Zac Brown Band - No Hurry Lyrics

You know my old car needs washing
And the front yard needs a trim
And the telephone keeps ringing
And the bossman knows I know its him
And the bills ain't gonna pay themselves
No matter anyway
Cause I ain't in no hurry today

There's nothing wrong with an old cane fishing pole
And the smell of early spring
Sit down in a fold-up easy chair
On a quiet shady river bank
Let the world go on without me
Wouldn't have it any other way
Cause I ain't in no hurry today

Ain't in no hurry
I'd Be a fool now to worry
About all those things I can't change
And the time that I borrow
Can wait till tomorrow
Cause I ain't in no hurry today

When I must return
To the cold cold ground
Have 'em take their time
When they lay this sinner down

Heaven knows that I ain't perfect
I've raised a little cain
And I plan to raise a whole lot more
Before I hear those angels sing
(Gonna get right with the lord)
But there'll be hell to pay
But I ain't in no hurry

Ain't in no hurry
Be a fool now to worry
About all those things I can't change
And the time that I borrow
Can wait till tomorrow
Cause I ain't in no hurry
Ain't in no hurry
Ain't in no hurry today

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Zac Brown Band No Hurry Comments
  1. Ar Rafli WP

    Be grondnya ini lagi ha ha ha

  2. King JonnyTH445

    Idk why but I get emotional whenever I listen to this song but then again it’s my 2nd favorite song by ZBB my favorite by ZBB is Knee Deep love that song

  3. Mandy Bye

    love it

  4. Josh Brooks

    On re-peat.

  5. Connie Turner


  6. lori Chargualaf

    Man... sooo chill

  7. moar pewpew

    Three years cancer free so far and thanks to God , But I aint in no hurry today. or any day/

  8. Holly Aksamit

    "Gonna get right with the Lord, or there'll be hell to pay"......Simply perfect!!

  9. Jack Harcourt

    I don’t even like country music but I like this song

  10. Walker W

    Flody Boatwood is the best part when he's in the videos

  11. James Martin

    I got pulled over for driving to slow while listening to this.

  12. Mark Andersen

    Beautiful song, that violin solo kills me every time I hear it.

  13. MetAir375

    Been alOng time since iV heard this but daang, it’s goOd! Easily slid into mY tip top 10 ;)

  14. Dan Brown

    one of my favorite artist keep it going theres nothing like seeing him live

  15. Joal villa


  16. Ashton

    please come to new zealand

  17. Mike M

    For those who didn't know this use to be my end everything is done song. To those who lost somebody to suicide and the demons behind it. You can beat it just have the strength to ask for help from friends or GOD

  18. Johnny Mchugh

    your a true legend man

  19. david quinn

    My old car needs washing haven't washed it in 6 months lol

  20. Tracey Frees-LeClerc

    all good ,,you need to remember,,,,ure a big hit,,,cuz the small pple did it...ure to busy now,,but ,,,,don't forget where ya started,,

  21. John

    bhaaa, shit song... typical country trash stereo type... My dog, my car, and my old lady. Disapointing after being drawn in by good songs they have...

    Zacbomb r

    John your dumb and don't know real country

  22. NW Mob

    Hey I don't really listen to country but I like this band and songs this is what country should be like.

  23. Erold Mesidor

    some days that's the way I feel

  24. rayden miller

    im in no hurry to date

  25. Steven Wright

    Zac Brown band is the best

  26. The Archard

    One week until they play in Melbourne. #psyched

  27. Shane Bryant

    if you dislike this song or have any, even a significant amount of doubt why this song ain't on point. maybe you need to ask yourself. am I a good person

  28. Shawn Renfro

    everybody at my school be singing this🤘🤘

  29. George Corro

    The lyrics man, the lyrics. Brilliant! keep up the good work.

