Yxng Bane - Freestyle For Semtex Lyrics

Young, black, intelligent
But don't ever tell it
Quick to turn around and tell you, that he wouldn't make it
Forget what the teacher says, its all on the blackboard
He gon' make a livin, all of out this damn chalk
He wants bricks for a mortgage
For those who put upon a pavement
Rocks up in his Benz's, for those he put up in his (pause)
Gold grills for when he smile, to go and make a statement
Cah he held it silent, every time it was in the station
I didn't wake up to this man, I done put the work in
I asked you, how could you doubt me?
Couldn't answer the question
Four siblings, one room; you don't know that shame
West ham just released my brother, you don't know that pain
I'm markin weed with my bro
Cah he serve more on a plate
7am they kick the door down, they're shoutin' out your dads name
Its like the fifth time, in five years to try wipe him out the game
You don't know bout' livin lavish
Then one day it all changed
I lost a family member, every year like three years straight
Four years, my mother still ain't seen my grandmothers grave
And I just booked her a flight, to make all that change
Shots to my sister, in like six years [?]
Man someone tell her that I miss her, I still love her the same
All these don peri-ons, couldn't drive my pain
I move the O out of young, and that's the remain Bane
Man I always pull up in the dark
Watch how I make this change
So when I start flexing, don't ask me why
I'm a go and cop a neckless, don't ask me why
I'm a drop that top in the winter, don't ask me why
So don't ask me why
You rappin' for a fashion, cah you seen a man do it
I'm rappin' in so way that you would shit my nizzit [?]
But if it doesn't pay off my nizzit
I put the mic time, banaclava season
You just sayin' it, but we really straight outta that gutter
Oh you thought it was a joke, screamin' that I'm from favela
Council houses, estates
Boy in the [?] kitchen plates
Me and you not the same
Lord help me make a way
For my family's sake, I put my pride to the grave
To - they tryna money - eh
Tryna - ah [?] ah
Active really or come out
These niggas send me death threats
I walk around on my lonelies, I still ain't dead yet
Look you couldn't talk to me about no paigons
Cah we the only yungin's bring foreign's on Freemasons
Hermit road, we park Mercedes and Rove Rangers
I went from Butchers road, to shutting down stages
And I can guarantee that they got Mover on their playlist
It's eight bills just to tie some laces
And you can have your woman back dawg
Because she's basic
If this was a Fire in the Booth, man I cremate it
Cleared my mum's debt at 18 - rate me
I grew up in favela, how the hell could I stay clean?
Posted on PRMI, they hold -
You act bold here and his - will split your -
I'm tired of rap lies, everybody seem 36
I'm tired of Instagram, everybody seems to be rich
But we on now, the games a bitch
I beat her up, might aswell be Chris Brown
She used to air me now, but I be the one she rings now
Never gave me credit, but she rings when I touch her tight
When I touch her tight
Hey listen, learn from those who did it before you
Put your money where you mouth is, went and put in on my tooth
Learn from those who did it before you
Peaches copped another range, my hitter that makes two
I wanna see the books, I done seen the paper
Cah everybody stares, when your swags elevated
I'm a killer with' the swag, I could rock some Chucky Taylor's
I know she wid the coach, she used to kick it with' the players
We'll recognize who's real, now who the hell is you?
I'm on some next ish', I can't come number two
I'm so number one, and yeah I'm the don
Them gyal love me, mi nuh care bout' you
When Wretch dropped Be Cool, I said I'm so three two
Man I can't stop watching, I got these females clockin'
Still hugo bossin', Stone cold stunnin
The say they gonna ride me, when they see me and they doing nothin
So I'm Vivian Westwood on my head boppin'
I got some Jordan's on I'm creppin'
I got a rolly on, I got your female clockin'

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Yxng Bane Freestyle For Semtex Comments
  1. Glen Toonga

    Still listening to this in 2019

    Kawasaki H2R

    Glen Toonga me this is fire

  2. EaZiE Old

    Name of first instrumemtal?

  3. Phil Mitchell

    Whats the instrumental called?

    Mr Demon Dappz #SniperKing

    Phil Mitchell ur mum

  4. Freeman 8

    all that kwanga stuff is gonna be over soon pops

  5. Anzah Natasha

    Thissss niggaaa all that make up. Nigga looking like a slay queen

  6. KF 24s

    Free styling ain't easy uno put some respek on his name kmt

  7. Hamza Mohamed

    this guy does juju on fraud

  8. aka Prxncess

    Bmtttt he's so fine

  9. Tatiyana Lewis

    them lips 😩💖

  10. Niniola Aiyeola

    Gfrsh flow!!!!!

    He's good tho

    LION G

    AIY IT ended up signing him too 😅

  11. Prince

    What's the instrumental at the start?

  12. Mishaal bulldog

    'put your money where ur mouth is went and put it on my tooth' 100!!!

  13. Marc Perez


  14. Curtis Jackson

    How old is he?

  15. Zoro

    Can't use profanity on Radio, that's why he has pauses not because he has to rehearse more or forgot bars!

  16. Timone Inch

    What's his origin?

    Hey Daddy

    Timone Inch

    aka Prxncess

    Timone Inch Jamaican

    Bene Lann

    Timone Inch he's congolese and angolan

  17. WantTeaBag

    does this guy do his eyebrows?

  18. Billy Bah

    If this was fire in the booth I'd cremate it

  19. Zephune

    4:42, thats embarrassing

    Ace Boogie

    Niggaz know no its not girls dont care about you when you aint shit

  20. Zephune

    Wasnt feeling this one even though i rate bane

  21. K L

    Needs to work on his delivery more and try to memorise bars, looks more professional


    He had a lot of pauses cause he cant swear on the radio its bbc mate allow him

  22. ImMerkzHD

    whats his brothers name,the one who got released from west ham?

    Ben vin

    +newham Burnerboy Fam shhhhhh wats wrong with yu

  23. Jason Kargbo

    my yute nice blakc statement

  24. C 15

    Gonna blow regardless

  25. ImMerkzHD

    this is so good,i would of enjoyed it more if he didn't mess up a few lines but oh well,hopefully he makes this into a track


    not aloud to swear on radio. he wasn't messing up, he just had to pause....


    @GPlays yh he kind of did mess up because it looks like he didn't prepare to censor his bars beforehand but oh well

  26. Hakan kepil

    Underrated for sure

  27. Daniel Sint

    He needs to blow

  28. Dev Kruger

    What's this instrumental

    The savageEmpireking YT

    +Thabo mhlanga r u blind ahk ?

  29. Jay-J Garrett

    Yang Bane gone blow up.

    phil oyewale

    U was right still

  30. Guapo57

    Should of rehearsed more it's a bit up and down but good effort

    C 15

    Yeah ur right but I think it's cos the verses probably contained a lot of profanity and he tried prevent himself from saying it


    +JFUNDS 15 Yeah true

    Carlos Gonzalez

    It's bbc bruv course they're not gonna allow the "strong language"

  31. Zeinab Rahman

    this is fireee

  32. john derdup

    wavy bars, can tell he feels the music

  33. CxtchxPlxg

    What's the beat

    Jason Takavarasha

    +CxtchxPlxg Penacho Beats - Only The Best

  34. GEE EEE

    Bit good