Z-Ro - Time Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Uhhh thank the Lord for my fans 'cause they love Z-Ro
I get mail but ain't no letters from nobody I know
It's like I've been forgotton-every since I got locked down
But when my feet hit the ground, that's when phony homies come back around
I'm talkin fair weather friends
That kick it with you when the sun shines on you, but when the fair weather ends
It's over... nobody screamin free Z-Ro like Bun B was screamin' Free Pimp C
Accept Flipperachi and Pimp C
But I'm still livin' and still pimpin' my pen
I swear I'm surrounded by women-most offenders ain't men
They gossip like they sittin in the beauty shop
Can't own nothin-too busy criticizin what the next man got
And all I hear is I ain't gon' sack no groceries or work at fast food
I would sweep the floor at MacDonalds if I had to
Fuck pride homie I'm tryna raise my daughter
Hopin' I make parole so I can work on bein' a father
Another birthday came and went-still wearin' white
I try to sleep all day long, so I can write all night
No visits or rec-the only time I get to leave my cell is at chow times and showers
Minutes feel as if there hours
I read books, tryna put some fat on my head
Dreamin' about when I get back on my bread
So many people want me to fall-I know they'd love to see me on lock
But in a minute-I'll be back on top-in due time...

Time waits for no one
Last year was a hard one but life goes on
I bump my head against the wall, learnin' right from wrong
I fall off every ten minutes on this mission I'm on
Time waits for no one
Last year was a hard one but life goes on
I never said I was perfect, man I come from the block
If it wasn't for time, I'd be stuck in the same spot

[Verse 2:]
I can breathe again-pass me a blunt that's fat
Plus my strap, so I can face my enemies again
July 9th, ain't no more commissary-catch me at Pappadeux
Time to get tappered by free world clippers and shop for clothes
Plus I gotta leave some people alone
That could determine if I go back to prison or stay at home
Bottom line-you ain't gotta be in jail to be doin' time
It ain't like it's hard to tell-I've reentered the game
Ain't nothin changed-accept the year
When I left people dyin' and death is still here
As if we fear nothin' man enough to kill somethin
But too coward to come together and build somethin
Violent crimes, the caskets are smaller in size
How the hell a ten year old get shot-eleven times
Prison ain't changed me, I'm the same nigga
Not a trouble maker but ya'll know I'll never hesitate to pull-a-trigger
They say my ghetto instrumental is influential to black
I just confess how far I go, not to get put on my back
I never made a man kill a man
Even if he was bumpin' my song at the time-murder was his original plan
I understand it's a time to be born and a time to die
Time to laugh and a time to cry
A time to look for somethin' and a time to consider it lost
Time for sadiness and a time for joy
A time to build and a time to destroy
A time for war and peace
A time for silence and a time to speak
And I think it's time we come together on these streets
Fill up churches Sunday mornin' like clubs-Saturday night
And have a good worship service-just like we have a good fight
'Cause when the trumphet blows it's over, time is at it's end
If you don't wanna burn, forever repent for all of you're sins
And homie I don't give a fuck, if you blood or cause
Get you're relationship right with the one above
'Cause it's almost time...

Time waits for no one
Last year was a hard one but life goes on
I bump my head against the wall, learnin' right from wrong
I fall off every ten minutes on this mission I'm on
Time waits for no one
Last year was a hard one but life goes on
I never said I was perfect, man I come from the block
If it wasn't for time, I'd be stuck in the same spot

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Z-Ro Time Comments
  1. Leana Mathes

    King of the ghetto mo city don my Fucking hero since age 14 I’m now 23 and still rocking with you love you Ro always #myhero #htown

  2. David Darks

    2pac said it best you ain't gotta be in jail to be doing time makaviel play that number 8 again

  3. David Darks

    Tic toc

  4. Chris Clinton

    Gottah be my favorite album..between this and Heaven..Angel Dust go for me💯

  5. Ebony Terry


  6. Jack Stewart

    Lets compose z I'm am musical what the f

  7. Jack Stewart

    And z please compose a song about schizophrenia I am za

  8. Jack Stewart

    Hey z what the f nigga make a song called nope dope bunk junk for me bad ass I want to listen to that please z I am za

  9. xXxWicked_KricketxXx

    Time waits for no man.

  10. xXxWicked_KricketxXx

    Tick Tock. Time waits for no man. Poor or rich. Everyone time is running out. No one can escape it.

