Zappa, Frank - "Here Comes The Gear, Lads" Lyrics

[Aynsley:] Here comes the gear, lads!
[Howard:] Dunbar . . .
[Jeff:] "Here comes the gear, lads"
[Howard:] I'm telling you man . . .
[Jeff:] Sounds like a Beatles cartoon
[Howard:] Key down
[Aynsley:] Just keep your mouth shut, you . . . Curly!
[?:] Look at those cars! The race cars
[Mark:] Sure sounds like the Beatles cartoon, "Hey, John Lennon here . . . "
[Jeff:] "Hey, Wankers, there goes the gear"
[Pilot:] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is your passenger agent. I'd like to welcome you to aboard United's flight 664 to Spokane. We're departing in just a few more minutes. We'll just be a . . . couple minutes delayed due to loading some extra baggage.
[Mark:] Could that be ours?
[Pilot:] I'd like to remind you that the, the bags you've carried on, that they should be stored underneath the seat in front of you . . .
[Mark:] Howard?
[Pilot:] During the flight . . .
[Howard:] Uh, yes, Mark . . .
[Mark:] Would you like some film?
[Howard:] I would
[Pilot:] Hope you have a pleasant trip, and . . . thank you for flying United

[Stewardess:] Good night, all

Ha ha!
Now, the trip . . .
This is great!

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