Zappa, Frank - Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen,
Watch Ruth!
All through this film
Ruth has been thinkin':
"What can I possibly do
That will amaze everyone?"
I think she's come up with the answer,
Just keep your eye on her!

Thank you!

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Zappa, Frank Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? Comments
  1. Michael Ledford

    Zappa left nothing left to say after this piece ,the Maestro has spoken !

  2. Scott Buscavage

    Perfect doesn't get any DIRTIER!!!!!! Sizzlin' musicians all speakers are smokin'

  3. krycklund

    I love when Frank drops any pretense of conventional song-writing and just delves face first into his own insane rabbithole.

  4. TenSop Saxop

    I finished high school this year and was digging this shit way back then

  5. TenSop Saxop

    Great song but the trombone killz it....WOW

  6. Master Of Puppets

    always overrated zappa garbage

    William Taylor

    Thanks for revealing yourself to us.

  7. gizzad

    Can we talk about that jam at the end?

  8. flemming dalsgaard

    Not only fine playing - it is funny too!

  9. Kurt Kish

    It cracks me up to no end when Frank Zappa is referred to as a "Rock Musician". !!!!

  10. myearsloveit

    So Fun!

  11. Bob Stonehill

    Such an incredible sound, arrangement, solos. Brilliant Zappa 😎🙏♥️

  12. misterjohn john

    Awesome 😁

  13. Fausto Pintus

    One of the best tracks ever,.

  14. Al Nonymous

    I still miss you, Frank.

  15. Zolar Czakl

    When I tell people what I like most about Zappa's music, I refer to musical calisthenics. This track has the most incredible calisthenics going on in there.

  16. Keith E. Bilitsky

    These commercials fuck up the flo....The man was a genius!!!!! Coltrane on steroids!!!

  17. Woody Hodge

    Turn it down!!! I have children sleeping here...

  18. Rip Roarin'

    Live masterpiece, impeccable recording.

  19. lmnop1022

    Hmmm. Wonder why he never had a hit record?

  20. dillysgirl4ever

    I absolutely LOVE FZ’s jazz fusion music like this piece. This is Zappa at his absolute best!!!!


    Ridiculously phenomenal ..... Who Can I shoot first!

  22. deyan kozhuharov


  23. Frankincensed

    You find something faster, crazier, funkier, tighter and fluoride embalmed

  24. scifizydeco

    Only FZ could write a cadenza using a duck call

  25. PappyWappy43

    one variation of the speech I've heard online was something like...
    Ladies and Gentlemen, watch Ruth
    Ruth has been thinking?!
    All through our show?!
    Ruth has been thinking all through our show?!

  26. ItsaZappathing "The Son Of"

    One of my favourite Zappa tunes...what a band.what a tune..what bunch of musicians

  27. John Hendricks

    This is why Frank Zappa is awesome.

  28. Sausahga

    Another milestone in the huge output of Frank Zappa.

  29. genlob

    I could listen to the Fowler and Duke solos from now till Ragnarok.

  30. William Taylor

    7:10- Frank's slithering wah-wah gives me chills every time.

  31. John Delmos

    so incredible.

  32. texasjack1978

    George Duke solo just kills me. So damn funky

  33. BLZBOB

    Thank you . . .

  34. Harry Pierpont

    4 people never wash it

  35. PJBubbles

    This performance does not actually exist. It is an edit of two, maybe three versions done during the run at the Roxy. Still utterly fucking fabulous!

  36. Larry N

    holy crap

  37. Dr. Decent

    Good ol' Frank

  38. AbortRetry Fail?

    The sheer technical proficiency of these musicians is just mind boggling, this piece is almost literally _showing off,_ goddamn what an amazing jam, 40 years or so, and I'm still awestruck every time I listen to it.

    Andy Thomas

    Its not a jam! And if you think this is showing off, by the end of the tour they were whipping this stuff out at twice this speed! Check out the 'Ontario Slime' bootleg.......for a start. The High Speed 'Big Swifty' is utterly mind boggling! There was no 'jamming' in FZ's bands. They got space to 'improvise a solo' but thats as far as it went. Like the man said, if one member isn't playing what he's told to play, then the entire thing collapses and winds up sounding like, you guessed it........Jamming!!

  39. Paola Marin

    Love Zappa!

  40. James Atkinson

    i used to play this on my electric sandwich back in the day, except i played it backwards instead of forwards and standing on my head so obviously im good at playing this kind of jizz music

  41. Gloucester Writers Center

    Happy Mothers Day everyone

  42. um ogm

    This twin drums ensemble sounds extremely sick. Especially during George ‘s solo, they groovin so hard. I can’t believe this is from early 70s.

