Z-Ro - Life Story Lyrics

Nobody seems to understand that my brain ain't stable
They got me out on the ledge
feel like I'm falling off the edge it ain't no fable
It's reality, feel like I'm on the offensive, they trying to tackle me
That's why I keep popping fists
So rather relative or stranger, better keep your distance
I can't determine friend or foe so you in danger
Chemical imbalances of the weed and cocaine, but it really
Don't matter to society, a nigga that got no face and no name
Deserving more, but I'ma mob until I ain't got nothing left
And the only thing that's promised to me is more problems and death
Cause there's some niggas looking for me and they might be near
And if they kill me don't shed a tear, remember I'm not happy here
Even still, got to keep my eyes on the prize
Although my vision is blurry I'm losing life in a hurry
Even my girlfriend don't understand, didn't want to
Witness the wicked so please find yourself another man, haters feel me

[Chorus x2]
This is my liiiiiiiiife
Surviving in the struggle, living so shife

[Verse 2]
My opposition and proposition is scheming for cash
And if you bitches is scandalous, I get in that ass
So let's reliviate the pressure
Don't try to run it's guaranteed these slugs'll catch you
Oh yeah, I keeps a problem solver
A pistol grip, a automatic and revolver
Check it, and I'ma handle up baby
It's in my nature it's a must it ain't a maybe, peep game
The feds taking pictures, and tapping my phones
But if I catch you bitches snitching best believe me it's on
I analyze of this realize and open fire on bitches
And if I catch you bastards slipping I'm leaving bodies in ditches, huh
I bet that ass can pass it
Your life span it ain't long, you in a casket, check it
Niggas rushing your ass, mob deep with ski masks
Busting shots on the road trying to make your car crash, this is my life

[Chorus x2]

These boys be telling me they got love, giving me false-i-fied tapping, but
I know they wouldn't give a fuck about me if there wasn't no money in rapping
See I know they want to get rich off me understand, even if I was
To die I still can talk they still put a mic in my hand
For trying to copy my style of life, pretending like they from my block
While I survive on willing to live while they depend on mom and pops
Before you make your move, check yourself and giving me for the millions
For the love of the struggle and just can't take it cause you not real
You want to be dead, there's gone be a dentist to see
When a nigga be scream and hollering I'm godfather
But I guess it's just the menace in me, plus
The only nigga that's skipping me from clicking is Herman Fisher
Relocated the killers and gats and drinking and if and burning swishers
Why they want to play with my life, they got families, nigga I don't
The only thing between me and them hoes
Is I'ma keep thugging they timid ass won't
Will they mind they own god damn business and keep they self out of mine
Because of a thin line, between handling business
and boo yeah coward a nine baby

[Chorus x4]

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Z-Ro Life Story Comments
  1. Aretha Black

    This still my shit been this since 07

  2. Jordan Bowar

    Realest rapper in the game

  3. Legend of Awww Sheeet

    On the last verse especially the Infinite burning swishas line i was like Dayum

  4. Rob

    Like make blue if y’all still jamming half way thru 2019 since 06

  5. Swaying Dementia

    If they kill me dont shed a tear
    Remember that im not happy here

  6. V. Coronado

    I always think this sound to fast a just a lil high pitched lol 4eva Screw

  7. Alexander Cantu

    Talk about being bout that life this is the type of shit that is true to the struggle fuck this rap about chains and bitches and hoes and all that shit

  8. Jesse Savoy

    2019 roll call

  9. J.D. Arell

    This is the shit I miss about zro this style

  10. Albert Gonzalez

    When ZRO said even my girlfriend dont understand me u dont want to witness the wiked find ur self another man

  11. Pat ber

    27 years still tied up in the f****** struggle this is my life

  12. DD Do

    Silven Wolf showed me this song!!!!!

  13. GTW Rome

    2018 💪🏻

  14. Marcus Checots

    Still jammin 2019

  15. vincent enriquez

    guerilla maab should have came w one more js

  16. Hayley Ochoa

    Man I was a scrub jamming zro 🤣🖤😎 I love him

  17. Alecia Johnson


  18. killa buds

    Who's the second guy?
    Anyone know

    he has nice bars like ro

    Lilly Anne

    That is AL-D

    killa buds

    Lilly Anne thanks 👍👍

    Lilly Anne

    probably one of the best flows out of most the rappers from the S.U.C.

    shame most don't know of AL-D's music but that happens with a lot of texas rappers.

    James W.S.

    Lilly Anne the credits list Al-D but I didn’t think it sounded like him. Home of the free was a classic, but he sounds different here....

  19. lee foo

    holup maane!!!2018 Toledo ohio

  20. 37. Ounces

    It's not that I sound like PAC I sound like stress that's shits true doee

  21. Dewuan Teles

    I remember bein a young nigga in the studio with zro recording.

