Zac Brown Band - Cold Hearted Lyrics

Fell to my knees with a knife in my back,
Never thought you'd be the kind to do something like that,
But you did
Cold hearted

You talked so sweet, and your smell it made me weak,
And I fell so fast that I never thought to ask
If you were
Cold hearted

An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
I want someone to hurt you, make you die the way I do
I don't think that I could be so
Cold hearted

Pretty little words covered your dark and crooked heart
With a forked tongue I fell in love,

Then I fell apart
You are so
Cold hearted

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
I want someone to hurt you, make you die the way I do
I don't think that I could be so
Cold hearted

An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
Want someone to hurt you, make you die the way I do
I don't think that I could be so
Cold hearted

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Zac Brown Band Cold Hearted Comments
  1. Bumbby

    I very much dislike country but i love this song with a passion

  2. Ryan Bronstein

    Thank you for this song it describes my life right now

  3. Emma Hardison

    Late to the party but I am sick of being betrayed by guys...

  4. Young Cowboy

    A masterpiece from Zac Brown band... I love this song

  5. Emma Hardison

    My ex... He said he would always love and be there for me... He filled my heart with strength to leave my abusive relationship before him... He now is a cold hearted, selfish and ignorant prick... He changed for the all time worse... I never felt more betrayed and lied to than I do now... After he left me, IDK if I can ever trust anyone ever again... Mills, if you see this, I hope you ROT. You are a coward full of selfish desires. Because of you, I shattered. You talk the talk but you never live up to your words anymore. I certainly were no saint but I at least tried to correct my wrongdoings with you. You didnt. You deserve all the shit youre now facing. Youre right next to Chase and Solé in terms of nastiness... Thanks for all the pretty lies you told me. Fuck you and your family you twat

  6. UnderGround

    Die the way I do...

  7. Coty Demmons

    My life’s story 😔

  8. Troy A

    Jody this song reminds me of you every time I hear it. I know that you are in a better place now and hopefully you are at peace. I understand why you felt you had to do what you did and that it hurt you too. I just hope that now that you are with your Higher Power that you know that my intentions were true and that feeling that you had to hurt me before I hurt you was unwarranted. I love you...

  9. Carole Brennan

    Best heartbreak song in my lifetime. It's so difficult to not feel this way... yet, I can.

  10. Khi Yester

    I will always love you Mr zac

  11. Katerina Kalkbrenner

    Good job boys

  12. Brook Hoover

    Cool man!

  13. Joslyne Muthoni

    Once a boy took advantage of me and I was just browsing through Zac Browns songs and I stumbled upon this song, it was like find a pot of honey at the end of the rainbow

  14. AJ's Wonderful World

    One of my top 3 worst nightmares has partially come true. My friend group has lost my former second best friend 😢 she was a VERY close friend but then turned on me and two friends in the gang 🔪💀

    AJ's Wonderful World

    Update she has changed back and is back in

  15. Cole T.

    Step one for dealing with a breakup: do not, I repeat, DO NOT listen to Zac Brown band. Jesus.

  16. Jennifer Castanon

    I hat this song


    Jennifer Castanon so why comment?


    I *tip* my hat to this song

  17. Kansas

    Arguably the greatest country band since Alabama.

    Chris LeCompte

    that is a very good comment

  18. Emma Hardison

    I lost someone... we never dated... but he was a near and dear friend of mine... One day a group of our friends were ganging up on me... and my dear Friend pulled me out of the situation... And now he is on their side... helping out with the bullying.... he promised me hed never judge me and betray me... and he lied to me.... he did betray me and now he is judging me... I lost someone who was basically my soulmate... we had almost everything in common... Logan if youre reading this.... I love you so much! Please come back... Im so lost with out you.... Deep down you know i dont deserve any of this... but why did you do it then?!

  19. Catherine Elfrink

    I love this song , but I am worried that I might be cold-hearted. I try my best not to be, but I just don't know.

    Edit: Yup I'm deffinently cold hearted. I'm so lost and just wanna die😭

    Edd Denby

    that doesn't mean your cold hearted. I'm cold hearted I just don't care I can just cut someone out of my life just like that. and I will seek revenge and hurt someone who hurts me or my family in a heartless way

  20. ToucanSSBM


  21. Johnosland

    this song means everything to me .. the one i loved left me for another man but the reason she left is because he got her pregnant if she wouldnt have gotten pregnant she would still be with me but still will be with him .. knife in my back 💀

    Brandonation 1984

    Johno Esparza damn that's rough but don't worry it'll get better

  22. AHeckman118

    Fuck you Jamie. You think you're some kind of saint or intellectual person making rational decisions. You played with my heart and threw it away. You're a terrible person and you're so, so cold hearted.

    chris davis

    AHeckman118 if the girl u date is like this than I know how u feel brother just let God take control of it and he will match u with ur right girl

  23. Jefferey Johnson

    absolutley love this song

  24. Julia Mayo

    I heard this song on Pandora a few days ago. I had never heard it before so I looked it up. I think I've listened to it a thousand times since then... I absolutely love this song and don't know how it isn't more popular.

