Zac Brown Band - Nothing Lyrics

Cried all night when you told me that I'd lost you
I died inside as I watched you walk away
And all this time I didn't doubt your reasons
But I can't heal what you can't replace

But now I sleep like a baby,
And all my dreams come true
'Cause the rest of my life has nothing to do with you

Pulled up my favorite chair at my favorite tavern
I turned to see you standing there with envy in your eyes
And I saved your life from 13 years of anger
But I broke every bone on the way home swinging at the sky

Now I sleep like a baby,
And all my dreams come true
'Cause the rest of my life has nothing to do with you

Stumbled in to find you cryin' in the kitchen
I argued with a broken heart and fabricated pride
And the battle raged for hours, but I didn't have the power
To make you understand so you turned and said goodbye

Now I sleep like a baby,
And all my dreams come true
'Cause the rest of my life has nothing to do with you

Now I sleep like a baby
And all my dreams come true
'Cause the rest of my life has nothing to do, nothing to do, nothing to do with you

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Zac Brown Band Nothing Comments
  1. Cynthia Pierce

    I had just heard this song by zac brown band, and it just fit to what I've been going through with my ex.
    Felt like it was written for me .
    Thanks zac brown for being so transparent with your music and being a wonderful poet with your music.

  2. CodyTheJ

    There’s a live cover with a female singer and I cannot find it. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

  3. Claudia Ferraro


  4. max wessing

    Love All his song's Just grate.

  5. Penny Merritt

    Thank you for posting it, I never heard it and its good.

  6. Stephen Nagle

    Stumbled on this at the best time. Gotta love Zac brown

  7. tony beck

    What heart broken man can't relate to these lyrics? And Hopkins vocals? aaaah Man the best....


    Or broken heart woman sunshine,,

    Per Maritz

    @cammicty He said man. Sunshine!! 

  8. Natalie Pullinger

    awww. u ok......

  9. Gynger Smith

    This is my favorite ZBB song. Thanks for posting!

  10. Dona Finocchio

    Coming to Boston , Cant freaking wait

  11. Dan W

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Nanci Marani

    This song got me through the worst of it!! :)

  13. Shane Steel

    this is awesome! Never heard this before.. i thank youtubers like you.. looking out for us searchers who know not of these hidden masterpieces from such amazing bands ..
    Who's the guest singer??

  14. quincy king

    zac brown has sooooo many songs that they wrote back in the day and lot of them wont get the light of day that deserve because pretty much any and everyone of zac browns songs are hits!!

  15. QuakerRN

    Love this amazing song --- just wish it had gotten more airplay. The Anitra Holley version is pretty cool too, and the lyrics are much darker.

  16. Andrew Cobb

    I believe its clay cook on the second verse and Its definitely John Driskell Hopkins on the 3rd verse

  17. YeOldeEmanuelGrant

    anyone know who the other singers are??

  18. YeOldeEmanuelGrant

    wow, man. let's all get along... keep the harsh words to yourself, it's ZBB for chrissakes

  19. cindydintn

    Thanks for uploading it!

  20. Andrew Bowman

    first time hearing it, the beginning sounds like Louisiana Saturday Night by Alabama =. Love it

    Raymond Carver

    It's actually Mel McDaniel that sings that song.

  21. Bobbie M Green

    @Zach , maybe the "mainstream music people" should take another look at The Zac Brown Band. They are great! Have yet to meet anyone who didn't like them. Aren't we part of what makes mainstream music for them? One thing for sure he is well loved in this part of the country. You said the song was awsome so why not uphold him for his singing? Guarantee another singer couldn't come close to him on any song he sings!


    I have waited forever to see ZBB Band and now going Feb. 17th in Omaha..I CANNOT WAIT. 3 ROWS FROM STAGE..OH YESSSSSSSSSSS..I LOVE THIS BANDDDDDDD

  23. Zack Edwards

    I'll be the first to get it then.

  24. andra mcfarlane

    So glad to see John Hopkins getting the proper credit in these comments! Good friend, amazing person with the biggest voice. This song is on the solo album he's FINALLY releasing. It's called Daylight (another amazing JDH song) and will be out around the end of October. He recorded it with Balsam Range, an amazing bluegrass outfit out of Nashville. It'll be available on itunes. Boom.

  25. Aidan Kahl


  26. Crystal Cronan

    honey, if you don't know what this song is about, you've never had your heart broken.

  27. Nolan Adams

    clay cook's stanza is the best part of the song

  28. Tyler

    whoa whoa whoa. no need for sarcasm you meanie bo bean e

  29. Dante Lozano

    Can somebody explain to me what the song is talking about? I feel like I do get it, but I'm not absolutely sure. Beautiful song by the way. My absolute favorite band. :)

  30. BigBudde & BooBoo

    i sleeee-eeee-eeep like a baby <3

  31. motocrossm34

    good song, too under-rated

  32. Branden V

    So under-rated, it amazes me.

  33. Zach Castle

    awsome song to bad its not well known by the mainstream music people

  34. e2the2power

    I have been looking for this song for months. great song

  35. Zack Edwards

    My absolute favorite to listen to before I go to bed. John Hopkins part is stunning.

  36. jewsarereal4

    first to comment bitches... oh and this is a good song