Zappa, Frank - Son Of Orange County Lyrics

And in your dreams
You can see yourself
As a prophet
Saving the world
The words from your lips
I just can't believe you are such
A fool

I just can't believe
You are such a fool
I just can't believe
You are such a fool
I just can't believe
You are such a fool
I just can't believe
You are such a fool

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Zappa, Frank Son Of Orange County Comments
  1. William Taylor

    2:53 one of the prettiest passages in the Zappa catalog. Roxy makes me want to get the old gang together and party.

  2. frank GFish ferrante

    the chorus effect on the drums mic reminds me of the late 70s grateful dead sound ... i love that sound on the toms.... holding such a massive universe of memories all inside that one little thing epic this world is

  3. Think Tank

    Watched Dweezil try to replicate this band without the percussive instruments. It was fun but a bit of a letdown.

  4. fouef ben Messaoud

    Le plus beau morceau de sa vie. D apres ç dire ç fille aimé le disco. Quel morceau frère l excellence

  5. Peter G.

    Man, those cats can PLAY!!! 3:55 take me to another planet!

  6. Linda Virginia

    A musica e totil de nice , mas a cara dele pareçe um cu dos «antigos«.

  7. Disappointed Steve

    Saw Zappa in concert around 77 in Providence, RI. Awesome concert, actually snuck down right in front of the stage. Of course the acid helped the whole experience! 🤪 What a blast!

  8. jcavenagh

    Mr. Zappa was a rock composer and performer that worked in symphonic structures. That gives his art an overall degree of cohesion that was lacking in most other rock artists of his time, and those of today. I find it very enjoyable over all these years (since the early 70s for me).

  9. De Carbonara

    45 ans après toujours aussi bon !

  10. Eddie RUKidding

    Best Zappa line up with Best Zappa track ever

  11. Davide Bettin

    Non posso credere che non ci sia 1 commento da parte di una persona Italiana che ama Frank.
    Per chi non lo conosce la sua storia,o non apprezza la sua INFINITA Discografia,dico;"1,era laureato in Conservatorio.2,Scriveva ed Produceva la sua musica.3,l'Ipocrisia non era ammessa,tanto che si è permesso di prendere per il c..o il Presidente degli Stati Uniti D'America e non solo,4,era un GENIO,non solo un Musicista.5,aveva e dava modo ai musicisti,più promettenti di Suonare divertendosi,senza MAI,trascurare la professionalità.6 e mi fermo qui,visto che potrei andare avanti al n.o 1000, ad elogiare non solo lui,ma tutti i musicisti che hanno avuto l'ONORE,di poter suonare con i gruppi,formati in 45 anni di carriera,possiedo quasi tutta la sua discografia in vinile e non è in vendita.
    In più a sangue Italiano.
    In 30 anni che ascolto e riascolto,Zappa,provo sempre emozioni e mi diverto,come un bambino,che riceve la prima bicicletta:Prendetevi una bici e Pedalate in ore di fantastica Musica.


    Duke on keys ,Napoleon ripping sax solo on wah pedal and Zappas genius puts this way ahead of times ....and we're not there yet not even close

  13. Steve Popper

    Chester. He was SO perfect for this band.

  14. andrew ganley

    Best FZ band ever!

  15. jo po

    Frank called it! Way back We are in trouble!!!! NOW! with NWO!

  16. carol g

    Orchestral Custard the official Zappa Original composer YT Channel.

  17. joël coutier

    excellent!!! super frank Zappa!

  18. joanna noel

    What a pure version......

  19. Cati Pocoví

    Ke rekuerdos joder ke bueno!!!

  20. Charles Katz

    Freakin' transcendent!!!Saw FZ on his Joe's Garage tour and I wish I could have seen em all.Always defines state of the art for me

  21. Gleann Mag Ualghairg

    Definitely more cowbell.

  22. sean h

    Saw Frank live twice when I was a young man. Next best thing is Project Object w/ the outstanding Ike Willis. Or Ike solo band is also outstanding .

  23. David Geier

    Ohhh my god...Amazing !

  24. Georges Braun

    Frank, oh Frank, pure Genius. I wish more people would understand. Prince was it in his own way. not so many of them...

  25. san sa

    still can't understand why he's so overrated

  26. Frank Lovato

    Such talented musicians to pull off these complex constructions live!

  27. Carlos Lopez

    Murphys performance is out of this world. He's really giving his soul in this.

  28. Frankincensed

    Pure, fucking, unmitigated genius.

