Zappa, Frank - We Can Shoot You Lyrics

[Ian:] Dee... dee BAH dam... eeeeh-dam pa-pa-pa-pa-pam... tee-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pam! And just wail out the last one.
[Bunk:] Mmm, let's (stack) here, then.
[Ian:] Yeah.
[Bunk:] Three, four...

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Zappa, Frank We Can Shoot You Comments
  1. Sadko ϟ Садко

    Love it. Greetings from Serbia

  2. Pretty Gnostic Machine


  3. Hügelmann

    1:33 Yee

  4. Mike Vlade

    ..RFA ...

  5. Robert Dunn

    This twisted my brain when I was 14.