dave Stuart

    :) Alice Cooper Alice Cooper !!

    Space Aces Studio

    Most people don't know...Frank produced Alice in his early days.

  31. Lance McLaughlin

    One of the last shows at the Filmore....a masterpiece.....

  32. John Fantozzi

    Reference Zappa for the truth about it.

  33. joe zoppi

    I was like 13 and it was to good to be true. loved Frank, If he had lived he would be The president..jZ

  34. Leftover LentilZ

    Alllll grouppies must bow down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeff Tate II

    In the sacred presence of the latex solar beef...

  35. Leftover LentilZ

    Whats a girl like you doing in a place like this?

  36. Chrysalis Sartorious

    I got to see them do this on the original tour, in Providence Rhode Island (my home state.) It was fucking amazing!

    Rick Foley

    I was there grew up in Mystic Connecticut Zappa was one of my all-time favorites any time Zappa and the mothers wherein a 200 mile radius I was there good old days Dynamo Hum to all

  37. Douglas Dobbs

    I'm 19 and what is this? I love it whatever it is.

    Mark Breeland

    Cast your mind back to the 70's. Are you there yet? Now, IMAGINE hearing this in era when you couldn't say shit or you wouldn't get produced. Notwithstanding Flo & Eddie, who were well established recording artists. ( The Turtles). Amazing album.

    papi chulo

    What is it? A genius at work

    papi chulo

    Zappa raised the bar in the music business. He's one of the reasons that contracts changed. Look it up

    mike wilbur

    up till this point the most crudest album recorded..long before rap

    mike wilbur

    this guy created proto rap in 1966 with "trouble every day" first fuzz tone bass in who are the brain police

  38. Holly McCormick

    I saw Zappa and Flo and Eddie do the Fillmore East and Just Another Band from LA at one concert in  Summer of 1972 in Rochester ,Michigan. We had tickets 10 rows back from the stage lol....OMG I never got tired of seeing Zappa live...through the yrs saw him over 15 times.and those are the ones I remember lol.  I loved to watch him conduct the band.  He was a genius...and certainly opened my eyes and mind to so much more then I had ever been exposed to in my young life lol...Well this past Nov 23/14 turned 69 yrs young stlll love listening to his music.  I am giving my 17 yr cousin more Frank Zappa this Christmas...his introduction was Apostrophe...he was 11;.had to find one with no smut ..his mom suggested it lol. So now I am thinking Fillmore East and Joes Garage I, II & III , he is old enough for smut lol and if not it will be an eye opener lol.


    Except The Mothers stopped touring in December 1971 when Frank was injured at a show. Frank didn't perform in 1972 until the Grand Wazoo tour in September, and only continued with The Mothers in '73.

    sian davies

    @John: Wasn't Frank thrown off the stage at the Royal Albert Hall in the UK?


    Almost, it was at the Rainbow Theatre in London.

    sian davies

    Thanks, John, I knew it was somewhere in London.x

    Gary Larson

    It was actually the end of May 1971, at Oakland University's Meadowbrook Theater. That was a great concert, about a week before this album was recorded.

  39. Ger Devanny

    MUD SHARK!!!

    Jamm Jon Kiebon

    Ger Devanny .

  40. Ger Devanny

    How they got this past the censors back then is something else. I remember the 1st time i heard this. Somewhere around 72 , my buddy came running in the room saying..Ya Gotta Hear This!!!! His older brother had the album. We had to be around 15. It's still my all time favorite recording to this day. This is historical. It's magnificent. To this day, there has not been anything even remotely close to it. yeah, it's bizarre. Oh yeah, no doubt. But It's magnificent.


    I guess I must be about the age of your  brother. I saw this concert in California before I heard the album. The audience went crazy, especially when Flo and Eddy sang their big hit single, on the charts, with a bullet. But that isn't on this extract.

    David Coker

    I used to listen to this while restoring Victorian town houses in Dupont Circle many years ago!

    rob biddlecombe

    It did not get past the censors. None of this was ever played on the radio.

    mike wilbur

    true indeed..

  41. george klavins

    Volman, Kaylan, Zappa - Mothers magic!

  42. fadethetrade

    porn comedy rock,the best ever performed!!!

  43. dutchy76

    Is it bad that i know all the words!!! love the zappa I was not born when this came out! they can play!! love it..

  44. Michelle Morrison

    i friggin love frank zappa and the mothers sooooo much! to think they are playing this shit live, thats just fucking mind blowing hahaha loooooooooooveeee :) <3333

  45. Lee Borger

    Latex Solar Beef..

  46. Rattlebone Okpolosi

    " dik is a Harley - you kick it to start " better line LMAO

  47. stevmuzik

    Fucking great man! Zappa knew how to put together a good band. He must have rehearsed them so hard. These fuckers could play man!

  48. npspec34

    DO U like to get it on 2?
    ever been to a Holiday Inn?

  49. Janick

    Thanks for putting this up :) This is very good quality stuff. I gather not all Zappa fans like Flo and Eddie but some of my favourite Zappa music was done in their era.

  50. Charles Colbert

    this is true DINNER THEATER!

  51. npspec34

    what kind of pervs are you?
    they say shit and everything and like to get it on. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA.
    Alice Cooper is the least of our problems.

    mike wilbur

    dont songs are are nostalgic and i'm sure they did save us.

    Space Aces Studio

    What a dork!

    Space Aces Studio

    @Doug Biden dude, right on!

    Space Aces Studio

    @tixximmi1 [email protected]

    Space Aces Studio

    Dude, you just don't get it.

  52. lghalihaf


    Rick Foley

    she wore a Camarillo

    Rick Foley

    she wore a Camarillo Brillo laid out of your head