  25. Jonathan Marshall

    love it my favorite song ....yeah btchs

  26. ollie

    Normally, I hate country music.

    This is an exception.

  27. Joseph Rushing

    This song is exactly how I feel. I had someone I loved and trusted with everything turn around and cold heartedly betray me. Zac Brown Band is such an amazing talent and their music is so relatable. I love it!

  28. Kyla Alberg

    I love this song. it is my fav zbb song. they are really talented boys I just love it when you can go to their conserts because THEY ARE FANTASTIC!! FANTASIC! I love those boys so much

  29. Ronald Olmsted

    My ex is cold hearted she wont admit she has a drinking problem

    serena nicole

    That doesn't mean she's cold hearted, she has a problem like you said. There's a difference

  30. Joe Taylor

    Zac and the boys are a bunch of super talented people. Some people are popular, for whatever reason (gimmick, good song written for them, whatever) . . . but these guys are skilled and talented (today's understatement).

  31. Sima Khanal


  32. Karen Elkins

    this warm heart luvs this one and has been over his cold evil heart for several yrs. now but yet I luv this awesome song just the same! <3

  33. Hailey’s memories

    Song just made me think of Sandi.

  34. timothy b

    great song

  35. Johnathon Lawhorne

    I can sadly agree with everyone this is a very sad yet amazing song. congrats zac brown band

  36. wickedwitch65

    Heard this in a restaurant earlier today, what a fantastic song. Had to come right home and download it.

  37. benmcfee

    Not a country fan by any stretch of the imagination, but the Zac Brown Band are just a force to be reckoned with. When they're funny, they're hilarious. And when they go for the heartstrings, they'll just rip your heart right out. This song is an absolutely heart-wrenching gem.


    @benmcfee And on a similar note, this song sums up exactly what it feels like when you are betrayed by someone you love.

    Yooka laylee

    @benmcfee could not agree more, this song hits many points i didnt know i had.

    Jennifer Castanon


    Amanda Johnson

    they continually blow me away... song after song finds me right where i am, helps me through it, and brings me to the other side. LOVE ME SOME ZAC BROWN BAND!!!

  38. Isabella Meggiato

    I like cold hearted

  39. Isabella Meggiato

    I love you isabella

  40. Amanda L Walters Mandi

    Why are the men I fall in love with so cold

    Johnathon Lawhorne

    why are most women I date dump me for stupid reasons?? did I cheat on her?? No!! Did I abuse her?? No!! Did I say I loved her everyday?? Yes!! what do I get for this?? dumped near our first anniversary and wondering what I did wrong. moral to this comment life is unpredictable and it sucks sometimes, but it are those slight chances of happiness that make you happy that go away the quickest. they are very brief but very amazing.

  41. Jim Fennessey

    Angie, if you ever come across this, id like for you to know, that id loved you from the moment i laid eyes on you, and i still do. this song breaks my heart every time i hear it.I think back to the wonderful time we shared together,and no matter how many times we listened to Zack, we never grew tired of it. thats how i still feel about you baby. I love you Angela

  42. kelly ramirez

    this song reminds me so much of you, miss you more every single day ♡

  43. Courtney Marie

    there isnt a song of theirs i dont like.       

    Justin Farrow

    second that

  44. Emily Burton

    After 2 years of loving someone and both of us being faithful and happy... he CALLS me today to tell me he's fallen out of love with me... perfect song for today.

    Courtney Marie

    i feel your pain.


    My first love. One year. Same happened to me.

    Lindsey Rhoden

    Same thing here mine was four years and he cut me off like I was nothing

    Johnathon Lawhorne

    at least you got 2 anniversaries I didn't even get one. my ex dumped me 2 weeks before our first anniversary

  45. Teeth, Claws, and Hugs

    New country just ain't country anymore. But then we have Zac Brown. So we're good.


    I know right I think the same thing

  46. Brody Flinders

    I dated a girl for two years, fell in love, all that sappy crap. Then I figure out she's been running around with someone else. I can only say that this song pretty much examplifies the feelings I had for her... and the ones I still have for her... and the new ones I have.

    James Rains

    @Brody Flinders end her.

    Brody Flinders

    @James Rains I don't think so. I don't think I'd do well in prison. "Caged Bird Orange" isn't my color.

