Zac Brown Band - Beautiful Drug Lyrics

I got a death wish
Her looks can kill
She's got a red dress
Lipstick and heels
Pull me in, get me hooked like a junkie
You got me feeling so high

You're such a beautiful drug
I can't get enough
Addicted and I'm dying for a hit of your love
Got a death wish baby, baby
Don't want you to save me, save me

She lets her hair down
And all of mine stand up
Can't help but stare now
Gotta feel that touch
Her kiss, my fix, so sweet
Can't quit those lips are a habit to me
Sweet intoxication and I'm never getting sober
I can tell that the effects are taking over
Pull me in, get me hooked like a junkie
You got me feeling so high

You're such a beautiful drug
I can't get enough
Addicted and I'm dying for a hit of your love
Got a death wish baby, baby
Don't want you to save me, save me
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa

You're such a beautiful drug
I can't get enough
I'm addicted and dying for a hit of your love
I'm losing it, baby
Keep driving me crazy, crazy

Going out of my mind
Staring at you
Burning up in your fire that I've fallen into
Got a death wish baby, baby
Don't want you to save me, save me

Whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa

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Zac Brown Band Beautiful Drug Comments
  1. eigel anne calalang

    Who's here because of tripped??

  2. Alexis Kinsey

    Zac Bown Band is a country band & Beautiful Durg is my fav song & they did a great job this song 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

  3. Lousil Mae Paguta

    So parang yung mga Jonaxx adik lang talaga makakaintindi kung bakit tayo nandito at biglang napasearch sa kanta dahil sa prom nina Lili at Riguel HAHAHAHA

  4. Beeevy G.

    100117 10:13 PM. I'm reading Tripped by Jonaxx for the nth time now. But its my first time to search for this songgggg. 'twas nice, like how Ate J would make us feel more of her characters 💕

  5. Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner

    I haven't heard this song in a while since 2015.

  6. Crysalis Chrone

    2019 tripped

  7. sapphire gray

    Riguel and liliiiiiii♡♡♡

  8. Deb Host

    I absolutely LOVE this song!!!!❤
    Zac brown band is my favorite!!
    My brother got me started on it!!!❤✌🙋

  9. Macie Maniquis


  10. Sarah McPherson


  11. Beauxandlillismom

    Wwe 2k16

  12. crîs

    Lili and Riguel brought me hereeee. I've read their story countless times already but it's the first time that I searched for this songggg! 😍

  13. Ash

    When dis the only memory of yo ex,, yeah I felt that 🥺✋🏼💔

  14. Define Gaming

    Wow a lot of time put into this. Love it

  15. Ebenezer Stooge

    This is when they started to sell out. These guys are bigger sellouts than Metallica and Nickelback combined.

  16. Justin Kilgore

    Does anyone else here “ my dick so sweet” ???

  17. Stephen Byerly

    Two thoughts: first, absolutely love the song but I don’t know if I’d call it a country song. Second, the lyric video reminds me of some of the closed-eye visuals I’d get when I’d trip balls on DXM.

  18. Gloria Dr Vera

    lili and guel

  19. yuki

    Chapter: Death Wish AHAHHAH
    Omg lili and riguel

  20. Shajv Andrey Atrero

    Lili and Riguel

  21. Juanita Buron

    15:14 7/9/19 dieing for a Hit of ur 💓whoah I might have a death wish.

  22. Livinginmymomsbasement J

    Who else thinks that zac brown look like Justin Timberlake with a beard

  23. Md Sujon Mia

    [email protected]

  24. Raymond Ketter

    She so addictive

  25. Rochelle Santangelo

    so good

  26. DCmusic71

    I brought myself here...

  27. Jason Allen

    I just came here to see how bad this crap really was. I guess Zac Brown was talking about me at the CMT Awards. I'll go f*ck off now.

  28. jorj ajesta

    jonaxx brought me here hays, i miss them

  29. Hanna Montero

    Tripped 😍 i love u junami!!

  30. Austin Chase

    Beautiful memories!❤️

  31. michael clifford

    come down here to Oklahoma

  32. Brady Arndt


  33. TheMegaafroman

    A few days ago i turned i was going to the store to buy some stuff, and i was changing the radio stations and I happened to cross this awesome song. Took me a while to find it, but here i am. :)

  34. Ashanna Domingo

    Tripped by Jonaxx brought me here💓 Lili and Riguel💓

  35. Daniel Luster

    This song's awesome! B-)

  36. Zane Anderson

    This is such a great pop country fusion song. They still maintain personality and still sound like ZBB. They don’t sound like they’re just producing music to please the masses

    Jarrett Lowther

    Zane Anderson Sad to see where they are now. This was probably their poppiest song without going off the rails.

  37. AJ Kunze

    I love you

  38. Hanno Torres

    03/09/19 Still Makes Me Happy...