  29. Michael Sokolowski

    More Trouble with the classic Chester lick he took with him to Genesis' Afterglow

  30. Zolar Czakl

    Nappy was the only member to not need to audition.
    Zappa saw him performing in Hawaii (could that have been actually a vacation for Frank, because I don't know that he played Hawaii...) and after the gig, Frank walked up to Nappy, introduced himself and told him that if he wanted to join his band, it was his job. Frank invited him to see a concert to find out what HE was about and the rest is history.
    Everybody else who ever was in the Mothers, outside of the original Mothers of '64, needed to audition.

  31. Preston Price

    Zappa's where I can hear some good ass f****** common sense on par and just as biblical as The Bible. In fact I consider
    " His Frankness" a continuation, a Biblical model for modern times .
    In short Frank Zappa was Nobody's Fool , and didn't want you to forget that you don't have to be either.
    It was his gift he shared...... with of course some ridiculously kick-ass musically inclined human beings performing some ridiculously complexed Zapped Out Compositions.
    ... Just to be Frank .

  32. Karl Blanchette

    Do not notice the cross light reflection, whatever you do,........

  33. Steve sugg

    I need a time machine. Take me away from this pathetic snowflake world we are in now in 2919. And get back to the good old day.

  34. Mafongo Jr

    No tune can compare and that is the end of rock history

  35. steviebkhall

    Geil.peace !

  36. Metronhomme

  37. Taime Uppe

    life ain't the same without you Mr Zappa

  38. Tiger Masters

    Can’t put my finger on the missing link🤔🤔that’s it Norman Gunstain!!! Check him out lmao

    Eric Van Halen

    I take it you mean Norman Gunsten??? Our Australian Ambassador. 🇦🇺.

  39. Peter Müller

    Is that Chester Thomson on drums????
    I m about to get sick!!

  40. Wernerandreasli

    Chester Thompson is the master of all aeons

  41. tainbey


    John Gitto Sr

    tainbey god wanted him.

  42. hal biggiam

    Damn!!! I miss Frank and his various primo personal, magical musicians. So glad Frank put so much music down, I'm forever finding recordings I hadn't experienced yet. I admit I experiencing , a spinal rush at Frank's facial expression during Napoleon's fantastic vocal riff . Almost like Frank never left, strange but exalting in his positive emotion, body language and approval. FZ et all will never die as long as we keep listening and grooving to their exalted wonderous,
    eternal positive vibe. Thank you for this post.

    Dog Breath

    There are so many full Zappa concerts on this tube .


    interesting how different things can be from person to person. For me this is also a definitive source of good vibes and positive emotion ; but two weeks ago I had one of my best friends over at my place and I showed him some old music , this masterwork included. Suddenly my buddy got all restless for (seemingly) no reason and went home (he couldn't even explain to himself what was going on and apologized), only to find out that around the exact time he got restless and stressed out his uncle had commited suicide. The friend told me that the lyrics of this song have had a deep impact on him because he also asked himself the question "How could my uncle be such a fool?" Instant vibechanger for this otherwise joyful tune.....

  43. Michael Robert

    Regarding Son of Orange County, I wonder what Frank would have wrote about Son of New York, Trump, who makes Nixon not too bad in context.

  44. Arjan Brandwijk

    Zappa at his best! And a big thumbs up for the bass player, I assume Tom Fowler

  45. Ole Nielsen

    ALL IN ALL the FARTHER IS THE BEST, no dobt about this

  46. NOBI o brien

    Best band ever, past present and future..

  47. Dodo Díaz

    03:33 NOT a double pedal!

  48. Jorge Belchez

    Are they Talking about Orange county California?

  49. martin

    Is dit lekkere muziek of is dit lekkere muziek

  50. cowboygeorgy

    I think Bjork was inspired by this.

  51. Kieran Daly

    Their talents are unsurpassed. Every tiny nuance is played perfectly.

  52. Dean Conis


  53. Jaime Mateo Bengoechea Garrido

    Un genio unico en todas sus facetas, compositor, guitarrista, letrista, en fin, genius.!!!

  54. Stealth- Boy 3000

    Where's the rest of the solo at least? :O

  55. jakobole

    And sound-wise, a very nice-sounding recording. I've heard studio-recordings from the 80's that were worse.

    Matt Howe

    Overall recorded quality is amazing & well mixed too. I just made another comment higher up - about seeing lots of Sennheiser 441's on that stage.