  43. Eric Pettine

    Bruce Fowler's trombone solo on this piece is perhaps the most insanely brilliant one ever recorded. Truly inspired/inspirational.

    Andy Thomas

    Check out his 'Air Bass' on Bat Chain Puller!

  44. T・Y everything is good


    Charles F.

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  45. Gábor Gyarmati

    Fantastic music with a lot of humor :D This LP was the first Zappa-impression in my life. Over 40 years it's the same. Zappa forever!

  46. vinnie e.

    Great "monument" of music ! . . . . I LOVE !

  47. Dixon Diaz

    From 4:10 to 5:20 is one of the best jazz riffs ever.

    John Delmos

    Thank you :D so much excellent it is


    One of the best parts of any Zappa recording...ever!


    Most lyrical keyboard solo in the jazz-fusion genre I'd argue........RIP George

    Steve Jackson


  48. Rogerio Naccache

    George Duke

  49. Andrew Coletsos

    Chester WOW ! Hammer that skin boy !

  50. Thomas Barrett

    And here was me thinking U2 were the best band ever.

    Andy Thomas

    U2 are a train wreck.

    jawad Kazmi

    FZ a National Treasure taken much too to soon. 😅

  51. Anthony Loftis

    The two drummers on here are Ralph Humphreys and Chester Thompson.

  52. amber parody

    Session drumming at its best.

  53. Vickie Rae

    THIS SONG SUMS UP THE ENTIRE ALBUM AS A MAGNIFICENT CARNIVAL OF SOUND -- A SORT OF SONIC CIRCUS. Hey, Scott here. I used to ask myself -- "Am I the only one who hears this?" Reading these posts has restored my faith in humanity seeing all the positive responses. All the solos are wonderful. I used to play some jazz frombone & must say Bruce played it the way it's supposed to be done. It reaches almost a Mangione-esque sound at one point. Duke's piano solo is the best I've ever heard. Some guy posted he'd like to set it on repeat & play it all day. I've actually done that lol. The drum call & response is amazing & the rhythm it lands on it totally funked up. Frank's guitar is absolutely vicious & even a Kazoo solo wraps it all up. But the composition itself is mind-blowing in it's intricacy., but still ear-accessible. This might be my favorite piece of music ever!

  54. RaidenWildDemise

    6:02 authentic blast beats in mid 70's :)

  55. John Hendricks

    My Computer is a piece of shit.I wish I could listen to Zappa- like everyone else.

  56. James Miles

    I was at a Zappa does Zappa and Dweezil was wandering around in the crowd before the show saying hi with a sheepish grin.

  57. Andrew Coletsos

    listen to hammer of the Gods at 7 40 oh my...

  58. Sugaree Wazoo

    52 years old and first heard Zappa and listened was around 15 yrs old: Joe’s Garage II & III and was impressed big time, by the music basically. Been listening every day for last 5+ years str8: Arf!

  59. fred b


  60. John Driscoll

    does anyone know who does which drum solo between Chester Thompson and Ralph Humphrey? Starting at 5:20?

    Paul Marr

    according to the Roxy movie, Chester's kit has the higher pitched snare drum and plays second

    John Driscoll

    Thank you! Appreciate it man

  61. phideauxiii

    i remember sitting directly between two Klipsch La Scala II's driven by my SX-1080 (as if they needed anywhere NEAR 120W RMS) and listening to this album on the double vinyl. this is mind blowing shit. tightest arrangement and execution in town. this is the definitive Zappa album for me, if there is such a thing...

  62. Jonp

    listen closely to the bass and keyboards at 0:25-0:37 (figure repeated elsewhere).

    Nick Drake


    Andy Thomas

    A marvellous little linking arpeggio! As for figures repeated elsewhere...........Its All One Album!


    @Andy Thomas I think she's come up with the answer.

    Andy Thomas

    @Jonp What?


    @Andy Thomas Watch Ruth

  63. Cedar Evans

    Radical loser censor on

  64. Cedar Evans

    Radical loser censor on

  65. Cedar Evans

    radical loser censor on and hide, hack

  66. Cedar Evans

    Don't nobody hate but a m************ hater

  67. Cedar Evans

    Zappa Burnin Dro 24's

    Charles F.

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  68. Cedar Evans

    Zappa Burnin Dro 24's

  69. B. Scott Farthingsworth

    Zappa. Genius. I had always wished he'd run for President. Really. The solos in this are just beyond awesome. Horn, Rhodes, Drums back n forth (!!!), comes back in so slick for Zappa to lay down some serious seventies wha. C'mon one of the best pieces of music to be recorded in a live perfomance, and the audience respects the dynamics... imperfect perfection.

