Zain, Maher - Ummati (English Version) Lyrics

Shining bright you came to us
With a heart so full of love
And you showed that you’re
The one who cares the most
And to us you've always been so close
Everyone will say
Please save me
Except Al-Habib (the beloved)

أمتي، أمتي
Ummati, Ummati
(My nation, my nation)
يقولها لنا يوم القيامة
Yaquluha lana yawmal qiyamati
(He will say to us on the Day of Judgement)
أمتي، أمتي
Ummati, Ummati
(My nation, my nation)
يقولها شفاعة
Yaquluha shafa'atan
(He will say as an intercession)
أنا لها، أنا لها
Ana laha ana laha
(“I will do it, I will do it” (to intercede to God on behalf of his nation))

You have always sacrificed
Smiled with patience through the hard times
All you did inspired everyone you knew
Always selfless, striving for the truth
Everyone will say
Please save me
Except Al-Habib (the beloved)


I'd give my heart and soul for you
Wish my eyes can see your face and be close to you
Coz in your guidance I find peace of mind indeed
No one else on that day can intercede


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Zain, Maher Ummati (English Version) Comments
  1. itz laya

    العربية اجمل 💜💜

  2. Genta Tiwikrama

    so touching

  3. Auliah Debrianti

    Allahumma solli 'ala sayyidinaa Muhammad wa 'ala aali sayyidinaa Muhammad

  4. Hunter Official PM


  5. Bart Stevensburg

    "Ana laha Ana laha"...I'm crying...he (saw) is going to do this for us who are sinners.

  6. yahya asari


  7. yahya asari

    may allah grant jannah ammeen

  8. Noufira Noushad sha Allah..

  9. Janna and Jonnas Rosales

    all song make me cry.....

  10. Raheela Mateen

    Masha Allah sooooo heart touching

  11. Ila ihsani

    Love you prophet Muhammad saw ♥️

  12. Rasheedah Raheem

    What a great song!!!

  13. Mariama S.

    The beauty and strength in his voice shines through much better in the Arabic vocals only version

  14. Azriel Fahrezy

    Ana laha ana laha 😭😔

  15. Haq Nawaz

    Masha allah

  16. Arif Maulana

    Bilamana Muhammad Rasulullah SAW ada ditengah2 kita sekarang, apa yang ingin kau sampaikan padanya?

  17. Dilli Wala Shayar

    Ya Rab his voice touch my soul .. god bless u brother 💞💞💞💞

  18. Ridwan Aman

    Masya Allah ! Auto bikin nangis 😭😭😭. The song is so make me crying

  19. co RAB4

    Please ad Bangla lyrics

  20. Nur Iman Mukhlisah Muhammad Mahyuddin

    I love this songs 🤧🤧🤧

  21. Haris Bhamji

    Subhanallah/happy for being a Muslim having Allah by our side and grateful for our prophit

  22. Haris Bhamji

    Your voice brings emotions to everyone Mashallah

  23. Abe ALGhazi

    ana laha ana laha 😭😭😭😭.... ya habibi ya rasulullah sallallahu'alaihi wasallam ... miss u so much..

  24. saiyed mehmood ashrafi qadri

    Mashallah Subhanallah,❤️ from india

  25. saiyed mehmood ashrafi qadri

    Mashallah Subhanallah,❤️ from india

  26. Kemors12 Ali

    It is beautiful song I was hearing in the world

  27. Irlima Manutd

    Subhan Allah.. Great song with an amaziing lyrics...

  28. Zakirah Pandor

    Every time i read the lyrics i cry

  29. Mariam Tv

    جماعه هو لو الفيديو بتاعي فيه كلام تحت بالازرق يبقي ايه المشكله عشان انا حذفت فيديوهاتي كلها بيقولوا غلط بس الللي مستغربه منه الفيديو دا فيه نفس الحاجه ومفيش ضرر اومال ايه

  30. سيلا سيلا ر

    Ma cha allah i love it sala alla 3alayhi wa selim

  31. Annaya Yousaf

    Mashallah subhaballah

  32. Nhyna Agus

    This song make me cry

  33. Fahad Zafar

    Haters will always hate any good words about Islam.

  34. Aneba sweet killer. .

    I love it's beautiful. .. arounded by wetness tears , belongs to emotional field.....that's wonder just ..

  35. Yasir Iqbal

    my mosque had a jalsa and girl named Zara read it beautifully mashallah, you and her will live a long life

  36. mohamed bilaal

    mohamed pbuh the final messenger who conquered the world through love . may allah bless him until the end of time..

