Zac Brown Band - Loving You Easy Lyrics

Every morning when you come downstairs
Hair's a mess but I don't care
No make-up on, shining so bright
My old sweatshirt never fit so right

Dancing around to the radio
Humming the words that you don't know
Cross out finding an angel off my list
Thinking that it don't get no better than this

You make loving you easy
You make loving you all I wanna do
Every little smile, every single touch
Reminds me just how much it all makes
Loving you easy

Wrapped around me late at night
Pillow talk by candlelight
Come slow this down and make it last
The best things fly by so fast

You make loving you easy
You make loving you all I wanna do
Every little smile and every single touch
Reminds me just how much it all makes
Oh, I wanna say it again

You make loving you easy
You make loving you all I wanna do
Every little smile, every single touch
Reminds me just how much it all makes
Loving you easy

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Zac Brown Band Loving You Easy Comments
  1. V3n0m917

    Omg. I think that's the sister from the show prodigal son 😳

  2. Makaylah McDonald


  3. byoung1991

    This song is too short

  4. M.L.P.

    Halston Sage is Gorgeous 💕

  5. Kyrkos Ekaterinaris

    I'm loving this! A nice mix of country and classic soul orchestration.

  6. Moon Over Miami


  7. Jennifer Dijames

    Good song guys.

  8. Annie Valentine

    So good .. and i wish if only Loving would that be easy 😇

  9. Maxima

    The song doesn't make me fall in love;the model does

  10. James

    Halston Sage is gorgeous

  11. Blyatiful

    To be honest who wouldn't fall in love with Halston Sage in a bikini.

  12. Suman Debnath

    2019 .. I'm still here ❤️

  13. Lethia Page

    We need a disco ball and roller skates for this song. Love Zac Brown. 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

  14. Darian L Smith

    Love the tight harmony, chord changes, syncopation and climax.

  15. adrian guardado

    this is a great wedding song...



  17. bjfdog

    She have big mouth.

  18. Maria Carmona

    Love this song!💜

  19. Paige Wilcox

    I love this song. Everyone my age likes drake and cardi B lol but they dont understand that its not even good music

  20. José Augusto dos Santos


  21. Witza Franza

    His playing this weekends

  22. Ari Dreams

    This is me and my dads favorite country song :3

  23. Nickbomb 09

    Came for Halston Sage

  24. Pikachu


  25. Dianne Davies

    20 mile ride zac brown band

  26. Elizabeth-Hailey DeGasperis

    1:24 Thumbnail

    amy Briscoe

    hey how you doing

  27. Tyler Wren Braddy-Williamson

    I love Zac Brown Band and the low country coast of Ga. AMEN alright alright alright...

  28. Sam Valladares

    The real question is why does she have a band-aid on her foot? 0:50. Birth control patch? Heroin? Domestic violence?

  29. WildLifeDrummer

    Such a great song! Wish it was longer! Love that groove... And the smile on the girl in the video is absolutely infectious!!!!

  30. Jay P.

    my baby halston ;)

  31. Andrew Morris


  32. Nick Perrone

    this is music... never gets old

  33. Adil Y

    hey thats ALARA from The Orville

  34. Laura Camila Gomez

    No la había escuchado y me encantó dale me gusta tenquiu

  35. Borderline Alcoholic

    Lt. Alara Kitan

  36. Krstina Arsic

    im Tina and I like farts. #pleasereplyforasniff

  37. Linda Buzzell

    he great

  38. GIPB Mac

    aaaaaaahhhh found my happy place....

  39. Joseph Navarro

    The most punk show on the net is this one Derek shit con man!

  40. Lady J

    So sweet; so simple. ...thinking "it don't get no better than this"!!!

  41. Kyle Nikitas

    I hate that this song is only 2:47 minutes long


    Right click video, hit loop, have a nice time.

  42. Allison Cinque

    is that the girl from the Neighbors movie?

  43. Rhonda Ridley-Scott

    Halston is adorable

  44. Im JayBoi

    Zac Brown bad U RULE!!!

  45. Janet

    I didn't always listen to the Zac Brown Band but I really love them

  46. Andrew Falagrady

    2017 Anyone?

  47. Briannah Beverly

    well we met him my sister got a pic with him

  48. Briannah Beverly

    me and my sister saw coy bowls

  49. Steven Wright

    Zac Brown band is the best

  50. Tassianna Owens

    i get chills just hearing this group its not just good it's great they make the smallest things ppl can hear mean so much more and keep a smile that will never go away this all I need a little cup of Zac Brown band

  51. ShaggyDawg

    As if it could ever be difficult loving Halston Sage.

  52. Sam Cash

    Dont tell me this bullshit's anythin country! Zac brown sucks

  53. Draven Castlehouse

    Can you hear Alabama in there. I can.

