Zappa, Frank - Don't Eat The Yellow Snow Lyrics

[includes a quote from Midnight Sun (Hampton/Burke/Mercer)]

Dreamed I was an Eskimo
(Bop-bop ta-da-da bop-bop Ta-da-da)
Frozen wind began to blow
(Bop-bop ta-da-da bop-bop Ta-da-da)
Under my boots 'n around my toe
(Bop-bop ta-da-da bop-bop Ta-da-da)
Frost had bit the ground below
(Boop-boop aiee-ay-ah!)
Was a hundred degrees below zero
(Bop-bop ta-da-da bop-bop Ta-da-da)
And my momma cried:
Boo-a-hoo hoo-ooo
And my momma cried:
Nanook-a, no no (no no...)
Nanook-a, no no (no no...)
Don't be a naughty Eskimo-wo-oh
(Bop-bop ta-da-da bop-bop Ta-da-da)
Save your money: don't go to the show
Well I turned around an' I said:
Well I turned around an' I said:
Well I turned around an' I said:
An' the Northern Lites commenced t' glow
An' she said
(Bop-bop ta-da-da bop...)
With a tear in her eye:

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Zappa, Frank Don't Eat The Yellow Snow Comments
  1. Cool_Cat007 Smoove

    The drums in this song is great...

  2. Rio Rio

    Evil yellow snow,!

  3. Mike Vlade

    Has ears as a dog ... Wuijawuija .

  4. Ze Da Gina

    Muito fixe! 😉 Grande Qualidade! 💰😃

  5. Bruno Tulliani

    Pure insanity originality genius!

  6. Wingding

    Story, True or not was the song was made or developed during a Zappa concert in the most Northern part of Michigan called the U.P or Upper peninsula.. Not only was he in the Upper Peninsula but the most northern part called the Keweenaw Peninsula. It was WINTER... and if you ever been there ... it's just like Alaska. The concert was at ... MTU Michigan Tech U... The 'Huskies' ... St Alphonso's was a Church that had a pancake breakfast during the show time across the bridge in Hancock. Supposedly thats where it all started. Frank never forgot that trip it appears... This place is 200 straight North of Green Bay, so you can imagine the winter's.

  7. Simone Dawson-Walker

    4:18 Great Googly Moogly

  8. ლუ კა

    ეს ან უნდა გაიგო ან არ უნდა მოუსმინო

  9. Justin Fielden

    Gotta love when people act like he didn’t do drugs.... coffee will mess you up more than cocaine

  10. jaime bruce muir

    I want my titties  and beer NOW...

  11. Thomas Desante

    I seen Frank Zappa over the years about 7 times and every time he was totally professional and his band was extremely tight you sure know how to pick on frank 👊😎

  12. Brian O'Neil

    Thanks to this song "Great Googlymoogly!" and "Right upside the head of my favorite baby seal" and "destined to take the place of the mudshark in your mythology " enttered the lexicon of slang for my friends and I back in middle school in the late 70s. It wasn't just the lyrics though. Lyrics without a good tune are just bad poetry.

  13. acid

    P E E K A B O O

  14. sean brennan

    That 7/4

  15. SpiritGirlSF

    Apostrophe was new when I bought the album. Frankie Baby, Born of Stardust return to Stardust.

  16. Jalamah Dalamah

    What kinda moron puts advertisements in a music vid?

  17. Eduardo Fernando

    bom d+ se não excelente

  18. mick cummings

    Welcome, to the rabbit hole kids ✌

  19. Jay Bro

    LMAO whipping up on my favorite baby seal... * commences with the most savage guitar riff ever.

  20. mike n

    78 I think at the Cleveland public hall ' it was mandatory to be trippin'' ,  10,000 people and it was sold out with the outrageous price of $ 5.00 bucks yeah  or you missed on another concert that was going on there'' ,if you wasn't trippin though'' he came out and sat on a stool and played with his back to the audience for about ten minutes'', he wasn't being rude he was a music composer and had a orchestra as a band usually'' and played titties and beer and peter wolf was the devil''. kickass concert .noke Cleveland.

  21. rilema05

    Seriously, if you are a Zappa fan you have to check Flula's video out:

  22. Jeff Boyce


  23. Welly Well

    Welly mag den Zappa gern, doch Pipi Schnee liegt ihm sehr fern!

  24. guitargeno. Clarke


  25. Brian Kay

    Zappa.. Zappa Zappa Zappa...........