  39. Wakesetter8

    Underrated song no 🧢

  40. JohnnyFinVB

    ZBB it’s a beautiful drug, I like that

  41. Love Luna

    2019🙌🏻 And im still stuck up with this song bcoz of Riguel and Lili!! Huhu Omg, i miss them so much😩😭❤️

  42. D S

    Had anyone tried it in ×.75. It sounds good

  43. Briana Britt

    this is my favert and toes to

  44. Tereza Chyská

    This song is my drug right now. I noticed ZBB when they did Crossroads with Shawn Mendes. I'm not a fan of pure country music so I love songs like this ☺

  45. Klaus

    Cool !!! Beautiful Song , i love the Musik !!!!

  46. Sarah Lowe

    I swore these guys were country....what happened? I love this song but what happened

  47. Jesús Romero

    Oouuuuhh cocaine

  48. Kitty Min


  49. Klaus

    Beautiful Song , Mega !!!!

  50. Ruby Bros

    This is awesome

  51. Robert lee Arnold jr

    Lets ride the fiber optics any info robert lee aenold jr needs is rite here there is only i can read it

  52. Brayden Barnard

    Awesome song keep it up I'm your fan

    Andrew Torres

    Love zack brown they need more songs like this one

  53. my dear apologies, princess.


  54. Depp99ful

    I definitely "can't get enough" of this song.

  55. HercMerc

    Man I miss hearing this on the radio. I have a lot of nostalgia attached to the time this was popular.

  56. Hypnostic

    2018 September 11

  57. mamine kate

    Tripped. Jonaxx brought me here 😊😅

  58. Raul Aguirre

    Man this music sucks... This is "country" for people who dont like country. want real country, look in the alternative/experimental category within the genre, this is borderline pop garbage at best.

  59. Colin Dennis

    2018 any body if so you are a good person


    Heavy is the head- great song... This crap??? Did Bruno Mars write this shit song?

  61. Diana Albano

    Gotta go great with it.

  62. Madeline Handley

    Love ZBB, got front row seats to their 2017 Sydney concert, loved it 💕

  63. Killer Ro0st3r

    I usually wouldn’t like this type of song but I really like this song it feels like ZBB puts a lot of effort into there songs

  64. noel

    i saw zac brown band in concert last night. i didn't know every song, but i loved all of them. and, for the record, i sobbed during 'my old man'.

  65. Sarah Aznar

    Riguel and Lilienne brought me here hahahaha #Tripped

  66. Anyeong Gamsahamnida

    Well dahil ke liliene kaya ako nandto😂😂😂😂

  67. Michael Schuyler

    Still my favorite song y'all keep up the good music

  68. Darlene Chiasson


  69. Paulo Henrique Mafia

    Rodrigo... estou tentando contato com você! Por favor me chame! Abraços irmão!

  70. Butch Tolentino

    i always love this

  71. Leandro Faria

    can run it 7700k and 1070 amp extreme? =p

  72. 14Wand

    Genial canción! La descubrí hoy y me encantó♥

  73. iron man

    Te amo guissela

  74. Sherry Richardson

    Ahhhhhhh. Yes hit oof tht love

  75. gronfote

    The fact that there is even *one* positive comment on this soulless, derivative, pitch-corrected pile of shit is proof positive that #Idiocracy is upon us and we are doomed as a society.

  76. Dead_ Monster

    YESSSS I finally found it!! I love this song!

  77. staffy 1984

    So formulaic. All the way down to the fade out and come back in hard. And then we'll hit em with the whoa whoas. What happened zbb

  78. Hayden Crisp

    This song is absolutely perfect for my summer days!!! I can go to Guatemala while falling in love to a beautiful white Anthro female werewolf named 'Sasha Keaton'.

  79. Jim Guthals

    Great song!! Never would've guessed it was zbb.. Awesome 💪❤

  80. yanna gayle

    tripped by jonaxx

  81. Angie Kenny

    This song introduced me to Zac Brown Band

  82. Cassandra Padasas

    Brought here because of Lilienne and Riguel😍 rereading😍

  83. Andrea Vicedo

    Tripped by: Jonaxx
    brought me here.

  84. kenneth wayland

    Not a real big ZBB fan, but this is absolutely one of his best! Love this song!

  85. JustACrabGaming

    The only part i feel could be better is the sweet intoxication part. I dont like the edit

  86. Saaby World

    Ronda Rousey brought to me here.

  87. John Griner

    2018 anyone?

    Caden Korzan

    2018 all the way

  88. Ismo

    Love this song. Haters going to hate

  89. Serprizebuttsecks

    Why are people still complaining about this song? ZBB have ALWAYS been a diverse band! Yes. This electronic/dance is different for them but thats why theyre such a great band because they do what they want!

  90. sofia Therise

    riguel and lili brought me here😍😍😍

  91. hoshi

    Jonaxx brought me here. 😏
    Lilienne and Riguel!

  92. first lutenit

    I love this song I have my girl freind look up songs that I would really mean and when she looked it up she started crying with tears of joy and every time she has a bad day she looks this song up and it just makes her so happy she said that it's her favorite song.

  93. S Powers

    it is ok

  94. gamer squad

    ,your my best

  95. Rutland Walker

    This could be the worst song I've ever heard. And I am a ZBB fan...