Zac Brown Band - Roots Lyrics

My first best friend was a 6 string
Took him with me everywhere I go
When I was 18, bought a Dodge van
Found a drummer and made the road my home

Ohh I wouldn't change a thing
It made the man I am today

My roots always keep me grounded
Roots remind me where I'm from
Even when I'm a thousand miles away from my
Roots I'm home

Every Friday you could find me
At Dixie Tavern playing with my band
We'd start the show with a round of whiskey
And play our hearts out and wished it'd never end

Ohh I wouldn't change a thing
It made the man I am today

My roots always keep me grounded
Roots remind me where I'm from
Even when I'm a thousand miles away from my
Roots I'm home

We'd get 'em singing "Don't Stop Believing"
Then follow up with a cold beer on a Friday night
Always dreaming one day we'd play with
All our heroes we cover every night

Flying high all our dreams came true
You've given me wings

And roots always keep me grounded
Roots remind me where I'm from
Even when I'm a thousand miles away from my
Roots I'm home

My roots always keep me grounded
Roots remind me where I'm from
My roots even when I'm a thousand miles away from my
Roots I'm home

Don't give up
Hold on a little longer
What don't kill you
Only makes you stronger

Don't give up
Hold on a little longer
What don't kill you
Only gives you stronger roots

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Zac Brown Band Roots Comments
  1. Garrett Scroggs

    Aaaand then they put out The Owl...

  2. Jerry Kinnin

    I remember seeing him at the Southern Comfort Bar and Grill in Conley Ga. The House band Introduced him .1996/1997.

  3. The Boss BR

    É incrível como eles conseguem ter todas as músicas muito boas 👏👏👏


    Even when I'm a thousand miles away from my Roots! I'm Home!

  5. Carole Wilson

    Great song. We love you guys. You "done us proud." God bless you all.

  6. Caitlynn Brousseau

    how many people are?? i think there are 9

  7. Mikey Mccallum

    This song is true root creeps me ground I'm home this a true and awesome song I can listen so many times .!!!!!!!😁😁😁🎊🎊🎊

  8. Isabela Castro

    Im in love.... with this band. ❤🇦🇷

  9. Krista Aucoin

    This reminds of one of the songs from "High school musical"🙄

  10. cele yane

    me encantó desde Argentina...

  11. Arh Show

    You do song kane brown

  12. Nicholas Dechoudens

    Heck yeah!

  13. Joal villa


  14. Oskaripa The GREAT

    One of the legendary bands of all time🤘

  15. Anthony A

    Come to hawaii!


    Cool hat

  17. Lori Villarreal

    This song reminds me a lil cabin in the snowy mountains, kids with family, just me n you, no TV no cell, no social media, a month straight, eat sleep, and doing very churchy thangs to each other lmao
    Mmm mmm mmm


    This song is really touching.

  19. Chris Cannon

    Love from Marcus Hook, Pa.

  20. Gamer King Pro

    Our history👏👏👏❤❤❤

  21. Ryan Seward

    This song is way too underrated. I can listen to it multiple times in a row!

    Gina Musitelli

    Ryan Seward Agreed!!!

  22. Fabio Gutierrez


  23. Cecelia Bleeker

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  24. Cynthia Rheaume

    why doesn't this song have 250 million views???

  25. Estar Aqui

    Awesome song!!!!

  26. Peter's Tech Studio

    you are the best, guys ! <3

  27. Bruna

    Musica muito foda, adoro

  28. mack ferrari

    Excelente canción y muy buena la edición del vídeo. Groso Zac!!

  29. sylvia

    Most popular song for dancing too, roots comes on everyone’s up

  30. Michael Pollock

    my brother name book said good song

  31. Michael Pollock

    i like chicken song chicken

    Kaitlynn Potter

    Chicken Fried you mean?

  32. Jamie Reynolds

    killer song and video! great job!

  33. Patricia Cauret

    Juste trop bien

  34. Lou Curelop

    Zac's voice is pure magic! Ahhhhh

  35. Evita Duran

    Our country genius from Georgia!

  36. Shawn Jackinsky

    Right On Zac! Perfect Words for all of the World!

  37. brinks5555

    Boys! Unreal

  38. Dave Charboneau

    Such an under appreciated song. Great song

  39. bolivar rojas astua

    Un "Tico" seguidor de esta maravillosa banda. Me encanta.

  40. Brian Coates

    These guys are just the best performers on the planet...

  41. steve gila

    been awhile since a new song makes your blood pump hell ya

  42. Peter Bauer

    This here is for my frirend still at Time inc. Be strong.