  26. James Kristoff

    "rub it"

  27. Eileen Lester

    Great memories RIP 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  28. Pieter Zandvliet

  29. thewordlove4316

    216 fur trappers!!

  30. Stand LittleE

    Wow, add interrupts right in the middle....a yellow snow cone for whoever is responsible....taken back my "thumbs up"

  31. Isaac Yoder

    Yo pass me the aux
    Aight man, but it better not be shit
    Don't worry fam

    Joseph Finkelstein

    Haha see them tripping out to St. Alfonso. Where I stole the marjorine

  32. kieran ohara


  33. Patricia Bossert

    Who are the 209 people that suck? Really? FZ is a legend!

  34. Robert Clark

    Well the fur trapper stood there

  35. Jeff Boyce

    The drumming is absolutely insane. Thanks Frank you where a genius RIP

  36. Martin Barnes

    100degrees below 0, thats pretty damn cold

  37. uqeR x mdog

    Here it goes now!

  38. Billy Sqiur

    I could have killed u dirty laundry, return my money mf

  39. Shenyae T

    Prince loved this song. RIP 💜

  40. Jah Jah

    My parents got divorced when I was young, and my dad taught us this song just to piss Mom off HAHA


    Jah Jah: You had a good Dad!

  41. Michael Hill

    I don't normally mind ads, but there's just something wrong about ads on a Zappa song.

  42. Paul Savage

    Fuck Canada and the people there too!

  43. Soda Kinz Vibes

    The nostalgia of singing this as a kid while playing in the snow

  44. orion khan

    2:27 *_peek-a-booooooooooooooooooo_*

  45. Cathy Petersen

    Great googly moogly …….. watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow.   I recently learned that, apparently, Mr. Zappa doesn't do drugs or alcohol.      Woah, can you imagine the music if he DID!    MIND BLOWING

  46. chris gentry

    Oh my God. Right In the middle of the song is the stupid ad interruption. But by the way, frank zappa was ate up.

  47. Neale Holt

    Francis Vincent Zappa.Fucking legend

  48. Hells Wind

    Thought, I was _convinced_ he was a black man singing. That Joe's Garage cover didn't help me get over that idea until someone mentioned it to me that it was an 'actual' (like myself) white guy and I swear to god I was, my mind was blown right about that time, like science. Would do.

    Zappa was _blessed,_ (with a voice like that) know what I mean? I'm so glad he got into music, lol. It's like it was this man's calling, next to those cigarettes... He was just such a unique performer. It's amazing.

    Chris Cee

    I read that his voice got deeper when he got pushed off stage, it caused some kind of injury that effected his vocals

  49. Carlos Maciel

    - Go to 10:50
    - Click on the restart icon ↩
    - Enjoy the full video without ads

  50. HeavyMetalDriver 666

    This is amazing! I can't get enough of this stuff!

  51. Smellzke 209

    Rip big bill we used to do coke and fish

    Smellzke 209

    And play this

  52. Mafia Moscoloni


  53. Michael Luciano

    Nothing like this before. Nothing like this after. Just a flash of greatness. And yellow snow.

  54. Leverquin

    Father Vivian O'Blivion

  55. El Cuento

    FUN FACT: In the albums original Father O blivion lyric sheet, it actually says " As he stumbled on his cock.." but instead there's a sound effect where the 'cock' should be. I'm guessing Warner Bros demanded it was censored :)

  56. echoes of floyd

    Rasputin is amazing

  57. ubermench1000

    Nanook deprived the trapper of his sight.

  58. Freddy Staelens

    She abused the sausage patties, and said why don’t you treat me mean.

  59. Golbez

    how come there arent any musical geniuses like this anymore

    Stephen Spencley

    flouride and chemtrails/ tv id say.

  60. Bregeduur1

    Why I haven't listened to Zappa for the last 10 years; I'll never know. Might be one of the worst mistakes I've made.

  61. Mafia Moscoloni

    Casi que tescucho de costado..por temor a que me deVores el Hipotálamo!!!

  62. RayinPa U.S.A.

    Dedicated to Yvette Rest In Peace Sissy !

