Zac Brown Band - Uncaged Lyrics

Gonna lift to the great wide open
Wanna set my spirit free
Won't stop till I reach the ocean
Gonna break these chains holding me

Gonna swim in the coldest river
Gonna drink from a mountain spring
Deep in the land of the great wide open
Let the water roll all over me

Oh, wanna swim in the sunshine
And every day find a way to face my fears
Oh, wanna get in the wind

Gonna take every chance I'm given
Feel the wind through the open plains
Freedom is a gift, get livin
Go chase that sunset highway down
You got to get uncaged!

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Zac Brown Band Uncaged Comments
  1. David Elliott

    Most Excellent song!

  2. Colin Joseph

    welp cant even hit 70 and its 2017??

    Jacob O.

    hey its almost 2019 hes at 72 hes almost halfway to 170 be nice

  3. Brian Vollert


  4. Joey Wood

    go back to school, oh and this song is awesome

  5. Shaun McMillan

    I was a friend of Lance... So sad

  6. Shaun McMillan

    I love when Chris does the hemiola (3 against 4) during the break!!!!

  7. m4giicbladez

    ^ dont know good music huh?

  8. Steve jobs

    When you can spell properly, I'll accept your opinion.
    This song kicks ass.

  9. Kathleen Woodruff

    Oh my god i think this song is afull! =)

  10. Gregory Beal

    Saw them live last night in Syracuse NY at the Carrier Dome..... AMAZING!!!!!

  11. Katie Barbaro


  12. criste potter

    zbb always outs out the best songs i love this band i would not know what 2 do if i seen them in person i so love zbb there awesome

  13. FriedRiceGalore

    Get all three albums, in my opinion ZBB don't have ANY bad songs. Just check and see.

  14. dandj sheppard

    I am so getting into these guys. getting this album soon.

  15. Christian Costello

    The opening riff reminds me of 'Sex on Fire', but ZBB doesn't ruin it with vocals, unlike Kings of Leon.