  30. This B Eliana

    all his music makes me sad bcuz he was my dad's favorite and he passed away :( I love you dad

    Zach Brown

    This B Eliana another Zach Brown here. Always hold your head up high and think of the good times. Fathers sometimes might not show it, but they are proud of their kids. You were probably one of the brightest moments of his life. Know that he probably left knowing that youd be alright.

    It's early in the morning on the oil field so I hope this makes sense.

  31. Sondra Smith


  32. Jeremy Merrifield

    What a great song . Love This band

  33. Dawn King

    I absolutely love this band. love the violin and listening to your voices soothes my heart. when i have a stressful day or anxiety gets high i just put in your cd and truely calms my soul. you guys are so very talented. wish i could see you on stage

  34. Ashley Bear

    absolutely love this song.

  35. mattie isaac

    god bless your heart and may piece be with you let all your conversations be about him Jim🎺

  36. Pierce Tupa

    Please come to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo.

  37. Sam Le Gamer12

    Good country sond guys

  38. Ellie Martinez

    This is my anti bullshit song


    Fucking right, its always nice to unwind.

  39. Madcain Ninja

    raise a little cain

  40. Lisa Sweeney

    wanna see them at Redrocks !!!

  41. Amy Cox

    My FAVORITE part is 1:46 where they have the lizard (or lizard like creature) on a leash and on his head!

  42. Michael Richards

    No one knows this band in the UK and it makes me sad

    Emma Marshall

    I'm in the uk and love Zac brown band!

    Mike M

    Michael Richards they do now

  43. MrBri2

    Great song :) how we should all should live

  44. Heath Heinz

    My neighbors love this song. I turned up the song and they threw a brick into my window to hear the song better.

    Christian S

    Don't be fooled these men work their asses off. Work hard in life, you owe to yourself and your God. The song is no meant for you to be a lazy shit head lol

    Cat Lor

    Obviously true devoted fans

    Nolan Loomis

    @Christian S Oi Keep ye Religion out of it ye shit head

    Joseph Brown

    Good music is good music. I love it.

    Joseph Brown

    Christian s is a party pooper

  45. larry woody

    this song makes me think of no hurry today

  46. Keith Kaiser

    Sit back smoke a cigar and drink a beer and listen to perfection.

  47. Laura Trevizo

    i love this violins sound :)

  48. K Fam Adventures

    I've lost a lot of jobs after listening to this song

    Ayoko Queen

    tiger22 ///ESP.knorss
    We s e as. E s


    D Dfyg stae$)$ qccvvwqcQqqqaQxtdeam uA


    I prefer Johnny Paycheck's version of Take this job and shove it.

    Brian Coates

    LOL :) Reminds of "Don't Worry, be Happy."

    Jeff Varchmin

    Haha yes!

  49. Cecilie Evans

    Very Sweet. Country....just tells a story...of life. Well so do the other's. Just different lives and different influences. Just love music. However, talk about a sink full of dirty dishes...and make it a song. Dig it.

  50. Eric Gamble

    This song was SO me a few years back. Was working my ass off at our county DSS office, was and still am a single mom, and was called into jury duty (was a murder trial in a N.C., Blue Ridge Mtns. backwoods town /county...that should explain A LOT right there) and on the weekends, my daughter and I would crank this CD up and just ride the back roads and it helped calm my nerves and thoughts. The feeling it gave me on the weekends unfortunately did not carry over to my weekdays because I ended up with not one but two bleeding ulcers and was put out of work...but it still reminds me of that calming feeling when I heard it back then.

  51. vic. ami

    01:44 WHY SIMPLY WHY

  52. Roger Broström

    1:44 been there...:)

  53. Bill H

    He sounds a lot like James Taylor to me. Love this stuff

    M Smith

    Damn, you're right. Never noticed that

  54. West Packer

    Bad ass music! No need to put a label on shit ...

  55. Duey Neau

    Awesome song !!!!

