Zappa, Frank - Dummy Up Lyrics

Get up in the mornin'
You know, I think it's mornin'
Sun is shinin' bright
I'm gonna get outside
Gonna wash my face
Grab my hat
Put it on my head
I take a walk downtown
Because I feel so-oh good
I think I'm gonna take a walk downtown
Hey! Sunlight!
Somethin' I never seen before
Been a-walkin' down the street every day
Nobody like you ever passed my way
Maybe there must be too much sun
Couldn't be my hat, must be too much...
Wait a minute!
What's that you...?
What's that?
What's that?
What's that?

Dummy Up

What is that?
I know what that is, I know what that is...
I bet you that's a restaurant menu...
Let me see!
Let me see!

[Jeff:] Not only do you get the Desenex burger... not only the Desenex burger... but you are in for a real treat, Jim
[Napoleon:] Wait a minute, I think I like that dance better than this... What are you talkin' about, creep?
[Jeff:] What I'm talkin' about is you've been in this killer fog down here too long
[Napoleon:] What?
[Jeff:] You need somethin' to get up and go to school with
[Napoleon:] Wait a minute, you're not talkin' to an old fool now, you know, I wasn't born yesterday!
[FZ:] (Heh heh heh!)
[Napoleon:] Wait a minute... I think I'll take...
[Jeff:] I like that little dance you were doin' down there...
[FZ:] Jeff Simmons tries to corrupt Napoleon Murphy Brock by showing him a lewd dance and suggesting that he'd smoke a high-school diploma...
[Napoleon:] Hey! What you... what you... ? Wait a minute!
[Jeff:] Hey this, this stuff...
[Napoleon:] I've never seen one of these before... that's not a menu?
[Jeff:] This stuff is expensive
[Napoleon:] What is that?
[Jeff:] You shoot it, you'll conserve all winter
[Napoleon:] I do what?
[Jeff:] It last longer
[FZ:] Not only do you get the Desenex burger
[Napoleon:] No... no...
[Jeff:] Now come on, try it
[Napoleon:] No, no, no
[Jeff:] It's really good
[Napoleon:] No... Smoke THAT?!
[Jeff:] Have I ever lied to you? Have I ever seen you before?
[Napoleon:] I don't, I don't even know you!
[Jeff:] Look...
[Napoleon:] I don't even know what that is!
[Jeff:] Just bef...
[Napoleon:] And you're tellin' me to smoke it?!
[Jeff:] Just before, we smoked the tapes that you made
[Napoleon:] Smoked the tapes?
[Jeff:] Smoked the tapes of your group
[Napoleon:] I think I'd rather dance
[Jeff:] You can really get off! Let's try a joint of this
[Napoleon:] A WHAT?!
[Jeff:] A joint!
[Napoleon:] You mean this kinda joint?
[Jeff:] No, man! Where you been in livin'? Reseda?
[Napoleon:] No, San Jose
[FZ:] The evil dope pusher is cutting up a white gym sock, formerly owned by Carl Zappa and still damp. The shredded sock will be placed inside of a high-school diploma And ignited with a sulphur preparation...
[Napoleon:] Wait a minute...
[FZ:] His first taste of big city life
[Napoleon:] That's okay, wait a minute... wait...
(DUMMY UP... )
[Jeff:] Hey! The roach of this is really gonna be good, so I'll save it...

[FZ:] Have mercy!
[George:] Awright... awright...

What d'you do with that thing?
What do you do with that thing that you have?
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
What do you do
With that thing?
I wanna know

[Napoleon:] Wait a minute
[FZ:] Now the next step of this operation
Napoleon: Wait a minute!
[FZ:] The evil corrupter of youth is going to take him from Step One, which is a mere high-school diploma stuffed with a gym sock, to Step Two, which is a college-degree stuffed with absolutely nothing at all. Smoke that and it'll really get you out there!

I still don't feel as good as I felt this mornin'... yeah yeah...

[FZ:] You'll grow out of it...


I heard it again, somebody said...

[Jeff:] You see this?

What d'you mean? College!

[FZ:] College!

That's college-rhythm

You mean if I smoke that
It's the same as if...
As if I was at college?
Roll it over up!
Roll it over up!
Roll it over up!
Gimme a...

[FZ:] No no, the college-degree is stuffed with absolutely nothing at all, you get... you get nothing with your college-degree...

But that's what I want

[FZ:]... I forgot, I'm sorry

You get nothin',
But that's what I want

[FZ:] A true Zen saying: Nothing is what I want... The results of a higher education!

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Zappa, Frank Dummy Up Comments
  1. thewordlove4316

    "I do WHAT???"

    "...... it lasts longer!"

    "have I ever lied to you?"

  2. Loic Ruello

    putain d'album !!!

  3. MaXaNoMaLoUs

    “Well then nothing is what I want”

  4. Thomas Raczek

    Napoleon Murphy Brock is The best 👍😉

  5. muskaman2k

    Not only do you get the desenex burger...

  6. Wayne White

    Do the walls close in to suffocate ya? You ain't got no friends, and all the others they hate ya? Has the life you've been leading gotta go? Well, let me straighten you out, about a place I know...

  7. Rob Kyle

    You mean if I smoke that... It's the same as if I went to college? TRUEST statement ever. RIP Frank, you were the best!

    Kunal Somaiya

    Rob Kyle
    I'm replying to you... Because... You're the only one to comment here. You must be cool :P

    Lala Meme

    +Kunal Somaiya im here too