  11. HalfOgre

    "when the horn blows its all over" what yall know about that there

    King Afrikan DEEWILL-Tha God Aka Jesus

    If it blows. Who knows?🤔


    jesus will be blowing that horn when armmagedon starts

    King Afrikan DEEWILL-Tha God Aka Jesus

    @HalfOgre shout out to Jesus

  12. Arios X1

    That's a real ass sherm stick on the albumn cover that ain't no joke real deal shit right there!

  13. Ira Ivins

    Z-RO! 2 da fullest coming from a TRU Native!Apache 4life always bumpin' the king of the ghetto! keep it 💯 YO ‼️

  14. Chino Huerta

    "Time waits for no one, Last year was a hard one but life goes on" Z-RO

  15. HalfOgre

    he gave props to flip and pimp c for holdin it down for z ro when he was on lock

    Chino Huerta

    When did he say that? On what song? I know he said something like no one was holding it down for Pimp like Bun (something like that) Did he say it on an interview?


    he said "nobody was screamin free z ro excpt flipperaci and pimp c" its in a z ro song


    he says it in this song @ :46

  16. Firzt Lazt

    IN MY TOP 5

  17. Firzt Lazt

    ZRO RAW!!!!!

  18. Ambition the driven

    These are ultimately the records i make the ones that are thinking know what im talking about

  19. AlwaysOneDeep

    I’m gone cry, im gone be so heart broken when this man die, that’s if he go before me

  20. Jhaivin darts

    King of the ghetto

  21. Kris Irving

    This dude speak real on this, up to you to listen or stick with the same people u call fam or friends

  22. ms red832

    I stayed screaming free Zro

  23. Mike Bernard

    Who was here on 7/13
    Jammed zro everyday. This dude brought me up, much respect from the Long Drive HTX
    Real shit this nigga spit. Much love ZRo

  24. Lil mama Johnson

    He is so real and I love the beat

  25. Adam Garcia

    Dam I been going through a lot of bull shit thanks RO I DONT NO HOW TO LIVE LIFE NO MORE IM REALLY ONE DEEP ...I CANT TRUST MY OWN BITCH AT WORK SMH #ONEDEEP.

  26. Paul Sandoval

    When im always down esp from relationships . i put on some ro and he help a mexican pick his head up . The best motivation 🎶 and i feel his pain . Time waits for no one

  27. ms red832


  28. ms red832

    Time waits on noone

  29. Richard Arndt

    Im so sorry for your struggles,my hearts with you.get through this. You'll see

  30. Yung D


  31. Richard Arndt

    Doggy our Daddy speaks so clear to me know.......im tripppppin Daddy blessing me

  32. Della Johnson

    Blessed by tha best H love 🙏☝Mac town blessed by tha best Rodrico🙏☝God Deep Blessed Forever and another forever

  33. Richard Arndt

    Stay prayed up cousin

  34. Richard Arndt

    Dicky bird on set Cuzz whoooooo

  35. Richard Arndt


  36. Richard Arndt

    I don't put my trust in anyone's word's i only speak on things that the Father puts on my heart .....walk boldly in the spirit Hallelujah

  37. Richard Arndt


  38. Richard Arndt

    I die a thousand deaths a day,my spirit fights my flesh so i ask the father to cleanse me Hallelujah

  39. Firzt Lazt

    When the Trumpets blow its over,get ya relationship right with the 1 above because it's almost time....GET NO RAWER

  40. Firzt Lazt

    Zro was talking to me too bro bro

  41. Firzt Lazt

    1 of the Hardest song's ever

  42. ms red832

    Zro you're the best keep being you ♡

  43. ms red832

    I fall off every 10 minutes on this mission i'm on

  44. Richard Arndt

    Look in your mirror ain't no time just daily reality

  45. OG Mack

    Swear to GOD zro the realest rapper to ever touch a mic. Fuck whoever thinks differently

  46. Jeffrey Perea

    Straight wisdom

  47. ms red832

    2019 Anyone

  48. Joshua Traffanstedt

    My bro just did 7 years.. paroled out, was in a halfway house, and died in a car wreck. Doesnt make sense. Type of shit that makes me think there ain't no god or none of that shit.

    Jose Gonzalez

    Tx pistoleros

  49. ms red832

    Plus i gotta leave some people alone... I love me some him i love me some you Zro♡

  50. ms red832

    Time waits on noone

  51. Joshua Traffanstedt

    Song is real af. Listened to this daily right after I got out..