  54. Tammy Hester

    love 💕

  55. Melissa Ling

    excellent music I LOVE ILL BE YOUR MAN. I had my daughter 3 weeks ago and this song makes me cry every time I hear it. I'm so blessed my baby girl has a great dad. I didn't have one as a girl I know how improtant it is and I'm so happy she has hers. this song hits home for our family

  56. Justin Sannicandro

    beautiful song

  57. selby16


  58. Kaitlyn Michelle

    So excited to see them on my birthday!!! July 14th hurry up!!!😍🎵❤

  59. John Calder

    Love this song, but this video just begs to be parodied.

  60. Lauren

    All my friends at school hate country and just don't understand! Maybe they've never heard zbb before.

    Steven Wright

    Mr.Smiley McFace u know what though half of those dummies that act like they hate country are listening to country secretly and half of them don't know real music because there to busy caring what people think and they think music that constantly talks about the very thing they blame police for and white people. I'm not trying to be racist but I guess now days your not cool unless u listen to music that talks about murder and money and ho's all of rap sounds the same to me just different beats. country music is peaceful and most songs have a message. but I'm not hating or knocking anyone everyone has there preference but I think now days kids are brainwashed to listen to only rap cause if u listen to country u are considered a piece of shit loser lol honestly I can care less what people think. I love country music. I'm sorry I typed so much just so much on my mind. and also what's funny is some black people I know ( I'm not racist FYI) talk shit if I listen to rap. so no matter what if I listen to country they talk shit they tell me to listen to white people music but when I do. they talk shit so for all u people left that love country music I'm with you


    Steven Wright yea but some pop music has a message not the rap stuff though

  61. Zach Walters

    bestie boys

  62. Thomas Sims

    Thanks Zack Brown Band for all the great times i got to see you guy's play in Atlanta! I. live in Florida now and dont get to see you guy's much anymore. But I still keep up your fan page..I'll see you guys soon !!!


    i love halston sage the 1 4ever

  64. Erold Mesidor

    they are the best band in the world in my opinion

  65. Михајло Божовић

    Great song,
    greetings from the Serbian Republic, Europe

  66. Mother Chucker

    The Zac Brown Band portrays everything a good man should be. A loving, caring father and husband/boyfriend, and a man that knows how to relax, and not give up on love.

  67. Johnny Obryan

    sack brown is by far one of the top 2 bands of country today. I think their great.

  68. Hey it's me Spider

    Sugaree Jerry Garcia

  69. Dave Dillard

    Don't Rush.....Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill

  70. Liana Trout

    love this song is easy

  71. Greg Hanrahan

    V v vvv. V v. Vv. V.

  72. jerry folmer

    i like your music.. can you get your music subtitle in spanish.
    to share with more people

  73. Gary Morris

    cutest girl ever!

  74. Dave Mc

    Sure! Luke Bryan "Play it Again" and Rascal Flatts "Rewind"... Enjoy!

  75. Kiley And Tatayana

    Love it 😍

  76. Anthony Maher

    this is gonna be my wedding song!

  77. Stephanie Saunders

    great it

  78. Giss Rodriguez

    this song is so catchy!!! 😀😀😀

  79. Jeff Spicoli

    Zac Brown Band are incapable of making a bad song.

  80. Hey it's me Spider

    She cut out the collar that's who it fits.

  81. EmilyF

    lets be realistic here.... his sweatshirt would not fit that woman...

    Jason Davis

    Emily Friebele hi


    Jason Davis bye

    Katalina Bautista

    Emily Friebele the way it fits her is the way he likes it on her. Lol your so stupid


    lets be honest here, ANY sweatshirt would fit that!


    Katalina Bautista.... "you're" HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  82. Ian Mack

    I love this song

  83. TheCurlieQue

    Adore this band, their style and how good their music makes me feel.

  84. Jack Brown

    another song for u pooh

  85. Liana Trout

    I love this song

  86. XDak0

    So I came back to listen to this after not hearing it in awhile and I couldn't help but notice that they changed the whole entire music video... What happened?

  87. Hey it's me Spider

    What is the significance of the coin anyone know?

  88. Patricia Dameh

    i totally love this song. i am stuck on replay. makes me feel special as a woman.

  89. ricky lankford

    best band out there,practically everything they sing is a great song

  90. Roy Poteete

    tell your spouse every day and play this for them.

  91. sherry perry

    Watch my video, "Trump a hairball headed for hell song"

  92. Reneebowley Bowley

    me and Dave loved this song we both loved water RIP my love

  93. Lacinda MooreReinhardt

    So fun!

  94. Cory H

    some people just dont appreciate artistic simplicity. great song, but its to much these days to ask anyone to make an original song with actual band members. lol sad but true


    The Only Country Artist I Can Listen Too.

  96. Hey it's me Spider

    My old sweatshirt never fit so right classic!!!!