  70. ayme simao

    Village of the sun, Echdina's art of you and don't you ever wash that thing ? must be always be heard in sequence. Umbelievable piece of music played live!!!! Max Pocker

    Andy Thomas

    Three months into the tour and they were playing this stuff at twice this speed!! Check out the bootlegs! Start with 'Ontario Slime'!!

    Andy Thomas

    Check out the various bootlegs from this tour! Trust me this is average for this band. By the time the tour ended everything was being played at double this speed!

  71. Lennart van Rikxoort

    is this album also on a video somewhere?


    +W of OZ There is a DVD/ BlueRay of the Roxy dates from which this record was mastered now available. It is titled "Roxy The Movie. It is a composite put together from all of the dates of this Roxy show. This is one of the "tunes" performed, but it is from a different evening, so George's solo (still fantastic) s a different one on the video. However, rest assured that this is a must own video if you want to see this very ensemble in action. It is in my opinion the definitive video of this ensemble. And BTW, they play some of Zappa's hard stuff too. The way this video was shot and edited makes you feel as though you are right on stage and you get tremendous views of the players doing their thing! Check it out!

  72. Hunter Pipp

    george duke captures exactly what I look for in jazz improv in this solo, same goes for bruce... tom and the drummers absolutely holding it down. love this record


    +Hunter Pipp Hi, I totally agree with you.George is the king of the world in this Zappa's Masterpiece.

    Nick Drake

    Alan Pasqua in Believe It!

  73. Tommy San Filippo

    There's no doubt in my mind that this guy was a living breathing cartoon character sent here to entertain


    +Tommy San Filippo Hi.I'd rather say Frank was sent here to make us THINK (trhough some good entertainment).

    Justin Green

    Tommy San Filippo FZ a cartoon character? I’ve heard him called a lot of diff things over the yrs but that is probably the dumbest, least articulate description of him possible. Pls try using your brain before typing comments next time.


    I can see that, too bad he never ended up making that Billy the Mountain movie or there could've been some animation with his brain attached to it, at least theres Denatl Hygiene Dilemma and the Bruce Bickford stuff

  74. Thomas Pratt

    One thing I've also appreciated about this song is how FZ allows some of the best musicians around to lay down some fantastic improvisation:  Bruce Fowler/trombone, Ruth Underwood/percussion, George Duke/Fender Rhodes and then the two drummers.  Then one gets the real ear candy:  FZ on the SG and a wah-wah.  Pure genius!

  75. Sergio Baldi


  76. Sergio Baldi


  77. Charles F.

    George Duke killed that solo, incredible. The trombone solo is amazing, too.

    Charles F.

    @Greg Moonen very cool

    Sam R

    Greg Moonen Do you see any irony in calling out other musicians by their names, except for - Ruth Underwear? Why do you think all female musicians (and business folk, and politicians) have a solid case against their male counterparts? Have you learned a damned thing from Anything, or are you working a trust fund - just like our current prez?


    Lighten up Francis

    Sam R

    aroxon Are your man-boobs sufficiently inflated to say that, to your peers?

    Mousse Tache

    @basgalgemba This solo is still my favorite, on par with Bob James on "On the streets", a track off of the Serpico soundtrack but actually not heard in the movie.

  78. Luca Sonzogni

    One of my Frank Zappa's favorite tunes. This is the BEST Zappa... Here you can find free jazz, rock, fusion, roxy, funk, instrumental.... all melted with a compositive genius that only few contemporary players ever had. 10/10


    And farts!


    Hard to say wich is the favorite of Frank's tunes, he is so eclectic. Sometimes i fall into some old LP (i still have many of them after more than 40 years) and i can't stop listen for hours.

  79. spb 78

    There's so much incredible music in Zappa's oeuvre. And, there are so many incredible moments in this performance and this composition: Bruce Fowler's solo, Duke's solo, Zappa's solo, Ruth's solo, the head, the weird accents, all of the beautiful Zappa-isms. The band is so tight, and the musicianship, playing, writing, and arranging: everything is phenomenal. 

    Still, for whatever reason, every time I hear this recording my mind immediately goes to 8:48 - the end (9:29). There's something about the descending voice leading, something about the sinking feeling of that part of the composition. I don't in any way wish to suggest that Zappa intended this, but those measures particularly seem to expertly replicate the emotional exhaustion, the sense of waste, and the cynicism that was emerging in the U.S. following the end of Vietnam.