  56. Marge Gentry

    me neither

  57. Chris B Sonic

    Whoever disliked this is a looser

  58. Katelyn Earl

    I love this song and how its not about a broken heart like a lot of country songs are..... that scene with the little girl was my favorite:)

  59. Zachary harper

    this makes me cry it makes me think about my childhood

  60. KerrdogJ

    Great song! It's amazing that there can be 182 people who don't like it.

  61. Lars Jönlid

    Great shit, Watch out Jimmy !!

  62. Ana Maclaren


  63. cleanhypnotist

    good song

  64. Tanner Newman

    "Id be a fool now to worry about all those things. Can't change " I love that line


    +Tanner Newman I totally agree with you... the best line in the song... love it! <3

  65. Chris Beers

    I love how city people think they can relate to any kind of thing country when they don't know shit about it


    Chris Beers opinions vary....

    Anthony Fonzi

    Country must be country wide right?

  66. Juan Garcia

    Really good song 😌 I turn this loud when it comes on. I don't care, people could judge me all they want. This is real music

    David Bruce

    Juan Garcia David bruce

  67. Dawn Dunn

    It's Flody.........! I'm hooked! Love the Legend of Flody Boatwood! Awesome story line!

  68. Milbra Colleen Keigans

    Thanks Nutter.for helping me remember Daddy. I remember you and us fishing behind the house and singing.

  69. Dave Hornsby

    This is how I feel now that I'm retired I like all of Zac Brown band songs

    bill hargrave

    @Dave Hornsby Im a few years away, all I want is my guitar and a fishing pole, and I have several of both. The fishing poles I have mastered, it will feed me. The guitar I work on, it will make happy in time, time spent on my pier

  70. Limited Warranty band

    the way country should be!

  71. Soul Solo

    Man these guys sure know how to live a life to it's fullest!

  72. Ian Fitzpatrick

    Still my favorite song by them.

  73. Bella Stylz


  74. mr med



  75. Arielle Torrens

    Awesome song

  76. HyperZombia

    I can't believe this only has a million hits.  I know it's all personal preference but I so love this song!

    Alex collins

    I know right!

  77. Rafina Lucas

    This is my theme song this summer!!!!! lol

  78. Devin Luczkowiak

    Thank u

  79. Devin Luczkowiak

    I ain't got no hurry

  80. Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon

    Great Song !

  81. Visi Poveda


  82. urrusmoso112

    Rosas y Espinas!!

  83. Sammy Dominguez

    Just a cool one!

  84. Brian johnson

    No hurry , awesome song we should all slow down once in a while : enjoy life my friends !

  85. David Ballard

    yep! finally doing it myself after 30 years of working, just time to take a step back and breath! no hurry!

  86. castingcrowns96

    This is a good song to listen to.

  87. Chrisfragger1

    ZBB is seriously one of the best new bands/performers out there... NOT saying the best, some of the old kings of country are superior but DAMN these guys blow almost all their modern contemporaries out of the water... I think one of their few decent competitors is Darius Rucker, that guy is great too.

    I love how these guys have so much fun with their videos too. IF no one has seen it you should definitely check out "The Wind" by them. Directed my Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill.

  88. Sergey Kolomoitsev

    Потрясающая музыка, очень душевная!

  89. Greg Gonzales

    This is my favorite song to listen to when im fishing

  90. Mess _Vlogs


  91. Shy Hunter

    signature knit cap

  92. Debra Mello

    MY favORITE 

  93. Samantha Potter

    Been really listening to these lyrics the last few days, and I need to live them. Cuz stress isn't good.


    Modern day life is just a rat race... songs like these from Artists like Zac Brown help us reassess what is important in life, work to live not live to work :)

  94. Emily Mathews

    Always puts me in a good mood :)

  95. Justin Lai

    The No Hurry philosophy is the best there is :)

  96. Nivasi

    Congrats to James Otto aiding in this creation!

  97. William Carruthers

    your music is like pudding for the ears, sweet chocolaty perfectly harmonised pudding.