Zappa, Frank - Echidna's Arf (Of You) Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

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Zappa, Frank Echidna's Arf (Of You) Comments
  1. Aline Jacomett


  2. Applemask


  3. Timmy's Tech tips

    Favorite @ 1:35

  4. Peter Maxwell

    I think he wrote this when he was in Australia, Frank loved animals, specially odd ones like the echidna !

  5. Michael Black

    Sublime FZ!!

  6. frydryk p

    This theme is an incredible showcase of Zappa´s abilities as a composer, and, of course, of the phenomenal instrumental level of his band at hat time...perhaps the highest ever achieved

  7. Stäni Steinbock

    I didn't know this song got it's name from quite a unique animal!


    AND they could play it LIVE every nite.

  9. Larry N

    just freaking brilliant

  10. Ronnie TalktoRussia

    Always loved this song, and the whole record. If I had to introduce someone to Zappa, I think this album would be good.

  11. Cees Paul


  12. Grimread

    This album is incredible. The band (not the original Mothers) are the tightest outfit that Zappa ever played with. This track and 'Don't You Ever Wash That Thing' which run back to back on the album leave me flabbergasted. A commercial flop on its release, 'Roxy & Elsewhere' has garnered more critical acclaim with each passing year. Anyone liking this should be aware that there are other recordings from the same tour: -

    You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 2: The Helsinki Concert (1988)
    Road Tapes, Venue 2 (2013) and
    Roxy by Proxy (2014)

    However, all these and more from the same era have recently been released as a boxed set entitled 'The Roxy Performances'.
    Any Zappa fan in possession of this is sure to reach Nirvana.

  13. Thomas Barrett

    I read U2 were the best band that Bono!!

    Ginger Jam

    U2 were the best scam/fraud. Useless empty music...

    Ronnie TalktoRussia

    No shit. Not going to happen.

    Stäni Steinbock

    @Ginger Jam interesting to read that someone else also has the same opinion as me.
    I have overstood they are popular, but haven't so far been able to se/hear why.

    Hernan Mazzini

    @Stäni Steinbock count me on.

  14. Charles F.

    Inspiration for sonic the hedgehog games.

  15. Minichaud Berkimilov

    Dad i'm sorry but i think i like jazz.

    Eric Rowland

    jazz does smell funny.....

  16. Glasshouse828

    And Knuckles

  17. Stefan Segi

    No words.

  18. Ian Rienecker

    what a phenomenal composer frank was by far.

  19. Ian Rienecker

    what a phenomenal composer frank was by far.

  20. Paul Sekenski

    How tight is that? I defy ANY douchebag band alive today to come close to that!!!

    Will Grello

    Checkout thundercat "Uh - UH"

    glenn grant

    snarky puppy has crazy arrangements approaching that level

    Walter Egon

    Manu Dabija

  21. Jukka Miettinen

    Why they don't play this on the radio ? ( Once I'd gonna do that on Radio City Helsinki 96,2MHz...)

    Michael Black

    Because this music scared the shit out of morons!

    Hernan Mazzini

    @Michael Black ha ha ha. Well said

    Michael Black

    @Hernan Mazzini 👃👍

  22. Mark Dixon

    Quite the jam. Saw music come out of my speakers...years ago.

    Cees Paul

    Had to breathe trhough my ears when I saw it

  23. sallymick27

    My favourite tune from this album

  24. Rick Turnage