  43. Kimberly Bebe

    This one reminds me of my uncle my uncle just had a accident this is his fav song

  44. TheNisbetProject

    does anyone know who makes that shirt/jacket zac is wearing, i really want it lol




    no my roots remind of where im AT .. and they also point the weekend out just to remind of what the future has for you . BIFORD

  47. john benko

    Zac did the wedding reception for my nephew many years ago! Roots!!!!

  48. Teri Williams

    I just can't stop playing this song.

  49. Jason Gross

    Saw them in Youngstown and it was an absolutely amazing show!!

  50. Hell An

    200 dislikes? Wow, why are they even here? These musicians are diamond. Love Zac and the band brothers - real lyrics, real vocals, real harmonies, real riffs, ZBB is the REAL DEAL.. All the way from DK - every1 I played this tune, shows love!
    Keep it up guys - we love ya country... Even in Europe!!! ;)

  51. Calma, Coolz, Collective

    Yes. Embrace all yalls European roots. He's got the key.

  52. Life_is_lovely 2006785


  53. gilo

    Kill it Zac. GJ

  54. Garth Staruiala

    Wow. Such an incredible song by an Zac Brown. I love his music and i hope he comes back to Saskatchewan. I've been lucky enough to see him at craven and i hope he comes back. You just can't beat perfection.

  55. jackieurquhart

    never forget where you come from. love it

  56. Lisa Burns

    my absolute favorite band.

  57. the person

    I really wonder who dislikes this

  58. Jayden Alvarez

    this song made me cry

  59. Maria Streif

    Who could not love this song?

  60. Maria Streif

    Absolutely LOVE this song! Listen to it every day!😀😀😀😍😘😘😘😉

  61. Alfian

    Tour Asia! Especially Singapore!

  62. Sharon Bockmon

    Zac I love all of your videos

  63. Gavin Reddig

    Deserves so much more

  64. dabz good

    love u family so many dixie nights :P

  65. MMR Tactical

    best singer eveeeeeeeeeer

  66. Philippe Bénas

    What the hell! where do you get such an inspiration from ??? We love You!

  67. Robin Good

    Really amazing song. It makes happy my heart. Thanks from Spain.

  68. Colt Plays

    I love this song


    you band is GREAT

  70. David Conner

    your songs are the best keep singing Zac

  71. Jarek Wolicki

    I love this band too !!!

  72. Social Butterfly

    Totally all their songs. Zac Brown Band is so good. Everyone..go see them in concert.
    I love this band! 🎸🎩🎻

  73. Enzo Gracindo

    It is a very good music, with beauty lyric, but it reminds me of the musical style "Sertanejo", that here in Brazil some people listen to, i don't like this musical style but i confess, i'm really loving this music.

  74. Matthew Thomasson

    This gave me goose bumps, makes me miss my days of playing in a band

  75. Katelyn Suchy

    Love this song so much

  76. Barnabas Vorreiter

    Well Come Home !!!

  77. Jared Bailey

    My roots always keep me grounded
    Roots remind me where I'm from
    Even when I'm a thousand miles away from my
    Roots I'm home

  78. Jennifer Dijames

    go ahead guys.

  79. Sharon Lynn Parker

    Saw them in concert and had the best time...these guys are true artists and their music rocks💖

  80. Brent May

    No words can say how I feel great song thx.

  81. Pa Hartl

    The best

  82. Makayla Miiller

    How I got this song of from a add and I liked it so I went on youtube

  83. Lizzy The Stormcloak

    I actually did hear: "My boots..." and thought that the song was about boots. And then my husband said "it's 'my roots'" LOL! Now I can't unhear it. It is still a beautiful song.

  84. Angela Cross

    THIS!!! IS the BEST YET!!! LllloVe iT!!! SOOO MUCH!!!

  85. JOSEPH J.R


  86. barry smith


  87. Taseng Asa Xiong


  88. Make life fun

    I so want to see them live!

  89. Crystal R.Fowler

    Roots oh still me..

  90. Eric Coret

    que du bonheur merci

  91. SauceyHockey 94

    Seeing these guys tomorrow it's going to be lit

    Michael L.

    never say that word again in a country music comment section

    Shane Piskur

    Thought same thing haha

    Aiden Wendell

    Country music is Amazing mad my friend hates country songs

  92. colorado time

    I of course love the song roots it's the best I herd it on my way to mountain keep it up.

  93. When i became the sun..

    Zac Brown is true talent

  94. Tim Blanton

    Never forget your roots!

    Teri Williams

    Tim Blanton amen

  95. Brenda Kessler

    love this new
    song, can't wait to get a cd

  96. Tayden Fire

    Love this song

  97. Tyler Greer

    Roots- Make tree's get water

    Abel Cheng

    LaidBack it's what's keep a tree alive and grounded.