Zappa, Frank - A Typical Sound Check Lyrics

[includes a quote from Whole Lotta Love (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham)]

[Mark:] All skate. Men only!
[Aynsley:] Man, shou . . . shoulda put the fuckin' [?]
[?:] Gotta put that sign on the front, man
[?:] Got to get that sign on the front
[?:] [?] sign of the bass player
[Aynsley:] Because I . . . I'm gonna have to find [?] I'm gonna take about five minutes with the other thing in there in time to go on
[?:] Get some more weirdness
[?:] Hey man
[?:] Hey, it's far right here
[?:] [?] together?
[?:] It's far right there
[?:] Well . . .
[?:] Perverse!
[George:] Hey, I'm still an hour here
[Mark:] See it, my washboard's in the car
[?:] What?
[Aynsley:] See, they gotta have two holes here
[?:] Ah!
[Jeff:] Yeah
[?:] Washboards . . .
[Jeff:] Oh we got our amps switched. I should be having . . .

If you do not hear me
You may now walk out
For I am here
And I am talking . . .

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