  63. Charly Gallen


  64. Ricky Tracy

    I met him

    Jojo Mojo

    So did i.
    I was actually 14 yrs old on a internal flight from Miami to LA. Didn't have a clue who he was. But we had a great time! Talking about green rosetta's, watermellons in Easterhay, yellow snow, leprechauns.. I just went with the flow, thought the guy was just nervous and a tiny bit afraid of flying.
    My big brother sitting in the front row (at the window, we traded places, on his request), never spoke a word. He knew who that dude was.
    And he thought i did also. Wondering why i was able to keep my cool....

  65. Alexander Thiel

    Sehr geniale Musik. Einer der kreativsten Köpfe im musikalischen Bereich. R. i. L...

    Jojo Mojo

    He was indeed a very creative genius! And he even spoke a few dirtywords Deutsch. Lol.

  66. Daniel T Craddock II

    OK I have one thing to say. Well what is it. I dont know do you>OK where can we get some Breastfist LOL. Find out where Alises Resterant is

  67. Ozan Yenigün

    Wtf volkan Demirel 😅

  68. Kris Kallies

    He had the unmitigated audacity to jump up behind my ig-a-loo.

  69. Michael Taylors

    This was my introduction to FZ.. friend’s house , into big brother’scollection in 1975 . Literally rolling on the floor laughing joyously and sitting quite still, listening in absolute amazement. . Excentrifugal forz. Is the best rap tune ever btw .. it’s my desert island FZ album .

  70. sean brennan

    That absolute sexy 7/4 time signature

  71. Ed Cox

    This caused the hood to engage

  72. Micah Jared

    More classic than the big bang theory.

  73. Cheap Ass Gamer

    Some said to ask this guy or ozzy or joey, what's it like to be free.

  74. Sebastian Sänger


  75. Offender Monk

    thank you man!!!

  76. Brad Roblling

    this is the one that made me as a kid love zappa. & 57 years later l still love this song. the whole thing st. alfonzo would be proud of me. a classic.

  77. صقر صقر

    Arabic look

  78. Russell Sartor

    Right thru his sock I want that on my tombstone

  79. David Bowman

    Like the Beatles, this guy was a genius.

    Drew Robinson

    The Beatles are one of my favorites, but you can't compare them to Frank. Dude didn't give a fuck at all about what the execs wanted and made some wonderful progressive music.

  80. black70bird

    This is the first music I listened to when I was stationed in AK out of basic training. A bull moose named Bullwinkle was looking in the barracks window also!


    Did you Rocky the Flying squirrel ?🐿🦇

  81. Rui Cabral


  82. Luis Manuel Clara

    Zappa o cérebro😎🤣😎

  83. Fat Pig

    4:15 G R E A T G O O G L E Y M O O G L E Y

  84. Robert Margarit

    My mother bought me this album for Christmas. She broke it in two once she heard me playing it. No biggie I went and bought a new one!!!

  85. David Smith

    How could you possibly shove a commercial in the middle of this, you piece of human excrement!

  86. Chuck Graf

    Fucking Frank. So good!!

  87. Ken c Berg


    Steve P

    And now he is dead because of it....

    Glenn Hecker

    And if you call any vegetable, the chances are good... that the vegetable will respond to you! (Rutabaga, rutabaga, rutaba-aa-aa-aa-ga!)

  88. RaynardCreegan

    One of the coolest tracks ever, so tight, musicianship 10/10 even if you dont like the song it is at a level of creative genius. Alphonsos pancake breakfast breakout to rad for words. What a fuckin journey of a song. Respect

    Danny leja

    whiter shade of gray

  89. Jimmbay1

    Seen them in 75 @ Chrysler Arena in, Ann Arbor Mi.!

  90. Frank Zappa

    I’m not dead

  91. Jeffrey Simpkins

    My first tattoo I got,the artist played Zappa around the clock.Id never heard Frank before and thought what in the fizknuckin hell is he listening to.

  92. Bob Demmon

    Wait... How do I fix my eye if I'm an Eskimo?

    Glenn Hecker

    Wait for your instructions from Dr. Zappa and head on out to St. Alfonso's! It's all here for your edification. But DO watch out where the Huskies go, and don't mess with Nanook or his favorite baby seal!

  93. Bane Mayo

    Savrsena kontrula svegaosecaj dominacija.odlicno

  94. TheDanielVFlores

  95. Bendage

    this was the first Zappa song I heard and 5:11 is when I turned into a fan.


    And I turned into a chair

  96. Lizweedus

    Unbelievable.. Which deaf dumb fuck gave this a thumbs down? The mind boggles!!

  97. Michael Lambert

    This is just too much for some...
    more music less devices