  52. ms red832

    Nobody's screaming free Zro like Bun B's screaming free Pimp c that's what he thinks cause i was screaming FREEEEEE Zro

  53. Soul Alpha

    "Because when the trumpet blows it's over" Man Z-Ro knows scripture.

  54. Christian Vazquez

    Still Jamming 2019

  55. AlwaysOneDeep

    Happy G-Day To My Nigga Rotha

  56. Kiron Phillips

    "Fuck PRIDE I'm trying to feed my daughter."

  57. Jay Bird

    This is time of year

  58. IngleSide Jayy60RSC

    Z-RO Is A Mastermind In Front Of A Microphone

  59. N J

    Too true

  60. Ray Gutierrez

    Fck pride homie I’m trying to raise a daughter 🔥🔥

  61. Hound Gang Ent. Mac_lar8

    This is one song.
    That's true life.

  62. Kiron Phillips

    "Man I'll sweep the floor at McDonalds if I had to!" ~Zro the crooked

    Soul Alpha

    Kiron Phillips "Because when the trumpet blows it's over" Man Z-Ro knows scripture.


    yep jesus will be coming blowing a horn when armageddon begins

  63. Joshua Baylor

    Real nd Trill shidd Yo I jam Zro All day 368 he raps sum real everyday stuff that ppl go thru Trill tlk Salute Big Homie

  64. Shane Johnson

    But in a minute I'll be back on top. In due time!

  65. Kayla Broussard

    You ain’t gotta be in jail to be doing time

  66. Mr. Combac

    Still here in 2018..#713#H- Town tha city

  67. Jesse James

    Real shit zro is the truth

  68. Clarissa Mestas

    This song makes me tear up — ZRO 4evea💙💯

    Marcus Fitzhugh

    Clarissa Mestas I feel you

  69. Monica Montoya

    Last year was a hard one but life goes onn 💯

  70. Lessie Reed

    Don't give a fuck if you are blood are cuzz get right with God ofbove

  71. bailey stunna

    2018 still here just another day first of the year keep it moving 100 don't cost w dime 210

  72. Roosta Rilla

    Fuck Harris county


    Htown Houston Texas

  74. Joe Perez

    and all i hear is i aint gonna sack no groceries or work at fast food shit i will sweep the floor at mcdonalds if i had too fuk pride homie im tryna raise my daughter!💯💯 still bangin 2k17

  75. Katy Fontenoy

    I can rap this hole song

  76. ReJay YT

    i can breathe again, pass me a blunt thats fat + my strap so i can face my enemies again

  77. Solar Panel

    ''i would sweep the floor at mcdonalds if i had to , Fuck Pride homie..." real shit. Thank God for this man and his music. So real.

  78. Nicole Lopez

    Time Waits For No One. Last Year Was A Hard One But Life Goes On! 💯💔😢

    Trevor Kropf


    Oso'Quan Runnit

    Yasss mama

  79. jeffrey allen

    Real talk...100%

  80. george gentsch

    you aint gotta be in jail to be doin time!!! $RussthaBuss$

    Audi Henry

    That statement rt there is a SERIOUS message

    Lester Buckel

    george gentsch TRU


    Tupac - Krazy

  81. Cherelle Renfro

    he killed this hoe rt

  82. David Martinez

    in a minute ill be back on top


    I give up everything to avoid the time I've lost and to avoid the 15 year due I'm up to pay

  84. Angel Zamora

    Zro raps real shit
    "i get mail but aint no letters from somebody i know" real shit when u locked up everybody forgets about u

  85. Ancient Mystery

    🔥🔥🔥this song got me thru some shit.

  86. David Davis

    Maaannnn!!!!! shit crazy how we can sit bak nd jam a bomb ass ro song nd it take us bak to that penitentiary.!.!.!.!. took me rite bak we free now though keep yo heads up and chests out!!!!

    Shawn Sheridan

    David Davis, Fr

    Mike Diamond

    Awready my Brotha stay real

    Chino Huerta

    TDC???? What unit?
    You 16/20/2 ???

  87. John Barker

    Ro speaks the realist outta any rap artist out there

  88. SanTea

    how this song aint get more views or likes? realist shit out!!! especially if you've done a bid!

  89. Tony Knight

    this is truth

  90. baby biglou

    this to damn real rs #ZROALIVINGLEGEND💯

  91. ace thomas

    Real shit if u a g ya heard

  92. Bam Bam

    that's some real shit