  37. Logy Hany

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤اللهم صلي و سلم و بارك على سيدنا محمد و على آله و صحبه اجمعين

  38. Ryad Bouarfa

    One of the most beautiful and true song

  39. Muqaddas Adam

    Masha Allah
    Listening in 2019

  40. sami zorqi


  41. Aya Bourab

    اغنية مؤثرة جدا toooooop

  42. Atik Ahmady

    Masha Allah
    Ummati 😢😢

  43. zainab samsir

    Love this song forever ❤️ May Allah blesses you Maher Zain 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  44. lama Alreemawi

    I'm crying ❤❤❤❤

  45. dyn ruse

    2019 ;)

  46. Fairuziana Hussain

    I crying 😭

  47. nini mahazan

    Thank you for this beautiful song...i hope all your songs maher zain will be your الجيرية until the days when the entire of the world are get together...and hopefuly the song will always be a reminder for all of us...may Allah always bless us and forgive us for the all sins that we're have done..and insha allah be a better person always..

  48. Abe ALGhazi

    Never hear this song without tears 😫😫 . Allahumma shalli'ala muhammad wa 'ala alimuhammad. Love u so much beloved prophet 😘😘

  49. Sophia Ncimpaye

    So emotional 🌷🌺

  50. Deti Abriyani

    Masha Allah 😭😭😭

  51. The luckiest! man alive

    what should we do now!

  52. Waqas Babar

    Waheshna Ya Rasullulah..

  53. Cavid

    Hi Awakening records. Please share karaoke/instrumental version of this beautiful piece to be sung by everyone aloud.

  54. Muhammad Al fatih P

    MasyaAllah , i will always love you Muhammad 😭😭💞💞

  55. youdontknow youdontknowme

    How much we miss you
    ya habbiballah...

  56. Rajalaku

    Rindu...Rindu....Rindu yang teramat sangat padamu Wahai Kekasih Allah... YA RASULULLAH Shallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

  57. Mamadou Alpha Diallo

    The Greatest Man that ever walked on the face of the earth, He's Unique !
    يربي صل على حبيبنا محمد ♥

  58. ZaRRiX


  59. Salsa 30 Prilia

    I keep repeating this song :"" from indonesia

  60. Safa Nursabila


  61. kyro hiko

    your message somehow reach to the hearts of pure soul ya ikhwan. all glory to our leader Rasulullah PBUH most beloved to everyone especially to Allah Azzal Wajal. may He bless us with guidance all the way

  62. Nuri Anwar

    whenever i listen i just can't stop ma tears 😢........

  63. অদৃশ্য নিরব

    assalamu alaikum thanks for maher zain battlefield hardline songs for Ummati I loved it I m from Bangladesh >>:"(

  64. Buds Upeo Abdul-Rasheed

    This guy MaashAllah. So blessed and wise. I love you Maher Zain.

  65. mohamed mm


  66. Asuman Corumlu

    Maher Zain the best of the wordl's


    mashaAllah i miss our rasulallah 😭

  68. Abdulkadir Mkomwa

    I can’t stop listening this nasheed

  69. ayla yedys

    Bagus lagu

  70. Iram Hayat

    Thanks alot maher dont even know what u did to me,u make me a Muslim thanks alot

  71. imtiyaz bhat

    Mash ' allah very very very very very very beautiful naat sharif

  72. Siti Farhani

    I really like this song.btw deserves more views

  73. Zunnorain Asghar

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  74. azlina othman

    This song make me cry

  75. Kenza Mahamoud


  76. Aisha Ibrahim

    Love from south africa

  77. I ATE MY CAT!!

    He PBUH will be calling ummati , with out any specification . Everyone will be a part of it all muslims even criminals , killers , liers etc . He loves us soo much , its a shame we dknt follow our relegion properly , and dont realise the hardship holy prophet PBUH beared cuz of us in his life ,Holy Prophets nephews were killed just to defend our islam .Lets promise to Allah that we will try our level best to follow teachings of islam and be good practical muslims

  78. Regina Indah Purwasari Gina

    my favorite..😍❤

  79. Tasnim Arif

    u are so awesome maher zain

  80. Seleem

    On the day that all the prophets will say Myself myself, only our master Muhammad will say ummati ummati

  81. Seleem

    Oooh is very wonderful

  82. Remina Sheheb

    Why so many dislikes may Allah bless you

  83. Gamer Mina

    "i will do it..i will do it" 😭 oh rasulullah

  84. Muhammad Oman

    subhanallah :(

  85. nonanjani 1420

    im crying too 😭😭

  86. nonanjani 1420

    Best song ever 😍
    Love song all of maher zain ❤️❤️❤️

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    Ya allah 😭😭😭

  88. Ardit Barca

    Everytime i hear Ummati My eyes Leaking Tears

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  91. crazy squad


  92. crazy squad

    I'm doing it for graduation

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    salam may allah grant u jannah

  94. Asep Asdi

    i miss you, Muhammad s.a.w.

  95. Asep Asdi

    i miss you, Muhammad s.a.w.