Zappa, Frank - Tryin' To Grow A Chin Lyrics

Hey! I'm only fourteen
Sickly 'n' thin
Tried all of my life
Just to grow me a chin
It popped out once
But my dad pushed it in
Why did he hurt me?
He's my next of kin...
He's a mex-i-kin
I'm lonely'n' green;
Too small for my shirt
If Simmons was here
I could feature my hurt
Scared of the future
Hope I don't grow
I know nobody likes me
'Cause everywhere I go
They say NO
They say NO
They say NO

Now I am older
Got a place in the town, babe
Got a chin on my shoulder
'N' it keeps growing down 'n' down 'n' down
I'm horny 'n' lonely
'N' I wish I was dead
Why am I livin'?
I wanna be dead instead
That's right, I said
I wanna be dead instead
Now dig this:
I wanna be dead
In bed
Please kill me
'Cause that would thrill me
I wanna be dead
In bed
Please kill me
'Cause that would thrill me

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Zappa, Frank Tryin' To Grow A Chin Comments
  1. TarantuLando CalCuLingus

    Cmon little girl,give me some head!

  2. PJB Rown

    Dear Donald Trump Jr

  3. Richard Tamoush


  4. Eric B

    Terry Bozzio is monster on this track. An effortless-looking drummer, killing it. And the vocal!

  5. Pedroleum100

    Does the title allude to _Grow a pair_ and _Take that on the chin,_ ie. _Trying to learn to take it on the chin?_

  6. Pretty Gnostic Machine

    Sometimes real late at night when even the hookers and meth heads are in a deep slumber, when it should be illegal to be alive, when I'm in one of my more pensive, self-destructive, anti-literal, flowers-are-evil, paint-it-black, kill-the-good moods, and I have those classic bad guy farts from drinking whiskey and eating peanut butter out of the jar, I sit and stare at the stars and wonder,
    "Did he mean Gene Simmons or Richard Simmons?"


    He probably means former Mothers Of Invention musician _Jeff Simmons._

  7. Pretty Gnostic Machine

    Haaa! It's like someone took an atom smasher to every foolish suicidal thought that runs through an adolescent teenager's head, then reconstituted them, had some fun, and made a song out of it. Zappacasm Zappalicious!

  8. evoasseb

    5 people like Brasilian funk :v

  9. Snow in da funBoots


  10. mellotronage

    Sing it Terry Ted !!

  11. Onur Bağlan


  12. Audiognome

    One more time for the world

  13. T・Y everything is good


  14. Crimson_Ghost

    I wanna be dead in bed
    Please kill me
    Cuz that would thrill me

  15. Ralph Macchio Wannabe

    the feelings

  16. MeloLand

    Wonderful song.

  17. Malcolm Nicoll


  18. c rigby

    why am I living .. I wanna be dead instead

    Jer Szak

    Horny and lonely too?