    Dewuan Teles

    Telesforo A. Lomboy

  22. Angel Rodriguez

    Yall check out game goes on Krino and Zro

  23. Jeremy Dembicki

    Hardest lyrics of the song...
    There's some niggas looking for me and they might be near
    And if they kill me don't shed a tear
    Remember I'm not happy here

  24. Matrix Master

    S & M: youtu.be/SHKVuoZy8hI

  25. Steven Buckholz


  26. teddy thickness

    2018 still the realest shit ive ever heard


    My shit ZRO

  28. jenny garza

    damn u did it it again. Haha did my jam.✌😘💯💯

  29. TxNuttSup

    Ro too raw. I can hear the street military and Tupac influences, but with his own twists especially in his younger verses
    I'm glad he still blessing the mic to this day

  30. CurtG400stTxGMF

    this shit will never get old mane.. we still jammin dis in 2017 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Buffy Queenb

    I can't deal wit this


    Buffy Queenb u look good u beautiful cute fine gorgeous pretty and sexy babe;-)

  32. Amy Garza

    real shit

  33. The Man Unknown

    So whether relative or stranger, better keep yo distance I cant determine friend or foe so you in danger!!

  34. tristanauspride

    2pac wannabe

    Commander Bloodout

    tristanauspride the fuck does that make you then, so quick to judge huh

    Boston 508617

    He has better flow and delivery and can make sick hooks on top of that so id easily put z-ro over tupac. Pac is overrated straight up.

    Commander Bloodout

    Crazy Bostonian I agree but no disrespect to pac's legacy

    45 Jae

    Z-Ro and Tupac will blast your fuckin dome in, shut yo punk ass up, on some real shit

  35. nathaniel reed

    My Nigga Ro

  36. Noel Mack

    I started listening 2 this man at a young age n no matter wat I'm still listening 2 this man n ppl say why u listen 2 his depressing as n u be like if u not in the situation's n have those problems or grew up in the struggle then u want understand fuck that he's the best rapper

    Chris G

    Real shit

    Matthew Cardenas-Tito

    Thats Word The Fuck Up! Z-Ro The CroOked!

    mr.trippy channing

    Noel Mack
    real shit bro

    Gorilla Mob

    Noel Mack real talk

  37. Smiley D Zulu

    The Only Thing Thats Promised To Me Is Mo Problems And Death....#Pain

  38. Daniel Shamu

    2pac was in this album I swear

  39. Daniel Shamu

    2pac was in this album I swear

    Doe Dee

    jay townsend Who?

    Doe Dee

    jay townsend Fuck your god

    Edge King

    Doe Dee troll harder faggotron

    king nc

    htmex 😂😂😂

    Daniel Romero

    He is, U can tell. What do you believe in .

  40. 454 SS Chevy

    Fuck lil Wayne

    nathaniel reed

    Yeah fuck lil wayne

  41. Jamie g

    My favorite z - ro track for a long time. still is. think it might always be.

  42. up1nsm0ke420

    better mind they own goddamn business and keep they self outta mine

  43. Robert Arzola

    I was like 8 yo when my uncle put me on this. At that time I was familiar with every PAC album. And I thought it was a side of tupac I never heard before like some underground shit. I'm 23 now and still jammin this song screwed up


    same shit here.. my bro in law put me on and ro is the realist out (my opinion)all his songs u can relate to if u from the mudd like me

  44. Robert Bullock

    He is fast

    YoungGunZz Huntski

    @lord777terror  Nah try Guerilla gladiators

    Boston 508617

    @Huntski pizzeck guerilla till I die is his fastest recorded verse. Fact.


    @Joe Joeseph thank you

    YoungGunZz Huntski

    @Joe Joeseph You weren't lying. Crazy quick. Guerilla Gladiators is crazy fast as well but you're right, that is some quick spittin lyrics

    wade williams

    +lord777terror guerilla til I die is his fastest but dirty 3rd is prolly 2nd

  45. Robert Bullock

    My Nigga To God Damn

  46. Sawyer Herring

    This whole album was influenced by pac it's a trip how much they sound alike. That boy j dawg the young hogg remind me alot of young Ro an pac to

  47. Javier Hernandez

    Rap needs to be smother and include instrumental touches to give it value and quality like this song.great song I love it

    Erik Ybarra

    But nowadays we have the likes of garbage ass and fake ass rappers like Young Thug & Rick Ross and trap rap shit that passes as real rap music!

  48. cmendoza4123

    If u like this song by Z-Ro then check out his other song called: Speak On It

  49. Andrew Nowell

    Song I can mostly relate to!

  50. MusicGAME913

    Z-Ro the realist! This is struggle MONEY!!! This will always be the truth, ya understand?!?!?

  51. Tmv Trey

    Real Shit

  52. B C

    No matter how many times I hear this shit that first verse always gives me chills

  53. Michael Henderson

    dey ion understand tho...

