Z-Ro - R U Down Lyrics

Stained all broke ass niggas in my mix, mix

I heard a stranger say geurilla till I die but motherfuckers be claiming
A name in vein nigga you ain't never witnessed the pain
But I got a diploma for making bitch niggas hold they jaw
When I pull a nine out, I'ma find out witch nigga told the law
When my homie was located incarcerated and simming on one
It's like going from heaven to slum, motherfucker now you know
This is dedicated to you, dear bitch
This is dedicated to the coward niggas of your click
Then jamming out killing to go and get the motherfuckers
but they fin to feel approach from behind
For the mighty motherfuckin power ranger danger becuase of my anger
Never been stranger to run in the chamber so run
Or I'll be coming across the chamber with my gun
No coming back, welcome to my world, I'll show you pain you never seen
Or slapping patches out of niggas and we mean it when we scream it
Never be given a good god damn so don't they go and get us started
Now it's time to show these niggas we the hardest
all I want to know is are you down

[Chorus x2]
How many niggas want to ride with me
They say my mob is a threat to society
Because we mobbing in masks
Get the gauge and we blast
And quick to put a motherfucker on his ass
Are you down

[Trae: Geurilla Maab]
Now which one of you niggas is fake
and tell me which one of you niggas are real
I might now find out now
but I guarantee if you cause me then I got your grill
Cause I don't feel, a nigga should chill, with me still
For me, smile in my face and stabbed me in my back seat
Obviously, that nigga ain't down with me
And he ain't who he claim to be, but it ain't no game to me
I take it seriously, and keep my eyes on my motherfucking enemies

[Geurilla Maab]
Got to keep my distance g, cause i know they plotting on me
To set me up for a homicide or robbery
But it ain't no thang to me, cause I got my family
Killa Klan and Geurilla Maab coming cotastraphy
You get snatched if we, feel you less than a man
I'm in a clan where niggas trained to kill with that by hand
But they don't understand, untill they been there
Are you down or what, cause if not than beware

[Chorus x2]

Stained all broke ass niggas in my mix, mix

Now most of the time I'm by myself cause all of my friends are fake
How many more chins willI have to check
untill the bones in my wrist and my fist finally break
But I was born, as a child of the corn
Now between heaven and hell I'm torn and trapped in a motherfucking storm
I'm ready to kill and I'm ready to die, my mind is constantly gone on fry
You laughed when I bumped you off
then I jumped you off thinking it's about time
To close shop, get the nine glock, put a nigga in a pop box
I need some gin, instead of rate
the murder death kill of a nigga that really won't breath again
But there ain't another nigga that's as cold as I
And I'm gone hold on to my geurillas untill I'm told to die
But motherfuckers be coming in sets when they be rolling by
But motherfuckers are horizontal with a swollen eye
I'ma keep me a lean on rubatussin, got to keep me a glock that I be busting
I got to to keep my eyes open wider, motherfuckers be thinking they Mckeiver
Pull a stunt got a trick up they sleeve
hate me motherfuckers don't like breathing
When a geurilla like me never be leaving
I got a man with a verse that I be reading but are you down

[Chorus x4]

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Z-Ro R U Down Comments
  1. killavalleyG

    They say my mob is a threat to society

  2. postshanna

    what is the song he is imitating on the chorus. its a famous song, right? i cant figure it out

  3. Jigga Star

    It's bout time to close shop cause the 9 clock put uh nigga in uh pine box, I need some gin to celebrate the murder death kill of uh nigga that really won't breathe again,

  4. DoGood

    The new Z-Ro is here. Check out the new mixtape from DoGood - The Most Hated. Good deep music and massive punchlines. https://soundcloud.com/dogood789/sets/dogood-the-most-hated

  5. Hayley Ochoa

    I love my Houston rappers 💕💕🖤 especially zro

  6. Lyfeanmusiq

    The east has Nas, the west had Pac, the south has Z-Ro


    big l was ahead of nas and so is biggy

    James W.S.

    Dmx and Nas the best east coast rappers in my opinion.

  7. Alizah Jones

    This and what you did to me are the best on here

  8. Michael Littlejohn

    this song brings tha guerilla outta me if not then beware!!

  9. Dillan Cote

    Its soo fuccin great how within the first 20 seconds zro can draw you into each song he makes

  10. Jigga Star

    one of my favorites

  11. Cruz Mata

    Zro da best man i feel dat last verse FOEREAL ONLY REALL GS KNO BOU DAT

  12. Adeyemi Bannister

    for real @jacob Barrios

  13. Jacob Barrios

    realist nigga in the game , that never sold his soul



  15. Smiley D Zulu

    I'm Ready To Kill And I'm Ready Die My Mind Is Konstantly Gone Off Fry

  16. ziomek ziom

    beat !! people please !!

  17. Extradimensionalmindstatee


  18. 4EvaNdaGame

    "Now most of the time I'm by MYSELF,
    cause all of my friends are FAKE...
    How many more CHINS will I have to check?
    Untill the bones in my WRIST and my FIST, finally break!" ~ #ZRo

  19. Jose C

    Last verse is super sick..one of Ro's best verse ever.