    James Rains

    Lol true man

    Annie N

    @Brody Flinders Wow....I just experienced the EXACT same thing this week. Three years in and I came face to face with his gf of the last two. Cold hearted is an understatement when on the receiving of that kind of evil. I hope you have healed....I am going to be day soon.

    Brody Flinders

    @Annie N I'm sorry to hear that honey. Heaven knows he wasn't worth it.

  47. TheThrasherking

    sang this in front of everyone at a party while back after my ex cheated on me..
    she didn't even know i could play guitar or sing. everyone quit talking to that bitch.

  48. linda Danielle

    10 of u are cold hearted!!!! How could u dislike this song???!

  49. Gioblue2

    i am in love with someone who is cold hearted. what do i do?


    well im still in love with her. Things have gotten better. I think that cold heart is thawing

    Brody Flinders

    Cold hearts don't thaw. They freeze. And if you fall for the 'I still love you' crap, you'll only get hurt. More and more each time. Trust me... I know.


    hmm... well ok. but how do I break away. The grip is only getting stronger by every passing day

    Brody Flinders

    Just forget her. Cut off all ties with her. It's hard, but it's required.


    @TheGblue02 You're probably not with her anymore.

    But, being with someone cold hearted isn't bad. I'm a cold hearted person, I don't give a fuck about anyone at all, BUT, cold hearted people do end up having exceptions. For instance, I fell for my best friend. But I've been trying to push her away because I know I'm not good enough for her.

    Cold hearted people aren't always looking to stab you in the back and shit.

  50. Michael Durham

    this song saw me through my separation and divorce ♥

  51. TheLoveWithin

    I fell in love with someone cold hearted....once

  52. juan felipe maldonado

    Like when you just wanna die and ZBB saves you from the death, yeah like that

  53. juan felipe maldonado

    Like when you must wanna die and ZBB saves you from the death, yeah like that

  54. JJordawg

    The feels. Too many of them :'(


    Agree bud. So agree :'(

    Dan Pontoni

    So true.. Them feels..

  55. Andrew Terrell

    No problem. I´ve been there.

  56. Jodi Davis

    no you are not the cold hearted one. never looking back is the best thing to do :)

  57. Andrew Terrell

    I'll look at your cover if you look at my cover of "Colder Weather" same band.

  58. Andrew Terrell

    Vindictive bitch.

  59. Nathan Nicholls

    I made a cover of this. I would be very greatful if you watched it and gave me feedback.

  60. Bailey Steele

    best song ever plus my mom can play it on piano without sheet music #PRO

  61. deliriousLycan

    ironic how before the song comes on, a Zoosk ad plays XD

  62. Dave Rose

    If you like ZBB and looking for a broken heart song to relate to, give "Heather" a try - that one got me through my divorce...

  63. ShadowLabs

    Now that I think of it.. This song fits Ashfur from warrior cats.

  64. Asaine14

    He was such a sweet guy at first... Who he turned out to be definitely wasn't what I expected. Am I the cold hearted one for never looking back?

  65. Rachel Ulrey

    2:56 :D <3 <3 <3

  66. VelvetGal5

    I haven't had good sleep since Sunday. Each day, this guy is in the back of my mind. I'm in pain each hour every day. When I'm sleeping, even my dreams are replaying his last recent words to me repetitively like "Groundhog Day" movie. I don't have peace of mind. Because of my love for this guy, I always protected him because it was an automatic instinct from me. Why didn't he do that automatically for me? I don't want my last months on Earth replaying the recent actions and words he said to me.

  67. Robert De Leon

    That's how it happen too me... Just I ended up with our baby

  68. blackhawks12341

    One thing I don't get is how Ludacris's "Sexting" could be in the suggestions of this song...

  69. LMGunslinger

    what a beautiful song

  70. James Glasco

    My last three girl friends have cheated on me and this song just explains everything

  71. Caked Up Ashley

    My life is so messed up right now this song really helps

  72. Canyon Jones

    Man I feel like he wrote this song for me cause I'm so hurt right now and when I heard it I felt a lot better.

  73. tonya alexander

    omg im sending this song to my ex cuz hes soo cold hearted he asked me to marry him but then like a week later dumps me cuz he was "stressed" but i know he found someone eles but jus didnt wana tell me and i was his for 2 years and like 4 months and i had lots of stresses but nvr left him even tho he had cheated and lied to me many times i jus loved him

  74. Robin Paul

    i so agree with this song. i had my heart broken from someone i stil love. but he dont care at all

  75. I Brigliesciolte Valsesia Country Dancers

    Un capolavoro grande band!!!!

  76. Mario Ruelas

    Please lets keep this video at ZERO dislikes, somebody cold hearted already broke my heart I don’t want to happen again!!!!!!

  77. Kim Kassab

    love this song