  56. Der Gutmensch

    Chickenskin all over the place

  57. Patrick Powers

    Drummer Chester Thompson: great.

  58. zapphodd Bubbahbrox

    Prophet much?

  59. Kurt Blake

    Was Napoleon from Zappa's hometown? They have almost have the same exact inflections


    Anything Frank does blows my mind, no matter who is the band!!!

  61. xwarx1000

    That Guitar TONE!!

  62. Sam Lewis

    So so unique- what an ensemble!!!!! Yeowwwwwww.

  63. TheEternalNow


  64. pauline butcher bird

    This whole concert is brilliant


    Frank was very futuristic in his approach to writing music, this could easily be the present times troubles,that Mr. Zappa is performing about!!

  66. Rafael DeSoto, Jr.

    The bridge between the two songs is so creative.

  67. Jürgen Freudenberg

    Enjoy it ... Love it

  68. NobodyKnows

    This is what Andrew Loyd Weber wanted to do with Jesus Christ Superstar

  69. Erona Calloway

    I remember when I was WAAAAY younger I would play my Frank Zappa album’s in my bedroom and CHILL for HOURS trying to Visualize the songs

  70. chris grow

    Hard to believe this show was originally broadcast on PBS

  71. mr funball


  72. Alex Delarge

    On beat, every note. Absolute professional perfectionism.

  73. WillieEWoof

    Just reminder who was and will be the best! Forever and ever!

  74. Michael Ledford

    And on the 7th day the Lord took rest,he needed that day off to spend designing the brain of Frank Zappa in order to bestow such fantastic music upon the true believers ,its like "we " get it & everyone elses brains arent wired properly for music.

  75. violentauntie

    What a totally shite place to fade the vid out just as Frank gets going... Bah!

  76. groupertonic

    Practically soul liquifying

  77. adriano Clincho

    ZAPPA and what a band you gotta just love them The English music press did not like him in my day (the seventies) why?

  78. Petro Phishhed

    Seen them twice...fantasmagorical lsd:

  79. Alex Ber

    Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that at this concert Zappa was something very upset. This is evidenced by his eyes and manner of performing a musical theme. Some notes do not conform to the standard version.

  80. klein arms

    "More trouble everyday" more true today than ever!!!

  81. William L.

    My favorite incarnation of the MOI....I saw this particular line up 3 different times. I saw FZ total 11 times over years. I miss the hell out him still 12/04/93 RIP, Maestro w/Love & Zircon


    I saw this tour at the Spectrum in Phila. I remember telling my friends that every musician knew exactly what the others were doing for the whole 2 and a half hour show. I saw FZ many times. He did 5 nights at the Palladium in Hollywood and did not play the same song twice!

    William L.

    @jhendrixfanatic2 We are fortunate people, you & I, my friend. I never missed a chance to see them play live....never. And hell yes, they all knew exactly where everyone else was musically. It's probably similar to an astronaut hanging out with pilots - by that I mean the "regular" great player compared to someone who played in Frank's band...right?

    Freddy Staelens

    Zircon entrusted tweezers in his hand?

  82. Unlikely Heroes


  83. thiago henrique

    Frank Zappa is the best!

  84. Harry Hache

    Consider how complex this music is - and how TIGHT they are. Good grief. Frank was 100% dedicated to what he did.

  85. The Duderino

    He truly was ahead of his time.

  86. Pierre Adler

    No date? At any rate, it is just fabulous.

    William L.

    during the Roxy concerts...that was what...4 shows over 3 days, I think. Dec 8, 9, & 10, 1973

  87. Randall Kennedy

    Frank was a good player and writer but a poor singer

  88. Alan Bruno do Nascimento

    leonel richie?

  89. Darrylizer1

    One of Frank's most beautiful melodies.

  90. marcelo palko

    very god ,the drums gay,

  91. Edward Roach

    Amazing rock/progressive jazz group

  92. Dennis Morton

    credited forgiven many musicians their wings to fly in various directions!!!

  93. Frankincensed

    Frank was a raving genius, 20 men rolled into one. Off the charts. He should be enshrined for saving the world from shitty music and political ignorance

    Blake T

    So true, we need another zappa

  94. Erkin Erkin

    adam tam damardan gitar soloya giriyo videoyu bölüyosunuz teallam

  95. Todd Yeates

    Maybe the best ensemble on any stage ever.

  96. Izzy Cubito


  97. Tony Lewis

    few people in the world will ever make such an impact.

  98. Glenn Morris

    Listen because this is unlike anything the millennium generation would even begin to understand.