  20. Famed Games

    RO should have called this album crack instead because I swear it got me hooked and the songs just refuse to age

  21. Jason Reagan

    Y'all are wack just jam #woodlands tohtown


    this dude from the woodlands talkin about wack AHAHAH

    Donnie G

    @HalfOgre lol

  22. Producers United

    hey man, I know you said that a year ago but i just wanna say..... you sure aint lyin. I rap myself and i mean im on some silly shit compared to 'Ro, but.... i still strive to at least have something to SAY

  23. Producers United

    Sad that z-ro's poetry about being alone even with a room full of "friends" is so true... but, at least that pain created such dope music.

    #TeamProU supports Z-RO!

  24. ZyroIzMvp

    @76cutlass87 but this is his first.

  25. thenotperfectone

    coldest rapper alive!

  26. screwedSide713

    this moefucka sound like 2pac haha. z-ro da realest singer/rapper. respect to dat nigga z-ro im glad he made it through a hard life. RIP DJ SCREW

  27. 76cutlass87

    last cd i need to get.. :)

  28. josiah gonzalez

    real talk

  29. Carolina

    love this song fuck fake rappers

  30. TheDarkest Light

    this is by far the best album z-ro has ever dropped..FUCK THE RADIO, KEEP IT UNDERGROUND!!!

  31. Omar Pineda

    real talk 90% of them nikkas out there hearing bullshit musik this that real shii zro puttin it down

  32. XSLEEPYXxx

    lol...soulja boy..woow see...i even forgot he existed until you brought that up..which is funny but anyways...what do you know about "real rap" lol do you even know what a grey tape is loc...i doubt it...i can tell you the first song Ro came out on and what tape it was...so hop off my shit with all that

  33. XSLEEPYXxx

    do i detect some hostility? lol...you should expand your vocabulary homie...and i didn't reply to what you said for other people to hear it...as if i care if somebody wants to hear what i have to say...if you don't like it then don't reply and ignore it...you're just mad cause i made a good point....

  34. XSLEEPYXxx

    aye....umm shut up n just listen to the song homie....that shit don't even matter...the fact is...that he is what he is regardless of who inspired him...and thats just the flat out truth loc

  35. Famed Games

    I'm living that lifestyle I'm gonna be honest, not as rich as Flip, but still got my money right but due to other shit, I'm not havin any fun regardless of what I have. Money don't buy happiness bro. Flip talks about real life, but not as much as RO.

  36. Famed Games

    no fuckin way man go fuck yourself all flip talks about is money cars and clothes.

  37. Famed Games

    Because you gotta be on some fucked up ones if you think flip is better.

  38. Famed Games

    hell nawww. Tell your dealer to give you weed, not crack.

  39. Yahawadah Yasharahla


  40. aduttonater

    Real talk Ro. Coldest song ever

  41. Famed Games


  42. jessesam

    @traindub yo bunky s.a. check out that cat..he fire too

  43. MrTm0830

    @screwedNch0pped gurrila maab mane

  44. FukThaWorldNFukU

    @allinyadamnface2 he sed it was a freestyle he did a long while back n he dont even remember it so i dnt think we'll be hearing it

  45. Francisco J.

    @traindub they also sleeping on X-Raided Loc

  46. FukThaWorldNFukU

    i listen to this song everyday n it doesnt get old

  47. screwedNch0pped

    i just noticed the 3 shadow figures of 3 guys infront of z-ro..very strange album cover

  48. NiSmOReVoLuTiOn15

    @281MeXiCaN713 haha straight up man ppl need to get on this houston shit they will get hooked like crack

  49. TexasTakeover

    @nitrousboy0311 glad you switched to da real G's

  50. dylpykle69

    @nitrousboy0311 finally sum1 who gets it

  51. josearmz10789

    there was a time when you couldnt find this album anywhere only ebay for about 100 bucks but its worth it this is crack

  52. Feek!

    what part of TX are you in? Can't be Houston if you can't get this, underground shops everywhere got this album. I even seen it in Best Buy one time

  53. Dennis Sukel

    he talks bout gemini killa in one of his interviews

  54. Lorenzo

    watz gemini killa ..ive heard of it before i just dont noe wat it is???

  55. jus1 fro2

    same here

  56. vn472

    me either....shit, the radio is never on. I always got a cd with Ro on it.

  57. Blamejdubstudios

    CHECC OUT Z-Ro - Top Notch [Official Video] ft Pimp C!!!!

  58. Based God

    I used to like lil wayne but once i heard some z-ro i was like that radio shit is lame this is the truth

  59. htownallday281

    nah it aint no censored bullshit. i dont even know if z-ro makes censored CDs lol, i doubt he does.

  60. htownallday281

    i live in houston and this hoe is in most stores, best buy/walmart/etc.

  61. G Loc

    zro came out cold and still cold