    Mark Dixon

    +spb 78 - Yah, I agree...its a denouement...FZ saw through so many artifices that are still prevalent even today in the 21st century. His music and lyrics are, at least in my lifetime, too relevant and incisive for most people.

    spb 78

    +Mark Dixon Very much agreed. 

    It's interesting to consider Zappa within the context of post-WWII cultural and social conformity. He was a true non-conformist, rejecting both cultural and counter-cultural dogma. People like this don't seem to exist anymore, especially in this era of political naivete and an unquestioning public.

    Larry N

    +spb 78 excellent points!

  80. Taste the Radium

    I love stumbling on Zappa good stuff that I either a) don't remember b)heard but couldn't place it.  (and hoo boy I listened to a lot of Zappa since 1966)

    Mark Dixon

    +Tera Tomare - I still remember seeing the music on this jam coming out of my monster speakers back in the day...amazing.

  81. Killmetbh

    I am convinced Chester Thompson is one the greatest drummers of all time ever

    Dannn Merkle

    Anybody that played with zappa for more than a few shows is world class... the dude was really picky.

    Andy Thomas

    @Michael Heth Great though this is, there are bootleg recordings available of this band that completely shred this performance. Ontario Slime is one that springs to mind. As the tour progressed and the band got comfortable with the material, they sped everything up.

    Zoot Marimba

    It was actually this song that landed Chester the Genesis gig.

    William Hinshaw

    Zoot Marimba It was. The drum fill that precedes the line "there's no way to delay that trouble coming everyday " in Son of Orange County ( Nixon) on the Roxy album. I remember the clip of Phil Collins being amazed at the fill.

    steve schmitz

    @Zoot Marimba Pretty sure that was Trouble everyday that you are referring, Chester's and Ralph's lick is a lick written by frank BTW. Chester is a beast non the lest, but not a gorilla.

  82. round55


  83. thinghammer

    Great stuff...saw zappa plays zappa and its incredible

    Mark Dixon

    +thinghammer - Dweezil does honor his father. He rocks.

  84. thinghammer

    gettin ready to go see Zappa plays Zappa next are good for this tour. hells yea!


    I saw them last Friday in Delaware, excellent show.  Enjoy!

    Newtown Hopper

    I saw them on that tour, here in Edinburgh. Phenomenal performance.

    Get to see them again in Utrecht next month. Can't wait!

    Andy Thomas

    Who gives a fuck about reviews? So, if they were bad, what??

  85. tonewall jaxon

    Muther Fu^%$ker.....thats some swell combo.......

  86. chupeteguaya


    Andy Thomas

    It was actually edited from two seperate shows. The 'Roxy' album also includes some studio overdubbing!

    Goodwin Trent

    Welcome to the club! Even the late very great George Duke once remarked in an interview that when he would go back and listen to this, he was amazed how they/he did that live. He also indicated that he thought this was the best line-up of musicians. I have to agree with him!

  87. MyTallTripod

    One person has never washed their thing

  88. PeteLayburn

    The world misses FRANK ZAPPA.

  89. the1realanalogman

    Right on adam872! Good to have a fellow Zappateer weigh in on this piece!

  90. adam872

    Got that right. George's solo is great and you're on the money with how hard it swings. What a great groove.

  91. ClarkeAuction

    I agree 1,000%

  92. Peter Maahn

    fucking real, i´vd saw him firsttime in ´78 on stage, and in my young years i´vd thought ´´What are they making?´´ Today I´m myself prof musican, and a day without F.Z. was a bad day.

  93. nottwozero

    I can imagine Ruth cringing at Frank's reference; smiling, but cringing.

    Andy Thomas

    It became a running joke with Ruth. It happened several times, including at the Overnite Sensation band concert in London. I was there! It wasn't just a 'thing' that happened at this gig!

  94. the1realanalogman

    I haven't heard this in so many years. I really miss Frank! Fun piece to play! It's so cool how Frank worked up a solo situation for Ruth on this! And G Duke's E-piano solo after Ruth's section swings so hard it hurts! I saw this particular unit live. What more can one say...

  95. Michael Murray

    I love his left hand on this. So appropriate.

  96. Marc Ballan

    I know i am old. THAT OLD? listen... (I was born in 1953) The death of FZ was a shock for me
    LE crétin (1 "je n'aime pas" vs 134 "j'aime"), sauf s'il a cliqué là où y fallait pas, ne mérite même pas de finir en pâtée pour chats

  97. ThorHammerdahl

    I am a rich man from llistening to this music. rich beyond any dollar figure.

  98. ClarkeAuction

    Dude, george plays his ASS OFF absolutely. My favorite keyboard solo PERIOD