  54. Michael Henderson

    I listen to dis hoe everyday square bidness...

  55. gtxxsn1per95xx

    No one can today can even come close to match z ros talent


    Z-Ro Allways Banging Music Beats .

  57. JG TLS

    I've never heard thxs unscrewed b4

  58. MusicGAME913

    Still Real!!!

  59. MissKrystleNicole

    Yo dis shit bang fam ambition in the house

  60. Mike Jones

    lovin the realness, Z-Ro since day one, all day just love it. shout out from toronto canada

  61. nathan tripp

    this is my life.....

  62. Abu Tawbah

    WHY THEY WANNA PLAY WITH MY LIFE? THEY GOT FAMILY NIGGA I DONT!, realest sht right there, i feel him


    Fuckin wreaks that last verse

  64. GreatMindzDrinkAlike

    all that "he doesnt sound like pac" is bullshit. yeah thats why he uses lines straight from Pac's songs and says words intentionally the same way as pac. Any real Ro/Pac fan would figure that out.

  65. sensisoulja

    ya i was saying the same thing to my homie the other day......hes the closest anyoone has came to pac.....just the way and shit the rap about.....good call g!!!

  66. Albert Deluna

    Ro reck this hoe old shyt is better then the new music

  67. fuckyocouch966

    He reminds me of pac.

  68. Mike McDonald

    Hope all yall know about the guerilla maab cds. Ro goes hard on those too

  69. Mike McDonald

    He's got a lot of goodass songs man its hard to say this is the best. To me every single song is bomb

  70. YoungGunZz Huntski

    Best zro song hands down

  71. Elvi5Fr3shley

    I don't agree because 1. He is way better than Pac by lyrical ability and 2. "It ain't that I sound like 'pac I sound like stress" - Z-Ro.

    Mindie Boulden

    ItsLiLInDi3Mayne maaaaaayne

    Mindie Boulden


  72. Elvi5Fr3shley

    goddamn this ro's best album, fuck society they only want to see ppl like ro fall, they say they want change but too damn afraid of so everything anyone should do is for themselves and their families fuck everybody else.

  73. MrAlackazamm

    zro is the pac of the south

  74. Lorde Fortune*91


  75. TinoStruggle081

    This is one of hip hop's most important albums it's clear to me now.

  76. Samuel Momodu

    This song is tight but i swear he sounding just like 2pac on this song if you listen to him

  77. Omar Pineda

    why o why do yall bring up other gay ass rappers on zro shii damn bro this zro time to shine not them other fake nikkas

  78. stuna210

    No sabes nadia guey, pinche pendejo.

  79. stuna210

    El Oh El

  80. NGT4LIFE

    lil wayne is garbage,plus the fact he said he would kill a baby put me right off him.
    pac was a soldier,he went through real shit.he grew up in poverty,different ghettos.he was homeless,his mother was a crack addict,pac shot 2 off duty police officers and got away with it,he dissed some of the most feared gangstas and didnt give a fuck(jimmy henchman,hatian jack,king tut) and he did lots of charity work,he even let homeless ppl stay in his houses.and he didnt talk shit in his songs like wayne.

  81. Kevin Adams

    Z-Ro went off on that last verse.

  82. stevo thadon

    Lil Wayne the new Tupac? take your head out of your arse.
    Lil Wayne aint nothing like Tupac, Tupac raised children through his music,touched their soul while educating them.Brought out classics like ''keep ya head up'' ''My Block'' ''Who do ya believe in'''' Me against the world''. and was a political activist and Actor..Tupac has the type of potential to become fuckin president. Wayne aint on pacs level because majority of his fans are 12 yr old girls. GO SUCK A DICK

  83. Miranda M.

    my favorite song<3 z-ro the best rapper!

  84. Abu Tawbah

    ''Even My Girlfriend don't understand, Didn't wanted to witness the wicked, So please find urself another man! HATERS FEEL ME!

  85. FCastillo000

    i can tell the 1st verse is very heavily pac-influenced.

  86. poisonblader

    I can't thank Z-Ro enough for making music, this shit has kept me from pullin' the trigger more than once. You can hear the pain and struggle in his voice, I easily relate. I keep getting kicked down but I keep going because I have too. Z-ro helps me maintain.

  87. Stone McJagger

    @hola7079 early 2000's Nigga whaaaaat?? aint you never heard of G-Maab? SPC? come on bro we been wreckin before you was born?

  88. keegansanford14

    Spittin' the realist ish as usual...

  89. Slick Nick

    wow he really does sound like pac here

  90. XblisterXexistX

    old school z-ro

  91. begglesworth21

    its crazy ... if you listen to all the songs he uses the word "Life" in the title .. .back to back... its like every beat is cut from the same cloth. I wonder if he did that on purpose or at least subconsciously.

  92. GoodieRuffin


  93. GoodieRuffin

    @sexybad69 no he dnt