Zappa, Frank - Bwana Dik Lyrics

[includes a quote from Daddy, Daddy, Daddy which includes a quote from Tell Me You Love Me]

And if his dick is a monster
If his dick is a monster
If his dick is a monster
They will give him their hearts

Hold it! Please hold it!
My God, Madge... you voluptuous New York City slit...
Why didn't you tell me before?
It was so hard to tell with your little blousey-poo on, but...
Now that I see you... I would have helped...
I didn't know you were so obviously... PREGNANT...

I've got the thing you need
I am endowed beyond your wildest
Clearasil-spattered fantasies
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah...

Girls from all over the world
Flock to write my name on the toilet walls
Of the Whisky A-Go-Go
For I am Bwana Dik
I am Bwana Dik
Me Bwana Dik
Yo! Me Bwana Dik

My dick is a monster
Give me your heart

Bwana Dik is a legend
Enormous thou art

My dick is a Harley
You kick it to start

Bwana Dik speaks
The heavens will part

My dick is a dagger
I'll force it to fit
My dick is a reamer, baby
To scream up your slit

Steam it!
Ream it!
Cream it!

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